Trials Of Fire!! IPKKND3 Untold Saga Of ADNi Chapter 1 to 15(Page 88)

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I am sure your children are very happy to get you back now

Yes Priyu! they are very much happy to have me back. Myself also feeling great on one side to be back with them; yet feeling sad to be away from my hubby. Life is like that!

The trip was however great! Felt like our early marriage days, when we were just two of us. Better actually, because now We know each other so well and feel a great trust and a connect with each other.
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I understand you must have enjoyed a lot
when will your hubby be back ?
these small things give u so many beautiful moments
I hope you have such trips at least once every yearEdited by 2filmy - 2 years ago
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Originally posted by 2filmy

I understand you must have enjoyed a lot
when will your hubby be back ?
these small things give u so many beautiful moments
I hope you have such trips at least once every year

Yup Priyu! I enjoyed hugely ... the beauty of nature humbled both me and hubby...such great things the nature teaches you, such absolute beauty in its diversity.

he'll be back by weekend... currently on another business trip.

We did have beautiful moments... his zeal to take me to different places, making me comfy in travel... we together sharing the beauty witnessed by eyes!

Amen! May such trip come at least once every year!
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Lingering Moments Chapter 12 page 1

"Aadi..."Aadii... "Aaadi..."There was a senseless flying chaos all around. Everybody running helter-skelter... frantically searching every nook and corner... turning back with anguish and despair...

 Wherehad Aadi gone? A crying, sobbing Pooja had somehow managed to tell the family that last, she had bathed and dressed him up for Diwali. He had just run from the room to call his CM.

Infuriated Advay scuttled into every room... loping... a wild ferocity in his stance!!Terrible anxiety..extreme fear..the worst terror.. all crashed and congealed into Advay Singh Raizada trademark anger, 

" SECURITY!! Where the hell were you?". His thunder shocked the air out from the lungs of the man in front.

"Sirji, we were there, sirji...believe me... I swear I did not see Aadi Baba going out." The guy could hardly bring his voice out. He was shivering from top to toe in fear.

Veer stared at Advay... gone was the laughing happy bhai of yesterday...thank god, he had taken a picture of that Bhai,... In his place now stood a truculent Advay Singh Raizada, his eyes narrowed to slits sprinting out fire.

Chandni felt the beckoning of her heart... She knew this man... robbed mercilessly by life... Aadi was his world...a world to beloved, cared and cherished... She just wanted to embrace his wrath in her loving arms and appease him...How she wished he  had been just a little less angry... he was absolutely right to be angry... yet she wanted her love to somehow nudge its way through all his emotions into his heart, like cool water flowing on hot coal. 

What had happened to Aadi? Was he in some trouble? Had he gone alone out of the house? Was he kidnapped? The questions crowded in her mind fast being pulled into a valley of dark fear. 

"Miku,you check inside the house. I'll go out and search. Naani please call all his friends. Maasi, call the police commissioner...Aadi has to be found!" 

Anger or otherwise, Advay Singh Raizada was a man of action...

But his heart... his heart was gripped in worst terror...the wound deep in his heart throbbing...drawing blood...

His worst fear taking shape in front of his image of hospitalised Aadi... the day he had fainted and was put on dialysis machine in hope for his life left. " NO!" screamed Advay's heart in denial of the mere thought. 

"Where has my Aadi gone? I'll die... I'll die if anything..." Pooja just couldn't bring herself to utter the further words... Blood draining of her body completely... her feet giving under... She was about to collapse ... just at the nip of the moment, strong protective arms came around her. 

He lifted her in his arms and brought her to the sofa laying her down... His eyes clouding in the empathy of the pain of his sister... Chandni splashed water onher face... 

"Didi... didi... uthiye na! Kuchh nahi hoga Aadi ko... Aadi vaapas miljaayega... Didiii." Pooja was just coming to her senses.

(Sis....Sis.....wake up, please! Nothing will happen to Aadi..... Aadi will return back, sis.)

Naani came from behind. All her courage, wisdom and positiveness clouded by the fear for her beloved grandson. "Don't know, Chandni...somehow this has never ever happened before... The boy has never ever been missing like this... Heaven knows, what's going on in that young heart! Where is he gone? Why has this happened?" 

Chandni turned immediately to Naani... Hugging her anguished trembling frame... "No Naani. Trust me... Aadi will be found... he won't go anywhere... nothing will happen to harm has happened." 

With a senseless flying vindictive rage, Advay yanked her away from naani...and gripped her shoulders ...his wrath exerting all his pressure making her hurt ...and then he roared, his voice opening out and hitting the highest of decibels... striking her eardrum, dashing against her heart. 

"Of course, it's happened!Everything has happened because of You!"  The last word lashed out as derogatory curse.

The pressure cooker had burst out...releasing all its steam on her... a volcano had erupted... all pent up frustrations, anger emanating off...the lava of fire within him... lashing out unmindful of the loving heart of the woman it was charring completely.

"All this has happened because of YOU! It's all Your Fault." 

Chandani was flabbergasted, "Maine kuchh nahi kiya, Dev..."(I didn't do anything, Dev) 

She desperately urged to reason out with him; but anger kept getting better of him.

A cruel, unthinking Advay violently gritting his teeth, crushing her shoulders, his breath an angry hiss!...

"Aadi came to callus in the morning. Why did you have to dillydally then?". 

He wanted to throw that moment out of his memory; violently he hurled her away.

His own sense of guilt and the horrific pain in hisheart having to make a choice every time between her and his family... his desperate yearning for Adi's safety...all compounded making his conflagration spread wild. 

"Main to sirf..." ( i Just....)

"to hell with your Sirf!"... 

His roar rose wildly,echoing in the room. 

"You make me forget the world and just spend time with you. I should have checked up on the child......Aaj Aadi ko kuchh ho gaya toh meri jindagi barabaad ho jaayegi"... 

(If something happens to Aadi, my life will be destroyed)

He bedevilled her with utterly unkindest words, 

"This is all because of you. You hound my thoughts all the time. You make me forget my life purpose. Because of you, I lapse on my family duties, my precious relations " 

His voice at its highest pitch in an angry octave... 

"Why are you in my life at all? "

A demon had unleashed in him in the most destructive way imaginable ...turning on the woman he loved the most.

A stunned moment absolutely unforgivable throbbing the jugular!

Chandni was thunderstruck... The latent heat of his anger hitting her...a dungeon of pain and incomprehension fast engulfing her heart... a dagger of excruciating hurt twisting deep inside...herself struggling with every short breath of hers...a desperate struggle to make some sense of his unforgivable manner...she stared at him horrified, breaking,ending, falling, shattering inside.

Remorse and anguish took sudden hold on his heart...pain in her wounded eyes mirrored in his heart... melting him...Perplexing him...why was there this boundless need to hug her, to comfort her?...he shut himself from that feeling...from her and marched away...a rapacious lion in his primal animal stance.

Everybody was dumbstruck with Advay's breakout. 

"Kya kah diya aaj Chiku ne!" Naani was the first to voice the pain of onlookers. (What has Chiku uttered today!)

"Where is he wrong Maa? Hasn't Chandni's love diverted him from his earlier life purpose? He forgets his parents nowadays,and now Aadi also. Maasi vomited out her warped thinking.

Strong arms came around Naani stopping her from slapping Maasi. 

" Nahi Naani! Please don't... Please! " Miku urged Naani. 

Naani was crying bitterly now. "What shall I do,Miku? In such time also, all that my daughter thinks of is revenge. Kab bujhegiiske man ki aag? When will the fire in her heart quench? How many times should I convince her to let go of the past?What has the poor child done? What is her fault?"

Chandni had a complete breakdown in face of his stark reality...every word of his wrath played back in her mind hurting horribly...

"Why are you in my life at all?"...

But then last night he said, he believed in him and me together...she struggled desperately frantically to believe last night and hope... 

Oh! But earlier... "Tumne meri jindagi barbaad kar dee,dammit!"... (you have destroyed my life, dammit!)

Is that how he felt even now? After all that love shared? Why was she in his life then? 

Her heart suddenly bled... like a dam bursting, all painful memories breaking out through a minute little crack. 

"It's all my fault, Naani. It's always been my fault. I was born and my mother died. I had Dev as my best friend and I brought him killing pain. Because of me, Miku was lost. After all these years, when I come back, the heart of this family, our sweetest Aadi is lost... I don't have a right to be here... I don't have aright to live." Crying bitterly she collapsed. 

Shikha held her tightly, " Aisa mat kaho, Jiji, please!"(Don't say that, Sis)

"Bhabhi, take hold of yourself. We all need you." 

Miku cupped Chandni's face tenderly pulling it up and making her look into his firm eyes... in them, a stern order to make her plug her heart before it bled to death... yes Death! 

Because his Ram had ordered his Sita maiyya an exile away from his life. Only she alone could plug her bleeding heart now... and she just had to!

Advay was driving mindlessly on every road, his eyes frantically searching for Aadi. He had carried a tornado within himself...a tornado that could destroy the earth...

A storm that had to come before calm could return...

The woman who took him in her arms...the moonshine that soothed him always... her swagger that had him smitten by her...Her silken halo of hair flying out in air... She made him smile with life... . all her images roamed in him... Right from day one...right from their old happy childhood memories.

And suddenly a different memory... the memory of Aadi! He braked hard. His mobile was ringing. It was home ... had Aadi returned? 

It was Naani, " Chiku,  returnback home immediately."... 

"Naani, Aadi?... 

"Aadi will be found only when you reach back home. Just follow what I say now. Return back." Naani's stern scolding acted as balm on his raw nerves ...a bit of sanity returned in his heart. He took a U turn.

There she was!!! A lissom visage he wanted to always be one with. Out of reflex, his heart heaved a sigh of relief.

Somewhere deep inside, he had the dead scare of her not being there ...A thunderbolt realisation hit him... How terribly important she was in his life!...To his very survival, his sense of peace with life... He knew the answer to his own question... There wouldn't be any life without her,dammit!

She was consoling Pooja sitting next to Naani... Telling her to have faith that nothing would happen to Aadi... With his entry, all looked at him. Their gaze met... Both hurtling in a space within with an insane pain! 

He went straight to Pooja and hugged her, "I am sorry..." 

His voice broke... Naani pulled him close... He put her head in her lap and allowed his entire storm to flow through his pain stricken tears... 

"Aadi mera beta hai, Naani! Aadi is my son! I cannot live without him!" he sobbed hard.

Oblivious to the grief stricken family, a small hand came on his shoulder with a tremulous call, 

" CM... " 

Am I hallucinating? Advay could not focus...his vision all watery...his mind clouded by agony...but the touch... yes! The touch!... 

"Aadi.. Aadi... Mera bachcha..My Child"...The duo hugged tightly. The same moment everybody rushed and hugged the duo...happy tears, hugs,kisses ... A sudden relief flowing in the family.

"Aadi, mere bete... Son,where were you?" Pooja's tears were flowing freely but there was a smile on her lips.

Aadi didn't say a word. He just pointed to the cupboard in the corner. That was Nana's cupboard.

"Chandni...Aadi mil gaya... Aadi mil gaya Chandu,Aadi mil gaya!"...(Chandni Aadi is found......Addi is found....Aadi is found!)

Sunshine happiness on his lips ... hope gleaming through the sheen of tears. He gripped her exactly same again...The pressure was the same ... Only change being his happy excitement exerting that pressure...a marvellous possessiveness in his grip.

"Am I your child? Will you never ever leave me?". 

A quavering hold of his Mama's chin to turn him back to Aadi... A throbbing vulnerability in the tender entreaty of the child...  Advay felt his heart's strings getting pulled. 

"Aaadi...? Why are you asking me that?". 

There was an honest concern in Advay's intense unwavering gaze. But there was no response...Aadi just fixed his eyes down on the ground.

"This time when your dad calls..." Advay started and soft fingers came on his lips. 

"My dad never calls... I know CM..." 

All zeal disappeared from the child. Innocent tears fast crowding in his eyes. 

"My dad has gone away to never return. He does not love me."

Advay just stared...a vortex of turbulence in his oceanic eyes... an icy chill gripping his heart absorbing all its warmth...suddenly making it hollow...the cascade of tears from the hurting child drenching every emotion of his.

"Maine bataya, Bhai!" (I told him)

There was absolute chill in Pooja's voice. Suddenly she had some idea where today's whole drama originated from.

Advay hugged Aadi tight. 

" Tum MERE bete ho Aadi!You are MY son! I'll never ever let you go anywhere." 

There was intense, pure, unadulterated love in his voice... binding the two completely emotionally... taking both to their special loving world.  Aadi's grip around CM tightened.

Still gripping his CM, Aadi voiced the question burning in his heart since long... a tremendous hurting query pestering his mind all the time..., 

" Why did my dad leave me and go?"

Advay had no answer to satisfy the heartrending query of an innocent lad. He felt hollow from inside... getting pulled into the vortex of turbulence in Aadi's mind. He pursed his lips and thought of all things he would love to tell the child but nothing seemed to fit...His fast calculating mind going blank in face of one cruel reality.

" Aadi... Come here beta..." 

Chandni gently pulled him away from Mama and cupped his face gently, 

" Naani has told you Ramayana story, you remember?...Why did Rama have to go to exile... why was Sita sent to jungles... Sometimes in life we don't have answers to some questions...that's then you call it destiny!... 

But why should that bother you at all? Because you are god's favourite child so while you lose one dad... you have CM as your father and Didi and myself as your mothers... same as Krishna had Yashoda and Devki." ...

It was truly a mother talking to her child... making him understand complexities of life in a gentle way.

" But you are Mami..." Aadi was still vacillating between belief and non-belief.

" Yes...same as Ma-si... Your Naani is CM's Masi but she's his mother, too. Right? Same way I am Ma-mi... so I am your mother, too."

Advay just watched her mesmerized...she was Parvatimata explaining Ganesha... she was Yashoda maiyya explaining Kanha... and at that moment he too was Kanha, same as Aadi. ... her loving voice filling up the void in his heart...he was seeing a woman, born a mother... an eternal wonder she had loved Meghu's child as her own that night he saw the two together... it's this motherhood that comes to her so naturally.

" So Aadi... promise us that you'll never again think of people gone from your's simply not worthy of your thought." She was urging Aadi to bend towards Belief and he did!... hugging her tightly.

"Aadi... she's telling you the truth beta." Pooja lovingly put her hand on his back wanting to console the pain in his heart.

" And Aadi,... Sansani aisi nahi machaate, Buddy! Not done! Promise us you won't do something like this again." Miku hugged the child.

" par meri kya galati?... main CM ko bulaane gaya tha,i had gone to call CM! he didn't open the door. I thought it was because of the pool incident..."Aadi was rueful.

" In life, loving is sharing, Aadi. You have to learn to let go of your loved ones for some while." Miku wanted Aadi to truly believe and learn.

" But what do Mama- Mami do so late in their room everyday?" Aadi was not easy to convince. Everybody blushed at his innocent question.

" Don't ask such questions, Aadi." Pooja was too embarrassed to answer the young lad. Your child shouldn't ask such questions in front of all.

" It's Ok, Didi! Let him ask." Chandni had a forced smile on her lips., 

"Aadi... you don't have anybody your age to play with when you're at home, right?" 

Aadi nodded. 

" So Mama- Mami want to get you a sweet playmate... and for that lots of preparations are required... those preparations take time... so we become late."...

 Aadi beamed at the thought of new playmate and Advay blushed completely. She was touching their ethereal dream together... He smiled with the sheer happiness of the beautiful thought, their Acchhu'.She'll be the mother of my child, very soon. He felt oneiric!

Nani smiled with Chandani's wisdom. Instead of shunning an embarrassing question, the wise girl had explained the truth so beautifully to an innocent child.

"Aadi, where is your Raksha Dhaga?" Maasi checked his hand. 

Stealthily, aadi stepped behind and clasped Pooja's hand. " Maa..." he urged showing his little finger.

"You've been holding up for so long now. Come, let me take you and give you a nice bath too. Clothes all sweated now." Pooja volunteered happily. 

"CM, I'll be back soon. Be ready."... 

"Yes, Aadi", 

Advay allowed all his stress to dissipate from his kiss on Aadi's forehead.

 Pooja and Aadi walked out hand in hand. Behind them, Miku and Shikha went, too. Everybody was relieved after finding Aadi. "I'll visit the temple and come." Maasi left the room.

"Chandni..." he called out to his love but she ignored. He held her elbow stopping her from going further from him, "Chaaandni?" He urged again. 

But a true loving heart had taken umbrage already. His urges now, after cooling down, would fall on deaf ears. Somehow, she extricated herself from his clasp, 

"Naani, I shall leave now. Everybody must be hungry." She walked out of the room without a single look back.

Naani immediately knew that, though Adi was found,peace of the family was not coming soon. Advay was staring at Chandni walking away from him.

 " Ab use ghoorane se kya hoga, Chiku? Ja, jaake manaa." (What's going to be achieved by glaring at her? Go and appease her.)

"Naani, voh sun hi nahi rahi hai." Advay was rueful.( She's not listening at all)

"Kyon Sune? Tune itna kuchh to suna diya! Ab jaakar manaayega ya..." (why should she listen.... As such you made her listen to so much..... now you'll go and appease her or...."

She made a flying thappad action.

Chandni busied herself more than ever in the kitchen... trying to bury her bleeding heart in her favourite cooking task...but her brain refused to comply... her mind cogitated on Dev's words again and again making her eyes sting badly. Painful darkness engulfing her vision...

She was the flame; but under the flame, there's always darkness..HE was her sun who alone could hold the craters of her darkness...HE alone could share his light with her illuminating her to become his Chandni... 

But somehow the game of fate had brought them to a fractious turn now!

Silently, he watched her... his eyes taking in every expression of hers... He could never ever in life be immune to her pain...the memory of the hug in the pub came sharply to his mind...

This time, he knew he was the cause of the pain...The knowledge ripped his heart inside as a guilt... He so much wanted her to forgive him...just once...His heart pleaded but lips couldn't form the words.

A simmering awareness of his transfixed gaze in her;pulling her to him; but her distress made her to shun from it. She turned away and opened the door of the fridge delving deep into it... as if searching for a space of hers, where she could ignore his presence.

"Sir, aapko kuchh chaahiye tha?" (Sir you wanted something?)

Shilpa saw Advay waiting for so long... a want in his gaze...Everybody at home had become aware of sudden angry undercurrents between their beloved Tota-Maina pair.

" Chaay... Chandni." (Tea.....Chandni)

A silent entreaty in his call. Maybe with this she would look at him. At least give him one chance to mend things between them. 

Without a look at him, she made the green tea with honey lemon as he loved... He waited desperately for her to hand it to him...maybe his demand for tea could help their eyes meet and their souls connect. A hope just started to burgeon in his heart...

" Shilpa, sir ko chaay de de... Mujhe Aadi ke liye jelly custard banana hai." (Shilpa, serve tea to your sir. I need to prepare jelly custard for Aadi)

She went back to the fridge. The ray of hope in his eyes suddenly disappearing in an abyss of despair,... Forlorn, he just left from the place...A true lover at heart... angry and hurt ...because  for him, it was she or nobody else in the world...

He barged into his room and threw himself on bed. His lips pursed in anger and his eyes shut tightly with his arm. But whatever he tried, he just could not shun her thoughts, her memories from his heart...neither did he want to...Those were the only solace against the sharp darts of pain running through his veins... 

He was not repugnant of her... He knew it was his battering that had caused the smile to disappear from her face... making his world the darkest black hole... but now somehow he could not do anything... She wouldn't allow to hold her close to his heart and meliorate her umbrage... Self-punishment was his only option left perhaps. 

Chandni genuinely wanted to focus on the jelly custard for Aadi; but how much ever she tried she just could not. What a terrible day! ...her heart felt tired and abyss of pain, both his and hers perhaps, engulfing her. When he called out her name just now...she felt an inexplicable tug at her heart... wanting to run and hug him and bring all her downheartedness onto his solid chest...water cascading on a secure herself in his embrace binding her to him with the gravitation of love!

He on his bed and she against the kitchen wall...The day had been such huge chaos ...A chain reaction exponentially increasing in impact...Both had settled one but the other was beckoning now...What an irony!...especially after the most beautiful night, full of moments to be gathered close to heart and cherished...In those moments lay the germ of their love which struggled to live even when his anger snuffed it out.

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Lovemaking and happy banter of Adni 

Something that we enjoyed in IPK1 but missed in IPK3 with Advay-Chandni as married couple.

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Lingering Moments Chapter 12 page 2

The night had been magically special. In a slow gait, he had carried her to the bed with a promise of love in his eyes...notes from the player wafted in the air, spreading music of love.. ...the flames of candles danced happily, lighting the space with the magic of love...Their eyes shined with incandescent love...just love in their hearts and total devotion in their transfixed gaze...heat rose in the air and it was not due to the flickering candlelight!

Having slowly laid her on the bed...he tenderly picked her one foot and looked at her with infinite love...

 "us raat kitna dardhua rahega na?..."(That night, it must have pained you so much, right?)  

Painful anguish of his own doing making his eyes remorseful...

"Aap pair kyon choo rahe ho? Please chhodiye na." (Why are you touching me feet? Please leave them)

Without a word, he kissed her soft heel...his lips lingering there in total reverence... undoing the pain caused...

A lone tear rolled down her cheek with the profundity of the moment...Her husband kissing her feet...a gesture curiously intimate... he moved to her insteps... The kiss deepened...desire came alive bright and refulgent in her whole body ...Her toes naturally curled in...  

That sensuous curling changed everything in him dramatically...There was smoulder in his eyes, desire on his lips, passion in his every pore... Naked passion stirring his guts and all vivid in his touch...  

The fire in his lips, the moist of his tongue, the bite of his teeth...all congregating together,  relentlessly screaming out their signals,making her feet to become her live sensual core...simultaneously... on a remote star... deliberately but with a deference to her arousal...Her core and his thumb bristling together ...the  act making  a storm gather passionately in his being...

With naked lust and wanton love, he watched .......... her intoxication mounting slowly and then rising rapidly till she whimpered wildly...moaned in ecstasy...rocked across the edge...and then shuddered in inebriation...both holding on to the moment... refusing to return from their own remote star... he softly kissed her payals, her shackles on his heart!

Moments just lingered by!

Her heart thudding... her bosom heaving...her breath short and heavy coming through her open mouth... she cupped his face... " Maine bhi to tumhe dard diya hai, Dev... mera bhi to hak banata hai..." ( I have too given you pain, Dev....... now it's my right, too!)

A plea, a demand, a right a lover on another lover!

He smiled at her...his temptress... innocent learning to be sensual...she aroused him yet made him feel tender towards her... He submitted...making her feel happy, sensual and little corny, too... 

" Dev pata hai, Tum theek se taiyyari bhi nahi karate; bahut ghai rahati hai." (Dev you know what? You never make proper preparations..... always you're in too much hurry)

He threw his head back and laughed at his temptress's unbridled innocence...

Then she surprised him... with intoxicating,sensuous movements she undressed herself... like a mermaid emerging from water...completely hypnotising him... With flirtatious titillating erotic movements, she repeated the act on his body. In heart, only she knew how embarrassed she felt doing this; but he meant the whole world to her and she wanted him to know just how much...

She moved to his foot...her each movement hypnotic,innocent yet full of pure fire...she submitted him to absolute intoxicating torture...he lost himself totally in her giving...climbing higher and higher to the brink... 

He gripped his arousal tightly in his hand and pulled her head up... his eyes begging her for his release...slowly she took it from his hand pressing it between her soft bosoms...and then she maddened him to an exhilaration where he could not control his own scream...knowing he was very close, she moved on top him engulfing his heat in her wet moist folds...

With her tongue fighting with his, deep in his mouth, she gyrated till he exploded within her...absorbing his wild screams in her mouth...and then she shuddered once again as he throbbed within her.

Drained out moments lingered.

" Ruk, Chandu!" (Stop, Chandu) 

She was just about to step down the bed when his sharp cry stunned her as he emerged from the washroom.

 " Kya hua?Kyun ruku? Mujhe jana hai." (What has happened? Why should I wait? I need to go)

"Mera vaada hai na, ki aaj ki raat tum paav jameen par nahi rakhogi." ( It's my promise, right, that you wouldn't put your foot on ground."

"Toh? Main kya jaau bhi nahi?" ( So?  Should I not go because of that?)

"Main leke chalunga." (I'll take you)

"Kuchh bhi!... vaha kaise? aur voh karate vakt? Kabhi nahi."

(Anything huh! How come there? And that too, while I'm doing.....never!)

"main le chaloonga... bas!" (I'll take you, That's it!)

" Nahi dev, mujhe theek nahi lagata... pagal mat bano!"

(No Dev! I am not comfortable..... don't act mad!)

" Main le chaloonga!" (I'll take you!) 

His eyes were lowered to the ground like a lost child but his voice had a determination.

" Nahi! Bas nahi!" (No, just no!)

"Mera vaada toot jaane dogi tum?" (You'll let my vow be broken?)

" Dev, tum na!... kabhi nahi maanate... bas apna hath poora karate ho...I hate you!"

(Dev, You! ....You never listen..... Always make your will true, I hate you!)

" But I love you!"

Through the night, he kept proving her just how much!


He stirred in happy slumber as the sunlight shined on his everyday, he watched her innocent beauty sleep... her slow breath blowing against his arm tugged under her...soothing his tornadoes from the past...

memories from the very first night when she had collapsed against himin Allahabad came to his mind like a movie...he revelled in every moment he had held her in his arms till date...

sun rays moved further on her face and in her stirring, she pulled his arm tighter deeper under her...he smiled indulgently...It was late but he could allow her anything in this world...contented,he closed his eyes and drifted off to their dream world.

He was woken with a jolt by sudden heavy bangs on the door and calls... 

"CM... CM...CM...sweet CM!!..." 

It's Aadi!

" Come on, Baby... time to wake up" He shook her shoulder.

 "Ammm...nahi. Abhi nahi..." (Ammm.......No, not yet)

"Chalo utho... Aadi bula raha hai... uska project karana hai na tumhe... utho, chalo..." (Come on, wake up! Aadi is calling..... You've to do his project, right? Come on, get up)

"Nahi... bas thoda der aur." ( No.... just a little while more)

"Chandu chal uth... tu jaag chuki hai... Aadi baahar aaya hai, dekh!" ( Chandu, come on get up..... you're awake already.... Aadi has come outside, see!)

He  punishingly yet lovingly pinched her butt.

Theirs was a love that could not be named!

"Aaan... sataao mat... Aadi se mil loongi main...uska project toh ho gaya hai...aur vaise bhi kamare mein abhi Aadi aa sakata hai kya? Haalat dekhi hai kya karake rakhi hai raat bhar?"

(Aaaaan......don't trouble me!....... I'll meet with Aadi later.....  his project is finished already......As such can Aadi come in the room now?..... have you checked what condition you have made of the room through the night)

She was right! In his insistence on not letting her step down...lot of things had toppled on the ground... their clothes and inner garments were strewn on the floor...He couldn't allow Aadi to see all this... The boy would pester him with thousand questions... As such it looked like, Aadi had gone away. The lad must be thinking that we are sleeping...We can meet him down later, thought he.

" Theek hai! OK! Whatever you say. But get up now,sleeping beauty!"

" Ab nahi uthaake leke jaana aapko?" ( Don't want to carry me now?) She made a face.

" Vaada raat ka tha, Sweetie! The promise was for the night. It's morning now." He made a face back. 

"Come on get up and get ready. And yes, I remembered! Tumne to kaha tha aaj tum mujhe nahalaaogi." ( You had said you would bathe me today)

"Gift laaye ho kya pahale mere liye?" ( First, have you brought gift for me?)

"what gift?"

"Are Vah! You remember the part about my bathing you and not remember the part about gifting your wife on Diwali?"

"This is not fair of you women, yaar!... some or other reason you find to extract gift from men... Bhaidooj day gift as a sister, pratipada day gift as a wife, valentine day gift of love, woman's day gift of celebrating being a woman, birthday gift, anniversary gift, muhdikhayee gift...the list just doesn't end."

"Privilege of being a woman, Hubby ji!"...She teased him making a face. 

He smiled indulgently at her... he would truly allow her anything in the world... 

"Privileged I am to have you, Wifey!...come on... get up now... lazy girl!"

She stirred and as usual, stretched her arms above her head. "Don't do that everyday, baby! Mujhe kuchh ho jaata hai!"(Something happens to me!) He complained ruefully...

"Haaye! Aise pati ka main karoon to kya kaarun? Sone bhi nahi deta. Uff , yeh ladka!" She made a face at him. ( Oh God! What do I do with a hubby like this? Doesn't let me sleep also.... Uff! This man!)

"Haye yeh ladki!" ( God! This Girl!)He retorted back.

After freshening up, she ordered him... "chalo, shirt utaaro!"(Come, take out your shirt!)..

"Iraada kya hai, wifey?" (What are you planning, wife?)

He hugged her from behind...his usual favourite...rubbing his face against the nape of her neck...inhaling the fresh fragrance of her in his nostrils...enjoying the silky touch of her hair around his face.

"Masti nahi! Oil masaage karana hai." ( No teasing! I need to give you oil massage)

She poked her elbow hard in his tummy... an act so special of her right from childhood... she always punched him in the tummy and ran away...dashing against things... silly girl! Every memory of hers was etched in his brain permanently.

" Sit on this stool", she kept a small stool in front of him. Then she took oil from the drawer and heated it in the microwave kept in the room. He noticed the pooja things in the drawer.

"When did you do all this?" 

"Duties of being a wifey! Yesterday evening itself.You were too busy in your work to notice."

"Ok! Great wifey! When you have done all this; then why not take out the shirt also yourself?" he flirted with her.

" Aap na... ek number ke badmaash hai!" ( You are a rogue!)

She gestured shaking her head; yet started unbuttoning his shirt with an indulgent smile.

"Privilege of being a man!" He put out his chest and raised his brows gesturing his pride. 

She made him sit on the stool and started massaging his hands with oil. Her caressing touch did wonders on his nerves. An urge to flirt came live in his happy heart... he pulled her onto his lap with his other hand... 

She gasped ruefully, "what are you doing?"

"Equality, wifey, equality! When I am sitting, why should you stand?" he made an innocent face.

"Equality, my foot! Jab dekho chance lena rahata hai!" (You wanna take chance everytime!)

She tried hard focusing on the massage task. 

" Koi Shak?" (Any doubts?)

Raunchily, he cupped her bosom under her dupatta. 

She gasped again, "What are you doing?" Momentarily her massaging hand stopped.

"Arrre! What are you doing? Do it properly! Theek se karro massage!"He enjoyed this.

"How shall I massage when you do things like this?"

"Why not? While you massage on my hand, my hand massages on your body. Haath ko khaali to nahi rakha sakata na main?" ( Need to engage my hand someplace, right?)

 He loved her discomfort against his intimate touch.

"Please understand.....Samjha karo please...ritual hai!" She almost pleaded at him.

"Toh ritual mein yeh kaha likha hai ki husband massage nahi kar sakata?" (Where is it written in ritual that husband cannot massage?)

He was getting bolder on her body. She was getting tighter and tighter with his tugging and pinching. She got up suddenly. "hey!What happened?"

"Pair ko massage karana hai!" (Need to massage your leg)She refused meeting his gaze.

"But you didn't massage the other hand!" 

"If I keep massaging your hands, I know the massage will never get over and something else will start." She complained ruefully.

"That's not fair, wifey! Poor hand of mine! Did so much work. No compensation?" He feigned innocence thoroughly enjoying in his heart.

"What work and what compensation?" She questioned but with an indulgent blush on her face, the memory of his bold touch live on her body.

"Kaise galat galat khayaal laati ho man mein,wifey? (What all corrupt thoughts come to your mind, wife?)

He feigned another innocent look. 

"I am speaking about night work. Lifting you in arms everywhere around . It's sore now. Come on massage properly. No short cuts allowed." 

Smiling happily he pulled her back in his lap. His torture on her continued while she massaged the other hand.

Again she got up. "Now what?" He complained.

"Leg massage I can't do sitting in your lap. No masti. Chup chaap karava lo." (No teasing, get it done quietly)

She started on his calf trying her best to give his tired muscles as much relief as her hands could give. Ignoring her taut body, she religiously massaged both legs. "Ho gaya! Done!" She sighed happily.

"How come done? You said leg massage. You did only two. I have three!" He winked at her. 

"Dhattt!" She blushed completely and turned towards his back.

Enjoying himself thoroughly in his flirt, he got up himself.

"What happened?" She was surprised.

"Aise thodi back massage hota hai? Is this how back massage is done? I won't feel any pressure any relief in this sitting awkward position. Lemme lie down on bed and then give me back massage." Immediately he was on bed.

"Arre! Bedspread mein tel lag jaayega na!" ( Bedspread will get spoiled with oil) She was rueful.

"To dho lena! Get it washed! As such, you have OCD of cleaning.You change the bedspread everyday. Come on, don't waste time in small talk. Start your work."

Somehow, massaging the back in sitting position had felt ok; but with him lying down, the equation changed completely...  Her fingers quivered on his back... Somehow,she sat awkwardly with folded legs and tried focusing hard.

"Ahumm... Baat nahi ban rahi, Chandu! Tumhaare haath... kaap rahe hain."(Ahumm...... not feeling right, Chandu! Your hands quiver!)

 He was enjoying and exploiting her discomfort thoroughly. 

"Do one thing. Sit across me comfortably and then you'll get a good grip for massaging."

She knew once her husband came to naughtiness, he was non-stoppable. But she loved him! Last night, he had fulfilled her every wish, now it was her turn.

As her hands moved up and down his back, her center rubbed against his butt. Both were totally aroused. He reached out behind him and swiftly pulled her beneath him. She knew where this was leading, yet she complained, 

" This is just not done! This is not included in rituals."

With his hands already starting their magic on her,he replied with a raunchy smile, 

"Hell with rituals,Wifey!...  Advay SinghRaizada apne dues bhi kabhi nahi chhodata! I won't let go of my dues! My third leg needs massage and you'll give it from the right place." He deftly undressed her and worked towards getting his dues.

Much later, both went for bath together. Bath started as a happy playful exercise under the hot shower, both splashing water on each other... rubbing the bath gel and working up thick foam on each other's body...rubbing just the right places...both teasing each others' nerves tantalisingly...He pushed her against the wall and looked at her possessively.

"My lovely seductress, not my fault, you always have this effect on me... again and again!" He started again and smilingly she accepted the blame and his hardness both.

Finally after a long time, it was time for rituals again. She did tilak of him followed by Aarti. 

" Chaliye, ab gift dijiye! Now give me my gift!" Lovingly she demanded.

"I gave the gift already!" He shrugged. And with his gesture, she blushed completely.

"Ammm... all that till now is not included in the gift!" Smiling she complained "You are supposed to place the gift in the aarti plate."She put the plate in front.

"I said I have given the gift and as per rituals."

"There's nothing in the plate. Don't trick me." She was in complete wifey moue.

"I never trick anyone. I said I have given, that means I have given. You must learn to check properly."

She checked the plate again but there was nothing in view. She pushed the things around in the plate... While pushing the diya, she sensed something. She pushed it once or twice to confirm and then picked the diya with a smile... but the smile drooped on seeing that it was her own key.

"This is the key of my own box where I keep my things." She was hugely disappointed.

"Not always, baby! Remember, once you kept my passports there?" 

He hugged her from behind and nuzzled against her. This felt so great; yet so very normal between them. It came to him naturally like his own breath.

"Where is the gift????" Her tone raised in miff and frustration now. 

"Sirf baate karogi ya kholake dekhogi bhi?" (You'll just keep chatting or will you open and check it?)

He kissed the back of her neck and released her.

Muttering angrily, she opened the small box envisaging some prank stuff inside. To her delightful amazement, there was something beautifully silky red in there...a kerchief? She made a face. A kerchief is never to be gifted, fights happen. She thought ruefully in her mind. Pulling it out, she imagined a scarf. But it seemed longer, bigger as she pulled it. Her eyes widened in wonder. What is it after all? The whole thing came out and then there was something further in there... another red silk...she could hardly make out what the garment was! After she pulled it, there was another... a smile burst open on her lips and her eyes twinkled... this was becoming a fun game... But as she pulled it out, the shape of the garment shocked her in that typical gasp of hers and then further there was another.The skimpiness of the garments made them sensually erotic spite of their close comfort, she felt abashed.

He had been watching her plethora of expressions, a sparkle in his eyes, a twinkling tedha smile on his lips... 

As she stood there,her toes curled in, her gaze buried in the ground, with her box in one hand and the red silks in another...looking totally hassled, in a quandary... 

He approached her...

Her man, her worshipper, her playmate...his breathing laboured with the guttural desire in his heart...Very slowly he took the box and discarded it away...In a hypnotic arch, his hand came up and tucked a stray tendril of hair behind her ear and lingered there...his hand, his eyes, his body, his slow lingering touch all screaming of the love lain deep in his heart...perhaps, it was that possessive linger of his hand that gave her the confidence to pull her gaze up at his eyes...

Intense love and infinite tenderness telling her he would be humbled by her acceptance of his gift... 

"Maine bataaya tha na... mere sapne jud gaye hai...(I had told you, fantasies are attached in this. " 

It was not the teasing flirting of a husband, neither the command of Advay but rather a plea of a man in love, with all of himself. He gathered her close, his love, his longing, his possessiveness, his ferocious protectiveness all together congregating in his embrace.

There were urgent knocks on the door, "Bhaiyya...bhabhi..." 

It was Pooja.  Chandni pulledherself away and put the garments in her wardrobe drawer quickly.  Her body felt aflame...Redness had crept in her cheeks and she touched them to steady herself... 

"I have told you, Chandu. Chhoone se gaalon ka rang nahi pata chalata." ( By touching you won't know the colour of blush in your cheeks.) Her toes curled completely.

A smiling Advay Singh Raizadawalked to the door and opened it. " Good morning Bhaiyya...good morning,Chandni... sorry! par aadi aapke room mein hai kya?" ( Is Aadi in your room?)

"No Didi... he had come in the morning but he never came inside," Chandni felt an uneasiness in her heart, "Kya hua? What's the matter?"

"No idea... he's not to be seen anywhere..." a worried Pooja turned back and both Advay and Chandni went behind her. 


" Bhabhi...Bhabhi...!" 

Miku was shaking Chandni. Her trance broke and she opened her eyes jerkily... 

"Bhabhi? ... yeh aur ek aadat hai lagata hai... raasste mein kahi bhi samadhi lagaane ki." (Sis, looks like this is another habit of yours....... to suddenly get into trance any place)

"Sorry Devarji, mera dhyaan nahi tha." ( I wasn't paying attention) She was apologetic.

"Aaj kal rahataa kaha hai?Dil mein bhi vohi, Khayalon mein bhi vohi!" ( Where is your attention as such nowadays. He in your heart..... he in your thoughts!) He teased jovially.

"Miku...please" Angry tears pricked the back of her eyes, her voice broke. The memory also brought pain.

"Sorry Bhabhi... Really sorry... main sirf aapki muskaan dekhana chaahata tha." ( Just wanted to bring your smile back)

It was Miku's turn to be apologetic now. "Vaise aaj khana vaana milega ki nahi?" (Do I get any food or not, today?)

"Of course milega. Jaakar table pe baitho. Main leke aati hoon."

(Of course, you'll get. Go and be seated at the table. I'll bring the dishes)

Advay felt a soft caring caress in his hair... he took his arm away and opened his eyes... Pooja was lovingly caressing his hair...

"Aadi kaha hai?..."...(Where's Aadi?) 

"Khel raha hai, bahar... Idhar aao."( He is playing outside, come here!) 

She pulled his head on her lap and raked her fingers through his hair lovingly.

"You know what, Pooja, I lost my mind with the thought of losing Aadi."

"I know have a very strong connection with him... I saw it today... Somehow I wonder, why exactly this kind of connect... is there something I don't know yet?" She looked at him quizzically.

"Nothing, Pooja. I just love him the most in this world, that's all."

"And you love Chandni equally. Was your yelling on her today justified?"

Advay remained silent. Pooja continued her rebuke.

"Iss taraha chillate hai kya? Is this any way to yell? Some compassion for that poor soul? She was as much worried as we were. You very well know that she loves him as much as we do. You broke her heart today!" Every sentence of Pooja was burning a hole in his ailing heart.

"You already do know, Pooja. Gusse mein main aapa kho deta hoon. I lose my temper fast .....And then whom would I scream on? Voh meri apni hai na? She is my own, right?" He was rationalising penitent.

"Apno pe chillana kya hak hota hai?...You think you have the right to yell at your loved ones? .....And that too,emphatically wrong yelling?....... Chalo, come for lunch now."

"No Pooja, Bhook nahi hai. I'm not hungry..." His voice was agonised.

"Now don't start all this cocooning, please. If you don't eat, she won't eat either. And who knows, if you do the right thing now,she might forgive you over a food plate." There was hopeful twinkle in her eyes. Hope pumped zeal in him and he got up and walked out with her.

There was disturbing quiet on dining table. Chandni had her gaze buried in the ground but stealthily she checked his way again and again. Miku purposefully vacated his seat and went opposite to allow Chandni tosit next to Bhai. He sensed the arrival of Advay from the sudden relief on Chandni's face.

Aadi ran to CM and hugged him as usual. "CM,nobody's talking today. I feel sad."

Advay loved the kid. He touched their foreheads with a happy smile. 

"Why so? Your sweet CM has made jelly custard for you. Go and tell her, I want her." 

Advay stared at Chandni while deliberately mistaking the pronoun.

Adi beamed and ran to Chandni. She hugged him lovingly. "Sweet CM, I love you."... 

"I love you, too! Come, have your jelly-custard and no one will get anything from you." 

Her last words were meant for her husband passing his messages through Aadi. Advay continued his stare at her deliberately. 

Pooja sat next to Aadi and tugged at Chandni's elbow, 

"Bhabhi, feeling very hungry now. Please start serving." 

Smiling, Chandni took the serving bowl and served Pooja. Then she moved ahead. Advay immediately checked on interim persons. Four more to go and She'll be next to me. Shikha came from opposite side and served him Paratha. He smiled at her weakly and looked back at Chandani. Three more to go..... Interpreting his restlessness correctly, Miku gestured to Shikha to move away from him. Two more to go. Shikha moved fast away from Advay. Just one to go.

" Shikha, Paratha mujhe de. Tu yeh serve kar." (Give me the basket of bread! You serve this)

Chandni pulled the paratha basket from passing Shikha's hand and shoving the other bowl to a totally befuddled Shikha. She had hardly turned back, when there was sudden noise. Advay had stood up his eyes spitting hurt anger on her rejection.

There was stunned silence on the table. Without a word, Advay jerked his chair behind and left in a hurt angry stomp. Within a moment, angry tears spurted in Chandni's eyes. Miku got up from his eat.

"You sit, Miku." Naani ordered.

"Naani, I'll just go and bring Bhai back."

"No use, Miku. The one person who can call him back will not call him. He won't come. Chandni beta, tu baith. Shilpa serve kar legi."( Chandni, you sit, Child. Let Shilpa serve)

"Nahi Naani, please nahi...mujhse nahi hoga." (No Grand ma, I can't)

A tearful Chandni gave her basket to Shilpa and left from there.

"When children start behaving obdurate, life is difficult for elders. Rest of you, please eat. Let us, at least, remain sane. Aadi beta, just jelly custard will not do. You must eat paratha, too." 

She smiled at Aadi relieving the tensed look on his face. "Why did you choose Nana's cupboard to hide?"

"I knew that nobody opens that cupboard generally. Aur mujhe Nana ke kapado mein CM ko hug karane jaisa sukun milata hai. Somehow in Grandpa's clothes, I get the pleasure of hugging CM. "

"Tumhaara CM gaya hi hai poora ka poora apne Nanape. Gussa bhi vahi aur pyaar bhi vahi. Voh bhi bilkul aise the. Apne baba jaisa shaant to mera Miku hai. Bachpan mein poora shaitaan tha; par ab kitna samajhdaar ho gaya hai." (Your CM has gone completely over his Grandpa. The same anger, the same Love! He was exactly like this! Quiet and peaceful like the father, is my Miku! He was mischievous as a child but now he's so understanding)

She lovingly looked at Miku. Miku picked her cue.

"Buddy, you had carried some eatables in the cupboard or just sat hungry this long?" Jovially, he asked Aadi.

"Are nahi, mama. Kuchh bhi nahi tha. Pet mein chuhone sansani macha dee thee." ( Uncle, I had nothing.... I was so damn Hungry!)

Adi made a face, "I thought I would die in hunger." Aadi was beaming now.

"You only had a thought. I would surely die in real myself.", laughed Miku and the air relaxed on the table.


Chandni was in the kitchen, sobbing and muttering to herself, "Khana nahi kha sakate the? Bas, mujhe pareshaan karana chaahate hai.(Couldn't he eat his food? Just knows how to trouble me..)

And what happened to me? I'm such a damaroo. 

Daal deti unhe khana to kounsa assman neeche aa jata? Ab bhookhe rahenge aur phir pet mein dard shuru hoga. Abki baar unhe kuchh hua to main sach mein mar jaaoongi." ( I am so dumb! What had happened to me? Would the skies collapse if I served him then? Now if he stays hungry, again his pain will erupt..... and if this time, anything happens to him, I'll surely die)

She sobbed harder with the thought.

"Bhabhi, muttering is your habit, agreed! But one at a time please. Don't combine it with your crying habit." Lovingly, Miku wiped her tears and hugged her. In his brotherly embrace her sobs subsided.

"Bhabhi, the amount that you cry generally, we must collect the tears. We'll surely get a tankful of  water for sure. Bas salty hoga! Nahi to peeneke paani ki samsya suljha dete hum!" (It would be salty, otherwise the drinking water issue would get resolved)

Chandni smiled through her tears at his joke. Shikha had been watching the duo. Her heart swell in pride at Miku. 

"Hey Shikha! Good you came. Come on, help your Jiji in whatever she's trying to make. Don't let her tears mix in it. Salt jyada ho jaayega. Salt will be excess" 

"Mikuuu... don't tease me." Chandni was really smiling now.

"What are you making Jiji?" inquired  Shikha coming close to Chandni.

"Noodles... "replied Chandni with a forlorn look in her eyes. Her aching heart called out, 

"Devvv...if not for my sake, then at least for the sake of my love for you, please do eat this much at least."

Dev felt a sudden convulsing pain in his heart. Heavens! I want to hug her... Tell her, I don't mean a word from what I said...salvage her from the anguish...the anguish of which I am the own battering of her...I took her to that boiling, no annihilating point...,...and now, her rejection of me! Her inert air cocoon creating an impasse!... I want to cocoon her in my safe harbour of Love ...She must experience her safe haven in my arms... Will she allow me after my angry assault on her? The moment of his wrath reverberated in his heart... tearing it to shards, making it into a void,completely hollow from inside...Oh God! My demons!

Dev heard knocks on the door. Is it her? What will I say? What will I do? How can I...?

"Chiku!... Chiku beta!" Naani was calling out.

Advay got up immediately and opened the door. On reflex, he simply hugged the old loving frame tightly. He needed the hug so much now. She patted on his back till his storm subsided a little.

"Naani..." a layer of  anguish invaded Advay's voice. Assailed by remorse, he could not find words to voice his agony.

"Hota Hai, Chiku! It happens!...

Anything happening to anyone in the family and  especially to Aadi, brings out all your inner dreads...Till date, You have taken charge of this family... Worked relentlessly to amass wealth and power... ensuring happiness and comfort of all...You are a man of conscience very strong and abiding...It was your conscience making the choice of your reaction today. 

But my son, ...those who always take charge,  pay the price,too!...

After all, you are human too, and vulnerable... not always strong... So in a weak moment of yours, your dams burst out and the music has to be faced by her...she for whom you now breathe, she for whom your heart dances,... she, an inalienable part of you!"... 

All naani's wisdom and understanding was flowing through her words... bringing some relief and sanity back to Advay.

"Advay's heart is volcanic but the core has Deep Ocean of of Dev for Chandani. For past sixteen years, you have only built walls of hatred around your heart...strengthened your ramparts... sealed off all entrances to that ocean...Yet her truthful love has drilled into your fortress...and magically taken control of your heart...driving out all hatred, all accusations, all anger ...appeasing your fears...embracing your vulnerabilities...your demons, Chiku!"

"How do I fight my demons, Naani?" Advay wasearnest.

"You don't fight your demons, Chiku! You learn to live above them!" Naani was kind but firm, "Why do you think, the demon in you unleashed on her? Because you hold a power on her to do so... and what gives you that power? ... Her unconditional absolute love for you...Remember Chiku, with great power come great responsibilities! You can say, do anything to her but whatever you say or do will affect both of you deeply for a long run..It's for you to channelise the power of love to strengthen the love bonding."

"What do I do now? Will she forgive me?"

"Not easily, Chiku! But yes, she will forgive you.Her love will conquer over her umbrage. Beckon that love of hers with your love! "

"You are the best, Nani. I love you."

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Mahaepisode Advay-Chandni reminiscing emotions of IPK3 end chapter

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