Ishk Par Zor Nahin WU Thread

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Posted: 2 years ago

15th March 2021 :

Ahaan Veer Malhotra is introduced who is a strict boss at office and a loving big brother to his siblings.. 

On his way to attend a meeting Ahaan meets Ishqi who asks for lift in his car along with a bride n groom.. Ahaan later realized the couple were elderly people n Ishqi was helping them run away from home.. Ahaan refused to help them n Ishqi drove away with his car along with the couple... 

Ahaan later attend the meeting where his siblings Sonali n Kartik shows up.. Later Ahaan gets into a fight with his client's son when he misbehaves with his aged father and insults Ahaan coz apparently his mother had left the family n ran off with some rich guy.. 

Ishqi gets the elderly couple married in an old age home n then decides to return Ahaan's car.. 

Ahaan, Sonu n Kartik were chilling at their home and Ahaan's uncle, aunt n Daadi were introduced.. They celebrates on Sonali's upcoming roka ceremony when the family is informed about a girl who has come to meet Ahaan... 

Posted: 2 years ago

16th March 2021:

Ahaan finds Ishqi at his house n calls her Car-Thief.. Ishqi had come to return Ahaan's car n tries to explain him that it was an emergency n leaves a letter .. While the rest of the family likes her n they even decided a couple name for Ishqi n Ahaan - IshqAan.. 

Ishqi receives a call n learn about her new job.. Later she arrives at her home n find her mausa torturing her maasi.. She stopped him n he left with some money.. Ishqi hides the rest of the money n informs her maasi about her new job where she'll be provided with a new place to stay.. Ishqi wants her maasi to move in with her.. 

Ahaan, Sonu n Kartik share some time together when Ahaan reveals that he has a girlfriend named Rhea but he doesn't want to introduce her to the family coz he thinks it's too soon... 

Later at night both Ahaan n Ishqi remembers their respective mothers.. While Ishqi misses her mother, Ahaan has only hatred for his mother for ditching the family n leaving them.. 

Posted: 2 years ago

17th March 2021:

It's Sonu's Roka ceremony.. Ahaan n Sonu shares an emotional moment n Kartik joins them too.. Sonu's fiancé Raj arrives with his mother.. During the ceremony Raj's mother Sarla brought up Ahaan n Sonu's mother n her past history.. Ahaan controls himself for Sonu.. 

Meanwhile Ishqi is ready to join her new job but police arrives at her doorstep.. They take her in custody coz apparently Ahaan had already filed a complaint against her for stealing his car.. She lost her new job.. 

Ahaan is at office next morning when Ishqi arrives n questions his actions for turning her in.. Ahaan n Ishqi blames each other for their behavior n ideologies n Ishqi breaks off the glass door of Ahaan's cabin.. Sonu n Kartik witnessed the whole incident over video call.. 

Later that night Ishqi spends time with the elderly people at the old age home n she decides to go back to her old job.. A woman from the old age home is missing n everyone started searching for her.. Ishqi enters into a mental asylum which is opposite to the old age home.. They found the woman nearby n take her back ..

A woman from the asylum holds onto Ishqi n requests her to take her back to her children.. Meanwhile Sonu is seen talking to her mother's picture.. It's revealed that Ahaan n Sonu's mother is the same woman from the asylum.. Daadi scolds Sonu for keeping her mother's picture n later Ahaan throws away the picture.. 

In the asylum Ishqi tries to calm down the woman n hence promises to take her to her children the next day.. She's taken away inside by the nurses.. 

Posted: 2 years ago

18th March 2021:

Ishqi returns to her old job as an assistant to Sarla who's Sonu future mother in law.. She convinced Sarla n gets her job back.. Sarla sends Ishqi at Raj's in law's place for sharing would be bride n groom's ring size.. 

Ahaan's aunt n uncle tries to convince Daadi to tell Ahaan n Sonu the truth about their mother but she denies.. Daadi blames Savitri (Ahaan n Sonu's mother) for her eldest son's death n believes Ahaan's hatred towards his mother is her punishment.. 

Later Ahaan arranges his mother's funeral ceremony.. Ishqi visits the old age home before arriving at Raj's in laws.. Savitri identifies Ishqi outside the asylum n sneaks into the car.. 

Sarla's driver takes Ishqi to Ahaan's house n Ishqi realizes Raj is engaged to Sonu.. Savitri identifies her home n thanks Ishqi to bring her back but Ishqi unaware of the whole situation panicked.. Ishqi realized there's a funeral going on hence enters the house covering both her n Savitri's face .. They failed to notice whose funeral it was.. 

After the rituals are done Ishqi requests Savitri to wait for her while she goes in search for Sonu.. Ahaan realizes the mystery girl covering her face was Ishqi n corners her.. Sonu, Kartik arrives n later Ahaan's uncle n aunt joins them.. Ahaan charges Ishqi n she explains she's Sarla's assistant n was there for Sonu's ring size .. Aunt calls Sarla n she confirms the same.. Ishqi demands an apology ..

Savitri enters into a bedroom n finds a photo frame of Ahaan n Sonu from their childhood.. Daadi finds Savitri in the bedroom n both of them are at shock.. Savitri screams ... Ahaan, Ishqi n the rest of the family who were in the garden heard the scream n rushes towards the house.. Ahaan doesn't allow Ishqi to enter in the house.. 

Posted: 2 years ago

19th March 2021:

Ahaan, Sonu, Kartik n the rests rushes to the bedroom n finds Daadi alone on the bed.. She made an excuse n lied to the family that it was her scream.. Ishqi finds Savitri getting into the car n they left the house.. 

Later Daadi visits the asylum n finds Savitri locked up inside.. She was sure someone helped Savitri earlier n orders to increase the security to find out who it could be.. 

Later aunt questions Daadi where she had been to n Daadi lied n made more excuses..

Ahaan goes to visit his best friend Mayank n receives Mayank's call from his fiancee' unaware of the fact that she is Ishqi.. Ishqi n Ahaan had a decent talk to each other over phone unaware of their real identity.. Ahaan informs Ishqi about Mayank's father having a heart attack.. 

Ishqi's mausa maasi comes to visit Mayank's father n they requests to prepone Mayank n Ishqi's wedding within a month.. They agrees n Ahaan left to make arrangements for Mayank n Ishqi's roka.. 

On the way Ahaan n Ishqi again bumped into each other..  They started arguing again n a passing by priest blessed them as a couple to which they both objects.. Both of them left.. 

Later Ishqi comes to visit Mayank's father n he asks her if she was okay with getting married within a month n Ishqi agrees reluctantly .. 

Mayank assures Ishqi there's no pressure on her.. Ahaan arrives with shagun meant for Ishqi's roka.. Mayank introduces Ahaan n Ishqi as his best friend n fiancé unaware of their past history.. Ahaan n Ishqi are in a shock ... 

Posted: 2 years ago

22nd March 2021:

Ishqi n Mayank's roka ceremony takes place.. Ahaan congratulates Mayank n on his request later congratulates Ishqi too.. 

Later at night Ishqi complains about Ahaan to her aunt n Ahaan does the same about Ishqi to Sonu n Kartik.. Ahaan n Kartik gets into an argument due to their differences in opinion n Sonu intervenes to stop them... 

Ishqi is upset coz she wanted a year before wedding to know n fall in love with Mayank but things turned out differently.. Mayank visits Ishqi n assures her that she could call off the wedding if she's not happy with getting married within a month.. But Ishqi decides otherwise coz she trusts Mayank.. 

Ishqi informs Sarla aunty about her wedding n she sends her to Ahaan's house to take Sonu to shopping.. 

Ishqi reaches Ahaan's house n both of them had another round of banter.. Daadi doesn't like Ishqi's idea of wedding.. Later Ahaan's aunt tries to make him understand that Daadi is old school n he shouldn't follow her blindly but Ahaan believe he owes his life to Daadi after his father's death n their mother leaving them ...

Sonu n Ishqi goes to shopping n Ishqi realizes she wants a love like Sonu n Raj has for each other.. She pictures the love of her life n Ahaan arrives .. 

Posted: 2 years ago

23rd March 2021:

Ahaan arrives at the shopping center n Ishqi finds out from Mayank that he had requested Ahaan to help Ishqi with shopping..  Ishqi decides to help Sonu with her dress first n later Ahaan will help her select her dress.. 

Ahaan's aunt was writing a letter to Ahaan explaining the truth about his mother n that Daadi wasn't truthful with Ahaan n Sonu.. But Ahaan's uncle finds out n forbids her from doing so coz of Daadi's threat ... But Aunt decides to let Savitri know about Sonu's wedding... 

Ahaan n Ishqi's banters continues in the store when Ishqi causes an accident n messes up everything n later blames it on Ahaan ... 

Ahaan's aunt tries to unlock Daadi's phone while she was sleeping to find Savitri's whereabouts.. But she woke up n realize what was going on.. Daadi asks Aunt to go on n find about Savitri's whereabouts in her phone but she couldn't find anything n apologize.. Daadi asks her to forget Savitri... 

In the store Sonu was trying on her dress in the changing room when Mayank entered inside n tries to get intimate with Sonu while she goes in a state of shock.. Sonu freed herself from his clutches n ran outside to Ahaan.. Mayank follows her n both Ahaan n Ishqi are surprised to see him.. Mayank made up a lie that he was there to help Ahaan ... Ahaan wanted to leave with Sonu but Mayank asks Ahaan to drop him off n Ishqi at their house.. 

Posted: 2 years ago

24th March 2021:

On Mayank's request Ahaan had to drop him off n Ishqi to their home.. Ishqi n Ahaan banters continues in the car too while Sonu was uncomfortable with Mayank's presence..  Ahaan's GF calls him n asks him about "Mayank's annoying fiancee" while he was driving.. Ishqi heard all of it n had another wild imagination about throttling Ahaan.. Later Ishqi gets off in the midway coz she has to meet someone... 

Sonu is still shaken up n it didn't go unnoticed by Ahaan n Kartik.. They cheered her up n asks what was bothering her.. She lies that she was upset coz she will be leaving them soon.. The three had a moment... 

Ishqi goes to asylum to meet Savitri n feeds her.. The doctor in charge informs Daadi about "a girl" visiting Savitri n she reaches there to find out about the girl.. She finds out that the girl visiting Savitri was Ishqi.. 

Mayank tricks Ahaan n Ishqi to go on dinner together coz he wants his BF n fiancee to sort out their differences.. But the truth was he send off Ahaan with Ishqi so that he could sneak in into Sonu's room which he actually did.. 

Sonu freaks out seeing Mayank n asks him to leave.. It is revealed that Sonu n Mayank had a past that none in the family is aware of.. Sonu is scared when Mayank tries to force himself on her... 

Meanwhile Kartik n his parents were busy selecting wedding card for Sonu's wedding n they decided to take Sonu's opinion.. The three of them entered Sonu's room n had a shock...

Param Singh Shagun Sharma Ishk Par Zor Nahi 

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