Dips Cr. #6 |Bepannaah|DeepVeer|NickYanka+PSD Giveaway: Page 14

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Posted: 3 years ago

Yes people because you can legit ruin faces of the bitches who f**ks with you! (Just kidding though! )


Namaste and welcome to the 6th thread of yet not understanding a bit of PS, utterly nonsense edits, bizarre state of mind and developing a benchmark in procrastination to update. Woop it was quite difficult to jot the summary.

Major Trivia: I was supposed to pack my belongings and left this place and go to the mighty Himalayas and live the rest of my life finding moksha but Virina and Husna were like 'abhi na jao chor ke, ke dil abhi bhara nahi' so I changed my mind. So haven't it been these ladies then you might have not even seen my face here. Now my last thread was running for a stretch like 3 years just equivalent to Sasural Simar Ka or a bokwass Ekta Kapoor daily drama but then the almighty send me angels although not in disguise to rescue me from the trauma. Please, a round of applause for the khatron ke khiladis Rida, Virina, Mais, Chandra, Husna, Aichuu. *Sniffs*

M Y   M U S E   Y O U   C A N 'T   R E F U S E

You need the inspiration to do every ordinary work in your life even for opening your textbooks to read for examination or to take a bath on a chilled winter morning or even to go to the office sometimes. Well in my case, my radar catches signals from the lovely ladies like Virina, Husna, Aichuu, Kankshita and many more outstanding creators in this forum and beyond whose works are meant to be worshiped. Also, Tumblr and LiveJournal are the best invention of mankind.

C O P Y R I G H T   L A B E L

All my works are labelled as DIPS or DIPS.CR

G E N E R A L   R U L E S

All my works including gifs and edits are free to be used within and outside the domain of this forum.
Please, atleast give me half of the paisa if you're planning to gain monetary benefits out of my work. I'm a woman. Kindly understand my feelings.

P R E V I O U S   T H R E A D S

#1  #2  #3  #4  #5


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Posted: 3 years ago

P A G E  |  C O N T E N T

Page 4 | Padmaavat, Game of Thrones, Deepika Padukone, KaSh 
Page 10 | Ranveer Singh, Bepannaah, Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2
Page 14 | Bepannaah, DeepVeer,NickYanka, Resources (PSD)

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Posted: 3 years ago

Please add me to your buddy list by clicking the [ +Buddy ] option or hit the 'LIKE' button below the post to receive a message whenever the shop is updated.
Posted: 3 years ago
Hello, Hi, Namaste, Mic testing!!!  *coughs*  *clears throat*

Before people start throwing rotten stuffs and chappals at me, I am sorry for opening the shop so late, okay very late I admit but somewhere down the line I knew that the thread will be opened impulsively and today is the fortunate day it seem.

My dear friends and everyone who might have secretly stalked my adda once in their lifetime, hopefully, firstly bear hugs and a big thank you for supporting me and encouraging me to make nonsense even though you might hate to admit it in words ROFL

Yes, I do have an update to post which for sure I'll post in the coming week. Peek a boo, it has GoT too. Few suggestions are yet to be made for which I need serious inspiration but seem like all of my muses have disappeared :( Wapas aao laut ke you all. We miss your work.

Posted: 3 years ago
Like finally she is back with the new thread.

1st: First page is bindass babu like you.
2nd: I'll come back editing this post again. ROFL

Can't wait to see you updateee!
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Posted: 3 years ago
Can't wait to see your updateee!
Posted: 3 years ago
Yayyy, congratulations for your new gallery! Party
Posted: 3 years ago
You are back and that to with bang
Damn awesome!  First page looks best

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