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very nice update
geet punish her staff for negligence
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Nice ud 
Geet is strict boss kartik going with Geet to Khurana's 
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Geet is doing wonders when it comes to professional life ...she is sweet and charming and loved her devotion for work ...poor karthik is so scared but at the same time loved his confidence and slowly hes learning his job...
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So this is full on Geet Pearson episode sans Maan. I liked it how she is tough boss and approachable team player at the same time. Karthik is trying honestly for learning work and I am already interested to see how his rapport with geet develops. They can have a good camaraderie and Geet can guide him to new venues in career. 
Wonder what's going to happen at Khurana house ;)
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Geet is back from flying and she is not in mood to play... Rishi lost a months pay and he is lucky that she didn't fire him...
Marissa and Sunil are always romantic and soo cute..

Geets first appointment is with the khurranas and she will be taking Kartik with her.. .she was shocked when she saw him and Kartik was terrified when Aryan told him what to do..

I wonder how will it be with geet and Kartik working on khurranas outhouse since kartik is family...

Ohhh i want to see more of maan and geet!!!!
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Chapter 34


"Give yourself a voice, Maan. It doesn't have to be loud, but give yourself a voice. That small step would make a difference" Shirley informed.


"That's my..." Kartik seemed confused as Geet parked up outside.

"I didn't think you were the new intern, this is our first appointment together, so I hope that you remain professional, even if it is your home" Geet stated as she climbed out of the car. She turned her head, mask in place, fake smile adoring her lips as practised for many years and noticed Maan approaching them.

Maan had started walking out to greet Geet, pausing in confusion noticing Kartik besides her. His attention didn't last so long on his brother, as he'd gotten closer he perused Geet without any notice. She'd donned a red lace jumpsuit which fitted her perfectly accentuating her in all the right places. He cursed inwardly shaking off his thoughts and offered a small smile, "Nice to see you again" he said softly gathering himself together, Gaurav had told him to take this appointment himself. He had wanted Maan to handle this himself, he had received the call from Shirley requesting assistance in helping Maan to take a step forward towards his freedom from the cage he had built around himself. Stepping out of his comfort zone and handling something by himself was another step forward.

"You too" Geet smiled shaking his offered hand making conversation, "It turns out your brother is my intern today" she pointed to Kartik.

Maan looked over at his brother and smiled feeling proud inwardly, he then turned to Geet inviting her to the outhouse.

"Have they broken all the walls?" Geet asked as she looked around.

"Yes, they finished breaking them all last week. This week, they have started on remodelling the walls" Maan gestured.

As she took in the work the contractors had done, she was impressed with the quick services they provided and noted down to use these new contractors.

"Ms Pearson" Jonathan noticed the owner who'd hired him and approached her.

"Mr Hunter" Geet nodded and shook his hand, "Mind if I come in to see the work?" she questioned gesturing inside. She could see from where she stood that the men were working on plastering over the bricks they'd put in place.

"Yes, sure. But first, please make sure you're all wearing helmets safety precautions" he added and pointed to the box at the side with standard helmets in.

Great, my hair is going to get messed Geet thought as she agreed and followed him inside.


Jonathan showed them around explaining what work he had finished, and what was left. Once he'd finished giving both Maan and Geet a tour, he asked "Do you have any questions?"

"Anything you'd like to ask?" Geet looked at Maan.

"I've no questions, I'm sure it would come out great" Maan replied.

"Thank you for your time, I'll take it from here" Geet thanked Jonathan and he excused himself. After he had left, Geet turned to look at Maan.

"Seeing as the upper floor is completed, mind if I go through some ideas?" she asked.

"Please continue" he responded.

Geet nodded and led him over to the first bedroom which was completely plastered and finished, all she had to do was get the decorators in and start making her vision come alive.

"For this guest bedroom, I was thinking more of a minimalistic dcor, reason being this bedroom is floor to ceiling window all the way around and with the pool view outside its quite spectacular" Geet then continued to explain what she had in mind for the bedroom...


"Kartik, why don't you give me some ideas for this room?" Geet questioned as she glanced over at him, he'd been making notes on the iPad as she'd talked her way through 2 bedrooms. 

Kartik looked taken aback at first then recalled that this was his last stage and this opportunity only comes once.

He looked around the room then turned to Geet, "How about a small den?"

Geet arched her brows curiously, "Go on" she prompted when he looked unsure of his own idea.

"Well..." he looked around the room recalling Adhira's words to be creative and Aryan telling him to be wise. "There could be a reading corner here to relax by the window" he pointed knowing Maan enjoyed a fictional thriller now and then, "A sofa bed along this wall with the tv on the opposite wall" he continued getting into the rhythm. "Which will allow turning this room into a movie night if there are friends over, on this corner maybe have a small coffee table which has storage? Possibly keep a few board games or some cards? This room would be a den suitable for any occasion, movie night, poker, relaxing, catching up with friends..." he finished thought seemed hesitant of his suggestions.

Geet stared at him momentarily then turned to Maan, "What do you think of these suggestions?"

Maan spent a moment pondering making Kartik nervous, however he offered a gentle smile. "I think the suggestions for this room is good".

"I agree, well done" Geet offered a pleasing smile at Kartik.


As they continued with the rest of the rooms, Maan had watched silently as Geet spoke about the ideas she had for the rooms and how the outhouse would look spectacular with a few minimal changes to certain things. The way she'd spoken with such enthusiasm showcased her love and passion for her hobby.

"The outhouse is in great shape, and it would even better if bear in mind that there are costs to it but if the kitchen was surrounded by windows all the way around" she gestured. "The entire ground floor will be radiating with the sunshine just from the kitchen area, with these 3 walls replaced with clear double glazed windows, it would make a lot of difference" she suggested. "Its only a suggestion, of course" she reiterated not wanting to push on her ideas.

"I'll keep the suggestions in mind, thank you" Maan responded, "Due to the nature of my work, I would require that no one is able to look in" he explained.

"Oh, I apologise, I completely had forgotten" Geet recalled he was an FBI analyst and for the work he does he'd need all the privacy he can access.

"If you're able to make it possible for the kitchen to have the 3 walls of glass and my privacy seems intact with no one able to look into the outhouse, it would be great" he answered.

"Kartik, what would you suggest for this?" Geet questioned.

Kartik fumbled as he noticed two sets of eyes were now focused on him, "Mirrored glass?"

Geet mulled over his suggestion, "Wouldn't that block the sun as well?"

"What about lightly frosted glass?" he suggested, "That would allow the sun to come streaming in but keep the inside of the house hidden from prying eyes".

"That's an idea we can explore" Geet nodded her head then looked at Maan questioningly.

Before he could answer, his phone rang.

"Excuse me" Maan excused himself stepping out of the kitchen noticing it was Aaron.


Kartik chewed on his lower lip looking around unaware that Geet was staring at him curiously. He looked around trying to imagine the outhouse changed to match Geet's view and noted Geet was looking at him.

"Uh... did I say something wrong?" he asked.

"Be confident when you answer" Geet told him, "You're doubting yourself when you suggest ideas, how would you expect a client to trust you with their home when you doubt your own suggestions. Own it".

Kartik thought over her words and nodded, "Thank you".

"You're welcome" she replied.

"Did I pass the final stage?" he asked sheepishly.

"You're still working on the final stage" Geet stated. "Don't mess up" she added.

Kartik frowned swallowing hard, he wondered how much longer would he shadowing her, what if after these suggestions she doesn't keep him on.


"I'm sorry but I'm going to have to cut this short" Maan returned to the room.

"Its okay, we're finished anyway" Geet responded adding "Kartik will email you the drafted designs this week sometime"

Kartik looked at her astonished realising what her words meant, he grinned widely nodding his head, he jotted it down on the word iPad and followed Geet out the door as she bid his brother bye.

"Did I hear correctly?" he asked climbing into the car.

"If I have to repeat it, then no you didn't hear correctly" Geet answered as she buckled in and started the car. Kartik didn't ask again, he grinned widely unable to hold his happiness back.


Looks isn't always everything.


Geet closed the door behind her shaking her head at another disaster of a date. She cursed walking into the kitchen pulling open the cupboard and grabbed the bottle of wine.

She poured herself a glass of red wine and sipped pondering over her date tonight, it had been filled with her date spilling clich lines all throughout. She kicked off her heels sliding open the balcony doors and stepped outside taking in the cool evening air.

She smiled as she looked over her balcony enjoying the view of the night sky, shining bright stars shone from high above the dark sky. She reached over for the remote and switched on her iPhone dock.


"You made me do this"

"Blaming me as always. We done this, Pearson. Together"


She took another sip as the memory repeated itself inwardly. He was right, they'd done that together because they'd both been selfish. They saw nothing beyond themselves.


Memories continue to haunt

Until they are set free


Maan jerked upright breathing heavily, sweat misted his skin all over. He brushed his hand through his damp hair recalling the memory, or should he say nightmare.


"Don't you dare die on me" Maan yelled shaking his friend fiercely, "You've got to make it".


"Yash, you can't do this! Ansh is waiting for you, man" he yelled as he looked around the disaster surrounding him. "You've got to survive for Ansh, he's waiting for his daddy" he continued to shout unaware of the extent of his own injuries. Nothing else mattered but helping his friends, he couldn't lose them like this.


Maan rubbed a hand over his face as he recalled how he'd stared at the dead eyes of his friend, he covered his ears trying to block the noises that played over and over.


"Where's my husband, Maan?"

He stared blankly into the eyes of Kiara holding Ansh in her arms.

"Maan, answer me" Kiara stepped forward, tears spilled down her eyes. "Where is Yash?"

Maan turned his head away, he had no answer for he was too ashamed. He closed his eyes wincing as the tear that slipped down burned his skin.


"I'm sorry" he whispered as he rocked back and forth wishing the memories were snatched away. He wanted to bury them so far back so they stopped reminding him of what losses they'd all faced. He hadn't just lost the function of half his body, he didn't lose his appearance, he lost his friends, he lost the fathers of those sons, he'd lost the husbands of those women that were waiting for their return.


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Chapter 35


Beauty can be found in a lot of things.

It doesn't always need to be connected to appearance.


"Geet Pearson"

Geet glanced over her shoulder arching her brows curiously. "I'm sorry, do I know you?"


"Dave?" Geet frowned confused.

"No, it's Dev" he informed. "D-E-V" he spelled it out.

"Oh, okay. Sorry I just assumed..." Geet plastered an apologetic look.

"Don't worry about it" Dev laughed as he grabbed himself the stool besides her and sat down. "What are you having?"

"I'll stick to a mocktail please, I'm driving" she responded offering a smile whilst inwardly cursing her luck. She was expecting a Dave not Dev. Though, he wasn't so bad. She perused him silently, he's good looking, seems to know his style and clothes.

"How about a booth or table?" Dev suggested as the drinks were ordered.

"Sure" she shrugged and stepped down following him to a booth.


Maan looked at Kartik as he handed out a slice of cake to everyone, he had been paid today into his bank account, it turns out that Geet's company pays interns weekly rather than monthly as most interns tend to pay for college and university.

"Here, bhai" Kartik held out a slice for him expectantly, Maan opened his mouth slightly and took a bite. He then took the cake and made Kartik eat.

"I'm proud of you, son" Rajeev slid his arm around Kartik and looked down on him with pride, "I think everyone here is proud of you".

Kartik grinned feeling pleased and overwhelmed with how much he was receiving today from his family members.

"This time, next year I might be receiving my pay monthly like the seniors..." he winked.

"Work hard, and I'm sure you'd be successful like them" Savitri cradled his cheek.

"Your grandmother is giving some wise words son, note it down" Gaurav patted his shoulder lovingly.

"Have I ever not listened to dadima?" Kartik laughed. "You wouldn't believe how much the designers get paid..." he sat down on the sofa between his grandparents having helped himself to a slice of cake. "Dadaji, their pay is so good. For one project alone, you're looking at 4-5 lakhs" he informed. "Geet Pearson is paid like 4 times the price"

"We know" Gaurav chuckled, "Maan is paying for the outhouse" he pointed.

"Bhai, I'll ask if she can give family discount now that I'm working for her"

"It's okay, Kartik. I don't need it, I've got the savings" Maan answered shaking his head.

"Hmm... as you wish" Kartik chuckled.


 "So what do you do, Geet?" Dev asked as they made small conversation.

"I'm an air hostess" she answered proudly. "I fly with the Emirates group".

"Ah, I love the airline" Dev responded, "It must be great flying all the time, right?"

"It's different, but we don't just fly. We've got passengers to look after" she informed.

"Looking after passengers..." he drawled suggestively, "Have you joined the mile-high club yet?"

Geet smirked, "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Dev chuckled and raised his glass to her. Geet smiled taking another sip of her drink.


Eyes failed to see beyond the skin

It failed to the see the story

Love your scars

It means you survived the worst


Maan shucked off his shirt, his attention drawn to his stretched skin across his abdomen that went around towards his spine. He brushed his finger along the tender skin, he paused as he saw the distinct mark of where the bullet had ripped through him.

He squeezed his eyes closed turning his back to the mirror, he clenched his fists by his sides biting down on his lower lip. Tears burned his eyes as his thoughts drifted to what he was walking towards. A life of loneliness.

He shook his head grabbing the towel and his cane from the side walking towards the washroom wanting a quick shower before he turned in for the night.


Start over again

Yesterday is gone it cannot be changed

Tomorrow is yet to come make wise choices

So you aren't regretting it



Geet turned around seeing Dev walking into her living room in only his jeans.

"Last night was..." he approached her brushing a curl from her face.

"I've got work in half an hour, would you mind grabbing your things and leaving?"

His smile faded and he seemed a little confused.

"There's some brewed coffee, grab yourself a cup" she pointed.

"Oh, okay" he gathered himself together.

"I'm going to shower, please be gone by the time I come out" she told him and walked towards her washroom without giving him a chance to even reply.


"Wow, you look rough" Sean laughed as Geet met him at Starbucks.

"I'm still drunk" Geet scrunched her nose picking up the double shot espresso he'd already ordered for her and sipped gratefully.

"Who was the guy?" Sean arched his brows curiously.

"One of my girlfriend's brother's friend Dave or Dev..." she shrugged. "Is that for me?" she asked picking up his croissant.

"I thought you're dieting"

"I'm drunk and really hungry" she responded and took a large bite out of the croissant. "How's Tara?" she questioned.

"She's sleeping in today, I dropped Theresa off to mum's and Nick is in school" he answered, "Are you going into work?"

"I've got no appointments booked and I'm due to go flying on Saturday to London" she responded, "So I am going to enjoy the next two days resting"

"I'd have believed you, had you been like Tara or Mum" Sean laughed.

"I've got a boxing class and hitting the gym around 1pm. Wanna join me?"

"No, thanks" Sean shook his head. "I like my hour CrossFit, that's enough for me"

"Afraid, you'll lose to me?" she arched her brow.

"You challenging me sis?"

"Whatever you want to think" she winked.


"Long time, no see brother" Tushar muttered as he walked into the Khurana household.

Maan straightened and smiled as he watched Tushar enter, he stood up and walked over to meet him halfway. They hugged and slapped one another on the back.

"What are you doing here?" Maan asked as they pulled away, he moved to the sofa sitting down unable to keep himself standing for too long today.

Tushar sat down besides him, and turned to face him. "I was passing by, Samira wanted some fruits that came into that shop around the corner" he explained.

"How's Samira?" Maan asked.

"She's doing good, how are you?"

"I'm good" Maan answered lying through his teeth.

Tushar eyed him silently for a moment, "Rudra told me you declined coming to the BBQ's he's been hosting, I've not seen you in any" he informed.

"Work is hectic, you know that I work for the FBI" Maan responded.

"I've worked alongside you for 6 years, I've lived with you for that long as well" Tushar commented seemingly trying to hint out at Maan.

"Tushar..." Maan sighed.

"Someone once told me, it doesn't matter what fate plans for us, we can change the course by taking a hold of the reins and leading it in the direction we want" Tushar quoted something Maan had once said to him.

Maan didn't answer, rather feeling embarrassed. He was a hypocrite, he had said such words to his colleagues, yet he wasn't able to follow his own words.

"It's my Neha's 5th birthday next month, I want you to come" Tushar stated, "It isn't a request" he added.

"I'll try" Maan replied.

"Not try, you're coming. I want you to be there, remember that you helped me by dragging me to safety" he reminded. "Had you not, I wouldn't have been here celebrating my daughter's birthdays. Promise me, you're going to come?"

After a momentary silent, Maan agreed reluctantly.




"So, if you see on the screen here this is how the 2 rooms joined together is going to look like" Geet pointed to her screen.

Maan stepped forward and focused on the screen trying to push away the fact that he had been admiring her silently as she'd described her visuals and showed him the materials she had chosen and looked at him for approval.

"This wall here would have your computer screens" Geet pointed to the screen, Maan's eyes drew to her painted fingers as she continued to explain how his office would look like. Her fingers were long and lean, her nails curved and painted in a dark red colour. She also stood close to him, barely a foot away from him. What was wrong with him? He pondered. He'd come to notice her more each time. 

"Would you be okay with that?" Geet looked at him expectantly.

"Yes, that should be fine" Maan answered lying to her face, he hadn't heard what she'd said.

Geet stared at him thoughtfully and smiled. "Okay, that's sorted then. Adhira, have you got all of that?" she looked at Adhira questioningly.

"Yes, all the windows are going in next week. Lightly frosted glass for the kitchen, the office doors will be mirrored glass so you can see outside but not in, the upstairs bedroom will have floor to ceiling windows fixed" she rattled off the list. "Next, the walls will be painted. House will be neutral colours, with the bathroom being an exception. Blue tear drop tiles for the bathroom" she informed. "Frosted tinted sky blue windows for the bathroom" she added.

"All of that is for next week" Geet told Maan, "After that, as I mentioned I'll schedule a day and time to come and discuss each room interior and work on it. There may be slight rearrangements as I am also going to be away for a couple of days over the following weeks due to my job" she explained.

"That is understandable" he responded focusing on her words.

"Adhira, can you bring up my diary and..." Geet paused as her phone started ringing. She excused herself and walked a couple of feet away to answer it.

Adhira looked through Geet's diary whilst waiting for Geet to return, Maan on the other hand watched Geet once again. He smiled as she bit down on her lower lip as if thinking deeply, she laughed at something the other person said and responded cheerfully. He noticed her brows furrowed, she chewed on her lower lip whenever she pondered over something, she also had a habit of brushing her hand through her curls and looking over her shoulders.

He admired how she carried herself throughout the meetings they'd had, she always made an impression dressing immaculately, always looking damn near perfect as she climbed out of her red BMWi8. The attraction he was feeling within increased a little more, the royal blue dress today didn't do much to divert his attraction. The thin straps of her dress allowed him to see that she worked hard for her body because her arms were perfectly toned, she not worked on getting dressed, she worked on her body. He looked around as she turned around.

"Sorry, where was I?" Geet returned having promised Nick that she was going to pick him up. Adhira gestured to the diary, Geet pulled up her rota for flying and compared it.

"I could do Wednesdays at 1pm?" she asked looking up.

"Uh, yes that should be fine" Maan agreed clearing his throat.

"Okay, that's sorted then" Geet tapped the reminder on her calendar.

As always, Maan walked the ladies out to the car thanking them.

"I'll see you next week then" Geet unlocked her car door glancing over her shoulder bidding him bye to which he nodded and she climbed inside with Adhira settling in the passenger seat. Maan offered a small smile as Geet glanced over briefly before she reversed and drove away. Maan brushed a hand through his hair inhaling sharply, each time the attraction towards her built. He noticed more of her. It also reminded him that he was nowhere near perfect as Geet Pearson. 

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Chapter 36


"You're with me today, junior" Shaira stopped in front of Kartik's desk.

"But I've got an appointment to go to with Geet today"

"I've asked Geet if I can take you, she said yes" Shaira responded, "C'mon grab your stuff".

"What?" Kartik frowned, "she said yes?"

"Get your stuff and come with me" Shaira rolled her eyes returning to her desk and grabbing her small suitcase which held her client's file and the designs that she'd created.

Kartik followed behind jogging up to catch up with Shaira, "She's meeting Jia Patel".

"Who?" Shaira looked confused.

"Jia Patel, the star stylist. You know, the Jia Patel who almost won Miss India"

Shaira laughed shaking her head, "Junior, you've got a lot to learn".

Kartik sighed and followed her to the car glumly.

"Don't make that face, you might crush on my client"

"If its not Arisa Khanna, Jennifer Anniston or Jia Patel, I don't want to know" he murmured.

Shaira chuckled having heard him and started the car.


"So, you're telling me that you might possibly like Geet?" Kirsten looked stunned.

Maan rolled his eyes and stepped onto the treadmill walking very slowly. For the last month he had been coming to the gym and Kirsten had accompanied him. He needed to work on walking at least a little more, the walks around the garden were not making much improvements to his leg.

"I said I don't know" Maan responded scowling feeling his legs strain slightly, he gripped onto the bars at either side holding on pushing himself to walk. "She's... The past month, the meetings involved me focusing more on her" he murmured. "She's..."

"She's just walking in" Kirsten muttered pointing in the direction of Geet entering the gym. For a moment they had forgotten she frequently visited this gym, the last time they'd met her in the gym was a good couple of months ago.


"Put your phone away, Pearson" Damien walked over.

Geet frowned lifting her head, everyone called her by her first name except one person. "Damien, the name is Geet" she reminded.

"On the treadmill first, then we're going to do a couple of rounds" he pointed towards the boxing ring. 

"Yes boss" she chuckled mockingly saluting him, still unaware of two pair of eyes focused on her from the other side. "How's Jenny?"

"Jenny is pregnant as a whale" Damien answered.

"I'm sure she'd love to hear that"

"I'm sure she knows and heard it" he pointed to the security cameras. "She thinks I'm going to find me some hot girl during personal training sessions" he added.

Geet glanced at the security cameras laughing and to tease Jenny, she threw her arms around Damien surprising him, he swung his arms around her waist almost lifting her.

"Geet..." Damien hissed when his phone started buzzing.

Geet winked as she stepped back and walked towards the treadmill.

"Jenny, she's doing it to piss you off" Damien tried to reason over the phone. He scowled and passed it to Geet, "Here she'd like to speak to you".

"Hey Jenny".

"Don't you hey Jenny me! How could you, Geet?"

"How could you still be unreasonably possessive and weirdly loveable. You've popped out 5 of his kids, with his 6th on the way" Geet chuckled.

"Triplets weren't a choice" Jenny murmured.

Geet rolled her eyes, "How are my chunky monkeys?"

"Driving me mad" Jenny sighed.

Damien pointed to his watch to which Geet rolled her eyes and responded, "I'll catch up with you afterwards, your husband's glaring at me"

"Okay, bye. Make sure he doesn't flirt with anyone" Jenny chuckled as she cut the call.

"Your wife says hi and she doesn't want you flirting with anyone" Geet said as she handed Damien back his phone.

"Just get onto the treadmill and run" Damien snatched his phone back scowling at her.

Geet laughed and stepped onto the closest treadmill near her and started running. "By the way, I need you to take on 3 of my colleagues. They've joined the airline recently as well".

Damien tapped open the notes app on his phone, "I'll give you a date that I can do for them. I just want the initial appointment to see what work out will be best for them" he informed.

"I need them in shape by the end of this month else I'll be having Sharon riding my ass because they're working under me"

"Did they add on extra pounds or something?"

"Try at least 7 kgs between them all and added an arse and a stomach!" Geet huffed.

"Why didn't Leanne tell you?"

"Because she knows I'd rip into her before she says anything to me" Geet chuckled.

"She's your boss" Damien reminded.

"Not if I apply for her position next year" Geet smirked. "Leanne is on a yearly contract which is coming to its end. Its fair game to put an interest in".

"You've already told Richard, haven't you?"

"I've told him I'm interested on taking additional duties"

"She wouldn't know what's hit her" Damien shook his head.

"All's fair game in this industry, you've got jump some hoops and hurt others if you want to get somewhere" Geet winked.

"C'mon, let's go to the boxing ring" Damien pointed.


"She's got some stamina" Kirsten commented. "She hasn't even broke a sweat from running".

"It was a warm up" Maan chuckled.

"Doesn't matter, I just jog and I break a sweat within a minute" Kirsten answered. "Shall we go and say hi?" she questioned.

"No, she's with Damien. I'm guessing it's a personal training session" Maan replied. "Anyway, I've done my walk" he sighed heavily, his calf muscles were aching. Kirsten grabbed his cane handing it to him, Maan stepped down and settled on the chest press seat.

Kirsten handed him his bottle of water then stacked the weights accordingly, Maan thanked her then started on doing a couple of sets of chest presses.


Geet exhaled sharply as she slipped off the headgear and shucked off the boxing gloves breathing heavily.

"How was that?" Damien asked as he placed the pads down.

"My arms going to fall off" she swiped her hand over her forehead. "Thanks".

"You're welcome, text me your colleague's names and numbers" he said.

"Mmhmm..." Geet nodded climbing out of the boxing ring. "Oh f**k.." she cursed nearly slipping until a hand reached out stopping her from falling.

Geet straightened quickly and frowned seemingly confused when she saw Maan stood before her and besides him was Kirsten.

"Thanks..." she brushed a curl out of her face.

"You're welcome" Maan responded, his eyes tried so hard to remain on her face, it was difficult as small sweat drops trailed down her slender neck and disappearing between her cleavage. He cleared his throat offering a small smile.

"You both working out?" Geet looked between them.

"I'm here for moral support" Kirsten informed. "He works out, I try".

"Doesn't surprise me" Geet smirked.

"Hey" Kirsten frowned. "Nice boxing" she pointed.

"You've been watching?" Geet arched her brows curiously.

"Its hard to look away from a breadstick trying to box with a hot shot" Kirsten responded.

"I would recommend using hot shot, crazy" Geet answered.

"You think I'm fat?"

"Not think" Geet responded. "I'll see you both around, I've got a meeting soon" she walked away without giving Kirsten a chance to reply.

"I hate her" Kirsten scowled. "She called me fat"

"You are fat" Maan muttered.

"You are so not my bubbling hot chocolate any longer" Kirsten smacked his arm hard. "I hate you!"

"Ah... I'm sorry" Maan looked at her apologetically.

"You've got a lot of making up to do!" she snapped.

He chuckled and nodding in acceptance.


"This is not a model" Kartik murmured as he followed Shaira from room to room. "He's a guy" he nudged her to see if she was listening.

"Junior, just do as you're told" Shaira pointed. "Now measure that for me".

"Can I go back? I want to be with Geet"

"Don't you think she's a little old for you?" Shaira laughed. "She doesn't go for kids"

"I'm 18" Kartik informed proudly. "I'm an adult"

"You're even a kid to me, junior" Shaira answered, "And I'm only 24. Geet's 31 turning 32 in a month's time"

"When's her birthday?"

"10th January" Shaira replied, "Have you measured that for me?" she asked.

"Yes, yes I'm doing it" Kartik rolled his eyes. "Does she have a party?"

"Usually we have a staff meal then her parents do something for her" Shaira responded jotting down the measurements he called out.

"Is everyone invited?" he asked curiously.

"Yeah, pretty much. There's always a large crowd when it comes to her parents planning it. They invite everyone from the office then her colleagues that fly with her along with friends and family from around here" she explained. "Best part always is Geet's date for that. She's always got the best date for then"

"So, its in about a month's time?"

"Yes, 10th January" 

Kartik nodded thoughtfully and smiled.

Kirsten, we've got some work to do he sent a quick text. 

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