ROSID FF : Mr. Gangster's love story (note on pg 71)

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Hi guys... first of all thank u so much fr ur lovely comments fr my os it really means a lot to me, n this ff has been waiting since long to reach u all but delayed bcoz of my nervousness. But now finally i'm here to start my first ff i hope it comes out well...

Title sounds like this is a gangster story right, yes it is, n there are already some rosid stories which are based on gangster concept but this one is going to be little different n i'll try my best to present it in a different way...

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PART - 1

A  big bungalow with a big gate and surrounded by a compound wall, inside the compound there are few trees here and there and at one corner there was a beautiful garden with a small pound and with a fountain. Few people standing here and there talking to each other, some are engaged in pouring water to plants.

Inside the bungalow hall was filled with few people who are engaged in their respective works. That bungalow contains so many rooms in it, some paintings hanging on the walls.

Upstairs in a room a man, with light beard and mustache which is giving rough look to his handsome face and his fit body which is perfectly suits to his height and his looks which are always succeeds in stealing of any girl's heart, but for the bad luck of all girls, they can't even dare to come into his sight, as he is Siddanth baradwaj, a famous gangster in Delhi, who always busy with his so called gang. It doesn't mean that he will harm everyone, but whoever comes in his way will definitely has to forget the happiness in their lives.
Sid engaged himself in phone, seems to be talking something seriously. After a while, Sunny, who is one of the gang members of Sid enters into Sid's room.

"bhai... what are you doing? you still engaged to that stupid phone"said sunny as he kept the plate full of chepathi and curry on the side table and went near sid.

By hearing his voice Sid turned towards Sunny and disconnected the call.

"Sunny... you knew what i'm doing very well... and what is this plate?"asked Sid pointing at the plate which was kept on the table.

"so now i have to explain this to you that this is chepathi and curry and we human beings has to eat this to lead a healthy life... common bhai... you didn't have breakfast in the morning and now time is 2 pm... so i brought food for you... now come and have it bhai... "said  Sunny who is totally fed up with Sid's careless behaviour towards his health. 

"ok mere papaji... i will wash my hands and come"said sid as he knew if he say no then Sunny will again start his stupid acts to make him to have food as he always does.

 This gang of five members, Sid, Sunny, Rahul, Sameer and Saket are beasts for outsiders but inside they really shares an amazing brotherly relation with each other even without having any blood relation. Among all of them, Sunny is very close to Sid and little bit of funny type of guy compared to other members of the gang.

After a while Sid came out washing his hands and settled down on sofa and started eating. 
while eating "do you all have your lunch"asked sid with concern.

"of course bhai... we are not careless like you... and i luv my body, i don't want to spoil my physique by dieting... and same with others they too had their lunch"said Sunny taking look at his so called body which is not at all fit.

"physique and that too yours... stop joking idiot" said Sid with a smile on his face.

"ok first complete the lunch bhai... we have to go out... u remembered right"said Sunny trying to change the topic as he knows when it comes to physique he can't compete with Sid.
After a while Sid completed his lunch and started to go out with his gang members.  

To be continued...

do u guys noticed that all names of sid's gang are the names of the characters played by our manish in different shows, so how it is let me know through ur comments...
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Part - 2

A girl with long and black hair, shining eyes, wearing a simple yet beautiful chudidhar, standing beside the road and waiting for someone.

"oh god how much i have to wait... where is this idiot? "mumbled Roli to herself as she is irritated with the long waiting for her friend.

After a while two cars stopped with a loud sound by hearing the sound Roli turned to see at the source of sound.While from one car Sid and sunny came out and other members from other car and walked towards a shop. And that shop owner is shocked to see Sid and sweating all over his face. By then Sid reached him.

"so are u ready to agree for the deal we offered you?"questions Sid with a serious look making that shop owner even more afraid.

"bhai...wo...i..i... want... time"said ramu, that shop owner with a shaking voice due to fear.

By hearing this Sid just given a look to his members and then... they started throwing the material of the shop and breaking the furniture and all, ramu couldn't do anything against them watching with a horror in his face.But one person who is watching all this is fuming in anger and that is Roli,yes when it comes to suffering of poor and innocent people she will becomes Jansi ki rani and same happened here also; without a second thought she rushed towards that shop.

"just stop all this. what r u doing?what will u get by harming other people"burst out roli while all stopped and looked at roli but Sid looked away without changing his serious look.

Again Sid gives a look to his members without paying any attention to roli and they again started their work which raises roli's anger even more.

"are u deaf?can't u hear what i said? just stop all these nonsense."yelled out roli looking at sid while sid took his goggles which are hanging to the pocket of his jeans and  kept it over his eyes and turned to Roli.

By now Roli's friend Nidhi, for whom Roli was waiting,arrived at that place and shocked to see roli arguing with sid as she  very well knows who is Sid and she rushed towards roli.

"roli what r u doing ? stop all this and come"said nidhi trying to take roli with her but roli stopped while nidhi turned towards roli with a confused expression.

"what i'm doing? i'm just stopping these guys who unnecessarily troubling others"said roli by giving a look towards Sid who is still standing with a serious look as if nothing is happening.

"Roli... don't be a stubborn, come with me"said nidhi and grabbed roli from there and left the place as soon as she can.

"bhai..."called out sunny who was silent till now with the happenings.

"settle the matter and come"orders sid and walked towards his car, entering in and rushed from there leaving his gang all confused. Soon they engaged themselves in settling the matter as per Sid's order. 

To be continued...
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Awesome updates dear...title & concept was interesting... & .i noticed that all the name's of sid's gang are the names of the characters played by manish in different shows...well written...looking forward to read this story...Eagerly waiting for next update... & thanks for the pm. Smile Edited by ayeshakapoor - 2 years ago
Posted: 2 years ago
Array this was awesome yaar. Why you get nervous. Nice update. I love to read gangster and police officer stories. Now I'm so eager to read further updates. Loved rosid meet. Oh my sherni. Oh sry yaar first of all Congo for your first ff. I know you gonna be rock. So yaar now I'm waiting so don't make wait so long k waiting for nxt thanks for the pm 
Posted: 2 years ago
1st of all..all the best for ur ff dear...!!!very interesting concept this u said there were many stories based on this is always interesting due to different narrations of rosidians...loved the updates..both of their introductions were sooo good...dont get nervous...continue it...ur an awesome writer...!!!update soon...Clap
Posted: 2 years ago
Gangsters story I really love gangster story so lovely update.. 
Roli is jhansi ki rani really waiting for next.. Name of characters are lovely update soon 
Posted: 2 years ago
I love gangster ffs.loved Sid and gang's brotherly bond.characters having manish's character names was interesting.roli yelling at Sid for troubling the shopkeeper was interesting. but I doubt if Sid was after him as the shop guy was wrong. Edited by jasminerahul - 2 years ago

Manish Raisinghan

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