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Amazing n wonderful updates
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Fabulous update. Kartik succeeded in getting a job in Geet's company which everyone is amazed of. Waiting to see when will Geet and Maan be in talking terms with each other. Kirsten is endearing. Loved it.
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Chapter 33


"Hi Marissa" Aryan greeted as he walked in.

"Hi, what are you getting for lunch?"

"You do remember that Geet is due back in today?" Aryan chuckled.

"She's my daughter Aryan, of course I remember" Marissa laughed, "That doesn't mean I can't cheat, I'm starving today".

"Okay, what would you like for lunch?"

"Shredded chicken stir fry with croutons" Marissa chewed on her lower lip thoughtfully, "garlic butter croutons actually" she added.

"Alright, I'll have that ordered and placed on your desk at lunch" Aryan nodded. "The new intern would be starting this week, he's just got the last stage to go".

Marissa hummed pulling out her phone having received a text from her husband.

Lunch at Rio's?

Marissa smiled and tapped out a quick response, looking forward to it

She turned to Aryan and told him not to order her lunch as she is now going to eat with her husband then walked towards her office.


Aryan smiled as he reached the waiting area, Kartik was already here.

"Punctual I see" Aryan commented as he walked over.

"I'm meeting Geet Pearson and I have to impress her" Kartik replied. "She's going to be my boss" he added.

"If you're like this, you may just be liked by her" Aryan chuckled.

"What's going to happen if she doesn't like me and I don't impress her enough?"

"You know the doors you walked through?"


"You'll be walking out those doors and never seeing the inside of this office" Aryan replied.

Kartik nodded thoughtfully.

"You've got one shot with Geet Pearson, I suggest you use this opportunity wisely" Aryan explained. "Not everyone lasts their full internship" he added.

"Thank you for making me shiver" Kartik chuckled nervously.

"C'mon I'll show you the floor you're going to be working on and your team". Aryan pointed.


Geet picked out her outfit for the day which happened to be a lace bodice red jumpsuit. She slipped into her louboutin heels, snagging her car keys, slipping on her sunglasses and walked out of her apartment.

She paused outside arching her brows seeing her dad leaning against the side of her car.

"What are you doing here, dad?" she pressed the button of her car keys and unlocked the doors.

"Thought I'll catch a ride with you, that way you can update me and I can tell you what you missed out on whilst you've been flying".

"I know I didn't miss anything important because Mom face-timed me all throughout".

"Damn Marissa, I was hoping to have some fun with you" Suneel shook his head.

"Suneel Shergill" Geet placed hand on his headrest turning her head to him, "You're talking to Geet Pearson, Marissa's daughter - you can try all you want to fool me" she winked. "You're going to fail".

Suneel shook his head at his daughter, Geet laughed straightening up and started the car.


"Not now Aryan" Geet told him as he started walking towards her, she turned her head and narrowed her eyes. "In my office now" she grated pointedly striding past to her office. Suneel had gone straight towards his wife's office to see her.

Rishi shared a look with Zarina and frowned.

"Get up and go" Zarina nudged when Rishi looked too worried to move.

"Oh shit" Rishi sighed, "What if she fires me?"

"Just go and see what it is - don't make her wait" Shibani told him.

Rishi stood walking over and entered Geet's office, she had her back to him staring out the large windows. As Geet heard the door close, she turned around facing Rishi.

"What excuse was it this time?" Geet questioned sharply.

"I really wasn't feeling well" Rishi dipped his head averting his eyes.

"I really do want to believe you, Rishi but you've been messing around with all these absences and I've had it up to here with you" she gestured angrily.

"Please, don't let this affect my contract" Rishi requested pleadingly.

"As stated in term 16B - effective as of now you're now without pay for a month".

"Oh please Geet, don't, that's like 4 lakhs" Rishi responded.

"You should've thought of that, you've had 8 absences, 23 days altogether in the last couple of months. One month without pay, Rishi. Work and earn your pay back" she told him firmly.

Rishi sighed heavily and knew Geet wasn't going to change her mind, so he had no choice but to walk out and return to his desk.

"What happened?" Shaira asked concerned.

"What do you think happened, Shaira? Geet Pearson happened" he huffed holding his head in defeat. "One months pay" he moaned.

Shaira rolled her eyes, "What were you expecting for missing so much work? A pat on the back"

"Shut up, leave me alone" he murmured.

"Don't cry, Rishi" Shibhani patted his shoulder.

"Leave me alone" he shrugged off her hand.

Shibhani mocked him behind his back making Shaira laugh. Rishi looked between them and scowled as they looked away and focused on something else.

"Oi, come here you two" Zarina called from her desk pulling them away from around an annoyed Rishi.


Geet called Adhira into her office and asked for her an update on her clients.

Adhira rattled off updates on each client explaining what stages they were all at.

"Alright, book me in with the Khuranas and Misha Kapoor - one for this afternoon and one for tomorrow morning" Geet responded.

"Consider it done" Adhira nodded jotting it down, "Sonya Patel has called twice".

"Tell her once again that I am not going to agree to an interview" Geet replied, "Include also, if she doesn't stop requesting it that I am going to give an interview to rivals and slam her reputation".

"That's a bit mean" Adhira commented.

Geet arched her brows crossing her arms in front of her.

"I said it as a friend - I didn't say that to my boss" Adhira chuckled nervously.

"I'll take your word for it" Geet smirked, "Any updates on this place?" she asked as she pulled open the new sample book and flicked through.

"Aryan's hired a new intern, last stage is required for him" she informed.

"Hmm... Okay, tell the new intern he's going to be accompany me to the appointment this afternoon".

"Will do, anything else?" Adhira stood understanding their brief meeting was finished.

"No, thanks" Geet shook her head and switched on her MacBook. She was engrossed to the dozens of email she has received from potential and current clients and spent the morning replying to them individually.


"Aryan" Adhira walked into his office and eyed the new intern, "Geet doing last stage by the intern accompanying her to this afternoon's appointment" she informed.

"Oh okay, what time is the appointment?"

"2pm and she's not in a good mood today as you've seen" she added and looked at Kartik.

"Do a question and answer round this morning, Geet isn't too happy today and one step out of place - she gets a bad impression she's going to make you wish that you didn't apply for this post" she explained. "Be creative with your answers" she added.

"Creative and wise" Kartik murmured, "Got it" he nodded though was now worrying. What if Geet didn't give him a chance and hated him from the off set. He could only hope that she gives him a chance.


Adhira informed Geet that Misha could see her tomorrow so her appointment was with the Khurana's this afternoon. Geet grabbed her files and walked out of the office, she glanced around looking for the new face that was going to join her.

"Aryan, where's my new intern?" she questioned having not seen him.

"He's just gone to grab the work IPad" Aryan responded and smiled seeing Kartik hurrying back having grabbed the IPad to take notes on.

Geet glanced over her shoulder and frowned noting it was the young Khurana.

"What are you doing here?" she questioned.

"He's the new intern" Aryan answered walking over. Geet clenched her jaw and scowled at Aryan, she didn't say anything because she had handed over that role to Aryan.

"Let's go, or we're going to be late" she walked past Aryan with Kartik following her.


Geet turned around halting outside of her office building and looked at Kartik, "What made you apply here?"

"Is that a question from my boss?" Kartik asked.

"Your final stages have started now" Geet replied.

"I'm on a year's break now that college is finished, whilst I try to figure out what I would like to do - there was a internship here so I applied" he answered honestly.

Geet nodded silently and walked towards her car and climbed inside, she frowned noticing Kartik stood outside looking confused.

"You're to join me, that means get in my car" Geet informed.

"Uh sorry" he murmured and climbed into the car. Geet started the engine and drove off in the direction of his home. 

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Nice update..
Continue soon..
Posted: 1 years ago

Wonderful update
Posted: 1 years ago
aww super update
geet is in action ... poor rishi...
Loved Karthik confidence...
hope to see maaneet moments
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Karthik managed to get to work with Geet interesting 
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wow...loved every bit of it...
i understand geet's decision...even if she wasn't successful or ambitious, she has all rights to choose her partner. for this maan, we can have respect but that doesnt mean she has to marry him. if she had scars noone would even look at her forget the sympathy part. she seems arrogant, at times she is but she has worked hard for it and deserves what she has.

i loved the inclusion of Penelope Garcia's character from criminal it...

my heart goes out for maan and his PTSD sufferings...

geet's parents are cool and so sis and BIL.


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