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Posted: 4 years ago
And the main and most important thing is that both are in love and want to be together
When mr Shanbhag is being taken care of then how long will mumma be upset
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by sonalgupta2004

Originally posted by SAKIVIAM

Sonal Dee aren't you the one who asked for at least a ten line update when not possible.

Ya but that has to be an extra one
Wink why cut short the regular update

LOL LOL . If she gives 1 or a ten all in a day we would still be demanding that one extra with 5 or 6 lines.
Posted: 4 years ago
When T wakes up la la la enjoying the bengaluru air, she's going to find Mandira puttering around in the kitchen and she might seriously consider boarding that bus bk to ullal LOL . I'm wondering how many pairs of dresses she is carrying this time around Embarrassed Aanu must be already missing his daughter now. It's
always little challenging to fill the void left by the absence of people who you care for and love most. Neither can his daughter's relationship be an on and off one that's been so far with Ashvin

Incredulous , unconvincing and cynical might be the situation but both Mandira and Trisha have no choice but to work around each other. I'm actually waiting for the convo that's going to happen between Mandira and papaji Narang. It's going to be an interesting one.Edited by Errantnomad - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
Dilussioned is how I'd describe Mama Narang. She has not understood her son Dadu Narang or love.
The attraction A & T have experienced, the effort they have taken to fall out of love and failed is not known to her.
The silver fox has claimed Ms Shanbag as his friend to all. Has almost admitted to her father he loves her like his own C. He considers her well brought up. He states he knows his favourite grandson well and that his happiness is only with Trisha.
The tab he keeps on his grandson the unconcealed interest in the way he watched them when he brings her to Ashvin is clear indication Ashvin is reinstated as his favourite.
The claimant was determined to get her back, had missed her badly and now when he has her back after recording her as A's Wife and exhorting her acceptance that she came out of her love for him, there is no way he will let her go.
Mama has further alienated her cause by unwittingly calling him drug addled.

It's going to be fireworks and drama and I'm seated in a very comfortable vantage point for the show to begin.
I'm cheerleader for Ashvin Trisha and Mr Narang.
Posted: 4 years ago
Nisha Dee is green. 
Good morning 
Posted: 4 years ago
Good morning everyone
It's raining here in delhi
Hope the same for updates also
Posted: 4 years ago
The sky is overcast in Chennai...we had rains day before...I can see the bay and hear the wavesWink
Posted: 4 years ago
Arms of protection

"I am in a good place right now Mom. I am not dragging Dadu's baggage of hatred resentment and disappointment with me. Ive lugged it too long" he said emotionally

Mandira wanted to jump up and give him a hug
She approached him

"Hang on a minute" he pushed back, walking away


"I dont know if I can make everyone happy, but for now I am going to make MYSELF happy" he said firmly

She was back to being unhappy about him

"How can you be happy with someone you hardly know Ashvin?" she let out a guttural whimper

"I know her enough She is working on her Ph D thesis, she is the daughter of the man I hurt deeply, and she is an awful cook and a great kitchen helper" he smiled at the end of the line

"I mean... come on... beta"

"For a change focus on Lee... I dont need guidance" he said haltingly


"Mom.. let me finish"

He kneeled down by her held her hands

She cried a river... he squeezed her hands lovingly

"We both have been swept away by our feelings of payback" he whispered

"Dont try to be all mature with me" she sniffled, furious

"I am not... I am just tired of dealing with the old man" he said his head hung

"We have to think of the end game"

"There is no end game with him Mom... he is trying to hook Rachit up with Trisha" Ashvin's tone was one of outrage and bitterness

"Oh good... to theek hai na..." Mandira wanted the girl off her son's back

"You are not serious!!" he was upset

"Ek baat par main Dadu se sehmat hoon... is baat par"


"He thinks if she and him get along, then she can torment us"  "Let him play his game Ashvin. He cannot dangle that incident or anyone from that family anymore" Mandira was calculating again

"Mom... stop... Mommm stopp... you are going down that path again"  "I will ask you... I will tell you... if I need help... I dont"  "Relax" "Mommm" he groaned agonized

"We have to Ashvin... do you even have the faintest idea what the net worth of Narang Inc is?"

"I dont care Ma" he said heaving and sighing, sitting down cross legged in front of her"

"Aur TUM... kabse din mein chashma pehanne lag gaye?"  "Us ladki ka asar hai? She looks like a nerd, tum bhi?"

"You live in Delhi, I dont wear contacts during weekends"

"Ashvin... you are so sensitive and are not ashamed to admit you have feelings... like your Dad" she choked again

"I dont want you to ever get hurt" she waved a finger warningly

He smiled softly, his eyes glistening

"Phir kya karengi aap?"

"Bataooon tumhe?" "Shoul I tell you?"she smiled through teary eyes kissing his forehead

She bend down and hugged him, inhaling the top of his head

"I love your hair, like Daddy's"

He squeezed her arm

"She thought it was a wig" he chuckled

"Not nice" Mandira slowly turned her attention and began applying her mental energies towards her DIL now..

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