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Posted: 4 months ago

Arnav is not going to sit back and take this. He will be there for his fiore.

Posted: 4 months ago

Hellooooo Guysssssssss....

So Here I go – posting this bit – tonight – with the aim to keep the flow of the scenes going – back to back!

Word Count – Short in length – 3.9K Words.✍✍

Taking some hours off to just Write this Out finally has truly been my Respite in taking my Mind Off – Everything Covid! And I truly hope – that you are able to experience some distraction and entertainment through the Story Too🤗❤🙏

Will be Eager to know your feedback on the Same!

Thank you so very much guys* Infinity for all your Support to my Work till now! It truly means so much to me!🤗🤗🤗🤗✍✍✍👩💻👩💻👩💻👩💻

Also, yes this is the First Draft. Please definitely ignore editing/common repition of words errors etc – since I have not proofread.

I shall now let you all dive in without Further Delay.


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This Story/ Written Series is a work of Fiction.All characters are fictitious.Any resemblance to a person living or dead is purely coincidental. The depiction off fictitious characters through their cross - cultural backgrounds is also a work of pure fiction. I respect all faiths, cultures, communities with its rich diversities, equally.I mean no offence or hurt to anyone's sentiments through my work in any way whatsoever.




On the Private Charter Plane – Mid Air

Azlaan continues to feel as conflicted as he had been feeling for the last one hour. Why? Because in the last one hour – ever since their private charter had taken off from Lahore airport towards their destination – he'd been wanting to reach out to Khushi across off him and offer support and comfort – because she was zoned into a ghostly wrecked statue across off him – looking outta the window of the plane – as if she were just gazing into nowhere in a stunned solemn silence. And yet – he hadn't done the very same yet – for everything in her vibe still continued to scream the words back to him – No. Do not talk to me.I just wana be left alone with myself.

Just like it had been that way all through out the ride to the airport in his car. She'd not said out a word but her subtle pleading nod at him as she'd gotten into the car had conveyed everything that she didn't want to say in words. He'd given her what she'd needed in the moment – obviously for one look at her at that point – kind of scared him that if he asked her even a single thing – she'd shatter in the composure she was trying to hold onto. And so he'd let her be. Infact the only two words she'd said to him in the couple of hours until now – had been – a tearful – Thank You – once they'd finally entered into the departures at the private charter terminal – acknowledging the support he'd extended to her – through that volatile group of media reporters on the pathway to the departure terminal after getting down the car. And then post that – she'd just gone into a stunned mute shaken shell again – all lost in her headspace – and that hadn't changed until this very point.

And Azlaan also felt like – he couldn't really blame her for wanting to cocoon herself in – because of everything that had been happening since morning/or had happened at that brief couple of minutes at the airport with the reporters around. Because he was in the moment – live – next to her - he understood – that even just five-seven minutes of being at a center attack of a hounding media – could be enough to drain anyone off all their mental strength.

He still wanted to let her be and not make her feel like he was intruding her space but now as he just observes her silently wiping two ghostly tears outta the corners of each of her eyes – continuing to look out the window of the plane – he also feels like – he does need to step in to help her with something to drink/eat/snack on – or else it surely seemed like she'd faint in the process of standing up from the seat. Infact at the moment – her frame looked so timid and lost all sunk into the huge recliner in the air cabin.

He presses the call button for the flight attendant to come on in. Given that this was a private international chartered flight and only had the two of them as passengers – they did have about three crew members apart from the two pilots – who were succeeding excellently at flying the plane to their planned destination.( This same flight was scheduled to drop them off at the destination and then head back to Lahore and fly back tomorrow again with Raahil+Noor+ Rehaan on it)

Azlaan spots one of the air hosts come on in as he asks – " what can I help you with Sir??"

Azlaan answers politely – "some water for the two of us please? and after that some English breakfast tea with some cookies to begin with and we will take the meal in an hours time..."

The crew member nods at him politely and takes his leave and Azlaan observes on Khushi's frame for some reaction.


There was none.

He takes a deep breathe and leans forward in his recliner from across of her and placing his forearms on the table in between of them, and he asks – " Khushi...the English breakfast for you right? I reckoned that's what you probably have back in England all the time??"

He waits for her to answer.

He gets none – again and watches her stiffen in her frame as she continues to look out the window.

Azlaan takes a deep breathe again and he says softly – " I am sorry..Khushi...I know you want to just be left alone...and I respect that...I do not wish to intrude your space at the moment...but it really looks like you could drink and eat and fuel your system at the least...the flight's still going to take us over 2hrs 30 minutes to our destination...."

To his momentary disappointment – he does not get any reply – again.

He bites back his sigh and it is right then he spots the crew member come in to serve them with the water and he nods at him politely and watches him do the same and once he leaves – Azlaan picks up the glass of water from in front of Khushi in his hand and gestures it closer to her as he insists softly – " yourself...with some water at the least...I understand that the morning has been chaotic and heart breaking for you on several tangents...but you really need to hydrate yourself at the moment...please??"

He finally watches Khushi's hand take the glass of water from his hand – but she does not look at him and holds it tighter in her hand as she lets out in a soft whisper still looking out of the window– " I am sor..r..y...Az..laan...I just realised...that yo..u...probably haven't had anything to eat or drink didn't during the time you'v been around me...probably because I haven't...and I probably didn't as well in the morning..given the way Noor rushed you over...thank are ri..ght...I don't necessarily have the appetite to eat or drink anything...but I guess...I also know I must do it...nonetheless...."

Azlaan nods at that and admits – " exactly..well...why punish your body..right??so tell me..does the English breakfast tea works?? Or you want something else to drink??"

He finally sees Khushi look at him as she finishes sipping on half the glass of water and she asks softly her eyes and self coming across as way too deplted and exhausted– " do you think they'd be equipped to serve me with some hot chocolate at the moment??"

Azlaan nods at that as he says – " we could surely check..,"and goes on to request the same for Khushi and watches her fall into silence again and a couple of minutes later as the crew finally serves him with tea and cookies and Khushi with her hot chocolate and cookies – he spots Khushi reach out to touch the warm cup for comfort almost instantly as if the warmth of the cup was what her heart seeked for like a lost child. The moment was so subtle but heartbreakingly tender – that it almost tears him up in his eyes.

Whatever the truth be – he believed in his head and heart that she surely was subjected to all the stigma, wrath for no fault of her's in it all - directly.

He watches her pick on the hot chocolate but she doesn't sip it yet but leans back into the recliner closing her eyes again as her hands continue to cradle and play with the warm cup and he ends up asking her on reflex – " there anything else you need??"

And he hears her answer in a soft broken whisper – " No...just the cup off this hot cocoa is enough for's Mum and my thing...y..ou...know...a cup...of hot's...bee..n...our comfort...drink...for ages...she's away right now in NZ and I asked her to stay put there...until she finishes with her duties in the middle of the test match..but this just as...if...she's"

Azlaan feels his heart go out to her at that and he nods continuing to take in her heartbreaking frame and sight off Khushi caressing the warm cup like a little lost child in the woods on a cold wintery night.

He takes a sip off his tea now as his resolves strengthens – he just couldn't let her zone back into that stunned silence again. He felt like it would do her no good – and only harm and so he asks softly now as he finally watches her sip her hot cocoa – " did you...know?? always???? About ??"

He hears her sigh at that as she leans back gulping down the first sip keeping her eyes closed still as she whispers – " you mean?? about my connection with Abbu?? nah..not always...I only found out when I was 18...and ever since...for a long long time...I just spent so many years...looking him up online.....didn't even have the courage for a long long time to even talk to Mum about him in context...fearing that it would hurt/reopen her wounds...but then perhaps it was the biological longing that won in the I gave in to the ache off wanting to atleast see him from afar...once..just just for once also see the other parent who also brought me to life...that was what that trip earlier last year was about...when...we bumped into you Gadaffi..."

Azlaan takes that in now and he felt like this little window was good.Atleast she was now – conversing.He did want to ask her further but then he didn't want to bombard her with too much and so he insists politely instead – " go on...sip on that cocoa...again...please??"

She still doesn't open her eyes to him but thankfully she takes another sip as he spots a trail of tear fall down her cheeks – afresh as she whispers again after – " always feared this my imagination..always...knew it in my gut...that the day it would come would do exactly what its doing to Mum and Abbu right now.....that reporter at the departure terminal was right wasn't he? I brought doom upon my Abbu...but well...not just him...Mum too...I technically did bring doom upon the very those who brought me to life?? Did I?????I brought doom to my why consider humanity grounds in my context??and I didn't just bring the doom to just them...but to... Raahil too..and well...on your isn't like I am unaware about the tense dynamics at your place at the moment...Azlaan... and it just hurts so much..for..I never wanted ever....for them...for you all...for any of perhaps even for myself??perhaps... A part of me..deep..down... always feared the extent to which the eye lens of people out there in the public (who don't know me at all) - would change/get biased in a go to- hate/outcast mode - when they finally looked at me with the tag of an illegitimate child...and finally see people..look at me with that look as their eyes both my parents...were better off without me ever being hear being called the child of sin...its so freaking heartbreaking/soul shattering...and then....on one side there is that and on the other....its for me to know... deep my heart that...I was born out of nothing but pure shades off conceived me...I know that...they know that...but ironically...the worldly ways are still what it is though..right??"

That from her in that heartbreaking underlying tone makes Azlaan send out a momentary curse at the reporter who even voiced this doom bit loud back enough for Khushi to hear and he says softly – "'t give any heed to that nonsensical reporter....whatever the not blame yourself..for any off this..this...isn't your fault..."And he thinks to himself silently – It's crazy that sometimes people completely forget the impact their hurtful words can have.For he could clearly see that how that one sentence out of the zillion statements of wrath hauled at Khushi – imprinted itself in her mind and heart.

And he finally sees Khushi open her bloodshot eyes to him now as she states sinking in further in her frame into a distraught ball of lost child – " but he was right..wasn't he???nonetheless?? however hurtful that was was the truth.."

Azlaan looks at Khushi straight as he says – " do not..let your mind wander there't do that to yourself..,"to which he hears her answer dejected after taking another sip of her cocoa – " I don't want it to...but my minds seemed to gone astray...there's so much darkness much of that dark vaccum pulling me in....and I want to help myself...I want to control these self esteem sabotaging thoughts...and I want to find that courage within to be able to do be just don't know how??? I just don't know...h..ow...?? its like so much of me is still in a my mind is just in the middle of processing the crazy volatile tangents this has escalated too..."

Azlaan nods at that in an instant understanding – " only are only human at the end..its okay to feel shocked and lost...for a is...,"and he spots her sigh now at that as she states brushing her trembling hands over her face – "anyways... go on..then...Azlaan...I am have questions...I am wana know..since when does Noor know...and why is it that she didn't tell you all...not even you...given that...the two of you are so thick in your equation...I know you want to know the backstory..."

Azlaan nods at that in silence for a second and then asks – " only if you wana tell me about it..."

He sees her nod and sigh as she says – " I think I owe Noor that...I need to explain on her behalf to atleast one of her family members who is across of me at that yes...I will tell you about it..."

And Azlaan nods at her in gratitude for that and feels the words leave his mouth on reflex – "And why did you say that you only found out about your connection with Rehaan uncle when you were 18? So was this kept a secret from you? your Mum surely had reasons??"

He sees Khushi sigh at that as she admits – " oh yes she did...have her reasons...,"and in the minutes that follow after - he listens to Khushi give him significant highlights of her backstory from the Top. The breakup scenario with her parents. Her Mum finding out about her pregnancy when Rehaan uncle was already married. Her reasons etc. And as he hears her explain all of that – he continues to feel his heart go out to not just her but her Mum too – and then about ten minutes later as he hears Khushi now explain to him everything that happened after the Asia Cup – the personal developments on all ends that led to the moment today – he feels the picture get a lot more clarified in his head. All the dots continued to connect and by the end off it all – as he finally spots Khushi place the empty cup of Hot Cocoa on the table upfront looking all drained in her face again as she says – " there you know..what was...and well what for see...."

He nods at that sincerely taking it all in and asks after a couple of minutes of absorbing silence – "thank you for telling me Khushi..the picture now gets clearer in my do you want another cup of hot cocoa..??"

And to his momentary surprise this time around he hears her say with a shake of her head in a No – pressing a call button herself – " nah...I'd like a cup of piping hot black coffee this time around..with no sugar...just super strong and like boiling hot...."

And he watches her request the crew for the same for herself as she falls into another solemn silence for next seven minutes of silence again and Azlaan continues to observe on and once the coffee is served to her – he watches her cradle and seek comfort from the warmth of the coffee cup as signs of further heartbreak consume her frame and she closes her eyes at that and continues to caress the cup as if the warmth of the same was reminding her – off a memory of someone very special in her life- again.And his gut thinks he knows who could this be about.

Azlaan asks now softly – "well I am aware...that Rehaan uncle/raahil/noor all prefer the good old chai. Your Mum loves the hot chocolate. So does this remind you off...your....special one??( He obviously knew from Noor(from prior in time) that she was deeply in love with the man she was with.)

He sees her nod at that brokenly as she takes a sip with her eyes closed – as a fresh line of tears make their way down her face as she says softly – " yes...this is his go to drink...I often tease him that how about I rather serve him his coffee straight off the kettle? Why even bother pouring it in the cup...he likes it that freaking h..o...t," and he sees her facial expressions crumble into a massive onslaught of heartbreaking pain again and Azlaan ends up asking softly now – " so...did he know?? from prior about??"

He sees her nod at that four times over as her eyes remain closed with the same heartbreaking pain etched all over her face – " oh yes..he did...he knew did his family....but I promised myself...just like I promised his family...that I'd let no harm come on him..because off me on this angle...and that is why...I'v decided to cut contact with him for a couple of days or maybe five days/or a week long as it takes for the heat to settle around me...for I know the minute he finds out what happened...he surely must have by now given that he was travelling and was yet to land..when the news broke.....but I my that he knows and has probably seen it all....he'd want to come to me...and I cannot risk him...not cant have him being seen with the moment..he's the only one left for me to protect...and the fact that I did this...on the instruction of my mind..kills/butchers my heart too...just like I know it has already butchered his...he's probably hating me for this right now..for I obviously left him a text with the also hate myself for this right now so so much...and christ..perhaps..that is freaking hurting me within so much more??that I gotta do this for him...that I gotta keep myself away from him...for his sake.....for now..."

Oh – the display of love,devotion, sincerity and heartbreaking pain on Khushi's face right now – touches a chord within Azlaan further as he asks observing her caressing the hot cup of black coffee over and over – " I understand...but you look so heartbroken at the mere thought off him...which means...a part of you doesn't want all..then why do this? To him and yourself? You surely look like its killing you immense to do this?and from where I see it...I think this is not the right time to do this...I think this is the right time for you to talk to him instead...for would help you gather that mental strength to refocus on finding the courage...within...."

And he sees Khushi finally open her bloodshot eyes to him as she admits sincerely – " ofcourse no part of my freaking heart wants this...Azlaan...but at the same is exactly...the have to guard him..protect him ...with all I have...because...because...,"and he hears her pause heartbroken.

Azlaan ends up asking on reflex – " because?????,"and hears Khushi admit with a broken sigh looking at him straight – " because...he's from India...okay?and sort of like a public celebrated figure in India...what do you think will happen to him right now..if he's spotted with me haan?given that the entire world news is going around flashing my pictures with tags like – PCB's Head's Child of Sin/Bas**** Child/Illigetimate Child..etc etc...he's an Indian..Azlaan...and I have just become a centerstage of a public stigma in do you think the society around him in India is going to react to him – if he is seen with me now?????????? I'd my bring doom to this is the best for I said...until atleast the heat settles...I must make no contact with him...because I just know him...if I text him...or switch on my freaking phone on for a second..he'll surely have it tracked for the next ten seconds...and be on his way to me....thats also the reason why I haven't texted any of my closest friends back in UK about where is it that I am headed...for I know they will tell that note.... Abbu/Raahil/Noor don't know yet that the man I am with is an Indian and not a Britisher...I wanted them to know..eventually...was thinking to talk to them on the remainder of my trip..but then...,"and he hears her voice trail off as she buries her head in the coffee cup and begins to dunk the coffee down.

That shocks and surprises Azlaan quite a bit. Not just the former but every bit off it and the sensitive dynamics of it all – does ring a bell in his head and so he just nods at her sincerely and voices – " hmmmm...I understand...I get where you are coming from now...the whole situation around him...does seem a lot more sensitive now...given the unfortunate cross-conflict media + worldly dynamics of our respective countries...and if you say...he is kind off like a public figure in India...then probably this is the time to lie low...also don't worry...Noor/Raahil/rehaan uncle wont hear about him being an Indian...from me...your secret is safe with me...k?"

He sees Khushi nod at him in gratitude at that as she whispers – " thanks...Azlaan...for everything..."

Azlaan nods – " no worries..,"and asks next leaning back into his recliner as she places the empty cup off coffee on the table – " so what now??? are you going to eat something or not?"

And he sees her shake her head in a No – sadly as she whispers – " for now...I'd just like to alternate in between drinking hot cocoa and black more time...before we land...because when we do...I am sure your phone will give me all the updates...about the reaction back in England as the day begins there...and what is that Abbu says live in his public's going to crumble me to watch the media lynch him live and talk about Mum as his other woman etc etc or bring up theories about their relationship then/or perhaps...its better I just simply accept that I am going to feel all crumbled and shattered this way for a bit...before I see myself looking out for that light to courage within...because right be honest....that light to courage...just does it seem so far?? So so so....godammit far?? Just I going to get there???? just how do I get there?????????????,"and with that Azlaan watches her excuse herself standing up wiping her tears – rushing to the washroom.

Azlaan knew – she was going to succumb to a painful breakdown in there and he couldn't help but send out the curse at the developments around understanding her situation now wholly - wondering to himself – That why is it that at times – that Light to Courage really DOES seem so so so so godammit Far????????????????????????????????????



How was That Guysssssssss ?????????? I teared up quite a bit while writing this yaa...especially when I imagined Khushi clinging onto the cup of hot choclate/coffee – remembering Alice+ Arnav....

Next Update : Will be aiming to give one Tuesday night!! Stay tuned guys. Hint : The next update straight begins from a scene at Arnav's home!!!!!!!!!

Until Then – Please take care 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Thanks, Guys, for all the Support and your Precious Time to my Work!

Much Love




Posted: 4 months ago

Poor Khushi. Dealing with all this all alone. No Alice and Arnav by her side.

Posted: 4 months ago

The little rituals can be so comforting. That cup of hot chocolate is a source of warmth.

Posted: 4 months ago

The cup of coffee to represent Arnav's presence now. Wish he was there in person.

Posted: 4 months ago

Azlaan is such a sweetheart. He should be blessed with a loving girl.

Posted: 4 months ago

Hellooooo Guysssssssss....

Here I am with the next update !!

Seatbelts On – Dear Readers!!!!!!!!!!! Is all I would say - 😉

Word Count – Long in length – 8.8K Words.✍✍

Taking some hours off to just Write this Out finally has truly been my Respite in taking my Mind Off – Everything Covid! And I truly hope – that you are able to experience some distraction and entertainment through the Story Too🤗❤🙏

Will be Eager to know your feedback on the Same!

Thank you so very much guys* Infinity for all your Support to my Work till now! It truly means so much to me!🤗🤗🤗🤗✍✍✍👩💻👩💻👩💻👩💻

Also, yes this is the First Draft. Please definitely ignore editing/common repition of words errors etc – since I have not proofread.

I shall now let you all dive in without Further Delay.


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This Story/ Written Series is a work of Fiction.All characters are fictitious.Any resemblance to a person living or dead is purely coincidental. The depiction off fictitious characters through their cross - cultural backgrounds is also a work of pure fiction. I respect all faiths, cultures, communities with its rich diversities, equally.I mean no offence or hurt to anyone's sentiments through my work in any way whatsoever.


Take 39

Take 39.3 – The Divine Power in the Simple Act of Acceptance

At Noon

New Delhi – Arnav's Home

Arnav's POV

My distraught and disturbed reflection looks back at me from the mirror upfront in foyer connected with our living room as I sigh into the phone dejected – " I can't believe this..Mrs J...I freaking can't believe that she made you literally make a promise as absurd as this one to know what it's doing to me don't you?? I am sure you understand what is it that this is doing to me?????????? the fact that she's deciding to cut contact with me off until the heat settles...or the fact that she's literally made you promise...that you wouldn't tell me where is it that she is headed for my sake....literally feels like a further..gun shot within...know what?? Mrs J...just ask her to take the freaking AK47 and shoot me herself...rather than do this to me...!!! everything inside of me feels so freaking dead and hurt at the moment....I...I...,"and I pause gulping down the tearful knot off pain and hurt that has developed in my throat as my disturbed eyes look back at me all welled up from the mirror upfront.



I am obviously home. Reached here a while ago and I will get into the glimpse of that but before that I must tell you all that I'v been on the phone call with Mrs.J for the last 20 minutes...and we'v been talking...I obviously started with checking up on her...first...then probed into everything she filled me in about the talk she had with Khushi's Abbu and her video call with Khushi – and she obviously didn't need to give me the gory painful details about how her mother's heart has been a total wreck for a while – nonetheless. And yes – despite all of that – I did admit to her that I was kind off surprised to know that she walked back into her duties towards the last session of the test match day at NZ.She obviously then told me that Khushi had asked this off her as well and given that she'd never spotted her baby – so broken /shaken/tattered in spirit – she could only help her with what she wants. So yeah – you all get the basic drill don't you?? And then – ofcourse the conversation steered too me making my intentions clear that I was going to her no matter where she was going and that just made Mrs J – relay Khushi's message to me which is similar to the text she left me plus the bit about this promise – the bit to the one – I just responded.

If only she could see on my face – how brutally injured my insides are because off this.If only Khushi could see the same....

I hear Mrs J sigh at the other end as she says disturbed – " No....No...Arnav...please...don't you say the latter please???son?? I know you are hurt beyond repair and I did try to explain the same to her that this is how you would feel and It wasn't like she didn't know it herself though...she knew...and to be honest...son...I am sure you also know...she's as heartbroken as you about the the you are...if not more...I also know she needs you...more than anything right my heart I know the same...but then given the recent chaotic my mind I also think this could probably be best for you...look at'v been like a rock of support already through this for has your family....they were so supportive when I spoke to them a while well....i do feel like Khushi is also right in her mind to feel like – how will she look at them in the eye son? If all this public noise around us...made its hounding way down to you and your family will I look at the eye...the mind does say...that this could be the best for you ...for a bit...for just a shortwhile son...just a shortwhile...."


Hell to That.

I ain't buying any of that!

I take a deep breathe as I admit my resolve that was now beginning to get even more obstinate – " I respect where you are coming from Mrs J...I truly do...just like I know why Khushi wants to do it...but that does not change the fact that....I won't accept it...Mrs J...this time around...I will simply not accept what she or you wants from cannot do this to me...I won't let gotta accept this bit...too...that I am simply not going to sit here ...and just accept what she wants at the moment...for I do feel like I need to be able to look at myself in the eye too right??? how will I be able to if I aint by her side right now???? I need to be equally fair to what I want as well...what I need as well right know what...fine..alright...I know that you are caught in a fix now in between your promise to Khushi and your loyalty and love to know what? I will do you a favour...I will put you out of this spot...I won't ask you...but hear my resolve Mrs J...I will find this out...however I have too...and I will go to her...I surely will...tell her that will you please? when you speak to her?? That I am coming to her...tell her that..the root of our love is way too strong to get shaken in my heart because off nonsensical worldly drama....let the world crumble down in its freaking foundation if it has too...and yet my feelings..for love for her...will not shake/tremble or weaken...on moments like this...infact it will only get stronger and deeper...making me wana back exactly what my heart wants...which is exactly what I intend to follow through....,"and I finally pause letting it all out in that one assertive stretch of a breath.

And there's this aching silence of a minute in between of Mrs J and me after which I hear her admit with a sigh – "know what son????? I can't fight you more on this...not because I can't..but because a part of me also simply doesn't want know what? if this is what you so badly want....then...go to her..will you my boy...just go to her.....find her...k?I cannot really break my promise to her directly...but I will help Maya with hints over how she could help discover where she is and relay the same to you....alrighty? but please....please.... be careful very careful...for if you get involved any of this public debacle around us all right now...Khushi would never forgive whatever you have to do...but figure out a way of sneaking around this in secrecy...k??"

I sigh in great relief at that as my heart comes to life and I admit in a rush of emotion – "love you – Mrs J. you are the best mum in law ever!!!!!!!!! are with me on this...finally you understand...where I am coming from...too...right????? what kind off a man would I be? If I wasn't there to be with my woman...when she's being subjected to so much deragotary ridicule by the media at the moment...what kind off a man would I be if I wasn't there to hold her just hold her in my arms and tell much I love her.....that...I am here...right here..for her...always...always was...always would be...I need her to let me be there for her...Mrs J...I really need that..."

And I hear her answer with a sad sigh – " I get you...I you son...Mum to am siding with you on this... because I know the magic you being there with her could do to her tattered spirit at the aching heart wants you to be there with her...until I can reach to her ...I am on it...I will leave here the minute the match finishes well...but I am way across the globe...way will take me significant transit get there..."

I admit sincerely – " thank you so much Mum...for don't worry k? I will get to her as fast as I can...I will handle it...I will not let her succumb to the darkness that is probably taking over her mind at the moment...I will not...I will help her turn on the light within.....i will...I surely will.....that's my promise to you...thank you so much mum...thank you so very much..."

And at that she answers lovingly – " oh you are welcome...son...,"and then adds next in a rush – "oh wait...Arnav..i will call you back? Rehaan's calling..he's about to go in for his live statement in a bit...need to talk to him first...,"and I obviously understand that so we speak for 30 seconds more – and then we hang up.

And once we do and I look back at my face in the mirror – I can finally see some sort of a Life in my frame – that had just been like pretty much dead otherwise.

Phone buzzes with Maya's call now. Oh well as you all can guess – that the day has begun in England and everyone there woke up to this too – Maya/Jack have been distraught in worry too because just like me – they also got just a couple of texts from Khushi but with no clue about where she went.

Smarty Fiore.

She probably didn't tell them because she knew they would tell me.


Every inch of my heart is like mad at her and still continuing to get drowned in sincere deep shades of Love – at the same time!

Don't you worry baby – try to freaking build a fortress around yourself at the moment to keep me at bay from you – and I will freaking breach it. Nothing...just about nothing can stop me from coming to you.


Phone keep buzzing now with Maya's call and I finally pick it up and talk to a worried Jack and her – giving them a brief of my talk with Mrs J plus the bit that she said that she'd get Maya the help with the hint of how she could help me figure Khushi's location out.And to that – Maya finally sighs in relief too and now I hear both Jack and Maya say – " let Brian and Sarah wake up to this once its morning in Bahamas...they'd be as royally upset...more so at Khushi for doing this to us..for just not telling us about where she is...anyways...even though all this freaking slandering mess continues to roar online Arnav...the silver lining we see in here at the moment is..that here in the UK news – the reaction is that of a shock – yes indeed – but its not become as volatile mess of a media attack on Khushi/her abbu/mrs J – like it has – there – probably because of the views around...I mean...there are a lot of single unmarried women as parents here in the UK..and from where I see here...its just going to go down to the matter of individual choices at the end of the day...Mrs J just had to make her's at the various stages in her life....and I also wanted to let you in on this...that I did get a text from Khushi's immediate boss as she's wanting to check in on her – she also said that whats happening is unfortunate and she see's no reason in the ways this whole situation has blown out of hands and gotten converted into a volatile personal media attack on yeah...I really do wana be able to tell K...that I think...she probably wont be facing the worst she fears professionally...nor would Mrs J...I mean...Mike told us...that Dawson sir there in NZ has made sure that they'v extended the block shield to Mrs J from any international media reporters reaching her – in the best they could – I think...if they wouldn't have wanted to support Mrs J...they wouldn't have done this...,"and I hear Jack add on in sincerely – " and further on...I believe that we might see a professional statement...from our board here stating that too...I mean..we all know they do value Mrs J's service to the unit for years now...its not like they will sack her...coz of this...I don't think they will...whats personal...remains..personal...for no one can ever doubt the fact that she's done her job with utmost integrity for all these years...they will see that she did no wrong...instead...she went on against the usual tide and went in with her wish of having her child and brining her to life...raising her...without a man in her life...for so freaking long...that takes so much courage...we all know it does...I just have a feeling that people who know her professionally for all these years...will be able to see that...."

I sigh at that as my insides send out a collective prayer on that accord as well – " exactly M...Jack...I pray the same...too..i literally pray that atleast there in England...this simmers down into normalcy and no big of a deal in a couple of days..."

I hear M ask me now worried – "but how long do you think this will take to simmer down back in Lahore though...Arnav?? Or in the Indian media though for that matter??"

I sigh at that dejected as I admit – " to be honest...M...I don't really know...given the tangents off media dynamics here... I can only hope that it does simmer down soon though...,"and it is right then – I spot Di in the reflection upfront in the mirror as she's come in behind me all worried -gesturing me to ask whats been happening – for as I'v been on this call - the rest of my family has been all worried as well.

Mom/Dad/Di luckily had only a couple of surgeries this morning – infact they were at the Hospital when they saw the news! After which they all obviously delayed their usual OPD's hours by an hour to come home in the middle – given that I was reaching home – for it was a given that they already sensed I'd be an emotional mess myself on landing.(Everyone in the hospital thinks – that they all rushed home for a bit in order to celebrate my happy reception home after an amazing tour – game wise)!

Plus – Mom/dad/di/akash/jiju – they were all through out with me on chat on my way back here in emotional support. Akash stayed back home only this morning. Ravi jiju came over too. All my closest friends in the unit continue to be supportive and understanding – as they keep texting me in between to check if I'v heard from Khushi – how is she holding up etc?

I initiate the process of hanging up the call with M and Jack now – gesturing to Di that I'd be right there with everyone in a minute. She nods back and heads back in.

A minute later – after hanging up on the call – I finally get on into the living room to see my worried family as Dad mutes the news channel on TV furiously himself as he states shocked looking at that streaming video byte of Khushi – wading through the reporters at the departure terminal...that's pretty much gone viral not just online...but every news/taboloid reports – here too – " how??? Just what joy are these reporters getting out of throwing these questions at Khushi right now..clearly..when they can see..that she is in the heartbreaking vulnerable state already...this is disgusting...this is a sheer disgusting media attack...the poor girl doesn't have an inch of space to even breathe through the sea of reporters...,"and he finally sits back at the sofa dejected and I see Mom/Anjali/Akash/Jiju voice the same as we all look at the news in disgust. We'v all been on the same page in deep worry for My Fiore- obviously. Di and Mom have been crying for a bit too just like Dad and Akash have been going pale in deep worry - for they'v all become so attached to Khushi emotionally as well – as theyv gotten so close in their equation over time. Not just to me – but to my entire family – she is family – already. My Woman. My Future Wife.

The fact that we arent married yet is just a wordly formality. In my heart and soul – the equation is pretty much the opposite. And I am sure you all already know that!

I sigh now brushing my hands through my hair sitting back next to him – " my thoughts,"as my eyes tear up on their own accord again as I take in the sight of My Fiore – on screen again.

Akash sighs now as he adds – " still can't believe that Khushi literally didn't message any of us too...after this...I mean...we'v all been trying to reach to her non stop...haven't we????????"

Before I can say anything to that – Mom and Di answer in unison wiping their tears – " that's probably because she probably feels like how will she look us in the eye? Remember how she promised that she'd make sure to guard Arnav from this with all that she had???? That she'd let no harm on him ..on us...because of this? She promised us this right...we are sure...she feels like this being out this way..and after all this very public her and her parents...she feels like she's let us down...which is why we werent very surprised...when Arnav told us...that she decided to cut contact with him until the heat settles..."

Akash nods at that and so does Dad – and an emotional gun shot returns to wound my heart as I wipe out a tear outta my eye which makes Dad reach out to hold my hand as he says in support – " I know you are hurt...Arnav...very the Khushi's decision...but at the moment...I don't want you to focus on that...we want you to get to us...that you were able to get Mrs J to tell you where is it that she's gone??we asked her...too...but she didn't tell us...she did say..she'd talk to further explain...but please tell us..that you got something out of her..."

I sigh at that with a nod – " yes I did....she did tell me..she'd help me with that Dad...but it might take a shortwhile..,"and I look at Dad sigh in relief exchanging a look with Mom, Akaash, Di and Jiju and I look at Ravi jiju as I say – " me with arranging a private charter of your's on standby please...the minute I know..where is it that...she is...I will leave..."


I hear Jiju nod at me at that instantly as reconfirms the same to me – clutching on Di's shoulder as she clutches his hand back – exchanging a powerful eyelock with him.

Mom says now wiping her tear standing up in her spot looking at Dad – " Dr Raizada...I haven't cancelled my OPD consultations without prior notice in a long time...but I guess...this is a personal emergency that makes me wana do so...for a couple of days...I'v made up my mind...I am going with the heart tells me that Khushi needs a mother figure around her too – and until Alice reaches her...I feel like I gotta step in – she calls me Raima Mom doest she? What kind off a mom I'd be...if I didn't accompany"

Oh Mom.

YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That also tears me up to no extent emotionally and I race up to hug Mom in an intense silent hug as she just hugs me back as she whispers – " I am with you...son...I am coming right with you...for just like I wana be there for Khushi...I wana be there for you too...I know you'd continue to feel all wrecked until you finally see her..."

Akash chips in too from behind me – " I am coming too...mere bhai...that's decided...I mean...Dad and Di...will be needed at the hospital given that not all of us can leave at once...but I think...I can keep working in transit too..all the business its only Mum cancelling on her OPD and her calendar tells me she has no surgeries for the next two days...and guess what? Payal has been after me to put her in touch with Khushi too – so ill ask her to come along with us too – and given that I know why Khushi wants this for you – it will also serve as a cover up for you...I mean..if we are spotted leaving in a small family group at the IGI..with you...then people will automatically assume that we are probably headed for some family engagement...what say??????????"

I love the sound of that from Akash – Obviously!!!!!!!!!

Best twin in the world – who???????????

Akash Singh Raizada.


I feel an emotional lump come up my throat again as I turn around and race up to hug my twin hard this time around and we hear Dad say now after a deep thought – " yes...this would be the right thing to do...a perfect go with to worries...I will direct your emergency consultations in these couple of days to Dr.Shivani..don't worry...Anjali and me will hold fort things here...but you all...go...just Khushi...and remind her...that we already consider her our family...none of this outside drama changes that...she hasn't kept us in the dark since day 1 – so how can she even think...that we'd turn our backs on her on moments she probably needs our support the most??????tell her...her Arjun dad is quite sad that she even thought...that she couldn't look at us in the eye...? You know who is it that shouldn't be able to look at themselves in the eye? These people in the media...on TV...who made it there mission to hound and harass an innocent child when she was at her weakest......"


A couple of minutes after our strong family group hug – Mom pulls back as she rubs on my arm and asks now – " eat something now...son? Please?? you are going to need it...your coffee?? Black coffee?? Some eggs?? Ill get those ready for you??"

Is shake my head in a No – " Mom...nah...I can't eat a thing...not until I know...if...Khushi has had something to eat/drink too...I am sure...she's been a ghostly shell...up in that plane..where ever is it that it is taking her...I know..its killing her to be away from me the moment...I am not doubting that even for a second...I am just not happy about her minds decision...that's all...for its causing so much injury in here..,"and I gesture to my heart and add further – " just like it is doing to the same to her...heart..."

Mom hugs me hard at that and Di and Dad and Akash engulf me in a group hug again and after a second Dad says – " get him Khushi's fav hot cocoa to sip...Dr Raizada...he won't say that...he cannot say no to that in the moment..."



Dad is right – perhaps? Usually I do not indulge in the heavenly treat of chocolate for fitness reasons obviously – but perhaps in the moment – I really cannot say no to that.

I see Mom looking at me with hopeful eyes and I nod finally – " yeah...okay...Mom...ill have the hot chocolate just the way she likes it..."

Mom smiles – " you mean with four marshmallows in it??"

I nod as tears well up my eyes remembering the happy face of my fiore – from a memory of sipping the same at my home here – whilst talking to Mom about the way she likes her cocoa – " exactly Mom...exactly...just like that..."

Mom nods and I exchange a powerful emotional eyelock with all. It is right then – Askash says pointing towards the TV – " News flash..everyone...looks like Khushi's about to go live with his five....,"and we all watch Akash unmute the news channel and we all take our seats in the living room – hearing the news anchor from one of our daily channels exclaim that they were going to livestream – the updates on this from across the border – in real time – as it was happening !

Oh Dammit.

Ofcourse they would. They are surely not going to let go off the opportunity to earn TRP's based on the gossip of the hour – across the border!

Shame. Such a shame. Isn't it?

In my mind – it totally is – just that!



In Lahore, Pakistan

Khan Mansion – Rehaan's Study

Rehaan answers into the phone his very own resolve strengthening – " heard me right...I am going to accept the reality for what minutes from you now know we'v been discussing on our talk...I am sure you understand where I am coming from...this is the right thing to do...its what I want to do..."

He'd got ona call with his dearest friend after that call with Alice – for Abrar was also his deputy at the Board and he most surely wanted him to know the truth now first from him – before his public acceptance with the truth. For both personal and professional reasons. Personal because – he was his dearest and closest friend and professional because – he had to give Abrar the heads up that just incase the boards decision came in collectively to have him removed as the head in light of the public outrage at the moment – around him – he'd himself be suggesting Abrar for the Head Position.

He hears his friend say in a tense whisper – " Janab...I understand your reasons...but just think this more time...just one more time...if you just deny everything...just say it isn't true...a lot will be solved...everything will be solved.."

Rehaan sighs at that as he answers – " no Abrar..nothing will be solved..infact I'd never be able to breathe then...if I turn my back to Alice or Khushi on this...Alice has seen enough...suffered enough on a personal tangent as you now know our tale...I know you are worried about the consequences at my end...Asif is worried for Raahil...he's been on phone with him at the well...but no...both Raahil and me are on the same page as this...,"and before his friend can say anything else back he continues looking at the time – " anyways...I will get going now Abrar...its going to be time for me to go four minutes...I will speak to you after.."

He hears his dear friend wish him all the best and send out a prayer for him and Rehaan finally hangs up and once he is done with that – he spots Raahil and Noor enter back into his study.

He had intended to go live from the very chair behind his study that had been his comforting spot for ages. With Gazala's+ Raahil's picture on the desk looking back at him. He knew – Gazala up there would also agree with him that this would be the right thing to do. Rehaan spots Raahil and Noor walking up closer to him deep in their conversation – and for a second as he looks at them – he remembers a very vital conversation and a moment with them all from last night.

And just like that he acts on his hearts wish and opens his side drawer first – and takes out a photoframe of Alice+ Khushi and places it snug on his table – right next to the one of Gazala and Raahil's.And just the simple fact – that he could do this now – openly – without any fear chaining him down given that the truth was out – makes him feel kind off liberated within so much so that – next – a calm composed serene smile – curves up his lips.

He hears Noor's voice fall on his ears first – " you are all set to go live in four minutes? you okay? Also you asked...Iv been tracking bhaijaan's and Khushi's flight...its on track and time...they will planned...."

Rehaan doesn't look up at the two and instead continues to keep looking at the picture of Alice+ Khushi on his desk and he smiles almost calmly and adds caressing both the photo frames up on his desk – " that's good...Noor..beta...that's good...the knowledge that Khushi is going to be tucked safe and away from here while I do this...means the world to me...Allah knows...,"and he asks next – " your Ammi...Abbu...have they agreed to come over for lunch beta...because I do want to talk to them...openly...anyway they will all hear what I have to say...given that my attempts to get intouch with your Abbu since morning have gone in vain..he's angry which is why perhaps...he hasn't taken my call..."

He hears Noor explain next – " yes...Abbu...they were all reluctant...but they said...they'd be here...after...they are just angry right now...but I am sure..once they hear you out...hear us out after...everything would be okay.."

Raahil's voice fall in his ears now as he takes his seat across of him – " Abbu...yes...iv spoken to Azhar..Ayan...situation is getting better back there at Noor' I am positive..that we'd be able to explain ourselves a lot more clearly at I was just talking to that I have Asif on this well...hes beginning to help me to get to the bottom of this...he's furious maybe in no time...we will know...who did this...and I promise you...I am going to make sure this person isn't spared..Abbu.."

And to that Rehaan ends up responding on reflex continuing to gaze at both the photoframes deep in thought – " know what?? I just don't want you to get to the bottom of not find out who did this...for yes now that the shock has settled in...for all these hours and as i get ready to give my statement live...I just realised something...who ever did this...I don't want to know...,"and his calm composed frame zones into a further calmer one as well.

That makes Raahil gape at his Abbu in sheer shock and a similar expression engulfs Noor as they both ask in unison – " whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt?? What did you just say Abbu????

Rehaan nods and finally looks up at his children and admits picking up the picture of Khushi and Alice as he turns it around to Raahil and Noor and goes onto say – "look... who ever did this...I know..surely did it with vindication as their order to seek some revenge on hurt hurt son...but...I just also realised...that they'v simply also set me from a pained shackle that was chaining my from the hiding game...I am free to claim to the whole wide world...that yes...I have fathered two beautiful souls in my are free to address your aapa as your aapa just like you are free to openly take a stand for her your you feel in your heart...she'd never have to miss a family function again...she's going to be a part of us...openly...not in hiding...those who love us will understand...others will outcast us perhaps?? but from where I see perhaps in moments like these when you take personal decisions with the aim to liberate your understand...who your true friends/family....are right??????Raahil....Noor...this right now...this subtle moment of being able to place Alice+ Khushi's photo up here... just makes me realise that there's some divine power in the simple act of acceptance perhaps...for as I sit here...simply ready to accept the truth to the mind has accepted that what had to happen has happened...the external stimuli is not in my control..what is happening on the out is not in my control...but I can control what is in my hands...and that is exactly what I will this new found sense of personal liberation..within...,"and once he is done with that he adds looking at the faces of his kids lost deep in thought leaning forward to get ready to connect to the media – " food for thought...isn't it...? I am going to voice the the media...if they ask me....take the seat kids...we are going to lay the anchor of our ship...ourselves....yeah..we are in the middle of a storm...we are...but we can set sail in front of the world ahead or we can break..under the onslaught...the latter is not even a get ready...we are going to make our stand clear....once and for all....its about time...we did...."

Raahil finally sighs at that with a sad smile as he says – " what would be ammi be saying up in the heavens right now...Noor??"

And Noor replies wiping her emotional tears looking at Raahil first and then at Rehaan as she says – " ji... khan saab...about time...indeed..."



@ Arnav's Home

Arnav's POV


To be honest – I am just seconds away from watching Khushi's Abbu go live. We all are as we are sitting in the living room together. But at the same time its only obvious that my eyes keep going back to my phone in wait for M's call. For she just texted me that she's gotten the hint she needed from Mrs J to help figure where Khushi could be and she said – she's on finding out the rest!

Godammit – M – Hurry Up...Please!!!!!!!!!!

My neurons are going crazy here in wondering the same. The only relief at the moment seems to be My Fiore's favourite hot cocoa drink making its way down my throat.

I see Akash gesture to me from across as the news channel in front of us – now flashes with Khushi's Abbu on it – and he goes onto unmute the TV.

Dad/Mom/Di/Jiju and Akash straighten up in their seated positions, just like I do – as we all exchange a puzzled look amongst ourselves.

Why? For to be honest – he totally seems to be in a calm and composed zone right now up on screen. Khushi's Abbu. Like right now – he's totally radiating super calm vibes through the screen its that freaking obvious!

And just as we are all wondering the same we hear the reporter on TV(From Lahore's leading news channel who was doing this with him live – but it was being aired/mirrored on our news channel too simulatenously)ask him the very same in a puzzled yet tense voice – " you know what is strange look quite calm for someone whose landed himself in the middle of bolining water..this morning..."

Dad gestures us all to keep our attention to the TV now as we all listen on keenly and hear Khushi's Abbu reply now with a casual shrug – " really maam?? Is that what you are going to begin with?? No...salam?"

That from him puzzles the reporter but she adds with a nod – " salam khan saab.....,"And we hear him answer back with the nod – " walekumassalam.."

The reporter continues – " so...Janab..shall I begin??"

And he answers calmly with a nod of his head – " sure...please...begin.."

She asks him next – " so...lets begin with..are you streaming live on this talk with us...from home??"

He answers with a nod – " ji...bilkul...right from my home...from the chair behind my study that's been my comfort spot for should be obvious maam...given that...the media has made sure...that there could be no way...any of us could step outta our gates today...given the ruckus on the outside...I mean...if you would have wanted me to talk to you from my office at the PC could have relayed the same to me...or probably requested your media give me the do so...."



I kinda bite back my side smile at that. Why? That tone of his – is like SaVageeeeeeee back at the reporter.

Dad/Mom/Di/Akash/Jiju exchange a knowing look as their faces mirror the same.

We hear the reporter continue – " did manage to get her outta there? so tell it true????? your blood connection with Khushi Jones that's being...talked about since morning..we all want to know it from you??"

I stiffen in my breath for a second holding the cup in my hand tight at that.

We all hear him say with a raise of a eyebrow – " really??? do you all really want to hear it from me?? did anyone really wait to hear it from me?? before making it the centerstage of international gossip...before slandering an innocent child in the worst possible ways...for no fault of hers to begin with..before flashing my daughter's face splattered with the words – Rehaan Khan's – Child of Sin???????and well...about the former...ofcourse...I had to get my little girl...out of here...there was no way I'd allow her innocent heart to be tattered with questions...that...I...her father should be answering....instead...which is the precise reason...I am doing wana know the truth...ask me...rather than buzzing around her or even think of dragging my son Raahil...or our family in the matter...I am answer everything...."


The reporter nods snidely – " so this..means it's true then...Khushi your illegitimate daughter...Janab?? Born from your relationship with Alice Jones...prior to your Nikaah to your late wife????"

And we all hear him nod sincerely as he says – " I'd like to correct you in your statement a little bit Maam. Khushi my daughter. For in my heart I am not going around tagging either of my children as illegitimate/legitimate...the truth is...that yes...I have fathered two beautiful son Raahil being one...and my daughter Khushi being another...and yes...she is my daughter with Alice whom I was very deeply in love with... prior to my Nikaah with my late wife Gazala..."

The reporter asks him next in a jiffy – " did you not marry Alice Jones?? Because your family probably didn't support you??"

We hear him answer with a shake of his head sadly – " we all the world of relationships..and love...the heart often comes across with one common hurdle most of the times...and that is the way the mind plays it games...I'd like to sum the past up with the bit – that even though Alice and me were deeply in love...lets just say...we were both not courageous enough to see our love through? As mature adults it was on us...that we could not see through our worldly differences that creeped up eventually...and we gave up on us...on a heartbreaking note..but our relationship then was our is it the fault off an innocent child? Whose come into the world in the form of nothing but the purest form of emotion – love?how fair is it? to subject my daughter to all this hateful slander – just because we as her parents couldn't see our relationship through in the past to the destination that's seen deemed to be the final our me out if you have too...but why do this to my daughter Khushi??,"and he pauses.

And with that – the reporter is about to ask him something but he gestures his hand to her to let him continue and he does – " let me...continue...please??thats why you have me here...don't you????the truth is that Alice..only found out that she was expecting our child...when I was already two weeks married here...and so she kept my daughters life a secret from me...until about September of last year...for twenty five long years...we never came in front of one another...I didn't even know I had a daughter...who was out her life...just looking at me...up...her Abbu ,"he pauses for a second to sip on some water and then adds next - " I know...that look on your face Maam...your next question is about reasons...why it was hidden from me? so I will tell was because Alice feared the very scene that is happening today...not just to family here in Lahore...but to our child Khushi too...she's 25 now..and yet the onslaught she's faced is inhumanly volatile...she obviously wanted to protect her only child from it she grew up in her tender tell me..maam...what wrong has Alice Jones done? If she wrong because..she didn't have it in our heart to abort our child?? Is she wrong..for being strong enough to raise our child independently to grow up to be an independent confident talented girl...?? Is she wrong – for going on in her life as a single mother without the man in it??? is she wrong for staying true to her heart In wanting to stay true to the choices she made?????from where I see it...I only admire her strength and courage..I bow down to it...that she had in her heart to bring our child to life...irrespective of how the story of my life shaped up here at my end......she is most surely one of the bravest humans...iv come you tell me maam...what wrong do you think that Alice Jones...did in here?????"

Damm you future father in law! He just freaking slayed it with This – Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys call me crazy but I am totally going into his crazy fan mode at the moment! You should just see the reporters face at the moment...she is just speechless...

He doesn't give her a chance to say a word too as he continues looking straight at the camera and smiles almost sadly – " you know its sad? So sad...that this is what it came too...but given that you are still speechless and probably thinking of what to say...I'd like to go on asking tell me Maam...all of you...your media friends...whov been targeting my daughter since morning...what wrong has she done????? Whats her fault in all of this??? She came into this world...just like any other child does...but only because...her parents weren't it right? to humiliate her in derogratory ways????? Talk about me if you have too – have the right too given that I am a public figure here...but you/or anyone else in this world..has no raise fingers at my daughter...or my son....or my family.....i sit here in front off me taking full responsibility for the way things shaped up....and I know you will ask me now...what about the consequences and to that I'd simply say – I am right here to face it too...but give those consequences to me..just to me....not my children...either of them...or Alice...for this is not their was just an unfortunate twist of fate and time that's kept me apart from one of my children for this you tell me.. am I For wanting to be a father to my child whose life iv missed out on for 25 tell me am I give nothing but pure priority of the highest order to the sacred bond in between father and I giving in to my father's heart? you tell I wrong...??????????"


And once again the reporter is left speechless as she's seen gaping for words and she musters – "'v always been an excellent the leader of the PCB for years...perhaps that's the reason..why you need to give me tens seconds to find my anyways...janab..are you saying that you professionally for yourself are not afraid of the consequences??"

He shrugs at that with the mask of calm steel up his face as he says – " Mamm...all my life...I'v done the best I could to stay true, dedicated and committed to the roles in my it personal or professional...when I was a cricketer..playing for Pakistan back in the day..iv given my nation, and my game... nothing but pure commitment..personally back then...when I was with Alice...I gave our relationship...our love...all I could..with utmost dedication...until we fell apart...when I moved got into building a life with my late life my head..thinking that Alice is out there...doing the same in her life too....and I gave me and my late wife's relationship...nothing but pure honesty, loyalty...and dedication and commitment too...and then to go on personally...i'v done the best I could to be an empowering parent to my son make sure..that I don't overburden him expectations..but instead watch him fly building his own path....and then professionally ever since I got into the administration in the board...I have only fulfilled each of my roles and jobes with utmost dedication.....until this very from where I see it...this is just who I am...if I set my heart or mind on something...I give it my from where I see it in my eyes...I am doing no say...standing up to fulfilling the role any father should be fulfilling in their child's life...its been an unfortunate whip...that I missed on all of my daughters life...growing up...for both her and me...I am just doing the best I can to be her child...with Alice Jones...peacefully.....and for doing that...if you ask I afraid of the consequences? Then m answer would be – No maam...I am not...afraid...for what the others decide to do is not in my control anymore...but what I want to do totally is...but I will be honest in making my stand clear that – no I am not afraid...for perhaps...from where I see it now...I have given Pakistan cricket my all for so many all the ways I have been given opportunities too...and my wish is to continue doing so..if the board permits...but either ways this goes...I am not afraid to let go of the position professionaly...only because...the father in me...wouldn't be able sleep a wink ever again..or look myself in the eye...if I didn't stand by my child/both my I'd say...or rather make a humble request right everyone who is listening...that once again I say...I am ready to face the consequences...but keep them revolving around me...please? my talented hard working as he is...has no fault off his in his father's past...just like nor daughter...Khushi....bring the consequences to my plate and I will accept fathers heart can only hope...that my beautiful not suffer or pay for the decisions...that were mine...."



We hear the reporter ask him next now nodding deep in thought – "and our sources say that someone very you...revealed it to the media...don't you want to know who???????their agenda was surely vindictive...given the chaos since morning?? Who do you think did this..janab??"

We hear him answer now as calmly – " answer you...honestly...I don't really want to know...why?who???? anymore...why because everything that's happened right being able to come out this way and accept the biggest truth of my life out to the world at large...has somewhat liberated me on a massive personal if a deep shackle of fear just broke I realise that theres a deep power...surely a divine one at the simple act of acceptance..once you just simply accept what is...for what it is....all that baggage in your being feels so much lighter....yes there is deep my fathers heart too...for the ridicule that my child is being subjected too...for whats being said about alice too...for how people are trying to drag Raahil into this or Noor for that matter for no fault of theirs....but even through all that pain...that feeling of emotional liberation is like that it..we all know...that we are in it together...that we are just stronger in this together...and as long as we have one another...we'd be matter how strong the storm could be dark for a bit..but we know and have conviction...that we will deal with it and walk our way to light...and if the society wants to outcast/hate me for being brutally honest about the story of my so be it...and that is all I have to I can stay if you still have some more questions for me...Maam.......,"he finishes in a polite tone – as a suggested end note of talk with the reporter.


Akash mutes the TV as we see the reporter wrapping up all flustered!

Dad , Mom , Di, Akash, Jiju and me are just gaping at the screen legit with their eyes wide open and I say out loud first looking at all – " wow...just that...isn't it???????? everyone...that...takes colossal indeed does....future father in law.... slayed it...I'd say.."

Akash and Di add with a smile now – " beyond just slayed it..."

Dad and Mom and Jiju voice back the same with a relieved smile too and it is right very then – my phone buzzes with Maya's call and I gesture to all that its her and take it and ask in a rush – " M...tell me that you know...tell me...where Khushi is at??please?and I hear her answer in a rush – " Arnav....yes...yes...I know...I mean while I was watching Rehaan uncles statements live....i finally got it out of Noor in a long't easy...was well...but perhaps...because she was there listening to uncle live from the helped her see more of it from my point....empathetically...that...I really needed to know...on that note...did your family also see it????????? Rehaan Uncle's statements? was explosive...for sure..right?? I mean...I saw it...for sure..."

I answer now in a rush holding onto my breathe tight – " yes yes...M...we all saw it...and yes future father in law has won all our hearts with this...but...please can we continue to chat about that iv left to head to khushi...please tell me...where is it that she's gone...."

And I hear Maya say now in a rush – " To Baharain...Arnav...that's where her Abbu's one of the holiday home's is...they asked Azlaan to take her there...for apparently...its going to serve as the exact safe place...given that the access to this holiday beach home of completely guarded..its like a huge Baharain on arrival...which can head there soon too....and wait...because I know Khushi...also wants to protect you from all of this insanely...I have an about you fly to Qatar instead which also goves you visa on that no one wonders in the public eye...why you flew to Baharain..all of a sudden...and...hear this...Baharain is just a four hour drive by road...from'd be there...potentially before the day midnight...according to the time there....i know you wanted to be with her by sunset...but somethings better than nothing...right?????also ill be able to help you with the exact location of the home she is the time you reach Qatar for sure...because well..we don't want Noor to be too suspiscious...I did tell her...I wouldn't tell a soul...about what I know....but this is better than nothing..right??????????"

Helllllllllllll Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

It Issssssssssss!

I say in relief and glee now – " you are the freaking best are the freaking best...thank you for helping me plan this out...I will be on later...gotta rush..,"and with that I finally hang up in monumental relief and go on to explain the rest to Mom/Dad/Di/Akash and Jiju.

As they hear me out – Jiju nods reaching out to his phone – "on it Arnav...I am going to get you that charter ready in 90 minutes...its good that Qatar is just 4 hours...flying distance..away...."

Akash adds next nodding taking out his phone – " and I am asking Payal to meet me at the 40 mins...and you know what mere bhai..this is just perfect...because...payal's mamaji lives in it can totally be a family cover up...for our end...I know...that would be what Khushi wants as well....right?"

Mom adds – " and I will pack at the speed of light too..."

We all share a determined nod at that and I end up pulling Mom in a huge hard hug as I say holding her tight my heart racing at the speed of light – " Mom...amongst the emotional chaos I was in...I forgot all about the excitement of seeing the ring for real...that I plan to propose Khushi with....keep it with you...k? ill take it from you before we head out...for my plan of proposing not at all.....none of this changes that...I wanted to ask her to marry me...and I will....only fair that I give future father in laws words the right weigatge they deserve...what did he say? Theres divine power in that simple act of acceptance right??????? so isn't it about time – that I remind my Fiore....that there's a one universal truth in our beings that our hearts give the highest acceptance too ..that we love one another with so much devotion and depth......that we are just meant to be...her and me are our hearts and soul's ..already....right???"

Mom pulls me back at that and she kisses my head and nods at me as she says – " right....mere bete...absolutely right..."

Dad pulls me into a big tight hug at that as he exclaims how happy he is to see me back and believe in my love with this much conviction and I can only hug him back – all emotional.

Di joins is too and I pull her into a warm hug as well as Jiju reminds us all to get going fast as the private charter is arranged!

There you go – Fiore!

I am on my way to you...!And I will be infront of you – as soon as I can be.

Emotional relieved tears also well up my eyes too as I begin to rush and get ready to leave.

How could they not? When I finally knew that I was going to be with my Fiore by the end of the Day – amidst all this heartbreaking ache she is going through. The ache...My heart's been through - All this freaking – While...................



How was That Guysssssssss ??????????with the range off scene flow?????????????? Also....... No shoes at me for stoping at the cliff hanger thoughhhh...please...just had to for the dramatic affect..hehe...also whats your take on rehaan's statements??????? What do you all feel about the way he took his stand?? Did my words do justice to the unfolding off the much awaited scene ?? also I wrote that scene from Arnav's pov...specially because....I really enjoyed writing the bit of him getting super impressed and going into crazy fan mode over his future father in law..winks...

Next Update : Tomorrow Night

Until Then – Please take care 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Thanks, Guys, for all the Support and your Precious Time to my Work!

Much Love and Gratitude



Posted: 4 months ago

Mom will help Arnav get to Khushi. She knows she needs him.

Arshi Romance 

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