Karan-Preeta(PreeRan)Scenes Gallery Thread(New PreeRan Scenes Updated)

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Karan-Preeta Scenes Gallery

Karan's Introduction Sequence As Star Cricketer

Karan-Preeta First Meet Turns Into Disaster

Preeta Files Police Complaint Against Karan

Karan-Preeta Argument In Police Station

Karan-Preeta Eye-Lock And Argument Outside Police Station

Preeta In Karan's Bedroom And Sees Him In A Towel

Karan-Preeta Argument Continues And Preeta Looses Her Job

Balloon Unites Karan-Preeta Again

Preeta Helps Karan Who Is In Pain Due To Cricket Practice...Destiny Links Them

Karan Winks At Preeta

Karan-Preeta Rain Sequence...Karan Is Attracted Towards Preeta

Karan-Preeta Argument After Rain Sequence In Luthra House

Karan Helps Preeta In Wearing Kritika's Necklace

Karan Tells Preeta That She Is Looking Beautiful

Preeta Is Disgusted Hearing Karan's Views On Marriage

Karan-Preeta First Dance Together On Teri Meri Kahani...Karan Scares Preeta

Karan-Preeta Stuck In Washroom Together (Part 1)

Karan-Preeta Stuck In Washroom Together (Part 2)

Karan-Preeta Stuck In Washroom Together (Part 3)

Karan-Preeta Stuck In Washroom Together (Part 4)...Karan Gets Caught By Sophia

Karan Tells Sophia That Preeta Is His Girlfriend And Breaks Their Affair

Rishabh Ask Karan Where Was Him And Preeta

Karan Tells Sameer That Preeta Help Him In Breaking His Relationship With Sophia

Preeta Threatens Karan About Their Fake Relationship Being Announce To The World

Karan In Thoughts Of Preeta 

Preeta Accidentally Drops Juice On Karan

Karan-Preeta Argue Under The Table In A Restaurant Joined By Rishabh-Sherlin

Preeta Trips And Karan Catches Her...Eyelocks...Arguments...Kritika's Misunderstanding

Preeta Threatens Karan About Sophia Re-Entry Into His Life Again

Karan Saves Preeta From Sanju And Gets Injured In The Process

Preeta Brings Unconscious Karan To Arora House

Preeta Understand Karan Goodness...Karan Gains Consciousness And Argument Continues

Preeta Applies Lep On Karan

Rishabh Scolds Karan-Preeta For Their Irresponsible Behaviour

Karan Is Jealous Seeing Rishabh-Preeta Together

Karan Misplace His Cellphone In Preeta's Bedroom...Argument Continues

Karan Questions Preeta About Her Relationship Status With Rishabh...Cricket Challenge

Karan Fake Love Confession To Preeta As Game Plan To Win The Match

Preeta's Girls Team Wins Cricket Match

Karan Visits Arora House With Rishabh

Karan Irritates Preeta In Her Bedroom

Karan Plays Pranks WIth Preeta

Karan-Preeta Thinks About Each Other

Karan-Preeta Karela Fight

Karan Waits For Preeta So That He Can Irritate Her More

Karan Takes Down KKB Hall Address While Rishabh-Preeta Shares A Eye-Lock

Rishabh-Karan-Sameer Brothers Bonding(Luthra Brothers) 

Preeta Welcomes Karan With Gulab Jal...Nhok Jhok Continues With Shrishti Cheering

Karan Looking At Preeta While Talking To Rishabh-Sameer

Karan Tells Sameer About His Philosophy Of Dating Committed...Engaged And Married Girls

Preeta Taunts Karan About His Flirting Attitude In Rishabh's Engagement

Karan-Preeta Playing Hide-Seek...Karan Ask Preeta About Washroom And Flirts With Her

Karan Helps Aroras In Power Cut Issue And Karan-Preeta Performance On Na Jaane Kahan

Karan-Preeta Performance On Jeena Jeena

Preeta Thank Karan For His Help...Karan Confront Preeta About Their Develop Feelings For Each Other

Preeta Praise Karan Infront Of Aroras

Preeta Made Karan Drink Karela Juice Infront Of Rishabh

Karan Confronts Preeta About Her Karela Juice Prank

Engagement Ring Is Stuck In Preeta's Finger...Rakhi Orders Karan To Help Preeta

Karan-Preeta Fakes As A Couple Infront Of Sherlin

Preeta Confronts Karan About The Kiss

Karan Helps Preeta In Removing Out The Engagement Ring That Is Stuck In Her Finger

Karan-Preeta Becomes Dancing Partners

Karan-Preeta...Sameer-Shrishti...Rishabh-Sherlin Dancing Galore

Karan-Preeta Dancing On Tu Har Lamha(Edited...focus only on Karan-Preeta)

Karan Holds Preeta's Tears

Karan Boost Preeta's Self-Confidence

Karan Is Angry On Preeta For Hurting Rishabh...Preeta In Thoughts Of Rishabh

Preeta Informs Karan About Sherlin's Mystery But He Doesn't Believe Her

Karan Accuse Preeta Of Seeing Dreams Of Marrying Rishabh

Preeta Ask Karan To Follow His Heart...Karan Ask Preeta To Stay Away From Rishabh

Karan-Preeta Are Angry On Each Other Vows To Never Talk To Each Other Again

Karan Calls Preeta To Inform That Rakhi And Dadi Are Missing Her In His Rude Way

Preeta Pleads Karan To Give One Chance To Prove Her Innocence

Karan Is In Thoughts Regarding Preeta's Accusation On Sherlin

Preeta's Outburst On Karan...Karan Tells Preeta That She Supports Her And Wants To Bail Sarla

Karan Tells Preeta That He Is Following His Heart And Is Firm On His Decision

Karan Bails Sarla...Karan Feels Happy To See Preeta Happy And Smiling

Karan Snaps Preeta From His Thoughts

Sasural Karan Ka Part 1...Aroras Pampers Karan Over Food

Preeta Gives Karan An Idea To Escape From Luthras Wrath

Aroras Praises Karan...Preeta Is Lost In Karan Thoughts

Preeta's Concern For Karan...Karan Tricks Preeta Into Saying I Love You To Him

Karan Informs Preeta About Sherlin's Movement

Karan-Preeta Makes Plans To Trap Sherlin Via Phone Conversation

Karan-Preeta Hilarious Fight In The Hotel Regarding Men And Women

Karan Tells Preeta That He Have Got Sherlin's Room Number And Flashback Of How He Got The Room Number

Karan-Preeta Eye-Lock While Trying To Hear Sounds From Sherlin's Room

Karan Divert Housekeeper...Preeta Gets Caught

Karan-Preeta First Hug To Protect Each Other

Karan-Preeta Sprinkler Romance

Karan-Preeta Escapes From Security Guards And Laughs At Their Madness Together

Karan is Lost And Mesmerise By Preeta

Karan Sends Preeta Home while Deepak Watches Their Moments And Gets Angry

Karan In Thoughts Of Preeta And Wonder What Is Happening To Him

Karan Spends Time With His Father Mahesh and Rishabh

Karan Fools Sofia

Karan Is Happy That Preeta Is Back To Work But Pretends Infront Of Her That It Does Not Matter To Him

Karan Confronts Preeta Why She Is Avoiding Him

Karan-Sameer Thinks About Preeta-Shrishti

Karan Sprains His Shoulder

Dr Preeta Arora Treats Her Patient Karan Luthra

Shrishti Teases Karan-Preeta And Informs Preeta About Her Marriage Alliance

Karan Offers To Send Aroras Sisters Home

Karan Is Jealous Of Sameer And Changes Seat To Be With Preeta

Sasural Karan Ka Part 2...Karan Introduces His Younger Brother Sameer Luthra To Aroras

Karan Makes Fun Of Preeta's Groom Rohan

Shrishti Informs Karan About Karva Chauth Festival

Karan Takes Permission From Sarla To Be Present In Arora House For Preeta's Marriage Proposal...Preeta Tries To Trick Karan By Being Polite To Him

Preeta-Shrishti Thinks About Karan-Sameer While Sleeping

Karan Getting Ready For Mission Preeta Proposal(there are few scenes missing due to video quality)

Karan Informs Rakhi That He Is Going To Arora House

Karan Is Mesmerise By Preeta...Janki Mistakes Karan As The Groom

Karan Tells Aroras That Maybe Someday Their Words Will Come True Assuming Him As Preeta's Groom

Karan Teases Preeta About Rohan

Karan Is Jealous After Meeting Prithvi

Karan Is Hurt And Jealous To See Prithvi-Preeta Together

Shrishti Tells Karan That His Ego Is Hurt

Prithvi Agrees To Marry Preeta...Karan is Hurt And Shocked

Karan Confronts Preeta About Marrying Prithvi

Preeta Misunderstands That Karan Is Going To Propose Her...Karan Clears Preeta's Misunderstanding

Karan-Preeta Plans To Trap Sherlin...Drunk Shrishti Witness Karan-Preeta Moment

Karan-Preeta Tries To Handle Drunk Shrishti

Kinnar Bless Karan-Preeta Jodi...Karan-Preeta Dupatta Scene

Preeta Helps Karan To Remove His Sherwani Jacket In Karan's Bedroom

Karan-Preeta Fools Kareena...Kareena In Doubt

Karan-Preeta Argues Over Kareena Issue

Karan Began To Develops Feelings For Preeta...Preeta Is Oblivious About It

Rakhi Wants Preeta To Convince Karan For Marriage...Preeta Lies To Rakhi That Karan Likes A Girl And Her Name Is Sofia...Karan-Preeta Argument On The Lie

Karan Tells Preeta That He Has Rights On Her...Karan Wants Preeta To Clear Sofia Mess

Preeta Makes A Plan To Steal Sherlin's Phone

Karan Wants To Know If Anyone Called Preeta "Jaanu"

Karan Is Jealous To See Prithvi Gifting Preeta

Karan Informs Shrishti And Preeta That Rakhi Misunderstand Sameer-Shrishti As A Couple

Karan-Preeta Searching Clues Against Sherlin

Karan-Preeta Sees Rishabh-Sherlin Together

Karan Is Shocked To See Prithvi's Negative Side

Rishabh Question Karan About His Presence in Preeta's Roka Ceremony

Sameer Tells Karan That He Is Affected By Preeta 

Karan Apologise To Aroras About His Behaviour Towards Prithvi

Karan Apologises To Prithvi For His Misunderstanding Towards Him

Karan In Thoughts Of Prithvi-Preeta Almost Bumps Sameer

Rishabh-Sameer Discuss About Karan's Success

Aroras Grace Karan's Success Party...Karan Gives Respect To Aroras

Karan Plans Of Double Dating With Sofia-Malishka..Preeta Overhears Him

Preeta Is Happy That Karan Is Going To Be Trapped

Karan Almost Confess His Feelings To Rishabh But Change Topic...Rishabh Is Confused

Rishabh Invites Karan To Cut The Cake

Karan Cuts The Cake And Feeds Luthras And Aroras

Karan Becomes Friends With Jailmates

Karan Teases Mahesh Of His Love For Rakhi

Rakhi Explains The Importance Of Lohri Phere For Couples

Karan Is Not Willing To Let Mahesh Sleep In His Bedroom

Karan Thinks About Preeta And Realise That Janki Has Regain Her Memory

Karan Caught Rishabh In Kitchen Finding For Food

Karan Challenges Prithvi That He Will Break Preeta's Marriage With Him

Karan Helps Rishabh In Shopping For Sherlin

Abhi-Rishabh Wants Karan To Perform In Abhi's Concert...Abhi Gets To Know Pragya Bails Preeta

Karan-Pragya Bonds To Prove Preeta Innocent

Karan-Pragya Plan Becomes A Success

Pragya Promise Aroras To Save Preeta

Arora Sisters Bonding In Police Station

Pragya Bails Preeta And They Are Back Home

Pragya Remembers Bulbul And Preeta Consoles Her

Pragya Informs Preeta That Abhi's Life In Danger

Sasural Karan Ka Part 3...Karan-Rishabh Bonds With Aroras

Sasural Karan Ka Part 4...Preeta Compares Rishabh-Karan Outfit

Sasural Karan Ka Part 5...Karan Visit Arora House To Speak With Preeta

Karan-Preeta Dance Together On The Song Lodi(Veer-Zaara)

Karan-Preeta Gets Clues Regarding Sherlin's Secret Boyfriend

Preeta Thank Karan For His Help

Karan-Preeta Search For Sherlin House Key

Karan-Preeta First Hug

Karan-Preeta Tries To Crack "Punnu"Pet Name Code

Sameer Question Karan About His Feelings For Preeta

Karan Tries To Call Preeta While She Ignores His Call

Karan Tries To Talk About Prithvi's Negative Side To Preeta

Preeta Is Jealous With Karan's Girl Fans

Karan Teases Preeta...Sameer Supports Preeta

Preeta Explains Karan-Rishabh About The Importance Of Her Relationship With Prithvi

Preeta Ignores Karan And This Attitude Irritates Karan

Karan Is Jealous Watching Prithvi-Preeta Roka Ceremony

Karan Ask Preeta To Take Care Of Herself After Fire Incident

Sameer Questioning Karan Why He Is So Possessive About Preeta

Preeta Doesn't Trust Karan's Words Regarding Prithvi

Preeta Is Rude Towards Karan And Ask Him Not To Interfere In Prithvi Matter

Karan Threatens Preeta That He Will Take Away From Everyone And Noone Can Stop Him

Karan-Preeta Heading To Prithvi's House To Sort Out Misunderstanding

Karan Is Hurt To See Preeta Going With Prithvi...Prithvi Taunts Karan

Karan Admits That He Does Everything For Preeta Only Even That Is To Apologise To Prithvi

Preeta Is Confused Regarding Karan's Nature

Karan Vents Out His Anger And Is Hurt By Preeta

Karan Is Disappointed That Preeta Did Not Wish Him Properly(New)

Karan-Preeta Sweet Fight...Eye-Locks...Preeta Tells Karan That She Doesn't Want To See His Face

Karan Is Not Happy With Preeta Looking At Prithvi And He Argues With Preeta

Karan-Preeta Dance On Gustakhiyan...Prithvi Is Jealous

Preeta Complaints To Karan Why He Dance With Her In a Harsh Manner While Karan Is Angry Why She Called All His Girlfriends In One Go

Karan-Preeta Apologise To Each Other And Become Friends Again

Preeta In Tears Thinking About Karan...Karan Shares His Feelings With His Jailmate Fans

Preeta Comes To Meet Karan In Jail

Preeta Bails Karan By Getting Herself Arrested

Karan In Jail Cheers Preeta Up Who Blames Herself For Karan's Arrest

Karan Jailmate Fans Makes Him Realise Love For Preeta

Karan-Preeta Shares Feelings With Each Other...Preeta Feeds Karan Homemade Ladoo

Aatta Falls On Karan...Karan-Preeta Shares A Good Time In The Arora's House Kitchen

Karan Wears Wrong Clothes And Everyone Laughs At Him
Karan Makes Fun Of Preeta Regards To Her Dress Up In Lodi Celebrations

Karan Confess To Preeta That She Looks Very Beautiful...Eyelocks

Karan Invites Preeta To Take Phere With Him...Preeta Is Shocked

Lodi Celebrations Starts...Janki Feels There Is Something Going On B/w Karan-Preeta

Preeta Gives Karan A New Name "Bajar Baathu"

Rishabh-Karan Mesmerise By Preeta In Lodi Celebration

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