Naagin 5: Forum Rules and Regulations

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Posted: 3 years ago

Welcome to Naagin 5 Forum.

We want all of you to co-exist peacefully and have fun.  For this to happen, these are a set of rules to aide in the governance of the forum.  We hope and anticipate adherence.

General IF Rules and Guidelines: Please go through the Participation Guidelines & Rules to get familiar with various warning level restrictions and things that are not allowed on IF. Also, please take time to go through the rules regarding offensive signature(s) which are applicable site wide.

Moderation: Not everyone on the Development Team has moderating powers. Coolbies DO NOT fall under the category of moderation as they only provide timely updates to the forum. 

The moderation chain is as follows: 

Viewbies > Moderators > Channel Moderators> Global Moderators. 

Your first point of contact would be the section Viewbie or Moderator as they take care of the day to day happenings in the forum. If you have any issues regarding moderation, you can escalate them to the Global Moderators, but any other issues need to be brought to the Section Development Team [Viewbies and Moderators] first.

Any issues regarding Moderation or Warning Queries will be entertained only by PM to DT. Do not argue about rulings on the threads/open new posts regarding moderation and disrupt the atmosphere of the forum. Following the moderating Chain, first approach any one of the Moderators (Leprechaun/Armu4eva) first. For any concerns. If the matter is still not resolved you are free to approach Channel Moderator (mnx12), then Global Moderator (jyoti06). By no means whatsoever, is one supposed to open threads on the forum questioning the actions of a particular member of the DT or decisions taken pertaining to issues that have taken place. If such a thread is opened, it shall be closed  immediately/moved to RCV, asking the members to contact the DT via PMs. Strict action will be taken against repeat offenders.

Introducing Yourself: All newbies and other general members of this forum, introduce yourselves in the common thread, instead of opening separate intro topics. 

Introduce yourself here: Naagin 5: Members Introduction Thread

Naagin 5 Archive Mansion: You can check for all important links and info in *link*

Use the help desk: Any queries or doubts regarding the show or the forum or contestants or any other issues, use this (LINK) thread. Every member of the forum can cooperate in this thread and help the members having doubts.

Topic of discussion in the forum: Only Naagin 5 actors and the corresponding characters can be discussed in this forum. Their family, relatives, link-ups are not part of this show, hence they can not be discussed here. 

Regarding Posting of Articles: We will give allowances for articles to be posted on the forum.  All article posts MUST contain link of the article and not just pasting the content so that the authenticity of the news can be determined.  Any article threads which do not contain the link to the article will be deleted from the forum. No reviews or articles written by critics are to be shared, except in respective AT or articles thread. Some articles, social media may mention about actor's personal life, discussions on such article, social media, will not allowed only as per Naagin 5 rules. Which means even if any article, social media mentions about their family, relatives, link-ups, such matter can not be discussed in Naagin forum.

Regarding general discussion topics: Topics that have no point of reference will no longer be entertained. When making a topic ensure that there is a context or situation to back up your topic. For example if you say “XYZ character is such mean”, then explain why. What situation or context led you to hate the particular character. Don’t just post “XYZ is mean”. Such topics will be removed and repeat offenders will get warning or warning level raise, whatever is due.

Sharing Personal Information: This has been brought up time and time again. Do not share your personal information with others on the net. If you are sharing any information with an unknown person you are doing that at your own risk. The conversation that takes place in private messages, Facebook messenger between two people is between them and not to be shared in the open forum. 

Action against MID Creation: Please keep in mind making a MID with the purpose to fool around with members or to bash or create an unnecessary fight will lead to ban on the MID and warning issued to the original one - warning level raise on the original ID. Also, if you think a member is using a MID then contact the section Dev Team. There is no need to accuse someone based on assumption. Not all newbies are MIDs of opposing fan groups. What we think might not always be true and accusing someone based on an assumption is wrong. If you have any proof /evidence with regards to the same you can get in touch with the Dev Team. They will look into the matter and take appropriate action.

Regarding Spoilers: Members are requested not to post spoilers randomly. To reduce the clutter of repetitive threads and make it easier for members , the DT will open and maintain the spoiler thread. All non-essential posts or chatting will be deleted.  All spoiler information should be posted here: (LINK) 

Regarding FB/Tweets/Instagram/Off screen updates: Naagin 5 is a new show and we have a dedicated forum to discuss the current on air show. Keeping this in mind DT would like to make it clear .

a) Tweets by past season or actors associated with past seasons related only to the current season of Naagin 5 will be allowed.

b) Any other random tweets by past seasons/actors/characters which have no relevance to Naagin 5 will be closed/trashed.

c) Any personal tweets by any one, even if it pertains to Naagin 5 are absolutely not acceptable in this forum .

d) We respect IF members privacy and would prefer members social interaction outside the India-Forums (FB/Twitter/ Instagram etc) is not brought into this forum. Any such posts violating a member's privacy will be trashed immediately and a warning level will be increased.

e) An official Twitter/FB/Instagram/Offscreen, update thread may be opened , where members can post all tweets pertaining to the current season and its discussion. Naagin 5 Social Media Updates

TRP Discussion: Twitter trending topics such as TRP, spoilers etc can be posted in TRP Discussion thread or in the character's AT itself. Any TRP related topic opened in the main forum may be locked/merged in AT/TRP thread, and members who are indulging in this to incite fan wars will face appropriate action.

Reason: Trending topics inevitably results in popularity contests between the fan bases and leads to fights or counter topics. Such threads do not allow any room for healthy debates/room for discussion. Hence , it would be preferable such topics be posted in ATs itself or on the official social media thread. This decision is non-negotiable

Regarding Appreciation Threads: Appreciation threads are to be used to praise and appreciate particular favorite characters. All discussions related to actor's performance, looks, style and personality can be confined to ATs. Please don't use the AT's as a forum to bash/mock/discuss other contestants/members, discuss what is happening on the forum or elsewhere on IF or other social networking sites, basically keep it related to what the AT is about.

No Random couple/Group/Member/Animal ATs are allowed in the name of fun as such ATs are mostly filled with only spamming . Only character/actor AT and relevant Jodi AT will be allowed . Jodi ATs & Individual ATs must talk about the respective person and his/her interaction with the others one in the context of show post/discussions. ATs are subject to closures for violations of the AT rules.

a. Chatting: Members seem to be more into chatting so please reduce the personal chatting because we do have a chat club for that purpose so keep that in mind. However, we do allow minimum chatting in ATs, provided it is related to this AT alone. Additionally Do not spam with just emotions/numbers to increase post count/pages. We are allowing chatting to occur in the AT's this does not mean that members should just go on for pages and pages with chatting, the premise of the thread is for the appreciation of a contestant.  non-essential chatting or spam comments in the hopes to increase pages or just for general chatting in no relation to the show can get deleted, if this occurs consistently in the AT, the AT or individual members can obtain a warning.

ATs are open for everyone, however, do not invade the AT with the purpose to rile up the fans or instigate them.  Everyone has their right to voice out their opinions and should NOT be judged/generalized based on their likes/dislikes. If any of your fellow members/friends fails to follow the rules, kindly ask them to edit out or tell them its wrong rather than joining them and aggravate the issues further and equally responsible for carrying forward an unfavorable situation. Hence be responsible and take responsibility because that way you may prevent action taken against your AT.

ATs/discussions threads can NOT be used to target other members and NO pinpointing activity/mock or taking digs here toward other fan groups.Any derogatory references or name callings against actors /characters/members/Dev team members are strictly PROHIBITED here.

b. Report: If you see anyone breaching the rules in any of the threads in the main forum, you will not come here and rant it out about it and snowball the issue further! Instead make use of the "REPORT" button and report the thread by stating the reason clearly. As soon as the Dev Team comes online they would take the necessary action.

We can assure you guys that we only takes action where it's legit reason. However, here is a little catch for the stalkers who just want to report in order to get the AT closed down - If you report any post/comments that has no legit reason, you will be responsible for action against you for stalking.

c. Penalties: If the DT sees more than 3 people breaking the AT rules constantly twice in a row for a week, the effects of violations will kick start, which go as follows:

First Violation - Warning Note  

Second - Another Warning Note  

Third - Another Warning Note  

Fourth- Close the AT for 24 hrs (1 Day)  

Fifth - Close AT for 72 hrs (3 Days)  

Sixth - Close AT for 1 week (7 Days)  

Seventh - Get rid of AT completely from the Naagin 5 Forum/Shift it to Celebrity Fan Club Forum.

The rules are applicable for multiple violation and not single post as it will be dealt individually. Having said that, please do not assume that every report submitted by opposite fan group will be entertained. We will go through the reports and only if we find the report valid based on above rules, then we will speak to the Admins of the AT and action will be taken accordingly as stated above.

EDT(Episode Discussion Thread) Threads & Chatting/Spamming in the EDT threads: 

Link: Naagin5 Episode Discussion Thread #1 

Though the DTs have given members some freedom to chat, it is to be understood that the chatting should be based on the episode/scenes. The EDT thread is not to be misconstrued as a place for random chatting/fan wars, posting of articles or serve as an AT as for we have separate threads for such purpose. Discussion on how a character behaving and with exchange of view is to happen in the forum instead of the EDT as we reiterate again that the thread is for updating of episodes and discussion on the same. Any kind of digs against members/fan groups is NOT allowed. And avoid posting images which are not related to the EDT. Members who are found instigating may face possible WL raise as the freedom given have been misused for which we would be more strict henceforth.

Social media discussions are not to be carried out in the EDT threads. All such updates can either be shared in the Social Media thread or the character/actor’s AT. 

No single fan group will try to dominate or create a ruckus in the EDT. Tolerate and learn to respect each other's choices. DO NOT rile or instigate any fan base group or member. Name calling or code names are NOT allowed towards any member or fan group. If found, strict action will be taken against the offender/s in question.

Chatting can be carried out in the Chat-Club of the section or AT of the contestant. EDT (Episode Discussion Thread) is open for a specific purpose. Members are cluttering EDT thread with unnecessary spam comments & chatting. It is cumbersome for fans who do not have access to live telecast or feed to scroll through the EDT threads filled with irrelevant posts.

Members are reminded to use the designated threads henceforth. Members who continue to post irrelevant comments and chat other than episode discussion in EDT will be warned via PM by the DT and subsequent violations will result in strict action.
Please refrain from spamming EDT with comments like “love XYZ” “ABC FTW” …. Just to rile up other members , such comments are to be confined to ATs 

One Liners/Short Discussion: Detailed discussions on the episode can be conducted on the Main Forum, please post all one liners/ short sentences/Paragraphs regarding the episode in the  Episode Discussion Thread, This is the reason the thread was created. Such discussion can also be posted in the respective AT if it is regarding that contestant only.  So the discussion can be kept concise and will not make the forum look messy having several posts opened regarding the same episode. As mentioned detailed discussion posts can still be created in the main forum.  Henceforth all one liner episode discussion posts will be moved to the Daily Discussion Thread or its respective AT. Continuous disregard will lead to warnings

While discussing episode in Episode Discussion Thread, try to keep the chatting in such threads to a minimum, there are other thread/section (Chat Corner/Chat Club) which are available for such content.

Bringing physical attributes into discussion:  Such negative posts are strict NO as far as IF rules go. Anyone now onward found making negative posts on physical appearances of a character/actor/fellow member will face strict action, even indirect mention of the matter will not be entertained.

No Discussion of Past Season or other Random Celebrities: No discussion will be allowed on celebrities who are not part of Naagin 5 this season. Past season characters can be mentioned as a side note or a reference to prove a point in a discussion about current season. Making the whole topic based on past season/characters as center point of discussion won't be allowed.Whether the discussion is allowed to continue or not will be left to DT's discretion.

NO Adult Content Allowed: The show may have adult content but that does NOT give members the liberty to create their own perception of it or use it as an excuse to post licentious things. Please do not be so explicit in regards to adult content. Discussing the point is fine but within the decorum of a public forum.

Regarding Fun Names/Nicknames: There will be no allowances given for the use of nicknames, unless it is a nickname that is already being used in the show.  Regardless of whether the term being used is as a form of entertainment or abuse, it will not be allowed. The use of nicknames/fun names is very much subjective and what one member considered a name to be fair use may not be taken in the same manner by others.

Actors on the show cannot be compared to any animal or any other thing which may be considered offensive. Refrain from posting fake/morphed images/videos intended to defame/ ridicule /abuse any contestant &/member. This includes posting animal images with the intent to be sarcastic and bash any member/celebrity.

No Fan base Groupism Or Instigating/Bullying any Member/Fan base: No single fan group will try to dominate or create a ruckus on the forum. Tolerate and learn to respect other's choices. Please do NOT rile or instigate any fan base group or member. Name calling or code names are NOT allowed towards any member or fan group. If found, strict action will be taken against the offender/s in question.

No discussion of other forum's topics: Members are not allowed to discuss other forum's issues in Naagin 5 forum. 

No bringing up old topics: No old topics are to be brought to first page, with an intention to rile up, mock, pinpoint members for their opinions in the past episodes. Members do have different opinions about the same  contestants, during the course of the show and for that , there is absolutely no need to prosecute/corner/question them.

No Making fun of another member's writing style: Please do not mock or make fun of anyone's writing styles, we are all learners and no one is perfect or esoteric in the language. Respect our differences and focus on the content. Also No fun making of members username.

No Foul/Profane/Abusive Words allowed: IF has a taken a strict stand against use of expletives including W*F/B*****/C*****/F***/A**H*** etc so members are informed, not to use them. Absolutely NO obscenity will be tolerated. Such posts will be trashed and repeated offense will make WL increased or ban.  Please refrain from excessive swearing or using profanities by misspelling or letter substitutions to bypass censoring, such as What the Fish, etc. Everyone here is smart enough to understand the connotations and context behind it.. Do not post lewd or offensive content, or links to any such content. India forums is a family friendly forum and impressionable young minds visit our website.

Hate speech: India-Forums members are allowed freedom of speech & expression, however please ensure any discrimination, racism or hate speech is not advocated. Refrain from posting any content which might incite/promote hatred towards any member/Country/ religion/region/economic status/Nationality/ethnicity/Race or minority communities. LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender; and they are people who are not heterosexual, hetero normative or gender binary. In simpler words, they have a different sexual preference. India Forums does not condone any discriminatory and intolerant behavior towards LGBT  community. Any remarks towards the alternative lifestyle which ridicule for having a diverse view or promote bigotry will be severely dealt with.

No Provocative Signatures or DP Wars Allowed: Signature/DP war is NOT allowed among members. So please ensure that your signature or DP is directly or indirectly not pointing to any member on the forum, fan base or contestant on the show.While posting signatures/videos ensure that none of the content carries any hate speech towards any Nationality/religion/region/ethnicity/race/community. No one is allowed advertising external blogs, sites using their signatures on IF, as that breaches forum rules. Similarly, using offensive signatures, in a manner to rile fan bases and start a signature war of sorts, is strictly prohibited. Any signature or DP which is derogatory or meant to create chaos in the forum will be removed immediately and if the member continues to display it then the offender will receive an increase in the Warning Level.

Morphed Pictures, Siggies, VMs, and Signatures: Please refrain from posting fake or morphed images, siggies, and VMs intended to defame/ ridicule /abuse any actor/character. This includes posting animal images with the intent to be sarcastic and bash any character/celebrity. Any morphing OR merging faces of celebrities onto existing (original) pictures from other sources are STRICTLY prohibited on It highly violates the copyrights of the original picture and such activity will not be tolerated! If anyone is seen to engage in such activity will receive raise in WL without any further question. Furthermore, those morphed creations will be removed from the posts, immediately once it comes into the development team's attention.  Signatures attacking taking dig at any fandom will not be tolerated. Also, please remember to keep your signatures to a specific size, as large signatures cause the page to lag. For more information refer to A&S forum's guidelines.

Personal Attack/Abusive Posts: This forum is to discuss the show and its contestants rather than the forum member or fan bases. Making any personal attacks or derogatory names calling against members/contestants is NOT acceptable.  Please avoid making posts that are abusive, derogatory, sarcastic and insulting enough to affect the sentiment of another member. Members have difference of opinion no doubt but you can't expect all the fingers of one hand to be the same do you? India Forums is a platform to allow everyone to express their opinions freely within the COC and respectable limitations. 

Please know the difference between bashing and criticism. Things can be said in a more civilized manner rather than being brutal. Having said that, dislike, criticism, disagreement or contradiction is not considered bashing and everyone is welcome to express their opinions within the Naagin 5 forum rules and IF COC. And while criticizing, remember should not post anything unsavory that you wouldn't like hearing about yourself spoken by others.

Also, please refrain from passing comments against a particular fan group: Comments such as "Oh fans of XYZ contestant/actor are always bashing ABC, and they expect us to sit and listen" are NOT allowed. Such comments do nothing except create animosity between the members and disrupt the atmosphere of the forum. If you do feel that certain members are acting in an unruly manner, please feel free to present your POV via PMs to the DT, and let the DT intervene and take the needed action.

Name Calling Posts: While criticizing something, there are time when members tend to go overboard and use certain derogatory and downright offensive words which shouldn't be used for any actor/character/DT member. Please remember that any derogatory references, or name calling any person [actor/character/DT member] goes against the IF COC as well as the forum rules, and strict action will be taken against those who indulge in it.

No Controversial stuff from Another Sites or Blogs allowed: We'd also like you all to keep discussions pertaining to issues on social networking sites to a bare minimum. What happens on external sites is NOT of any concern to IF, so don't drag those issues here to create a drama.  Refer to: External Content from Social Networking Sites

Moral Policing: We would prefer members to stop preaching on the forum. Let the moderators decide what is needed on this forum and what is not or what one member is allowed to do or not. There is no need for to tell members what to do or what not to post,  because the forum has an active DT who WILL take action if it is deemed necessary. You cannot stop someone from posting in any topic. Do not become a moral police on the forum.

Counter Posting: Refrain from making counter posts on the forum. If you see a post which you feel, you do not agree with or believe to be insulting/provoking or abusive, then DO NOT create another topic in retaliation to counter argue the post maker. This only leads to further unrest and more arguments breaking out in the forum.  If you come across any posts which you believe are not in accordance with the Naagin 5 Forum Rules or IF COC, just REPORT and let the moderators of the section handle the situation.

Regarding Abusive/Threatening PMs: Abusive and/or threatening PMs should be taken up directly with the DT or higher admins. Please do not make PM's public knowledge or use the forum as a way to target another member. It will not be tolerated and you will be held equally responsible as the other member. 

Use the Report Button or PM the DT: If members have an issue with a post then report it and if its some urgent issue then PM any of the DT. Arguing in the thread won't help as the differing sides will keep seeing wrong on the other side. Quoting a post and telling the member it is reported, not allowed as it only fuels the argument.

Report Button Response Time: Please keep in mind that DT cannot be here 24/7 as they too have their personal life. Please allow a reasonable time frame of at least 24-48 hours to work on reports before escalating the issue and PMing  moderating chain. We try to address reports as soon as we can. Please avoid PMing the DT unless the issue has been neglected for way too long or it is an extremely pressing matter.

No Mass PMs Allowed: No mass PMs by any fan group will be entertained. Members can PM only on his/her behalf to DT and not on another member's behalf. Third party PM to DT are NOT Allowed.

*Please note that the rules mentioned above are subject to change which will be dependent on forum environment*

We hope all members would adhere to the above guidelines and make sure to keep the atmosphere of the section friendly. Seeking everyone's cooperation.

For any queries or concerns, please feel free to contact any DT members listed above.


Naagin 5 DT.