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Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by RihooHaws

Hey Pragsss :D
Boring nehi hai lekin bhottt zyada short hai...
hahaha i love the idea of jumping on the bed...
Armaan ne start kiya and end up RaMus joining them as he manage to make Ridz agree too ;)
Lolz, no wonder Armaan ke dhimag mein aise idea's aata kaha se hai heeheh...

Starting tohda emotional tha lekin Armaan ne happy happy bana diya...
Sach mein, Ridz jitni jaldi dukhi hoti hai, utni jaldi khush bhi hoti hai...
Aur woh sirf Armaan ke kaaran hota hai, he can't see his basket sad toh foran aisa kuch karte hai jiske wajahse woh khush hojati hai...

Aise kaise Armaan moka chod denge apne basket koh utaye apne baahon mein ;)
Ayye hayye, Mrs. Mallik and Mr. Mallik haan...
Kitna accha lagta hai sunne koh ;) haina hehehe...

Lolz, Armaan ne toh kehdiya woh aur Ridz ek room share karenge...
Mujhe bhi laga pehle yeh log safai karenge as Armaan had come there two years ago...
Lekin Rahul bohot smart nikla, usne pehle se hi safai karwa diya... hehehe...
Lolz it was fun moment when Armaan sit on his lap and than Rahul push him off :P
Sach mein, yeh Armaan kabhi sochta nehi hai kuch karne se pehle hehehe...

Than jab dono Armaan ke room mein enter huvi...
Phir Armaan ne kaha, 'very u' se 'very us' banate hai kamre koh...
Lekin usse pehle jo woh hamesha se karna chahte hai woh Ridz ke saath karna chaha sne hehe...
Sach mein yeh ladka paagal hai...
Ridz ke pyar mein toh already pagal hai lekin aise pagal wale harkatein sirf iske dhimag mein aata hai...

Mujhe laga ek minute ke liye Muski badak jaaenge...
lekin usko bhi jump karna hai phir Rahul ne attack kehte hi dono AR koh join ki hahaha...
Lolz aur pillow fight bhi aise kiya, jaise yeh log 5 saal ke baache hai...
Phir Ridz and Rahul ne, Armaan pe attack kiya...
Muski also joins them so Armaan had to give up...
Lekin Armaan bhi kamm badmash nehi hai, dono girls koh pakadke tickles kiya hehehe...
Rahul also joins him and than end of fun...

Indeed it was the best day for them, I love it...
Haan lekin bohot short hai...
Phir bhi it was awesome ,amazing and superb part...
Love it and love u...
take care :D

I know ab sabko thode lambe chapters ki aadat ho gayi hai. :p
Meri hi fault hai. Maine hi lambi chapters update karna start kiya. Ab bhugatna toh padega hi.

Yeh AR dono ek jaise hi hai. Doosre ko kabhi sad nahi dekh sakte na. Isliye hamesha ek doosre ko happy karne kuch bhi karte hain. Aur ek doosre ko ekdum jaldi manana bhi aata hai. Ab... itne saalon ka experience haina. :p

Mr & Mrs Mallik are the best Heart

Waise... Muskaan hai woh! Aisa kaise soch sakte ho ki woh bhadkegi? Uska dimaag bhi toh aisa ulta hi chalta hai. :p
Gang mein sabke sab aise hi hain. Sab aise faltu kaamon mein ek doosre ko encourage hi karte hain. LOL

Ab next chapter will be a little longer than this... toh sab thode khush ho jao! 
Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by Marshmelow

Ufff Allah miyan ! It was totally  kiddish  lakin armaan hai akhir kuch bhi kar sakta hai  but it was quite  fun i like it when  armaan called riddhima mrs malik .

HAHAHAHA. Arre, Armaan toh aisa hi haina!
He's toh always been like this. Bas duniya bhar ki saari ulti seedhi cheezein karta hai woh.

Posted: 2 years ago

Previously On...

AR & RaMusk arrive in Kasauli.

Riddhima remembers the last time she was here and Armaan consoles her.

Pillow fight!


Chapter 90

Bi's Cafe, as everyone fondly called it, was just as quaint and peaceful as Armaan remembered. This place had been his safe haven when he'd been in Kasauli. He'd spend almost his entire day at the cafe, working or studying, only going home to sleep. The first time he'd stumbled upon it, early in the morning, all blurry eyed from the all nighter he'd pulled the previous night to complete a project, Bi had been there to welcome him. He'd never left after that. In her, he'd found a mom, someone he hadn't had all his life till then, despite having a mother. She'd been there for him when no one else had, not even Nikki. Suffice to say, he was extremely grateful to Bi for all she'd done for him, and would always be.


"Yeh jagah bilkul nahi badli," Rahul commented, bringing Armaan out of his memories.


"Bilkul nahi," Armaan agreed. "Ab bhi ghar jaisa lagta hai."


Rahul nodded fondly and ruffled Armaan's hair. "Tera toh ghar hi tha na?" He asked. Rahul had seen Armaan around the cafe at all sorts of odd hours enough times to understand that Armaan spent every possible minute there. It had confused him before, because why would Armaan Mallik, the coolest dude of college, spend his time at a hole in wall cafe when he could be out partying? But, as he got to know Armaan during their internship, he realized how incorrectly he'd judged Armaan and that the Armaan he had known in college wasn't who Armaan was for real, at all.


"Ghar hi hai, aaj bhi," Armaan answered. Rahul smiled.


"Chalein?" Armaan asked the ladies, who nodded.


"Okay then," he said, holding out both his arms for each of them to take one. "Shall we?"


Riddhima & Muskaan giggled but latched on to him, while Rahul shook his head at their antics.


"Tu kabhi nahi badlega," he commented dryly.


"Jo badal gaya woh Armaan nahi," came the cheeky reply.


Rahul threw his hands in the air and walked inside the cafe, muttering something about being stuck with these idiots for the rest of his life. The trio laughed and followed him in.


Just as Armaan & Rahul had expected, the place was packed, mostly with college kids. Soft music was playing in the background, excited chatter filling the air and overpowering it.


Paying no heed to what was going on around them, they made their way to the counter. A young woman was working it, someone who neither Armaan nor Rahul had seen before.


"Hey," Armaan greeted her. "Bi hai kya?" He asked.


The girl looked up at the sound of his voice and was momentarily taken aback to see not one, but two extremely good looking guys standing in front of her. She blushed crazily, a dopey smile on her face as she looked at both of them dreamily.


"Uhm," Rahul cleared his throat. "Excuse me," he said. Looking at the name tag, he added, "Natasha. Bi hai kya?"


"Umm... kya?" Natasha asked, still dazed.


"B se Bi! Hai kya?" Riddhima asked, annoyed. She didn't like the way this girl was blushing at the mere sight of Armaan & Rahul. The boys, well versed with Riddhima's moods by now, chuckled at her annoyance, but shut right up when Muskaan glared at them.


"Bi... um... haan. Haina," Natasha replied.


"Good! Unhe bulaane ki zehmat utha sakti ho? Ya bas yahaan khade hoke aankhen faadkar humein ghoorti rahogi?" Muskaan asked.


"Bula... bulati hu," Natasha mumbled. She scurried away quickly, intimidated by Muskaan and her abrasiveness.


Riddhima and Muskaan chuckled at this and high fived while the boys just shared a look of fond annoyance.


"K se kaun hai? Kya c se chaahte ho? Woh bhi iss w se waqt?" Bi asked, coming outside to the counter, not even bothering to check who was looking for her.


"A se apni, p se pyaari si, b se Bi se, m se milna chaahte hain? T se theek haina?" Armaan asked cutely, grinning wide.


"A se Ammy? Tu? Aur... Saath mein R se Rahul aur R se Riddhima ko bhi laaya hai?" She replied, shocked at the pleasant surprise. "Oh! Aur M se Muskaan bhi hai!"


Muskaan smiled, relieved. "Mujhe toh laga ki aap mujhe b se bhool gaye, Bi!" she exclaimed.


"Tujhe k se kaise bhool sakti hu? P se Patiala Express!" Bi laughed.


Armaan and Riddhima bent to touch her feet when she was close enough.


"Arre, r se rehne do. Itni bhi b se boodhi nahi hu m se main!" Bi said, pulling them back up.


"Kisme kaha aap boodhi hai? Aap toh j se jawan hai! S se sola saal se ek din zyada nahi dikhti!" Armaan joked.


Bi shook her head and pulled the two of them into a hug.


"Hum bhi hain!" Rahul whined. Wordlessly, Bi opened her arms wider and both Rahul and Muskaan joined in on the hug.


"Bi... Maine aapko bohot, bohot, bohot miss kiya!" Rahul declared.


"Aur maine t se tujhe," Bi replied.


"Kya baat hai, Bi? Aap toh pehle se bhi zyada beautiful ho gayi ho!" Riddhima commented, kissing her cheek.


"Haan, Bi! Raaz kya hai?" Muskaan egged Riddhima on.


"Chalo! Aisa k se kuch nahi hai. Main toh h se hamesha se hi a se aisi thi! T se tum dono ne ab n se notice kiya!" Bi teased.


"Ab saari baatein yahaan khade rehke hi karoge kya?" Armaan asked. "Chalo! Chalke baithte hain."


"Yeh tune bilkul t se theek kaha, A se Ammy!" Bi agreed. She guided them to a corner booth.


"T se tum log yahaan b se baitho. Main k se khana bhijwati hu,"she said.


"Bi!" Riddhima scolded. "Aap kahin nahi jaayengi. Abhi humaare saath baithiye."


"Arre par..." Bi tried to protest.


"Nahi, Bi!" Armaan joined in. "Basket sahi keh rahi hai. Aap baithiye."


"Aur cafe?" Bi asked him.


"Toh... yeh dono mushtando ko hum kyu laaye hai, Bi?" Muskaan retorted. "Yeh dono dekh lenge. Waise bhi, inko experience bhi haina."


Rahul made a face, but when he saw Muskaan glaring at him, he said, "Haan... haan, Bi! Hum kar lenge! Aap kyu itni tension le rahe ho?"


"Waise bhi," he added slyly, "jab Armaan counter pe hota toh cafe hamesha bhara - bhara hi rehta hai."


It was true. Back in college, whenever Armaan used to work the counter, the cafe used to brim with people, all of them just wanting a glimpse, a short conversation with him. Many girls, and guys, used to flock the cafe just to ogle Armaan and his taut muscles in those half sleeve and cut sleeve tee shirts as he punched numbers into the calculator, or wrote out invoices.


"What?" Riddhima asked.


"Haan, Riddhu!" Rahul told her. "Jab hum college mein the, aur yahaan Bi ki help karte the, jis din bhi Armaan counter pe baithta tha, bheed itni zyada hoti thi ki kya batau!"


Armaan stomped on Rahul's foot to get him to stop talking. This boy would create huge troubles for him if he didn't shut up right away.


"Owww!" Rahul screamed. "Kya?" he asked Armaan.


"Rahul! Tu kya bekaar ki baatein lekar baith gaya! Chal. Dekhte hain in logon ko kya madad chahiye!" Armaan announced. Not giving Rahul a chance to respond, Armaan got up from his seat and started to walk towards the kitchen, but was interrupted by Riddhima.


"Ruko!" She exclaimed.


"Shit!" Armaan muttered under his breath before turning to her.


"Kya hua, Basket?" He asked innocently. A little too innocently.


Riddhima smiled at his efforts to get off the hook, but she wasn't mad. Not at all. She knew what kind of a person he'd been back in college. So, it didn't surprise her, this little piece of information that Rahul jad just provided. But, it was cute to see Armaan's reaction to the whole thing, thinking she'd get upset. He really was so cute.


"Baby," Riddhima said, her voice saccharine sweet. "Jo main baat thi, woh toh ki nahi! Bas aise hi idhar udhar ki baatein karke time waste kar diya!"


"Ohhh!" Armaan exclaimed. Of course! How could he have forgotten? They were here because him & Riddhima needed Bi's blessings.


"Haan. Idhar aao!" she instructed him.


"Yeh m se main baat k se kya hai?" Bi asked. "Jo t se tum mujhe b se batana yahaan tak a se aaye?"


Riddhima looked at Armaan, who was already sporting a huge grin, expectantly. She wanted him to be the one to break the news to Bi. Because of course, she was his Bi. Riddhima would always love and adore Bi as if she was her own mother, just like Mom (aka Ananya), but this was something that Armaan should be the one telling Bi about.


"Bi, woh..." Armaan started. To everyone's surprise, he was blushing.


"Arre! Itna s se sharma kyu raha hai? J se jaldi bata ki b se baat kya hai!" Bi told him.


"Bata raha hu, Bi!" Armaan whined. "Aap mujhe 2 minute bolne ka mauka toh do!"


"Haan! Chal. D se diya. B se bol ab!" Bi told him.


"Bi, woh..." Armaan started again, scratching the back of his neck as he gave her a sheepish, yet goofy, smile.


"Bi kya? Uske aage bhi k se kuch bolega?" Bi asked.


Armaan blushed and looked at the floor as if it was the most interesting thing he'd ever seen in his life.


"Tu r se rehne de!" Bi scolded. She turned to Riddhima and said, "T se tu bol! K se kya hua?"


"B... bi... bi... woh... woh..." Riddhima stuttered and turned to Armaan. "Tu... Tum... Tum bolo na!"


"Nahi!" Armaan replied. "Tum bolo!"











"C se chup!" Bi interrupted their bickering. "Aur t se tum dono bhi b se bilkul chup!" she added, looking at Rahul & Muskaan who had been laughing heartily at Armaan & Riddhima's predicament.


Turning her attention back to the couple of the hour, Bi said, "Yeh kya l se laga rakha hai? T se tum dono mein se k se koi toh kuch b se bolo! A se aakhir baat kya hai?"


Armaan & Riddhima both blushed and looked down.


"D se dono, s se sharma toh a se aise rahe hain jaise dono ki s se shaadi ho," she commented.


Her words were met with gasps by both Armaan & Riddhima, who blushed even deeper, while Muskaan lost control and started laughing again.


"Bilkul sahi kaha, Bi!" Rahul exclaimed, smirking.


"K se kya?" Bi asked, confused.


"Bi," Rahul said, "Armaan aur Riddhima ki ab bohot jald shaadi hone wali hai. Isliye hum sab yahaan aaye hain. Taaki yeh dono apni nayi zindagi, aapka aashirwaad leke shuru karein."


"Tu s se sach bol raha haina, R se Rahul?" Bi questioned, her eyes brimming with tears.


"B se bilkul sach! P se pakka promise!" Rahul replied.


"A se Armaan? R se Riddhima?" She turned to them.


"Bi... Woh... Woh..." Riddhima tried to say something, but blushed and kept quiet, unable to finish her sentence.


"Bi... Rahul theek keh raha hai," Armaan finally admitted. "Main aur Riddhima... hum dono shaadi karne wale hain."


A delirious and disbelieving laugh escaped Bi at Armaan's proclamation and she slapped her hands on her mouth to stifle her gasp while her tears finally fell.


"Mere bachche!" she exclaimed, pulling both Armaan & Riddhima into a tight hug.


Rahul & Muskaan joined in the hug, too, all of them so very ecstatic over the news.


After the proclamation, Bi had 10000 things to ask Riddhima, so taking their cue, Armaan & Rahul left to help around the cafe. Rahim Chacha was all too happy to put the boys to work.


"Tu k se khush haina?" Bi asked Riddhima, when they were finally alone. Muskaan had gone to attend a phone call.


"Bohot khush," Riddhima replied, blushing bright red.


"Tujhe pata hai? A se Ammy tujhse b se bohot zyada p se pyaar karta hai!" Bi told Riddhima, as if it was something she didn't know already.


"Jaanti hu, Bi," Riddhima replied. "Armaan... woh... Woh mujhse bohot pyaar karta hai. Aur mujhe pata hai ki woh mujhe bohot khush rakhega."


"Aur t se tu bhi usse b se bohot k se khush rakhegi," Bi said. "Woh k se kisi aur ke saath, kabhi k se khush nahi r se rehta. U se uski saari khushi toh t se tujhse hi hai. H se hamesha se."


Riddhima nodded in agreement as tears fell from her eyes. She really was lucky to have found someone like Armaan, who loved and respected her so much. Not everyone in the world was so lucky.


"Arre! Itni k se khushi ka m se mauka hai. Aur tu r se ro rahi hai? P se pagli!" Bi teased, wiping her tears.


Riddhima giggled and wiped her tears completely before remembering that Muskaan had been gone for quite some time. "Arre! Yeh Muskaan kahaan reh gayi? Itna time ho gaya hai usse gaye!"


"A se aa jaayegi. Tu itna p se pareshaan mat ho!" Bi pacified her. Just then, Muskaan came back.


"Lo! A se aa gayi, M se Muskaan," Bi exclaimed happily on seeing her. Muskaan smiled and sat next to Riddhima.


"Kya hua? Phone pe bohot time lag gaya," Riddhima questioned. "All good?


"Haan... haan. Woh bas... woh... um... woh Yuvi ko ek patient ke baare mein kuch poochna tha," Muskaan replied.


"Oh," Riddhima replied. "Okay."


"Ladies!" Armaan & Rahul greeted, coming back with a tray assorted with all sorts of food.


"Yeh sab kya hai?" Riddhima asked.


"Aaj... humne socha ki... tum teeno ko apne haath ka bana khana khilaye!" Armaan replied.


"Sachchi, Hero?" Muskaan questioned, excited.


"Of course, Muski! Main tujhe jhooth bolunga kya?" Armaan retorted.


"Tu nahi... lekin iss... Kaankhajure pe mujhe bilkul bharosa nahi hai!" Muskaan exclaimed.


Rahul looked scandalized. "Tu... tu har baat pe mujhe kyu sunaati hai?"


"Sunau nahi toh aur kya karu? Piddi, gadhe, idiot. Tu itna bada useless insaan haina!" Muskaan cribbed.


"Toh tu jaise koi hoor ki pari hai? Jhalli kahin ki. Tuchchon ki leader!" Rahul exclaimed.


They were about to start pulling each other's hair soon, so Armaan and Riddhima pulled them apart.


"Tum dono kabhi toh break le liya karo, yaar!" Armaan scolded. "Ek din nahi ladoge toh marr nahi jaaoge!"


"Lekin main..." Muskaan tried to explain.


"Chup!" Armaan reprimanded her.


"Armaan main..." Rahul started, but was stopped by Armaan.


"Ekdum chup!" He instructed Rahul.


Both, Rahul & Muskaan, sat quietly after that.


"Good! Chalo khaate hain," Armaan announced. He served everyone.


"Waah! K se khana toh tum d se dono ne b se bohot achcha banaya hai!" Bi complimented.


"Haan!" Muskaan agreed. "Bohot tasty bana hai!"


Armaan & Rahul both beamed at the praise and turned to Riddhima.


"Basket, kaisa laga?" Armaan asked.


"Haan, Riddhu! Batana! Achcha haina?" Rahul pressed.


"Haan, batao na!" Armaan repeated.


"Pch. Riddhu! Tu kuch bolegi?" Rahul asked, miffed.


"Tum dono usse bolne doge toh bolegi na!" Muskaan screeched. Armaan & Rahul bit their tongue and gave her a sheepish smile.


"Haan... haan. Theek haina. Ab hum kuch nahi bolenge," Armaan said. Then, he turned his anticipatory gaze to Riddhima.


Riddhima looked at both the boys and smiled. They were so eager.


"Um... achcha... achcha hai. Really good!" She told them.


Armaan & Rahul whooped and hi5ed each other. All 3 of them had loved their food.


After that little interaction, everyone turned their attention to eating.


Armaan whispered to Riddhima, "Sach mein achcha haina?"


"Armaan," Riddhima whispered back, shaking her head fondly. "Bohot achcha hai. Tumhe pata toh hai... mujhe tumhaare haath ka khana bohot pasand hai."


"Hmmm," Armaan hummed. "Matlab tumhe khana bohot pasand aaya."


"Haan, baba," Riddhima replied. "Bohot pasand aaya."


"Toh mera reward?" Armaan asked.


"Kya reward?" Riddhima wondered.


"Arre! Itna achcha khana khilaya... Toh reward toh bannta hai," Armaan insisted.


"Theek hai, baba!" Riddhima agred, exasperated. "Kya chahiye?"


Armaan looked around and saw that everyone had their heads buried in their plates. Personal experience told him that they would not care even if someone dropped dead the next instant as they all practically inhaled the food in.


Seeing that his coast was clear, he bent his face, shoving his cheek close to Riddhima indicating that he wanted a kiss.


"Armaan!" Riddhima scolded. "Paagal ho gaye ho kya? Koi dekh lega."


"Koi nahi dekhega. Woh sab khaane mein busy hai," Armaan replied.


"No!" Riddhima told him and turned her attention back to her plate.


"Please!" Armaan gave her the puppy dog eyes that melted her every time. "Chotu si. Please!"


He took a hold of her hand and pressed a quick kiss to it. "Dekho!" he demonstrated. "Kisi ko pata nahi chala. Please!"


"Fine!" Riddhima agreed. She quickly turned her face towards him and pecked his cheek, immediately taking a bite of her food lest someone see.


Armaan smiled at her and resumed eating as well. Both of them missed the smirks that were passed between the other trio at the table, who chose to remain silent so as to not embarrass Riddhima.


After a hearty meal and more hugs and kisses, Armaan, Riddhima, Rahul, and Muskaan left for the night, promising Bi that they'd be at the cafe first thing the next morning to spend more time with her.


As Bi saw the quartet walk away, laughing and joking, she sent up a quick prayer wishing for their lifelong happiness before turning in for the night herself.


Bi and her kiddos are all so cute! I had so much fun writing this one!

More Kasauli action in the next chapter, so stay tuned! :D

Waise, ab maybe shayad update 15 March ke baad hi aaye kyuki I have a test on 10 that is super important aur phir 13 March ko mom dad ki 25th anniversary hai toh bohot guests aane wale hain. Main pakka nahi bol rahi, but chances hai ki ab dono stories uske baad hi update ho. I'll try for an update in the middle, but agar nahi hua, toh 2 hafte baad milenge! :D

Posted: 2 years ago
awesome update prags
love bi's moment with the couples

hahaha rahul ne toh armaan ko phansa dia tha.. bt ridhima didn't react much.. ab usse pata hai her fiance is eye candyEdited by Prizi - 2 years ago
Posted: 2 years ago
double post Edited by Prizi - 2 years ago
Posted: 2 years ago
It was a short part Prags *pout*
like always it was awesome and super amazing...
But I really felt like abhi shuru ki and ek minute mein khatam hogaye...
Thats not really done Prags...

As usual, Armaan koh dekh ke Natasha sharmane lagi...
Sirf usko nehi, ab toh Rahul koh bhi dekhke ladkiya sharmate hai hehehe...
Lekin Ridz and Muski haina, they wouldn't let any girl drool over their guys...
Tabhi toh, both took the matter in their hands and make Natasha scared...

Awww just love Bi moment with the couples...
Heheh indeed, she is one of the most important person in Armaan life...
How can they just don't go to meet her and take bless when both AR are going to start their life together after the hardship...
Even she was a part of their bickering ;) to witness the love blossoming between them...

Hahaha Rahul ne toh Armaan koh phasa diya lekin thank god...
Ridz didn't get too hyper over it because she has accept it was his past life...
Now in present and hopefully in future, no other girls could get a chance to be his life partner...
If any girl who would be in his life, than it surely would be their daughter... 

Lolz, dono kaise sharma rahi thi...
Bi ne guess kardiya, phir Muski apni hasi rokh nehi paaye...
Rahul ne bhi bol diya woh sach hai and Bi's happiness were over the sky...
She always wish her ammy gets his basket and together, they came to give her the news of their marriage...
How can she not be happy for both because she is one of them, who knows how crazily AR loves each other and their happiness laid in the others...

Hehehe yeh Armaan kabhi nehi sudrenge, I knew yeh Ridz se baar baar puch raha tha tab...
Usko bas reward chahiyeh tha Ridz se, itni waqt se kiss nehi mila na usse hehehe...
But love their lil moment which was surelly witness by the other two but prefer to keep quiet not to make Ridz embarrassed...
Armaan koh toh sharam aayega nehi hehehe, lekin Ridz laal hokar tamatar ke tarah banjaenge...

Over roll it was amazing and super awesome part...
Love it and love u more...
Take care...
All the best for your exam...
Continue as soon as u get free :D

Edited by RihooHaws - 2 years ago
Posted: 2 years ago
Awww this part was sooo cute  Bi is always  soo funny  and the bond Armaan share with her is soo beautiful I love the whole cafe thing  and seriously  he have some effect  on  people  k no one can resist  him after all he is The Armaan Malik  Wink

Or yeah banda kabhi nai sudhra ga kabhi bhi kahi bhi shru ho jata ha  LOLpoor Riddhima

And uff that blushing  Armaan tou as killing  I can even imagine  his laal laal face Embarrassed he is sooo cute
Edited by Marshmelow - 2 years ago
Posted: 2 years ago
Superb update...
Awww Armaan is chooo cutiee...Armaan Malik blush kare ye bahot rare case lekin jb blush krta hai to mn krta hai use kha jau...
Us se Bi se sharam k maare ye nahi kaha gaya ki uski aur Riddhima ki shadi honewali hai to don't know janab ka shadi mein sharam se kya haal hoga...
Bi ko Riddhima pehli najar mein hi pasand aa gayee thi jb Bi Sanjveeni aayee thi...Bi tabhi se unhe saath dekhna chahti thi n aaj vo apne Ammy k lie bahot khush hogi ki use uski Basket mil gayee...
Muskan bina baat Rahool se ulajti hai...Bina kisi galti k Rahool ko galiya padti hai...
Armaan hr baat k lie reward chahiye hota hai,ek chotisi hi sahi lekin kiss chahiye...
Thanx for the pm and all the very Best for test...Take ur time to update...

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FF:-I still love you, (20c continuation updated)

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Thrd6 Arshi FF Destined love or whatever Final chap Pg147(completed)

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Ye Kya Hua? PrAja FanFiction -Chapter 4 posted.

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Dolent • AarYa ff • Chapter 11 page 16 • 22/9/21

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