ARSHI FF - HIT WICKET MY HEART 3.0 - Take 44-Pg.51(10.5.22) - Page 38

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Posted: 4 months ago

Whats holding Alice back? Is she worried about all the complications?

Posted: 4 months ago

One sided love is always hard to live with. Hope Farah will find peace in her heart.

Posted: 4 months ago

Farah is going to do something that she will regret later. But for now she is not thinking.

Posted: 4 months ago

Hellooooo Guysssssssss....

Back with the next update!!

Word Count – Short in length – 4.1K Words.βœβœπŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»And that is totally because – I wanted this part to standout for its dramatic affects and the curiosity further...winks...;-)

Taking some hours off to just Write this Out finally has truly been my Respite in taking my Mind Off – Everything Covid! And I truly hope – that you are able to experience some distraction and entertainment through the Story TooπŸ€—β€πŸ™

Will be Eager to know your feedback on the Same!

Thank you so very much guys* Infinity for all your Support to my Work till now! It truly means so much to me!πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—βœβœβœπŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Also, yes this is the First Draft. Please definitely ignore editing/common repition of words errors etc – since I have not proofread.

I shall now let you all dive in without Further Delay.


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The Next Day – 1st Feb, 2020

Lahore, Pakistan

7:30 AM

Khushi's POV

My eyes stir open from my sleep on their own accord and they fall on the table watch on the side table next to me.

It's 7:30 AM!

I smile to myself and get up half way in my bed. I am glad that I woke up 15 mins prior to my alarm buzzing on me this morning.And before you all wonder why is that I am not reaching out for my phone first thing this time around just like I do every morning – to get in touch with Arnav/read his messages/listen to his voice notes is because – Mi Amore is on his flight right now. He is scheduled to land at 10:30 am IST which would be like 10am off my time here in Lahore given that Delhi is 30 minutes ahead in time. Which technically means – there's still 2 hours 30 mins more until I can hear from him this morning.



That doesn't mean that I cannot begin to leave him a string of voice notes though for him to hear when he lands right?????? To add more notes for him to listen on top of the ones I already sent him last night before sleeping.

It was a given obvious that the only way I was able to get peaceful sleep was after I sent my voice notes to him with regards to us(Raahil and me) feeling all glad that we had finally been able to get Abbu to cheer up eventually in our one on one with him in his study and everything after.

On that note – Thank Christ – Abbu surely was smiling straight from the heart when we walked him back into the party which then went on in an amazing flow of events as well. The cake cutting for Abbu – celebrating his professional acheivements/longest term as the PCB head followed first and then it was time for dinner with the amazing music going around prior.



To be honest – I am so glad that even though it was undercover – I met most of Abbu+ Raahil+ Noor's inner circle.It just makes me so happy to feel that they are surrounded by genuine bonds of familial love+ friendship.

Ok then.

Let's text – Arnav.

I pick up my phone from the side table and just as I do I groan on reflex as I send myself a momentary curse.


Did I really forget to switch on the switch attached with my charger wire??????? Ofcourse I did – given that my phone won't just turn on. Hmmm I guess – ill just let it be in charge for a bit and freshen up in the meanwhile and then get back to it.

Ten minutes later – once I step out the washroom in my room and as I am walking back towards my bedside – I hear the knocks on my door that tell me its Noor behind it.

I smile. She's come to have a rhythmic way of knocking that I recognise almost instantly obviously.

I walk up to open the door to her and just as I do – I see her grinning back at me as she says – " Goodmorning Aapa.."

I grin – "Goodmorning Noor..."

She holds me by the hand instantly and tugs me out excited – " Aapa guess what? I'v asked Amina khala to lay the breakfast for us all at the patio on the balcony of our floor this morning...Abbu and Raahil will join us in a bit...I just came to call you in ...given that I knew you'd be up by 745ish..anyway....,"and she continues to tug me excited towards our destination.

I grin back following her in the steps as I say looking back at my door – "and I am so glad about this Noor...however..give me a minute please?? let me get my phone at the least??its on charge by the bedside table??i forgot to turn on the switch last night and the battery is all dead and I haven't been able to text him yet.."

Noor chuckles and rolls her eyes at me mischeviously – " and you really always text your mystery man the second you wake up everyday??"

I chuckle and wink at her – " obviously Noor...just like you do the very same with Raahil...when away...from him..."

We share a warm laugh and she says now as we near the terrace – " acha..chale...aaj..thodi der mein kar that we are already here.."( about you text him in a shortwhile that we are already here...")

Alrighty! I cannot say no to that look on her face. She's totally become like a little sister to me in my heart.

I nod at her and we take our seats across at the table laid as she adjusts the umbrella around to help protect us from the direct rays of the sun and it is right very then she adds with a playful roll of the eye – eyeing the newspaper upfront lying upside down on the table – " uff...let me out this paper away..why would Amina Khala even place it here..she knows I hate it when Abbu and Raahil read the paper at breakfast..."

I wink at her in agreement – " copy that..Noor...put it away...before Abbu or Raahil spot it..."

She nods and just as she is about to shift the paper aside – it falls from her hands and as she bends down to pick it up – I see her freeze in her spot leaning and her face pales into a white sheet of paper and the vibe of her frame freezes.


Why does she look like she's seen the ghost early morning with her eyes glued wide to the front page of the paper???

Holy Hell.

Her eye's have welled up now as both her hands clutch the paper tight.

I ask now immediately, worried - " Noor...what's wrong? What is it that you are reading????"

She doesn't reply and a fountain of tears begins to leave her eyes.


Now I am freaking out.

I get up from my spot on reflex and go behind her because it will give me a site into what she's spotted in the paper – and just as my eyes do take in the sight of what she is reading – I feel a Whip lash through my heart – hard – and shock stings my soul.



Freaking Noooooooooooooo!!

This can't be happening!! Noor can't be reading what she is reading at the front page of Lahore Times. My eyes can't be reading in what they are reading in – right now...!!


How did this even happen????????

How is the front page of Lahore Times – Looking back at us with the front page heading – A Scandal of the Ruin from the life pages of Rehaan Khan!

And right below it they'v plastered Abbu's picture on it on one side all blown up in his PCB head official get up and on the next side - they'v got a picture of Noor, Raahil and me bundled around Abbu from a moment of after cake cutting from last night!!



And the article below freaking talks about everything that was supposed to be undercover. It talks about how inside sources say that I am Abbu's illegitimate daughter out of wedlock. His love child born from his relationship prior to him being married. It has all the details that shoudln't have seen the light of the freaking day plus it also talks about what consequence could both Abbu and Raahil+ the family be facing now as public figures in the society here in Lahore – given this scandalous news.

I would have given you all more details of everything that's been written if tears hadn't blurred my eyes this way! But I am sure you'v all gotten the gist just like my mind has!

It's Out.

The secret I was wanting to guard with my heart and soul – is OUT.

On the front page of Lahore Times for the city to wake up too!


Just freaking – Howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww??

Who did this???

How did they even know??? This surely can't be either of my close ones?? It surely isn't either of us. Then Who?????????? Could it be Rob??? No – I don't think so. His determined and sincere eyes as he promised that he'd guard my secret – returns to my mind. If he'd had to do this – he'd have done this long ago or when he got to know about Arnav and Me.

My gut tells me – it's not him.

My eyes continue to blurr with the tsunami of tears as I sit with a thud next to Noor – on the empty chair – taking in the sight off her frozen shaken frame. Every bit off her expression tells me that she's wondering the same as well in her head.



She finally looks up at me and I look at her and we both are a mirror of our heartbroken selves as we ask out loud on reflex – " whoooooo?? How?????????"

I shake my head in helpless despair – " I don't know...I don't know...I just don't know.....Noor...."

I close my eyes as the Whip of the what is happening returns to lash my being with hits over and over continuously stinging my soul on deep tangents as my fear of the consequences radars around to my loved ones.

Mum would totally be facing the consequences of this.If this is out in no time will the media be on their way to taking digs at her.How will the adminstaration back at England cricket board react?? Will she be fired? Will Abbu be fired from his position as the head of the PCB?? Will Raahil be benched from Pakistan cricket forever????How will Noor's family react?? Have they seen this yet?? Will they ask her to leave Raahil and come back to their home??????



What about – Arnav???????????????

What will happen to Arnav if he's ever seen with me now???? How will Arjun Dad/Raima Mom/Akash/Anjali di react to me/my family – now being at a centerstage of a very public scandal????? I promised them that no harm would come on Arnav because of me?? And now – how do I even look them in the eye?????????

My Hearts breaking.

My Soul is shattering into a zillion pieces as Arnav's face revolves in front of my eyes. He'll surely land to this piece of news.

And just as these thoughts consume my being now – my helpless tears continue to break loose as if I were in the process of having a mini breakdown.

I want to compose myself. I really want too. But how can I ? When reality now tells me that probably my very existence is now is going to be used by the world to ridicule and bring down the one's I Love?????

My worst fear has come true.

I feel Noor engulfing me into a big hug now as she brushes my hair – "'t cry this way...please?? we will handle this..we will deal with this together...."

And I can only hug her back hard as I say with helpless tears falling down my eyes – " I am sorry...I am so sorry Noor...they'll hurt you...they will hurt all of that I love..will face the brunt of my very existence...I don't care about the ridicule that comes my way...who ever has written this article has already gone right out calling my existence as sinful/terming me as Abbu's bast*** child anyway...those were the bits I knew in my being that will perhaps be hurled at me one day...if the world found out...but...what love..will face now???,"And I finally pull back crying helplessly – "oh.Mum...I need to talk to her...Noor..she's in the middle of Day 4 test match their in NZ...but I need to reach her now......everyone of my friends back in the Uk would still be sleeping...Brian and Sarah are travelling and would be sleeping too at this point in time...the love of my life is on a flight...but I can reach Mum..first.....oh do we tell this to do we?????"

And Noor nods at me helplessly in despair too and it is right then – we both hear Raahil and Abbu's collective worried voice up from behind us as they walk in– " Khushi,Aapa...Noor...what's wrong?? Why are the two of you crying this way??"

We both look up at them in unison and at the same time just as my eyes take in the sight of the fatherly worry written all over Abbu's face my heart and soul shatter further.

I did this to him.

My existence did this to Him. I brought this upon everyone here. I cannot meet his eye nor Raahil's as we hand them the paper with shaking hands and watch their eyes – widen in collective shock – as they read what's written.

Raahil's furious. Noor's now in the middle of composing him as he rages and fumes stomping around – " who did this?? Who??who leaked this out? And why?? I will find out..this very now...I will sue the daily?? How dare they ridicule..Abbu and my aapa this way??"

Abbu seems to be a lot calmer as I see the mometary shock settle in – in his expressions and he keeps the paper aside now and comes to my side instantly to pull me into a fatherly hug first and I can only succumb broken into his arms as I hug him back hard – crying – "Abbu...I am sorry...I don't happened....who....who....did..this....,"And he instantly kisses my head first as he says – " I am here...meri beti jaan...I am here...shh...first...stop...crying..first...this way...please...please.....I cannot see you crying...."

But I can't – StOP.

Raahil and Noor come to hug me from the side too as he says brushing my arm – his voice all taut and tense – " Aapa...I will get to the bottom of this...I will...."

And just like that my heart goes out to him. He's not at all worried about what this could do to him for real. He's more concerned about Abbu and Me!!

And now I just hug him(Raahil) harder as I whisper – " I am sorry...raahil...I am so so sorry...."

And before he can even say anything to me – we all hear Amina Khala come in around us all worried and shaken as she asks us all to head to the adjacent living lounge room in a rush and we do and she turns on the TV with shaking hands with her eyes welled up as she says to Abbu – "Janab..Raahil...noor beti...pata nai...yeh subah ki news mein kya...chal raha..hai...dekiye...poore shehar mein charche ho gaye..yeh sach hai kya?? Kya Khushi...aapki beti hai janab...??"( Janab...Raahil...Noor beti...look at the prime time news of the morning hour...its been spreading like wildfire all over the this true?? Is khushi your daughter??"

And I look at Abbu, Raahil and Noor broken as Abbu tightens his hold on my shoulder tight in support as he takes a deep breathe and says out loud to Amina Khala – " sach hi hai...Amina Khala...meri zindagi ka sabse bada sach...yahi toh hai...Khushi meri beti hai..."( It's true...Amina of the biggest truths of my life...that Khushi is indeed my daughter)

Oh Abbu.

Amina Khala gapes at me in shock – now – all shaken but doesn't say a word and instead begins to serve us all with water – as we all watch the prime time morning news – roar on every media channel in the city/country – with the news we just read in the paper. And just as I was fearing – the news anchors are bombarding this over and over – ridiculing,shaming, Abbu for this over and over. They are also flashing my pic as in my dp from Instagram/FB (that they probably got hold off online from ) – with the flash news headline – Rehaan Khan's illegitimate child – Khushi Jones!!

And I watch in sheer horror with all - even before I can digest the prior bit as they now begin to flash Mum's picture on the news too (which they also probably got hold on online)– getting to the bits of her and Abbu's secret affair in the past trying to dish out ambigious things about their love angle/story now?????And additional things like – is Abbu going to accept me for his daughter formally in public – now?


Just how do they even get hold of things this Fast??????

Has the Media become detectives/secret agents – for Real?????????

Abbu's phone now shrills off with the ring – so does Raahil's and so does Noor's. We all share a vulnerable look – we know these are are near family relatives calling to recheck this for Real.

Abbu says looking at his phone – " Abrar is calling.."

Raahil - " Asif is...calling..."

Noor – " Ammi is calling....."

I watch them cut the calls together first and Abbu exchanges a calm but firm look with Raahil as he says now – "we will answer the calls in a while..beta...first..find out...who did this? Get to the bottom off this...and get the CEO of the news channel+ newspaper who started this....on the line for me in ten minutes..."

And I say on reflex now the words leaving my mouth out of sheer worry of the ones I love – " Abbu...just deny it...tell is not the truth....tell them..its a theory to defame you out of nowhere....i will never set foot in Lahore...ever again...I won't see you...or Raahil...or Noor...ever again...if that's what it takes...."

Abbu looks at me as if I'd whipped him with a heavy lash this time around as he holds me by the shoulder – " what?? what did you just say meri beti?? You are asking me to ridicule you and your Mum this way publicly?? Do you even understand what could happen then? they'd raise fingers at Alice? Questions over who your father really is..will never go away? They will shame her with numerous theories...and never again in my life will I have Alice or you subjected to ambiguity over this ever again....they want the truth..don't they...I'd give it to them...myself...consequences be dammed...but I am not going to deny my blood tie with you to the world...meri beti...I'd rather die....,"and before I can even say anything to him – to that – as I exchange a helpless look with Noor – I see Raahil nod back at Abbu in acknowledgement of the same as he affirms - "we will face the consequences a family..if we have to...but I am with you on this...Abbu...I will never want to ridicule Khushi aapa or Alice aunt in public this way...I am with you on it...give them the truth...its what they are after...right???"

I look at the two aghast and shaken as I say my voice quivering – "no....please.... this will destroy you will..,"and I look at Noor helplessly – "Noor....please? convince them..with me...please???"

Noor shakes her head in a No this time around crying as she holds Raahil's arm - " no aapa..I am with them on this..we will not ridicule you this way...if we have to become the centerstage of an international scandal...then we do so a family...we rise together...or we go down...together..."

I sit down on the sofa with a thud now as my soul shatters further and I whisper brokenly as Noor's phone continues to buzz with her Ammi's call – "what If your parents ask you to return home??Noor??"

Noor comes to my side to hold me by the shoulder – "they have the right to ask...and I have the right to refuse...aapa...this is my home now family...I'd never leave Abbu, you, or Raahil amidst any of this..ever....I am sure you know that..."

And I can only nod at her and hug her hard now as I watch Noor and Raahil exchange a powerful, loving, in support look with one another and hear Abbu says now with sincere fatherly love and concern etched all over his face – " but before I give my statements...I need to get Khushi..out of Lahore...we know the media here..they will hound her the very second they spot her...."

And it is right then Amina Khala comes in to inform us that theres reporters gathering at our gates already beginning to cause a ruckus of the highest order voicing their wish to have a word with Raahil or Abbu.

Oh Damm.

Abbu sighs as he kneels down in front of me now as brushes my hair wiping the tears out of my cheeks – " I need to get you somewhere safe meri beti...I will come to you as soon as I can...but right now...I need you to be out of sight/reach off the media here...only because I know...the disrespectful things that they might hurl at you....Raahil..Noor...take her somewhere safe...please???"

I hold onto Abbu's wrist in protest on reflex – " cant have you face this alone...don't worry about me...please??,"and I look at Raahil – " both be here...with Abbu...please...we cannot leave him alone...,"and I kiss on his hand begging him – " Abbu, please? your blood pressure issues...are a concern...I don't want you to face any health issues...because of will only butcher/kill me further..."

Abbu sighs at that and Noor says now wiping her tears taking out her phone – " I don't know hows everyone back at home reacting to this still..but I know someone who will help us in here..come what may...I am calling Azlaan bhaijaan...we can trust him to have Khushi be taken somewhere safe...away from the hounding eyes of the media here..for now...and we will go to soon as we can....then..."

I see Raahil nod at that too as he says sighing in relief – " yes,,I know...Azlaan bhaijaan will help us..irrespective of what everyone is feeling back at your home...Noor...please call him..."

Noor does.

Abbu pulls me in a warm hug once again as he says now – " your Mum is in the middle of a test match back in NZ..khushi...she probably hasn't caught this yet...but she will...the very second its time for the tea her professional attention will get diverted...only fair...that I ring her first...before anyone else tells her or she finds this out"

I nod hugging him back hard – " her now..."

He hugs me back harder – first – before he takes a deep breathe and gets on with calling Mum.She doesn't pick up but he keeps trying.

Noor gestures me to get on with winding up my stuff the fastest I could as she's on the phone with Azlaan. They are planning something. But my brains fading out in its neurons to pick on it as we head to my room in a rush.

And as my eyes fall on my phone - with a soul shattering, heart numbing pain – I feel my very own hands ache to reach for my phone to reach out to Arnav's family – or to text him/leave him a voice note about what has happened.

But do I do that?


Because I think I need more time to compose myself before I talk to any of them.


Nor do I make any effort to leave Arnav – any texts this time around.


Because even though its breaking me immense, killing me downright – to do this – my mind tells me that the only way to keep him safe and away from all of this media scandal happening here in Pakistan – would be to just cut myself off from him for a couple of days – until the heat settles. I know he'd want to come to me – the very second he spots whats happened after he's landed. But can I risk his well being right now? Can I risk him being seen with me right now??

I don't think so.

He's coming in to India fresh from such a professional high after the historic Gabba win+ highs of being India's test vice captain. It would just kill me further if he's going to face any backlash because of being seen with me now.

Mum – Raahil – Abbu – Noor – everyone already will be facing the consequences of this. I'd be dammed if I didn't do whatever I could in my hands to protect Arnav – at the least.

He's going to hate me for this I know. I hate myself for this as well. But as whipped, shattered and broken I am feeling in my heart and soul – right now – my mind sees no other choice.For even though my need to feel his warm, comforting embrace around my frame is the exact balm my heart is aching /longing for - my heart's need to protect him from all this now very public stigma around me right now – tops the prior need.

And in my heart – I know – he'd know the reason behind my actions – the very second – he'd land.

I know he'd just know it.

Or Maybe.

I could just leave him – I could leave him just one text?

One won't harm right?

With aching vulnerable tears leaving my eyes – I do pick up my phone to drop Arnav a lone text.

Me : I love you baby. So much.Don't hate me for this..please? But just for a couple of days..until the heat settles...around me...this is the only way my mind says it can protect you. I am sorry. I might be out of touch for a couple of days because I know you will want to come to me. And I can't risk it. I just can't. I can't risk you.You are the only one left that I can protect within my control right now. Let me do it please?

And with a heavy heart – as I tap send to that – fresh bouts of tears leave my eyes and a pain so strong continues to sting and whip the shattered and tattered fragments off my heart and soul.



How was That Guysssssssss for a comeback update?????????? No shoes at me for stoping at the cliff hanger thoughhhh...please...just had to for the dramatic affect..hehe...

Next Update : Will be aiming to give one on Friday.(I am sure everyone will be eager to see Alice reactions at her end+ Arnav's at landing in India ofcourse...πŸ˜‰

Until Then – Please take care πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Thanks, Guys, for all the Support and your Precious Time to my Work!

Much Love and Gratitude




Posted: 4 months ago

I was traveling the last few days so got late. Catching up now.

Posted: 4 months ago

Noor has seen something in the newspaper. It destroyed the happy day.

Posted: 4 months ago

Abbu will not tell lies about his daughter. In a way he will get to acknowledge her.

Posted: 4 months ago

Its a storm but they will face it together as a family.

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