Maan Geet (Maaneet) SS: A few broken hearts ago

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Posted: 1 years ago

Hey Guys, this is not going to be my first writing attempt here. I started something years ago then lost the account and the motivation, got caught up with life.

So I will start a little something that has been on my mind since then. I wanted to make it longer but idk if I can upload timely and it won’t be fair for the readers, so here goes nothing.



Daadima, I am late again, and your nalayak chota pota is no good either, he has not even come down for breakfast!”


Arre why are you shouting Maan, you know it’s not good for your health na.And if you are so late, why don’t you go ahead, Dev will join you in some time.”


“I’m here Bro, sorry I was late, wo Meera had called, something about her work. I am ready, let’s go, we have that deal to close, and the Khannas will send over the contract too, there is a lot of work today” Dev glided down the staircase, pushing his arm out of his blazer.

Hmm” Maan replied, standing cross-armed, he wasn’t really mad at his little brother. In fact, he didn’t mind if he was a little irresponsible, it would’ve seemed normal at least. It took him some time to notice, but Dev had turned from the fun-loving, party-throwing, jovial little brother to a mature, serious man. At first, he thought it was because of his accident; he wanted to take care of Maan and had to grow up sooner. But now that Maan was feeling fine, he expected Dev to lay back for some time. Even his relationship with Meera had matured, just last night Daadi told him she was expecting Dev to propose to her. He liked demureMeera, cool-headed, soft-spoken, he wanted them to have fun before being tied down to marital responsibilities. He wasn’t interested in marriage, nor love for that matter, he hadn’t found a girl who could keep his Daadi happy, and that was the most important, and kept him interested too. The girls were either too cow-like goody two shoes or all about the cash no family types.

Seeing her elder grandson lost in his thoughts, Savitri Devi frowned. The last time he was so absent-minded. . . it was a happy occasion for Khurana mansion…she snapped out of it, it seemed like a long time ago, so many heartbreaks ago. Savitri Devi was a formidable woman, she had single-handedly raised her grandchildren and the Khurana Constructions. There were only a few things that softened the woman's eyes and heart, those memories were a few of them.

Daadi…?” Maan snapped out of his thoughts, hearing Dev call out to his grandmother, who seemed to be in some faraway land. Taking long strides to her, he put his hand on her the pallu of her pearl white saree, “Are you okay?”

Of course, beta, what will happen to me? You should leave now; if Dev is right, there will be lots to do today. Maybe I should send over some food in the evening.”

Oh, that’s all right, Daadi, bye now, don’t wait up for us,” Maan said, kissing his grandmother on the wrinkled cheek, glad to see the sparkle in her eyes back.

As he moved towards the main hall, Dev took his place to hug his grandmother. Unlike Maan, he knew a little about what Savitri Devi was thinking about; it had kept him up last night too. “It’s been a year, Dev”, she whispered to him, barely holding back the tears in her voice, “When will it ….”

“Shh… Bro will hear us, and we don’t need that now, not today. You take care, and why don’t you come to the office today? I am sure the staff would like to see Savitri Devi chew them out,” he added, winking, trying to lighten the mood. It worked a little because Daadi smiled, “Maybe later today, I have a few things to take care of in the shelter.” Dev nodded understandingly; even though Maan run the company now, Savitri Devi wasn’t one to sit idle. She had devoted her time to raising money for and building women’s shelters and orphanages to help and aid women who didn’t have support to live, educate themselves, and dream and work.

Maan turned back to see the understanding look pass between his grandmother and his brother; there have been a lot of those lately. He couldn’t shake the feeling that they were hiding something from him. “DEV! We’re late! Hurry!”

Dev scurried after Maan, it was gonna be a long day.


So this was hardly anything, but I wanted to take it out of my brain and onto here for a long time. Leave comments on what you think will happen next. The more the likes, the earlier the next part.



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Posted: 1 years ago

Index here:

Prologue (Page 1)

Posted: 1 years ago

Thanks for the prologue.  It might have been hardly anything, but enough to keep me hooked. Wondering what they might be hiding from him?  I think it might be a special somebody that we all adore.  Looking forward to reading more. 

Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by simranDi

Thanks for the prologue.  It might have been hardly anything, but enough to keep me hooked. Wondering what they might be hiding from him?  I think it might be a special somebody that we all adore.  Looking forward to reading more. 

This means so much smiley19

You are my favourite now

I will get started on the next chapter right away

Posted: 1 years ago

well congrats on the new SS! 

thank you for posting 

curious to know what other Maaneet story you wrote?

Posted: 1 years ago

captivating prologue

dadi, Maan and Dev share an amazing bond

Can understand her concern

curious to know about Maan's past

so what is dadi and Dev hiding from Maan?

can we get another update?

can you post a character sketch?

add me to your pm list

Posted: 1 years ago

Wow wow what a start. 

Probably dadi and dev are thinking about geet maybe ?  Something happened after the accident ?  Very emotional beginning. Looking forward 

Posted: 1 years ago

congrats for new story

very nice n interesting 

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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