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Posted: 3 years ago
Hey guys!
Another thread! WOW! What is life! I absolutely cannot believe this! We're here! 

2 Threads and going strong! 

A big, big, big thank you to everyone who's stuck with this story since the beginning, especially because of the serious lack of updates in the last 2 years! I really am sorry about how this has gone down. Matlab, I started this story in November 2014 and it's now June 2018 and we've only had 60 odd chapters. But, you guys have stuck around and for that I am really, really grateful!

Thank you, Sanju, Paki, Humi, Tani, Tanya, Nilu (aka my Twinnie) for being there right from the start. Tum log best ho yaar. I know that Paki & Humi haven't been around for sometime, lekin Ramzaan chalu hai, toh theek hai. Baad mein sab hisaab lungi main. Also, Saniya, Aayushi, and Rihoo, who haven't been there since the beginning, but who've always been so supportive since they started reading! Big thank you to Arima aka Jennifer. She's been a real inspiration for me to write because she's such a great writer herself. And her comments, whenever she reads my story, make my day. :D

But, also, thank you everyone who's read even one chapter of this story and commented to tell me how much they liked it, because that's what has motivated me to keep going even after so long.

You guys are the absolute best and I love you! 

Thank you for loving my baby so much.

Love, Prags
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Chapter 64 - Page 1

Chapter 65 - Page 4

Chapter 66 - Page 6

Chapter 67 - Page 9

Chapter 68 - Page 19

Chapter 69 - Page 24

Chapter 70 - Page 38

Chapter 71 - Page 43

Chapter 72 - Page 50

Chapter 73 - Page 56

Chapter 74 - Page 62

Chapter 75 - Page 79

Chapter 76 - Page 94

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Previously On...

Gang moments Armaan, Muskaan & Nikki and Riddhima & Rahul.

Rahul meets Sonia who flirts with him.

Armaan & Riddhima make a big deal about it and joke about how Rahul liked Sonia in college, which makes Rahul angry.


Chapter 64

"Oops, Armaan laughed. "Aisa nahi karna chahiye tha na?" He asked Nikki.


"Armaan," Nikki warned. "Thoda zyada ho gaya tha."


"I guess," Armaan agreed. "Main dekhta hu." Saying so, he rushed behind Rahul.


"Wow, Sonia," Neha commented. "Rahul admitted he liked you. Bada stud hai yaar. I think tum dono saath mein bohot achche lagoge."


Sonia nodded in agreement, smiling happily. Her and Rahul would indeed make a good pair. Sure, she hadn't given him any bhaav in college, but then, he'd been such a champu. She was having a hard time believing that this handsome, dashing man standing in front of her now was the same nervous, fidgety, average boy she knew in college. She wouldn't have been caught dead with him then. But now, she wouldn't mind dating him. At all. In fact, she was sure that she'd love it.


"Excuse me," Riddhima interrupted their chatter.


"What?" Sonia asked rudely. She was getting fed up of this girl.


"Stay away from Rahul," Riddhima ordered.


"Right," Sonia replied, her voice sarcastic. "Tumne kaha aur maine maan liya. Sure."


"Listen, Miss Sonia Whatever. Tumhaare liye achcha yahi hoga ki tum Rahul mein interest na lo. Tum jaise fake logon ki uske life mein koi jagah nahi hai," Riddhima warned.


"Fake? How dare you call me fake!" Sonia thundered.


"Fake ho toh fake hi bolungi na. I know all about you. Tum jaanti thi ki Rahul tumhe college mein kitna pasand karta tha. Aur iss baat ka tumne bohot faayda bhi uthaya. Homework, projects, sab usse karwati thi. Khudke bhi aur apne friends ke bhi. Lekin uske aage kabhi usse baat bhi nahi ki. Use kiya usse. Lekin ab, jab tumne dekha ki woh kitna alag hai toh tum chaahti ho ki woh tumhe date kare. Kyu? Kyuki ab woh champu' nahi hai? Ab bhi, tum Rahul ke baare mein jaanne mein interested nahi ho. Tum bas yeh soch rahi ho ki Rahul itna good looking hai, toh agar tum aise ladke ko date karogi toh tumhaare liye hi faayda hai. Isse fake nahi toh kya bolu?" Riddhima asked.


"Look, tumhe beech mein padne ki zaroorat nahi hai," Sonia replied. "Main Rahul ko kisi bhi reason se date karna chahu, woh mere aur uske beech ki baat hai. Tumhe itna interest lene ki koi zaroorat nahi hai."


"Rahul mera sabse achcha dost hai," Riddhima said. "Uski life mein interest lena haq hai mera. Aur beech mein main nahi, tum aa rahi ho. So, stay away."


"Hah," Sonia scoffed. "Tumhe lagta hai, ki Rahul mujhe chodke tumhe choose karega? Wow! Maana ki tum itni bhi badsoorat nahi ho, in fact, you're pretty. Lekin, tumhaara aur mera koi comparison nahi hai. I'm sure Rahul bhi yeh jaanta hai."


"Haan, I'm sure woh jaanta hai. Ki uske liye better kaun hai. Aur waise bhi, maine apni baat toh ki hi nahi. Rahul mera dost hai. Dost. Matlab toh samajhti ho na. Aur waise bhi, tum kitne bhi haat pair maar lo, Rahul kabhi nahi maanega," Riddhima stated.


"Kyu?" Neha asked, interested.


"Kyuki Rahul kisise pyaar karta hai," Riddhima said simply, looking meaningfully at Muskaan, who immediately looked elsewhere, not wanting to make eye contact with Riddhima.


"Oh," Sonia replied. "Isme kaunsi badi baat hai. Aaj karta hai, kal nahi karega."


Muskaan looked really angry at that. Nikki placed a hand on her shoulder to calm her down.


Riddhima laughed. "Yahi toh problem hai. Rahul usse kabhi nahi chodega. Tum nahi jaanti woh usse kitne pyaar karta hai, kya kar sakta hai uske liye. Woh ladki, woh ladki Rahul ki zindagi hai. Aur un dono ko, koi nahi alag kar sakta."


They were now standing nose to nose, glaring at each other. Abhi thought that it would be better to break this argument before things got out of hand. So, he moved forward and caught Riddhima's shoulder.


"It's okay. I'm sure Sonia aapki baat samajh gayi hai," he said, looking at Sonia intently.


Sonia wanted to say something, but Neha placed a hand on her shoulder and shook her head. Defeated, Sonia nodded.


"Good," Riddhima replied smugly.


Armaan chased after Rahul and found him in a secluded corner.


"Rahul," he called. Rahul looked up at him, scoffed and turned back around.


"I'm sorry," Armaan continued. "I know thoda zyada ho gaya. Muskaan ke saamne yeh sab nahi bolna chahiye tha. Lekin, main bas usse jealous karne ki koshish kar raha tha," he explained.


Rahul sighed and looked at him. "Jaanta hu, Armaan. Lekin phir bhi. Tune kuch zyada hi bol diya, yaar. Dekha nahi tune, uska chehra? Kaise utar gaya tha. Main bhi chaahta hu ki woh meri life mein waapas aa jaaye, lekin aise, uska itna dil dukha kar nahi."


"I know," Armaan agreed. Holding his ears, he said, "Mujhse galti ho gayi. I'm sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry." He said cutely.


Rahul smiled despite himself. "Tujhe kya lagta hai? Main Riddhima hu? Teri aisi shakal dekhke main pighal ne nahi wala."


Armaan laughed. "I know."


Rahul grinned.


Armaan pulled him in a brotherly hug. "I promise, tere aur Muskaan ke beech mein sab kuch theek ho jaayega."


Rahul nodded against his shoulder. Pulling back, he said. "Pata hai. Mera bhai, tab tak chain se nahi baithega jab tak woh meri problem nahi solve karta."


Armaan grinned at his words and hugged him again. Then, he pulled back and said, "Ab chal. Wahaan pata nahi yeh teeno deviyaan kya kar rahi hogi."


Rahul nodded. Armaan started walking ahead, but stopped when Rahul called. "Thanks, yaar," Rahul said gratefully.


"Chal, manners ki dukaan, saale," Armaan joked and pulled Rahul with him.


When they walked back, they were relieved to see that everyone was talking amongst themselves again. And no one made any comments on seeing Rahul, so they assumed that Riddhima had refrained from making a scene. But, seeing Sonia constantly glare at Riddhima made Armaan mad. He tried to walk towards her to say something but was held back by Rahul.


"Rehne de, Armaan. Yeh Sonia toh hai hi aisi. Tu dekh, Riddhu kitni khush lag rahi hai," Rahul said, pointing to Riddhima who was laughing with Abhi over something Nikki had said. Muskaan was giving them a stink eye, which could only mean that Nikki had made a joke at Muskaan's expense.


"Fine," Armaan agreed, grudgingly. "Lekin agar usne zyada smartness dikhayi toh fir tu mujhe mat rokna."


"Nahi rokunga, baba. Tu abhi toh chal," Rahul said.


"Hey, guys," Armaan greeted when they reached back.


"All sorted?" Nikki asked by way of greeting. Armaan and Rahul nodded in unison. Nikki smiled happily. The two of them joined the gang and they made small talk for sometime.


Armaan sneakily pulled Riddhima close to him when the others were busy and moved a little away so that they could talk privately.


"Hi," he said softly.


"Hi," Riddhima replied, smiling.


Armaan smiled at her and took her hand in his, bowing down to place a kiss against it. His lips lingered at the back of her hand for longer than necessary. He slowly moved his lips across the expanse of her hand, dropping small kisses.


"Armaan!" Riddhima exclaimed breathlessly. Armaan smirked against her skin before standing back up. But, he didn't let his grip on her hand loosen.  


Before they could say anything else, Muskaan got there. "Oyye, Hero. Yeh cheating hai. Tune mujhe promise kiya tha ki agar main tere saath chali toh poora time Ridzy ke aage peeche nahi ghoomega," she complained.


Riddhima raised an eyebrow at him when she heard this. Armaan smiled back sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. "Sorry," he mouthed. Riddhima grinned at him and shook her head.


"Ridzy ko dekhna band kar aur meri baat sunn," Muskaan ordered. "Ek toh waise hi us kameene Rahul ne saare mood ki aisi taisi kardi. Bas, jab dekho ladkiyon se chipakta rehta hai," she whined.


"Muskaan," Armaan cut her off. "Rahul Sonia se nahi, Sonia Rahul se chipak rahi thi. Aur waise bhi, agar Rahul chipak bhi raha tha, toh tera kya jaata hai?" He asked.


Muskaan didn't have an answer to that. "Tu... Tu kyu us kaankhajure ke baare mein baat karke mera mood kharab kar raha hai? Chalna!" She insisted, holding his wrist and pulling him with her. As she forced him to walk away, Armaan held Riddhima's hand and pulled her with him.


"Hey guys, tumhaare baare mein hi baat ho rahi thi," Jai joked when they rejoined the group.


"Kya baat?" Armaan asked.


"Arre, hum iss Nikki se kabse information nikalwane ki koshish kar rahe hai. About how you and Muskaan met. Lekin isse toh kuch pata hi nahi. Kaisi best friend hai tumhari?" Neha whined.


"Ohhh," Armaan laughed. "Woh, Nikki doesn't know. Actually, main Muskaan se toh almost 3 saal pehle mila tha. And this Nikki toh I met 1.5 years ago. Toh, she doesn't know."


"So, how did you guys meet?" Neha asked.


"That's a funny story," Armaan declared. "Uh, I was driving home from Lonavla. And, this girl was just standing in the middle of the road, looking for a lift. Madam ki Dhanno kharab ho gayi thi. Toh meri gaadi ke saamne aayi aur zabardasti andar ghus gayi, yaar."


"Armaan!" Muskaan scolded, swatting his arm.


"What? Sahi toh bol raha hu. Tu aise dadagiri dikhake andar nahi ghusi thi? Aur, teri woh khatara scooter. Usko kaise maine meri car mein fit kiya mujhe hi pata hai," Armaan cribbed.


"Wow, that sounds interesting," Neha commented lightly. Frankly, she didn't really like the comfort level between the two of them. They seemed to be so close. And, Muskaan had successfully pulled him away from a girl who he found beautiful. That was something. Neha didn't know of anybody before her who could've done that.


"Yes, yes. It was," Armaan replied sarcastically. "Poore raste yeh madam ki chapad chapad hi band nahi hui. Finally, I dropped her and thought, Thank God, peecha choota. Lekin mujhe kya pata tha ki next day se yeh mere hi hospital mein kaam karne lagegi?" Armaan asked rhetorically.


Muskaan laughed in her typical style, making everyone else laugh too.


"And, what about you, Rahul?" Sonia butted in. "Tum aur..." She turned to Riddhima, wanting to know her name.


"Riddhima," Rahul supplied, his voice terse.


"Yes, so, tum aur Riddhima kaise mile?" She asked, making a face when she said Riddhima, which didn't go unnoticed by either Rahul or Armaan. Armaan glowered at her, but Muskaan stopped him before he could do anything. Similarly, Riddhima squeezed Rahul's waist in warning, not wanting him to create a scene.


"Not that it's any if your business," Rahul started, coldly, "but, Riddhima and I work together."


Rahul moved to leave, pulling Riddhima along, but was greeted by Roshni and Alisha when he turned.


"Hi girls," he smiled forcefully.


"Hi, Rahul," Alisha replied, blushing. She ducked her head.


Armaan noticed the exchange and smirked. It was so obvious to anyone who saw them together that Alisha had a crush on Rahul. He would have to use it to their advantage to get Muskaan to talk.


"Rahul, yaar," Alisha began. "Humlog kabse tera wait kar rahe the. Lekin tu aur Riddhima toh waapas hi nahi aaye." She cribbed.


"Hi, Armaan," Roshni greeted, smiling shyly.


Armaan taken aback by the unexpected greeting, waved to her tentatively. "Hi," he said. This caused Roshni to blush even more. Riddhima glared at the exchange.


Armaan wanted to ask the girl her name because he didn't know her but stopped short on seeing Riddhima's murderous expression.


"Um, this is Alisha and this is Roshni," Rahul introduced them to the others. "They're my friends."


A chorus of half-hearted hellos filled the crowd.


"Chalein?" Alisha asked Rahul impatiently.


Not wanting Rahul to leave, Sonia said, "Why don't you guys join us?"


Alisha was taken aback by the offer and replied negatively, but Roshni jumped at the chance, not letting Alisha get a word in. "We would love to!" She exclaimed enthusiastically. "I'll go get the others."


Rahul shook his head at her antics. It was obvious that she was doing this in a bid to get closer to Armaan. But, Armaan Mallik wasn't available anymore. He could only imagine the look on all these girls' faces when they found that Armaan was in a committed relationship. Had been for almost 3 years now. No girlfriend of his had lasted 3 months in college.


"What are you smiling so much about?" Riddhima asked him, watching his expressions with a bemused smiled.


"Nothing," Rahul replied quickly.


Riddhima looked at him weirdly before returning to her conversation with Nikki and Muskaan. These women never ran out of things to talk about, Armaan thought snidely. He hadn't had the chance to spend two quiet moments with his gorgeous girl the whole evening and now, she was being monopolized by these two.


"I think woh bhool gaye hain ki hum bhi yahaan hai," Rahul lamented to Armaan. Abhi nodded in agreement.


"Yaar, yeh girls toh jab dekho bas ek saath ho jaati hain. Kabhi socha hai kya ki hum yahaan kitne bore ho rahe hai?" Abhi whined.


"I know," Armaan seconded. "Ek toh, itne time se Basket se baat bhi nahi hui aur ab dekho," he made a face, pointing at the three who were talking continuously.


"Hey guys, kya baatein ho rahi hai?" Neha asked, interrupting their whining session. She looped her arm through Armaan's effortlessly and made to keep her head on his shoulder, but was surprised when Armaan moved away, not allowing her to do so.


She looked at him, confused and shocked, trying to figure out why he did that. In the past, Armaan had never had any issues with any girl invading his personal space. But, seeing him behave like this had not only surprised Neha, but also many others who'd been looking.

"Uh... Neha... Um... Woh... I'm really sorry," Armaan stuttered. Rahul and Abhi laughed at his weak apology. He glared at them, effectively shutting them up. He looked to Riddhima who was looking at the exchange with a smirk on her face.


"Kya hua, Armaan? Pehle to tumne kabhi aise react nahi kiya," Neha asked.


Before Armaan could answer, Riddhima said, "Haan, Armaan? Kya hua?" She asked. She walked to stand beside Rahul and rested her head on his shoulder as the two of them snickered at Armaan's predicament. He glowered at them before turning back to Neha.


"Uh, Neha, I'm not comfortable agar koi aise achanak aake mujhe hug kare," he replied. "Ya, you know, close aane ki koshish kare."


Riddhima burst out laughing at that. He absolutely loved it when Riddhima would hug him or kiss him without warning. He glared at her again, but this only made her laugh more.


"Oh," Neha answered, shocked. "I'm sorry."


"It's okay," Armaan brushed off, desperate for this conversation to be over. "You didn't know."


After that, things were a little awkward between Armaan & Neha. She didn't engage him in conversation like she was doing earlier. Riddhima was really thankful for that, though. However, Sonia didn't look pleased. Neha was one of her closest friends and she didn't like the way Armaan had behaved with her. She resolved to do something about it as soon as she got the chance.


So, yay! Some AR scenes, no matter how small and lots of gang masti! I hope you guys liked it. Especially the way Riddhima told Sonia off and the moment with Armaan in the end. I think that Armaan thing was really cute. :P

YAY ON NEW THREAD! I hope you guys continue to love this story! :D

Just keep commenting and showering us with love so that I can be motivated to write more. :)

Prags, XOXO





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Posted: 3 years ago
hahaha awesome part Prags...
Wow Ridz ne bohot acche us Sonia koh handle kiya...
aur bechari Neha, woh toh har koshish kar rahi ti Armaan se chipak ne ke liye...
But Armaan, he is just a gentleman... 
Woh kitni acche se khud koh dur kardiya...
and when he was trying to explain his behavior with that sorry...
heheh damn he was sooo much cute... 

I m happy to see Armaan and Rahul bond...
It's so nice... and strong...
Sacchi mein, yeh Armaan toh help karne ke chakkar mein Rahul ke love story ka band bhaja denge hehe...
But Riddhima koh acche se jawab de diya us Sonia koh...
Aur Armaan didn't like the way Sonia was looking towards Ridz... 

Hahaha Muski toh garam ho rahi hai...
Yeh dekhke, Sonia kitni interest dikha rahi hai Rahul ke liye...
Ridz ke kehne ke baad bhi, Sonia bas Rahul ke saath rishta banane ki soch rahi hai...
Just because he has changed and look good... 
Acche se insult kara dena is chudail ki, bohot uchal rahi ti na...

Oh ho, yeh AR bhi na...
Kabhi moka nehi chodte...
I just love their small moment, that in hiding from people...
Armaan koh toh bas tohda waqt chahiyeh apne basket ke saath...
He make those small time, like heaven to Ridz...

I just hope that jaldi Rahul and Muski li love story aage bade...
So AR could focus on their love story :P 
and we get to read more of AR heheh...
Waise I had a feeling that, yeh Sonia kuch na kuch zarur karenge...
Usko accha nehi laga, Armaan Neha ke saath aise behave ki... 

It was just awesome part...
Love how Ridz was laughing out loud, seeing Armaan trying to maintain distance with those girls...
Who were trying to chipak him :P 

Continue soon...
eager to read further...
Keep reading and loving...
Take care...
Love it...
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Posted: 3 years ago
Yeaahhh. ...  I m surpraide.  Some one is in updating mood it seems... 
I love when ridhima give her piece of mind to sonia and indirectly making muskaan see things.  Then armaan taking her with him but muskaan interrupted

Hahah u made it so cute yaar.
Armaan was cutie pie in these two scene where he was with ridhima but muskaan took him and other was when neha came hiting him.. 

Now i guess armaan will shout out him veing with ridhima by the end of whatever sonia is planing.  
Posted: 3 years ago
reswa againg. my baby got so big. <3

wrist sprain so wait more days for the resses to be removed.
Posted: 3 years ago
First of all Congratulations for the 3rd thread
Part was superbbb loved the ending very much Armaan was really very cute
Am very proud of Ridz kya jawab diya hai usne Soniya ko faku chand 
Alisha n Soniya dono bhi chipku hai n vo Neha bhi pagal Armaan ne mazboori mein ek hii kr diya blush krne lagi
Muze bhi DMG mein Armaan n Muski ki first meeting bahot acchi lagi thi bichara kitna udaas tha jb vo Lonavala se vaapas aa raha tha
Poor Armaan Muski use chod hi nahi rahi kitni mushkil se ek pal mila tha vo bhi Muski ne interrupt kr diya
Awww Armaan ne Rahool ko kitna cutely apologies kiya sachhi mein bahot efforts le raha hai Armaan RM ko milane k lie specially apni basket se door hai
I agree with Rahool jo ladkiya Armaan se chipak rahi hai jb unhe pata chalega He in committed relationship from last 3yrs unk chehre to dekhne layak hi ho jayenge
Thanx for the pm 
Loved n enjoyed it very very much
Update sooon
Posted: 3 years ago

loved how ridhima gave some piece of mind to that Sonia girl. but I wonder ye ladki armaan Se kyun nhi chipak Rahul.. after all she dated armaan in clg.. well muskaan is J
armaan's plan is going good till now at least

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