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Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by Prizi

Originally posted by DMGThings

Originally posted by Prizi

any chance of getting update?

Tomorrow , mostly .
arrreee wahhh Embarrassed Big smile

Sab waah hai !
Posted: 3 years ago
karo update. i am ready for drama!!
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by Meraki.

karo update. i am ready for drama!!

Posted: 3 years ago
get Neha and Sonia and others assholes shocked out their wits. jealous and burn. drama is what I am living for here. ROFL
Posted: 3 years ago
Originally posted by Meraki.

get Neha and Sonia and others assholes shocked out their wits. jealous and burn. drama is what I am living for here. ROFL

I am working on it!
Posted: 3 years ago

Previously On...


AR fluff.

AR + AN scenes.

Neha & Sonia make a comment about Armaan being commitment phobic which pisses Riddhima off.

New plan to get RaMusk back together.


Chapter 68


Everyone was waiting for Armaan and Riddhima, a little tense. Rahul, Muskaan, Abhi & Nikki were the only ones who understood the gravity of the situation, while the rest of them were just surprised as to why Riddhima had such a strong reaction to Sonia's words and why Armaan felt the need to run behind her to talk to her.


The two of them walked back, hand in hand, with a smile on their lips, making the 4 sigh with relief.


"Thank God! Koi gadbad nahi hui," Nikki whispered. Abhi nodded in agreement.


"Maine kaha tha na. Kuch nahi hoga," Rahul told Muskaan, who simply nodded in return.


"Guys, all okay?" Abhi asked. Armaan and Riddhima nodded in unison, smiling brightly.


This placated the gang that everything was okay and there were no issues between the two.


"Riddhima! Tumhe Rahul ko kuch batana tha na. About the call?" Armaan prompted, looking at her with wide eyes.


Riddhima looked confused for a second before she realized what he was saying. "Oh! Haan, haan. Batana haina."


"Kya batana hai?" Rahul asked. Muskaan, who was standing beside Rahul listened on intently.


"Tujhe pata hai, kiska call tha?" She asked, coming to a stop beside him, looping her arm through his.


"Tu batayegi nahi toh kaise pata chalega?" Rahul asked, annoyed.


"Lyla ka," Riddhima answered, grinning smugly. "Tere baare mein pooch rahi thi."


"Riddhu..." Rahul sighed, exasperated. "Kya naya naatak hai yeh?"


"What naya naatak? Simar Aunty mujhe bol rahi thi. Unhe Lyla bohot pasand hai," Riddhima blabbered.


Sonia looked at Riddhima surprised. "Tumne toh kaha tha ki Rahul kisise pyaar karta hai?" She asked.


Riddhima bit her tongue. She had said that. "Haan... Haan, maine... Maine kaha tha na. Yes, maine kaha tha," she replied, fumbling.


"Toh? Fir yeh Lyla kaun hai?" Sonia questioned.


"Lyla... Lyla hai ek. Rahul ki family friend. Aur maine yeh kaha tha ki Rahul loves somebody, lekin zaroori thodi hai ki that girl also loves him. Right?" Riddhima asked.


"Right!" Nikki jumped in. "Riddhima tum ekdum sahi bol rahi ho. Hum jisse pyaar karte hain, woh bhi humse pyaar kare? That's not necessary."


"See?" Riddhima asked Sonia, gesturing towards Nikki. "Nikki ko samajh aata hai. She's right. Aur ab, woh ladki maan nahi rahi. Toh Rahul ki mom chaahti hai ki Rahul Lyla se shaadi karle," she said, looking at Rahul when she spoke the last part.


"WHAT?!" Rahul asked, shocked. Yes, Lyla was a family friend, and his parents had expressed their desire to get the two of them married before, but when Rahul had told them about Muskaan, they'd let it go. They'd never tried to set him up with Lyla ever again. And, frankly, she was a little too forthcoming for Rahul. She'd come on to him several times and that's why he'd even stopped hanging out with her. He couldn't stand the sight of that woman.


"Haan," Riddhima replied. "They want you to get married to Lyla."


"Nooo!" Rahul whined.


"Abbe, Rahul! Paagal hai kya?" Armaan jumped in the conversation. "Woh Lyla kitni hot hai, yaar. Tu usko reject kar raha hai?" He asked.

"Tujhe... Tujhe kaise pata Lyla bohot hot hai?" Rahul asked, surprised that Armaan was describing her using the word hot in front of Riddhima.


"Arre... Riddhima ne mujhe uski photo dikhaayi abhi. Jab hum bahar khade the," Armaan made up a fake story. He didn't know what she looked like. "Toh woh chod. Man, she's so hot. Aur tu... Tu uss jaisi ladki ko reject kar raha hai? Matlab tere paas dimaag hai ya nahi? Teri jagah main hota toh ek second mein haan bol deta," Armaan said. Flow flow mein janaab itna bol gaye, lekin unhone dekha nahi ki Basket madam toh gusse se laal peeli ho rahi thi.

And here, Muskaan. She was so shocked that Armaan and Riddhima were encouraging Rahul to see some other random girl. Who was hot. When Riddhima had fought with Sonia, Muskaan had felt that Riddhima was rooting for them, but now she was thinking that maybe Riddhima just didn't like Sonia and so, she said all those things. Muskaan vaguely remembered how Armaan used to tease Rahul by taking Sonia's name when they'd just begun working at Sanjeevani and how Rahul used to glare at him after. So, maybe Sonia had broken Rahul's heart in the past, which seemed likely after listening to the conversations between Rahul & Sonia and Riddhima & Sonia. Was this the only reason she'd defended Rahul to Sonia? Muskaan wondered.


Just the other day, Riddhima had sat Muskaan down to explain to her how Rahul had suffered too, and how she wasn't doing right by him, behaving so coldly with him. Had Rahul felt the same? Would he say yes to some random girl because he was tired of Muskaan treating him like shit? No! She couldn't have that! No matter what, she still loved Rahul. And he was willing to give them another chance. He'd admitted his mistakes and apologized too. So, why was Muskaan holding on to her ego and not letting go, making both of them suffer for nothing? No! This wasn't right. Rahul couldn't marry anyone else! Not when she was around!


"What? Rahul? Shaadi?" She asked out loud, unable to form coherent thoughts.


"Haan, Muskaan? Kyu tujhe koi problem hai?" Armaan asked, smirking. "Ab dekh toh. Kaisa gabru jawan ho gaya hai ladka. Shaadi ki umar ho gayi hai iski. Toh iske parents shaadi karwana chaahte hai, toh galat kya hai?"


"Oyye, khottey!" Muskaan screeched, swatting Armaan's arm. "Tu... Tu mujhse pooch raha hai kya problem hai? Jaise tujhe kuch pata hi nahi hai?"


Turning to Rahul, she took hold of his jacket, angrily saying, "Aur tu! Kameene! Mere hote hue tu..." She immediately stopped talking when she realized what she was saying. She loosened her grip around Rahul's jacket and took a step back.

"Tere hote hue kya, Muski?" Riddhima and Nikki asked in unison. Muskaan shook her head and looked up to see Rahul looking at her with a dazed look.


"Kuch nahi!" Muskaan replied, annoyed. "Mujhe pyaas lagi hai." Saying so, she walked away, muttering under her breath.


"YES!!" Armaan and Riddhima cheered in unison when she left. Rahul was still in shock over what had happened. Had Muskaan actually been about to say what she was about to say?


Armaan, Riddhima and Nikki stopped their mini celebration when they saw him standing there like a statue, their college friends looking utterly confused at what was happening.


"Abbe, Daddu!" Armaan exclaimed. "Yahaan kya khada hai? Jaa uske peeche!"


Armaan's voice finally brought him out of his world. He looked at Armaan skeptically.


"Main... Main sapna nahi dekh raha na?" He asked.


"Nahi, bhai. Ho gayi teri setting!" Armaan answered.


"Sach?" Rahul questioned.


"Sach!" Armaan replied.


"I love you, yaar, Armaan!" Rahul exclaimed, pulling him in a tight hug. "I love you, I love you, I love you! Tu best hai!"


"Abbe saaley! Tujhse kitni baar kaha hai! Control kar thoda. Gay nahi hu main. Aur yeh I love you mujhse nahi, Muskaan se jaake bol," Armaan replied, pushing Rahul away.


"Hayye, kitna cute lag raha hai!" Rahul teased, pulling Armaan's cheek when he saw Armaan making faces at him.


"Rahul!" Riddhima interrupted. "Tu please Muskaan ke paas jaayega?"


Rahul smirked. "Arre, tu jal kyu rahi hai? Kuch nahi karunga isko main,"he said, gesturing to Armaan.

"Rahul!" Riddhima reprimanded.


"Haan, haan. Jaa raha hu," he said.


"Good boy! Ab please tum dono saare issues sort out karke hi waapas aana," Riddhima instructed.


"Yes, ma'am!" Rahul replied with a mock salute.


"All the best, Rahul!" Abhi and Nikki chorussed.


"Thanks, guys!" Rahul replied. He turned to leave, but then turned back and placed a smacking kiss on Armaan's cheek before running away.


"Saala, kamina! Kabhi nahi sudhrega!" Armaan muttered, wiping his cheek. Riddhima laughed at him.


Their college friends looked at the entire exchange with wide eyes. What was happening? Why was Rahul behaving so nicely with Armaan?


"Ridzy!" Nikki shouted, enthusiastic. "Rahul aur Muski!"


Riddhima turned to her and shouted, "YES!"


The two girls hugged each other tightly.


"Finally," Armaan murmured.


"Yeh sab kya ho raha hai?" Rakesh was the one who finally asked, all of them looking confused at whatever happened. First, Armaan & Riddhima are trying to get Rahul married, and then the next, a girl is telling him how dare he think about it before running away, then Rahul hugs Armaan and thanks him, going after the girl. What?


Armaan, Riddhima & Nikki looked at their confused and shocked faces and laughed.


"Allow me to explain," Armaan stated.


When people nodded, he began. "Actually, Rahul aur Muskaan ek doosre se pyaar karte hain. Lekin unka break up ho gaya, for personal reasons. Actually, Rahul was being stubborn. Toh Muskaan ne usko chod diya. But, pyaar toh karte haina. Toh humlog unko milaane ki koshish kar rahe hain."


"Almost 2 mahino se," Riddhima added.


"Right," Armaan agreed. "Almost 2 mahino se. Aur yeh idiot Muskaan aaj jaake kuch boli."


"Oh," Sonia muttered, sadly. So Rahul really wasn't available?


"Yes," Riddhima stressed. "Thanks to my idea!"


"Of course! As always. Saara credit khud hi lelo, Basket. Jaise humne toh kuch kiya hi nahi," Armaan replied sarcastically.


"Haan, toh? Idea toh mera tha na?" Riddhima asked.


"Lekin execution toh meri thi," Armaan answered.


"Agar main idea nahi deti, toh tum execute kya karte? Apna sar?" Riddhima questioned sarcastically, earning a guffaw from their audience.


"Oh, please!" Armaan said pompously. "Main nahi hota toh tumhaara plan kabhi successful nahi hota."


"Oh, really?" Riddhima questioned.


"Really," Armaan replied assertively.


"Bohot smart samajhte ho apne aap ko?" Riddhima asked.


"Basket, Basket, Basket!" Armaan cackled. "Kitni baar kaha hai, sweetheart. Samajhta nahi. Hu, hu, hu."


"Oh, really?" Riddhima back answered. "Agar tum itne hi smart ho, ho, ho, toh yeh batao aaj tak tumhaara kaunsa plan fool proof raha hai? Jahaan koi gadbad nahi hui ho?"


"Uh... Uh... Uh..." Armaan fumbled, not having an answer for that. All his plans always did backfire, especially when it came to Riddhima. The Universe was always on her side.

"Kya hua?" Riddhima asked with a smug, snide smile. "Nahi yaad aa raha? Aayega bhi kaise? Aajtak kabhi kuch theek se kiya hai tumne? Karne kuch jaate ho, karte kuch aur ho aur ho kuch aur jaata hai. Ek kaam toh tumse dhang se hota nahi hai."


"Theek hai, theek hai. Ab zyada udo mat tum," Armaan said.


"Main? Main ud rahi hu? Theek haina. Toh tumhaara kya jaata hai? Yahaan kyu khade ho? Chale jao na. Waise bhi, woh Lyla haina," Riddhima replied, making a face at him.


"Yaar, ab kya hua?" Armaan asked, exasperated. "Yeh Lyla beech mein kahaan se aa gayi"


"Kahaan se aa gayi?" Riddhima questioned, disbelieving. "Tumhe nahi pata kahaan se aa gayi?"


"Basket! Agar mujhe pata hota toh main tumse kyu poochta?" Armaan asked, as if talking to a little kid.


"Kyu? Abhi toh Rahul ke saamne bada bol rahe the. Lyla is so hot. Itni hot ladki ko koi reject karta hai kya? Etc etc. Yaad nahi?" Riddhima replied.


"Ohhh. Woh?" Armaan said, shrugging his shoulders. "Woh toh bas aise hi, Muskaan ko jealous karne ke liye bola tha," he said, wrapping an arm around Riddhima's shoulder.


"Toh itna zyada stress karne ki kya zaroorat thi uss baat pe?" Riddhima asked, shoving him away.


"Kya yaar, Basket, yaar! Tum har cheez pe itna gussa kyu hoti ho?? Maine toh usse aajtak kabhi dekha bhi nahi. Bas aise hi bol raha tha," Armaan whined.


"Toh bol kyu rahe the?" Riddhima questioned.


Nikki and Abhi looked like they were having a hard time controlling their laughter. Armaan & Riddhima's fights were always so entertaining.


Armaan & Rahul's college friends listened with interest, intrigued by the dynamic Armaan and Riddhima shared.  


Armaan, though. He was getting irritated by her constant blabbering, but Riddhima wasn't stopping only. The rest of the world did not need to know all this. But, this was Riddhima. Once she starts talking, she doesn't stop till she's said everything! Armaan couldn't have that though. They'd be here all night if he didn't do something. Finally, fed up, he did the one thing he knew would get her to stop.


He took her face in his hands and pressed his lips to hers, effectively shutting her up.



Evillest of evil laughs after that cliffie!

But please, don't kill me. Warna tum logon ko kaise pata chalega ki aage kya hua?

AR were so cute in this and I absolutely loved them! I hope you did too! :)

Posted: 3 years ago

no no nou can't end this here... such a devil u re Cry

finally their plan worked Clap
im glad muskaan kuch boli to sahi.. and here comes muskaan's devima roop... rahul ko ab bhagwan bachaye Wink LOL

brchara sonia ko v pata chal gaya iska patta cut LOL

and the best part is AR ki ladayi... they're pure entertainment yaar... haha i knew it ab armaan gayi. when he said lyla is hot if that's not enough finally d nail in the coffin is when he said woh usse shadi kar leta.. bechara ab to ridhima kaccha chaba jayegi isse LOL

hayyeee Shocked sabke samne kiss kar dia??? Embarrassed huhhh naughty boy Embarrassed LOL Wink

sabka muh khule k khule rehne wale hai.. abhi abhi toh ek shock mila tha,now again Wink Big smile

ufff I'm loving it
waiting for ridhima's reaction Embarrassed Edited by Prizi - 3 years ago

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