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Beauty & the Beast

Welcome to the second thread! 

Thanks to two determined  and eager readers that Thread 1 was complete...LOL
So in the name of both of you - double updates. 

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Chapter 21


"Help! He's bleeding out, help!" Screams filled the land, cries echoed, tears cascaded down mourning passengers.

Geet groaned, the impact of the crash was enormous, she had fallen out of her seat and across the aisle and through the cracked space and fell a few feet down onto the dry land.

Her whole body was aching as she tried to refocus her attention and try to get up.

She turned onto her left and looked around, there were passengers bleeding, some seemed unconscious whilst others didn't look like they'd survived.

She dragged herself up in a sitting position holding her head in pain, it felt as if someone had bashed her head in with a massive rock.

She stood up with great difficulty shaking her legs as she couldn't feel them for a few seconds, she glanced around and saw Hira and Max running to passengers. She noticed Josh attending to an injured child. In the distance she noticed Sophia lying on the ground, she started moving towards her and picked up her pace.


"Sophia" she called as she reached near her. "Sophia" she tapped her cheek, her cheek tilted to the side and Geet noticed the blood underneath her head.

"Sophia" Geet called as she pressed her fingers to Sophia's pulse, there was a very faint pulse. She glanced around for something to put beneath Sophia's head to stop the bleeding but couldn't see anything nearby, she couldn't even call for help as passengers were in distress and there were others running to one another trying to help. The wound beneath her head was minor, so it wouldn't need stitching but it would require bandages and dressing to heal properly.

"Sophia..." Geet groaned, she found a sharp glass piece and sliced open Sophia's shirt sleeve and wrapped it around Sophia's head trying to stop the blood from flowing so much.

Once she'd done that, she started on trying to resuscitating her colleague, she started on compressions then blowing air into Sophia's mouth.

"Sophia" Taylor rushed over. "What happened?"

"She's bleeding from her head, I need something cotton to stop the bleeding" Geet looked up. "Find something, anything" she looked at him. "Make sure it's wet with water"


"Sir..." Kirsten looked down at Aaron who was bleeding profusely, a metal piece sliced through his jacket and across his stomach. "Somebody do something" she yelled.

"Where the f**k are we?" Kelsey yelled. "How aren't there ambulances coming?"

"Where's Maan?" Kirsten looked around, she couldn't move and look around for him as she was keeping the pressure on Aaron's stomach to stop him from bleeding. "Kelsey, find him"

Kelsey groaned and stood, she glanced around. There were numerous people running around, she couldn't recognise Maan from any of them.


"Taylor" Geet called as she looked around for him, Sophia's wound seemed to have deepened as she continued to lose more blood. "Tay..." she paused when she saw Maan come over pressing a bunched up wet cotton shirt underneath Sophia's head.

"You need to hold this tightly, it's a little cold but the material needs to be breathable so it doesn't cause any infections" he told her. "I'll start the compressions".

Geet nodded and held the bunched shirt to Sophia's head whilst Maan done the compressions.

"We need to start getting the blood flowing and reaching her brain, so tilt her a little" he told her, his mind focused on helping Sophia.

"Geet..." Taylor rushed back to their side.

"Give that shirt here" Geet took the shirt he had wanting to put more pressure on Sophia's wound. "Taylor, go help the passengers" she looked at him firmly.

"But... I've not done the medical training... I don't..." he looked at her panicked.

"Tay, listen to me" Geet spoke firmly, "Remember the 2nd year training, I made you all do?"

He nodded swallowing thickly.

"Put all of that into training, remember the basics and you'll know what to do. Now go"

"Is she going to be okay?" Taylor asked.

"We're doing the best we can" she answered.

"She needs to be okay" he murmured. "She's pregnant..."

Geet looked at him shocked and felt the pressure of saving Sophia even more. "Alright, now go" she replied tightly.


"Okay, she's stabilised for now" Maan sighed heavily.

"Thanks" Geet murmured and looked at the wound on Sophia's head. She was now breathing properly, though unconscious, her pulse had gone back to normal.

"I need a belt" Maan looked around. "So we wrap the belt around her head and keep the shirt there as gauze, it'd stop the bleeding eventually".

"Josh" Geet noticed him and called him over.

"A minute" Josh called back as wrapped his t-shirt around a child's arm which had been cut with the shards of glass. Once he'd wrapped it he stood and hurried over to Geet.

"I need a belt" Geet told him.

Josh unbuckled his belt and handed it to Maan who held out his hand, once Maan had the belt he wrapped the belt around Sophia's head twice and secured the shirts in place. The bleeding had slowed down and it'd now eventually stop.

Once Sophia's wound was tended to, they lay her down ensuring no shards of glass or broken metal pieces were near her then stood and dispersed in different directions and tended to other passengers.


Four hours in, it was confirmed 38 passengers, 7 crew members died on impact, Josh and Max ensured they were laid to rest properly. Others were injured, some had minor bruises and cuts whilst others suffered with deep cuts and unfortunately right now there wasn't any suture materials available to stitch them. From the first aid boxes they found, their wounds were bandaged securely. The passengers were now scared, the panic had subsided between them once Max and Josh assured them help is going to come soon.

Geet, Hira and Taylor had gone around the broken pieces of the plane to find the food containers which were still securely closed in their boxes and started handing them out.

Josh and Max worked on trying to get a signal and trying to call for help using their radios and satellite phones which should've still worked but it turns out that was affected by the fire.


"What's going on?" Aaron asked as he looked around. "How doesn't anybody know we're here?"

"We've landed in uninhabited land" Kelsey informed.

"The headquarters would've gotten some coordinates from the captains before we crashed though, they should've found us by now" Helen responded.

"Where's Kirsten?" Aaron asked.

"She's with Maan, over there" Kelsey pointed, a few feet away Maan and Kirsten were sat near the water and it seemed like Maan was tending to Kirsten.

"I think I've fallen in love with you even more hot chocolate wafer" Kirsten commented watching Maan work on the minor scratches she'd received during the crash.

"Mmhmm" Maan hummed as he cleaned the scraped skin getting rid of the soil that'd stuck to her skin when she'd gone around helping whoever she can.

"You look very handsome, really focused" she muttered.

"You're bruised and cut and you're focusing on my face?" Maan looked up at her.

Kirsten chuckled and winked which made him smile faintly. He grabbed the bottle of water and washed her skin then wrapped a dressing around her forearm to prevent any infections.

Maan stretched out his legs groaning quietly.

"How are you feeling?" Kirsten asked in concern touching his knee.

"I just need to rest my legs a little now, way too much exercise today" he murmured.

"You've got two cuts on your temple and forehead..." Kirsten pointed.

"They're minor" Maan responded, "Which I could fix myself".

"You should get the doctor" she winked gesturing to Geet.

"I can fix myself" he reiterated making her rolls her eyes at him.

"Hey you okay?" Josh approached.

"Yeah, I'm fine" Maan replied nodding his head.

"Need some help fixing that?" he asked.

"It's okay, I've got it all here" he pointed to the bandage and the clean water bottle.

"Alright, thanks for you help today man" Josh held out his hand. "Especially with Sophia"

"It was nothing" Maan shook Josh's hand.

"You saved Sophia and her baby, it means a lot" Josh responded. "You're not a medic are you?" he asked curiously. "Because you knew certainly knew what you were doing, not many passengers do know much about survival training"

"He was in the army" Kirsten boasted. "Captain and he's done medical training as part of becoming a captain. 4 years"

"What she said" Maan shook his head at his friend.

"Nice, you guys must be hungry" Josh glanced over his shoulder. "Hira, pass 2 containers here"

"We'll share one" Maan told Josh, "I'm not that hungry and others would need it more".

"There's more than enough" Josh replied, he didn't need to add the unsaid words. There were only extras due to the dead people. Hira came over with two containers of food then returned to give out the rest of the containers.


"What is being done Max to find us?" Geet settled besides him with her container of food, Sophia had her wound cleaned twice every hour and she was kept hydrated. She was now sleeping, she'd come out of her unconsciousness but was told to keep lying still as they didn't know how much of her was hurt.

"I don't know" he groaned brushing a hand through his hair. "Everything was done by the book, every single f**king thing and we couldn't save..." he looked over at the lined dead people that were on the other side covered with sheets and clothing.

"Do you know where we are?" she asked placing the container of food down unable to eat.

"I only managed to give them a partial coordinate. I don't know where we're at. Everything is burned out in the cockpit" he responded.

"Just so you and Josh know, I die here single and without a baby I'm going to haunt you and Josh, believe me" she turned to him. "I came out here to enjoy and I'm stuck in a f**king island that doesn't have people. Is there such things out there anymore?" she asked.

"Apparently" Max chuckled. "C'mon eat up, we need the energy" he grabbed his container and peeled the lid open. "After we've ate, we need to gather clothing from whatever can find and set something up for sleeping"

Geet nodded in agreement and looked over at Sophia.

"Did you know she was pregnant?" she asked Max.

"Do you think I'd have let her fly if I had known?" Max arched his brows.

"What is with my team? They know they're not allowed to fly yet they're jumping on aboard".

"Once you've got into flying, do you see yourself doing something else?" Max asked her.

Geet considered it for a moment and shook her head, "I don't think I'd ever be able to stop this job. I love it far too much" she smiled. "Despite all of this..." she pointed to around them. "It's given some satisfaction that we've managed to help them at least"

Max agreed, "The airline is so going to lose a lot of money though".

"It's years of investigation, do you know they'd even be able to determine this? It's all crashed and burned" she questioned.

"Don't know but the airline isn't going to give the money out until they've investigated properly. If it goes to court, it's most likely going to find it was accidental and the families would receive a small compensation" he replied.

"It's not going to bring back them though would it?" she sighed.

"No, it wouldn't" he nodded.


"Help" Kirsten screamed.

Geet and Max looked over and saw that Maan was lying on the ground, they both stood and hurried over, Josh tried to resuscitate.

"What happened to him?" Kirsten cried as she watched Maan simply lie on his back. "He's just fell back and isn't breathing".

"There isn't any visible wounds..." Josh looked at Max and Geet as they joined him. "Max, pull open his shirt" he lifted his hands pausing the compressions. Max tore open Maan's shirt and there wasn't any wound. Geet crouched down noticing the wet spot on his leg.

"Max" she pointed.

Grabbing a sharp glass Max tore his pants from the bottom whilst Josh restarted the chest compressions. There was a large deep wound that'd cut through the skin and muscles and he was bleeding a lot, it seemed infected.

"Shit" Max cursed and looked at Geet.

"We need water, get me a few bottles of water" Geet looked at Kirsten. "Quick" she raised her voice seeing Kirsten frozen. She then turned to Max, I need something sharp and it needs to be sterilised" she told him. "It could be anything, a pin, a metal hanger. Anything metal and sterilised"

Max called Hira over to help, whilst he boiled water on one of the fires they'd sparked, Hira searched for something metal and sharp. She was in luck as she found a couple of safety pins and a metal tweezer. Once Max sterilised it, he rushed over to Geet's side.

Geet had cleaned the wound with the water, she looked up at Max and Hira as they joined her side.

"Is it sterile?" she asked as she washed her hands with the bottled water and took the gloves Kirsten passed to her from the first aid box. 

"Yeah" they answered.

Taking the pin, Geet closed her eyes shooting up a quick prayer, hoping her first aid training all works right now, she opened her eyes and made a large cut across the wound and darkened clotted blood leaked out from the wound.

"Kirsten splash this water over the wound whilst I clean it out" Geet told her taking the tweezers and cleaning out his wound. Once she'd cleaned it as best as she could, Geet covered his wound with warm compress and wrapped it with clean white bandage.

Josh had managed to resuscitate Maan, once he'd done that he offered Maan some water to hydrate him to make up for the blood he'd lost.

"It's clean and fixed for now, but he's going to need stitches on this" Geet whispered to Max.

Kirsten sighed in relief when Maan slowly opened his eyes and rushed to his side touching his shoulder, "I'm going to kill you for scaring me" she hissed.

"What happened..." he groaned pressing a hand to his temple.

"Pass me some water" Josh said taking the bottle from Max. "We need to clean these two"

"No, I can do it" Maan tried to push Josh's hand.

"You said that before and then nearly died" Josh countered narrowing his eyes. "I'm not having someone else die on me today".

Maan sighed and nodded, his eyes drew to Geet then to his leg. He looked away, his scars were all on show, his marked skin were visible to anyone who was looking over at him.

Geet watched Josh clean the wounds on Maan's temple then cover it up with plasters, she glanced down at the wound she'd covered then looked at Maan who'd averted his eyes from everyone. Her eyes drew to his body, there were lines across the left side of his chest and from his exposed leg, she noticed the marred skin around his knee. It piqued her curiosity but she was polite enough to keep quiet and stay focused on helping.


"Keep him hydrated" Josh told Geet as he stood to see to other passengers who'd need their wounds looked over as it'd been over an hour now.

"Get whatever blankets and pillows you can find and pass them out" Geet told Hira then turned to Max. "We need some more fires"

"Alright" he nodded and rushed back gathering any wooden items he could find.

Geet then turned to Maan, "we need to move closer to them, we shouldn't be near this water. We don't know how safe it is" she told him. "Are you able to move?"

"Yeah" he nodded, Kirsten helped him to his feet and Geet held his arm supporting his weight and he hobbled back towards the others.

Hira placed a blanket and pillow down on the sandy dry land and Maan crouched down trying to keep his wounded leg straight and lied down with the help of Geet and Kirsten.

"I'm going to get the water" Geet excused herself and grabbed the bottles of water, she looked up at the sky hoping to hear some sound of the rescue team but there wasn't any life above them. It was now getting darker and it was with the help of fires Max was making that they were able to see through the dark. All the phones that were on the flight were damaged extensively by the fire.

Geet returned to Kirsten and Maan's side placing the bottles of water down, "keep him hydrated. Only make him drink a few sips every few minutes" she told Kirsten. "I need to help Josh" she told them and stood to her feet to aide Josh.

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Chapter 22


"Tess" Marissa cooed nuzzling her granddaughter's cheek. "Who's so cute huh? Yes you are, you are so beautiful" she peppered kisses all over Theresa's chubby cheeks.

"I hope you're not drooling all over my daughter mum" Tara laughed as she cradled Nick in her arms and rocked him gently to sleep.

"Very funny" she rolled her eyes and cooed animatedly making Theresa smile and kick her legs.

"When is dad coming home? He's working a little too late isn't he?" Tara questioned glancing at the clock. Suneel always returned home by 5.30pm, he'd leave at 5pm on the dot and always returned within 20 30 minutes. And if he does run late, he always call to inform them.

"I'll send him a text" Marissa grabbed her phone and text him. "It's nearly 6" she murmured glancing at the clock concerned.

When she didn't hear anything in the next few minutes, she placed Theresa down in the cradle and called his phone hoping he'd answer. He didn't. The phone didn't even ring, it went straight to voicemail. All sorts of thoughts swarmed around in her head as she wondered where her husband is. Thoughts that should've never made its way into her mind, surfaced.

"I'll call Sean and ask if he's seen dad" Tara picked her phone off from the coffee table and dialled Sean's number, she frowned as the door opened and Sean's phone started ringing inside the house.

She cut the call and looked up as Sean and Suneel walked through and entered the living room.

"Where have you been? I got scared for a moment" Marissa approached Suneel in concern. "What's wrong?" she asked noting that he looked gloomy and disturbed. "Suneel" she touched his arm giving him a slight nudge. She glanced over at Sean who'd looked as miserable.

"What's going on?" she looked between them then at Tara who'd now stood and looked concerned.

"Suneel" Marissa held his arm shaking him when he didn't speak, tears pooled in his eyes.

"G... Geet's plane is missing" Suneel whispered. "She's nowhere to be found".

Marissa gasped and crouched down onto the floor unable to hold herself up, Suneel kneeled and pulled her into his arms. Sean rushed to Tara's side, she'd stiffened in shock at the thought of her baby sister being missing.

"What... what do you mean it's missing?" Marissa gathered herself enough to ask him questions. "How can a plane just suddenly go missing?" she panicked.

"I... I don't know" Suneel murmured shaking his head, "they're going to call and let me know as soon as they know something" he added.

"No, no, no" Marissa shook her head, tears burned in her eyes as she thought of her youngest daughter, out there lost somewhere. Suneel pulled her to him holding her as she cried praying silently that his daughter is safe.


Geet frowned hearing a sound besides her and dropped down her arm from over her eyes and turned her head.

"What are you doing?" she questioned Kirsten as she settled down a foot away from her.

"Well, I'm making my bed. Everyone else has gone to sleep but I didn't want to sleep around strangers, you know" Kirsten answered cheerily.

"Where's your friend?" Geet asked.

"Oh, he's there besides me, I had help from Josh because my hot chocolate is quite heavy" Kirsten responded pointing over her shoulder to Maan.

"He's asleep and you dragged him here?" she arched her brows.

"Well, yes. I couldn't leave my mocha alone, over there" Kirsten informed lying down.

Geet glanced to her right, Hira was sleeping besides her, tilting her head back Josh had settled just a couple of feet away from her head. She couldn't even shift from here even if she tried, because she'd end up disturbing everyone and it had been a very long day. There were no signs of any helicopters or emergency services yet.

They'd waited and continued to hope, someone was coming for them. Right now, hope was all they had.


"Hey breadstick" Kirsten poked Geet's shoulder.

"Yes?" Geet turned and looked at her with boredom and exhaustion.

"Ooh evil eyes" Kirsten murmured. "Very nice" she grinned, "anyway I was going to ask seeing as we're now friends"

"Friends? We're friends?" Geet looked at her confused.

"Honey, I don't give just anyone nicknames" she responded. "As I was saying, seeing as we are now friends, why did you reject my boyfriend?"

"I could ask the same thing" Geet replied arching her brows.

"Who said he rejected you?" Kirsten countered wittily.

"And who said I rejected him?" Geet answered.

Kirsten looked at Geet curiously pondering over her answer, Geet closed her eyes turning away and hoped sleep came soon, unaware that the person they'd discussed was awake and had listened.

Maan didn't open his eyes, nor did he turn to give anyone any indication that he was awake. Instead he lay completely still as if he were asleep.

He didn't know what to think when he listen to Geet and Kirsten.

She hadn't rejected him? That seemed a little hard to believe. He was intrigued, he wanted to ask and find out more.

He wanted to know her thoughts.


The following morning, he watched as Geet went from passenger to passenger with her crew to ensure they were all feeling okay. Many had now calmed down and were awaiting for emergency services to come. From the count, it seemed only few bottles of water remained and a few snacks. The container foods were finished last night. Someone had to find them today because tomorrow, nothing would be left. No water nor any snacks.

"How are you feeling Maan?" Aaron walked over checking up on him.

"I'm feeling better" he answered. He had checked on his wound this morning and it was bandaged properly. There was a mild pain but that was to be expected. Yesterday, in the chaotic situation he hadn't even realised the pain he'd been feeling was an infected wound on his leg.

He frowned inwardly recalling Geet treating his wound and seeing his scarred body.

"Sir, do we know if any rescue team is out looking for us or not?" Kirsten questioned.

"We're not sure Kirsten, I've spoken to the pilot and he's not sure as the radio is out and there doesn't seem to be any signal. Everything burned out" Aaron replied as he looked around. "We seem to be deserted in an inhabited island, there doesn't seem to be sign of life anywhere except those trees" he pointed.

"Water is running low" Maan informed, "Sir, we could do with building small fires"


"Fires" Maan nodded, "If water runs out, it's going to be hard on everybody. Boiling the seawater and filtering could give us clean water to drink. Maybe get us through another night" he suggested.


Geet and her crew had gone around a second time attending to injured passengers redressing their wounds, she'd watched from the corner of her eyes in curiousity in the direction of Maan who was making small fires with his team.

"Geet, can you see to Maan whilst I see to Sophia?" Josh asked as he walked by.

"Uh sure" she answered and finished redressing Mr Jacobs offering him a small smile as she stood with her small lot of wipes and dressing materials.

She had thought a lot over what Kirsten said last night, could it be true that he didn't reject her?

She didn't believe it, he's a grown man and he definitely had a say in rejecting her. Unaware that, Maan's grandparents had made the decision for him.

She walked over and noticed Maan glancing as she approached his side.

"I need to redress your wounds" she informed noticing he looked confused.

"I'll be able to do it" he responded not wanting to show her his marked body. She'd seen it once and he hoped she hadn't seen the extensive damage as it was dark last night but now it was a very bright morning.

Geet placed the items down for him and walked away without another word feeling slightly agitated that he seemed to snub her.


"How could you?" Kirsten scowled once Geet away.

"What?" Maan looked at his friend confused.

"There was such an opportunity, how did you even say no to that hot piece of ass? Even I wouldn't say no" she looked at him dramatically horrified.

"Kirst" he chuckled shaking his head and returned to the task at hand.

"You're not human to detect the amount of hotness she has" Kirsten shook her head at her friend. "You even looked ignorant for a moment hot head" she pointed.

"Stop making things up, I politely declined and she accepted" he informed.

"You don't know women at all" she giggled.

"Shut up and get me some water to boil" Maan pointed.

"Whatever, we're not on speaking terms right now because you said no to my breadstick" she stood and jogged off in the direction of Geet.


"Hey breadstick" Kirsten sang out joyfully.

Geet glanced over her shoulder then turned away continuing ahead.

"Hey, I didn't do nothing" Kirsten called out jogging up to catch up with Geet as she picked up her pace.

Geet paused and turned around, "Look, you seem like someone fun and nice so I'm going to tell you this politely; please just stay away from me. I don't want to know you, I've got my own friends so I don't need another one. I certainly don't want to know your friend so you can stop with the lying about this stupid proposal".

"Wow, direct hit on my heart" Kirsten mumbled.

Geet turned and walked away without a backward glance, right now she felt so much better.

Hope you enjoyed the updates...

I am going to be occupied over the next couple of months as there is soon going to be a wedding at our house so I wouldn't be able to guarantee an update every week. I will try posting an update every fortnight or month. No promises though. 
And hopefully by then we will have a stunning banner that I would love each time I visit... LOL

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OMG i was first for a change yayyy , but wht an update lovef its technicalities reading it felt as if u were watching it literally . Liking how gradually maaneet r knowing each other just love kirsten she is a cutie pie but geet hurted her in d end and she was sure hurt ke maan did not take her help , maaneet both came to knw atleast none of thm rejected each other . Congratulations for a wedding at ur house enjoy to d fullest will be waiting for nxt 
Posted: 2 years ago
Loved the updates. You wrote the scenes so well that I can visualize them. Geet and Maan interacted little bit indirectly. Loved Kirsten. Through her atleast they got to know that they didnt reject each other. They feel awkward around each other. Looking forward to next part. Will be waiting. Enjoy the wedding.
Posted: 2 years ago
I could actually image everything while reading..
Ok but maan did not reject her..I am sure..but I remember like geet didnt want this proposal..isnt it?
Correct me if am wrong!

Poster was superb with flight maan geet.

For a split second I thought geet is going to be scared in this crash my bad nightmare!!
Posted: 2 years ago

very interesting updates...

plane crashed and many people died...others injured...thank God Maan, Geet, their friends are all safe...both Maan's team and Geet's team are helping passangers who are injured...

they are waiting for help...Hope help reaches them soon...

Geet's parents, sister all are devastated knowing about Geet's plane missing...Kirstien is a very jovial and full of life girl...because of her atleast now Maan and Geet came to know that they both didn't rejected each other...Geet has some doubts that how can it be that he didn't have any say in rejection...whereas Maan is surprised that a beautiful girl like Geet didn't rejected him...he don't want Geet to see his scars and in this inferiority complex of his he behaved rude with her...Geet felt insulted and angry on him...

waiting for next part...

Posted: 2 years ago

Amazing n wonderful updates

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