Ashish's Web Series MODI discussion thread- streaming now!!

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Finally the time of waiting, speculations and banging of head is over. LOL

Apna Time aa gaya, Apna Ashish aa gaya ! Party

With something we had not even imagined in our wildest dreams. 

He is finally back in and as MODI, Eros Now's 10 part web series

This also marks his debut in web platform with a bang! 

Playing our current PM Mr Narendra Modi is a huge honor for any actor. Heart

Its another "Once In a Life Time character and he is blessed 

to portray such iconic characters on screen not just once but many times.

And he does that with utmost sincerity, dedication, backed with proper research 

and a wonderful team which makes him look so convincing 

as Modi ji (n he looks quite cute as well)Tongue

TRAILER OUT!! Party: ... ...


This thread is made exclusively for the discussion of Ashish's web series MODI. Latest information related to MODI will be updated on the first page. Welcome guys! Hug

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EXCLUSIVE! 'People couldn't differentiate between me and the younger Narendra Modi,' Ashish Sharma on playing the PM

Ashish Sharma also spoke about the competition

EXCLUSIVE! 'People couldn't differentiate between me and the younger Narendra Modi,' Ashish Sharma on playing the PM

Actor Ashish Sharma is all set to crossover to another platform and this time he will be tasting the water of the digital arena. After being a successful TV actor, Sharma will be playing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his upcoming biopic. Titled Modi, the project is a 10 episodic digital series, wherein Sharma will essay the adult Modi while TV actors Faisal Khan and Mahesh Thakur will essay the younger and the older versions respectively.

The project is a "surreal" opportunity for Ashish. "All of it happened so fast. Only after I was on the set it sunk in," the actor reminisces as he talks about his journey of getting the part.

"I was called by Umesh (Shukla, the director). And when I was told that he is considering me for this part I was taken aback. The first thing I told him was that I don't even look like him. However, they told me that they are not looking for someone who looks like him. They wanted a performer who could convince the audience and connect with them. That itself was a compliment for me," Ashish shares.

The actor adds that he didn't have much time to prepare for the character since the project had to go on floors quickly. "I didn't meet him or talk to him (Narendra Modi). However, the team had done thorough research. Right from talking to his school friends to his companions in adulthood, they had spoken to many. That helped quite a lot," Ashish explains.

Ashish, who was last seen on Prithvi Vallabh on TV, reveals that he was on a lookout" for a character and project like this. "Even on TV, I have been very selective."

Talking about his co-actors Faisal and Mahesh who play the same character, Ashish says that they didn't interact nor they spoke about their homework. "We never interacted. So there was no one on one conversation. We only bumped into each other but chatted about something else."

It is obvious that comparisons would be drawn between the three actors in terms of the performance. Not just that three, parallels will also be drawn with Vivek Anand Oberoi, who is playing the PM, in a biopic that is being made on the silver screen. "It's stupid to think about the competition, without seeing the other project." Pointing the medium difference in his and Vivek's project, he further adds, "They are for two different platforms. So they are being made differently. There's time constraints and a lot of that. Ours would be more detailed since its a digital series and we have that much liberty. "

Irrespective of the other actors playing the same character, Ashish is quite confident with his own performance. "I'm very confident with my performance. People (onlookers) couldn't draw the difference between me and the younger version of Modi. His friends and the real people who have seen him, were convinced with my performance. They used to say, 'Aise hi they, aise hi baat karte the' so that was a big compliment for me" Ashish concludes.

Umesh Shukla on PM Narendra Modi web show: Unafraid to show reality

Updated: Mar 14, 2019, 10:10 IST | Sonil Dedhia

Umesh Shukla, director of web show on PM Narendra Modi, says offering will also showcase events that PM was criticised for

Umesh Shukla on PM Narendra Modi web show: Unafraid to show reality
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

A month after mid-day had revealed that apart from three cinematic adaptations of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's life, a digital outing on the subject was also in the works, director Umesh Shukla spills details of putting together his 10-episode series. Titled Modi, it captures the politician across different phases of his life.

Shukla, who previously helmed the Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor starrer, 102 Not Out, says he had also initially planned a movie on Modi's life. "But, we had so much material that only a web series could do justice to it. We wanted to showcase a detailed account of his journey, so far," says the director, whose series is adapted from Kishor Makwana's book, Modi: Common Man's PM.

Ashish Sharma and Mahesh Thakur in stills from the show
Ashish Sharma and Mahesh Thakur in stills from the show

Having previously revealed that it were a chance occurrence that the Mahesh Thakur-fronted Eros Now original was releasing during the elections, Shukla says he's unperturbed about the show seeming like a means to promote the PM.

"Whenever I read about Modi, I feel inspired. We are showing reality, so there is nothing to fear." Yet, he is quick to assert that his offering will not be a vehicle that takes further the PM's causes.

Stills from the show

"We have also showcased the 2002 Godhra incident that brought him criticism. The subsequent questioning of Modi by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) has also been highlighted. Further, the 1979 dam disaster in Morbi, when the walls of the four-kilometer long Machhu Dam-II had disintegrated after 10 days of incessant monsoon rains and led to loss of lives and devastation of industrial towns, will also be showcased."

In a bid to create an offering that could best reflect the PM's life, Shukla visited Gujarat and met his siblings, friends, neighbours and school teachers, who shared their memories of Modi. "Friends and family members shared many anecdotes that have been included in the series."

Umesh Shukla
Umesh Shukla

On a recce to locate a venue that could serve as a political party's meeting place in the show, Shukla shares that it was a Muslim family that came forward with aid. "They were staying in Siddhpur [40 kilometres away from Modi's hometown, Vadnagar] and offered their home to shoot certain scenes. For three days while we shot, they shifted to a nearby hotel, where the cast and crew were staying, because they wanted to be associated with a project related to the PM."

While Thakur plays the politician from his journey to becoming the PM of India, after his appointment as Gujarat CM, Ashish Sharma plays the PM as a young adult. Sharma, we hear, shot for his portions in the smaller towns of Gujarat and the Himalayas, where Modi is said to have spent time in meditation. Faizal Khan also features as Modi during his teenage. The show is set for a release in April 2019.

Now PM Narendra Modi's life inspires a digital series

PM Narendra Modi's life is all set to get a digital adaptation. The web series will be helmed by Umesh Shukla and writer and Censor Board member Mihir Bhuta.

India Today Web Desk
New Delhi
February 13, 2019
UPDATED: February 13, 2019 13:10 IST
Mahesh Thakur will be among the three actors who will portray PM Narendra Modi in the web series.

PM Narendra Modi's life is all set to get a digital adaptation. Close on the heels of the announcement of his biopic, a 10-episode Eros Now series helmed by filmmaker Umesh Shukla and writer and Censor Board member Mihir Bhuta is in the making, reports Mid-Day.

The web series will capture the childhood and youth of Modi and will conclude with him taking oath as the Prime Minister. The shooting of the same has been going on in rural Gujarat, Siddhpur and Vadnagar, the real locations where Modi grew up. Three actors have been roped in to play Modi among whom veteran actor Mahesh Thakur will depict Modi's journey after his appointment as Gujarat CM. Whereas Ashish Sharma will play a younger version of him. The music of the series will be composed by Salim-Sulaiman.

The series will not feature big faces, but good actors, said Umesh Shukla. "The PM's story is the biggest star. If we cast a known face, the viewer will not connect with the story, and will search for the actor. So, we have cast good actors, instead," he says of the project that was "silently" under works for a year-and-a-half," he told Mid Day. 

Shukla adds that the series will not be political, but showcase Modi's personality. "I'm interested in his personality. He has an amazing sense of humour, which few know about. He also has a deep interest in spirituality, not religion. The show follows his childhood and youth, the factors that influenced him, the way he was before, and how he emerged to be the person he is today. It concludes with him taking oath as the prime minister of India. We have started shooting in rural Gujarat, and are currently filming portions involving his youth, spent in Siddhpur and Vadnagar," he added.

The production work on the web series is expected to wrap up by March 15.

Narendra Modi biopic captures the highs and lows of PM's life

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's life continues to fascinate filmmakers and viewers. Over the last few months, several series and films have been announced that chronicle NaMo's meteoric rise from humble beginnings. Eros Now, which is known for presenting some of the most exciting content for its global audience, is the latest to do so. It brings an engrossing web series, Modi, produced by Benchmark Pictures led by Umesh Shukla and Ashish Wagh. The biopic on once-a-commoner, but now PM showcases minute details and significant highs and lows of his life.

The story begins with 12-year-old Narendra and traverses through his teenage years and youth to becoming the PM of the world's largest democracy, India. Modi's siblings, friends, neighbours and school teachers reminisce his fascinating journey of self-discovery. To create a greater impact, the makers have shot the series in real locations at Gujarat, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Delhi and Kashmir. Actors Faisal Khan, Ashish Sharma and Mahesh Thakur depict the different stages of his life.

Directed by Bollywood filmmaker Umesh Shukla, the 10-part original series has been written by Mihir Bhuta and Radhika Anand. Each episode ranges between 35 to 40 minutes highlighting many important incidents that made Modi devote his life for the service of the country.

Commenting on the announcement, Ridhima Lulla, Chief Content Officer, Eros Group said, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi's journey is a remarkable and an aspirational one that needs to be showcased to our global audience. We have known him and seen him as a leader, but there is much more to him that hasn't come out yet and this is our attempt in that direction. I am sure that like me, billions of people want to know, and will be excited to witness his journey and we, at Eros Now, feel proud to present the story of our incredible leader.

Umesh adds, "The biopic enlightens, entertains and at the same time, inspires everyone. The detailed account of Modi's teenage, youth, struggles and landmark decisions makes for an engaging experience and I am sure the audience is going to be glued to the screens through the entire series.

Modi, the original biopic series, premieres in April 2019 exclusively on Eros Now.

Faisal Khan to feature in PM Narendra Modi's biopic for Eros Now series

Faisal Khan to feature in PM Narendra Modis biopic for Eros Now series
Dancer cum actor Faisal Khan, who rose to fame as the winner of Dance India Dance Lil Master and also proved his acting chops in Maharana Pratap, will explore the web platform.

We hear the actor will be seen in the biopic of PM Narendra Modi's life, a 10-episode Eros Now series helmed by filmmaker Umesh Shukla.

The web series will capture the childhood and youth of Modi and will conclude with him taking oath as the Prime Minister. The shooting of the same has been going on in rural Gujarat, Siddhpur and Vadnagar, the real locations where Modi grew up. Three actors have been roped in to play Modi among whom veteran actor Mahesh Thakur will depict Modi's journey after his appointment as Gujarat CM. Whereas Ashish Sharma will play a younger version of him. The music of the series will be composed by Salim-Sulaiman. Faisal has been roped in to play an important character.We reached out to Faisal's dad but he told us to call later.We buzzed the spokesperson at Eros Now, but did not get revert.

Keep reading for exclusive updates.

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Latest Pics

New still of @ashish30sharma from @ErosNow's #Modi @mid_day - Ashish Sharma plays the PM as a young adult. Sharma, we hear, shot for his portions in the smaller towns of Gujarat and the Himalayas, where Modi is said to have spent time in meditation. 


On-Location Pictures of #AshishSharma from #LifeOfModi #WebSeries Shoot

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, , .. A journey of finding oneself, journey of finding true purpose, a journey few dare to take, a journey of failing, learning, falling then rising all over again..a journey anyone can take and noone dares


On the occasion of #Holi, here's presenting a new poster of Modi - Journey Of A Common Man. #Modi to be launched this April only on #ErosNow. @umeshkshukla | #ErosNowOriginal | @RidhimaLulla | @PMOIndia | @narendramodi | #JourneyOfACommonMan


It takes hours of tutoring your brain, inclining your thoughts, getting body to follow the chain of emotions you want to bring out before you step in front of cam #anactorpreparesthats why study and learn the process first, rest just follows thanku @actorpreparesand @yashraj552 for making me devise my own process #ashishasmodi#erosnoworiginals #modi @umeshkshukla@aryacam @erosnow @ridhimalulla@narendramodi @archanataide


Absolutely excited to portray this extraordinary journey of this ordinary young man, MODI streaming in April on @ErosNow @umeshkshukla @RidhimaLulla @sethimanav @ashishwagh@narendramodi @PMOIndia @aashishw17 #Ashishasmodi

Umesh K Shukla @umeshkshukla
FollowFollow @umeshkshukla

@erosnow announces most-sought after never been told before biopic #MODI on India's Prime Minister. Witness life of PM Modi unfolding on your mobile in Apr 2019 directed by me!!! @RidhimaLulla @sethimanav @PMOIndia #erosnoworiginal @aashishw17 @ashish30sharma @aryanaraish

The inspiring leader has a history, come witness it. #ErosNow presents the journey of a common man becoming India's PM in its 10-part original biopic series, #Modi to be launched this April.

Now a 10-part *web series* on PM Narendra Modi... Eros Now and Benchmark Pictures [Umesh Shukla and Ashish Wagh] to produce the biopic... Titled #Modi... Directed by Umesh Shukla [who directed #OhMyGod and #102NotOut]... Premieres in April 2019 on Eros Now... First look poster:

Guys I can't hear you We need to trend #AshishasModi. Give a big shout-out. @ashish30sharma will be back on screen after an year. Isn't that exciting. Watch him in Modi only on @ErosNow @RidhimaLulla @SunilLulla @umeshkshukla @aashishw17 @sethimanav @narendramodi @PMOIndia

Our alumni & tv star @ashish30sharma is amazingly adept at transforming into the characters he portrays. Check out this look from his series #Modi on @ErosNow @RidhimaLulla @umeshkshukla @aashishw17 @SunilLulla @sethimanav @archanataide #AshishSharma #actorprepares #apalumni

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Saugandh Hai Song Video  Heart












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Beautiful thread Aditi and the Header is...Thumbs Up
Its been a while since I have logged into IF
Though I am following the news in TTSmile
As expected this Man surprised us yet again
I was worried that he might not be back soon as I could see the kind of shows in ITV now
That too after doing a show like PV he can't settle for normal shows 
Thankfully there is web
and also seems like he is preparing for more movies in his PH
Though I still wish for him to get a quality Television show
but then I wanted web series tooLOLLOL
Btw Khejdi will be screening this week in Hong-Kong right 
waiting for the pics and news from the screeningWink

OK, let me come back to the WS
What a way to make digital debut
and how come he is looking exactly like ModiShockedLOL
I loved all his IV's reg his character and preparation for it
An intelligent, talented, honest and hardworking actor he is
That' why we could see him fitting in any role
come on who imagined that he would look like Ram after seeing him as Rudra
And who would have imagined him to play ModiWinkLOL
Eros Now seems to be actively producing web series now
Waiting to know the release day so that I could reg and pay for ErosLOLLOL
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Some pics from segmentsTongue

Posted: 2019-03-17T09:43:22Z
Talented Ashishians already making sketches Heart

MY NEW PICTURE #AshishSharma @ashish30sharma

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