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Posted: 4 years ago
"I know her enough She is working on her Ph D thesis, she is the daughter of the man I hurt deeply, and she is an awful cook and a great kitchen helper" he smiled at the end of the line

Ashvin has worked out in his mind that he will move beyond the past, make amends with Father Shanbag and make this marriage work !! And he is doing his best to move in that direction.He has even accepted that he might not be able to change the impression his Dadu has about him ( albeit he is on the wrong track there !! )

Whereas Mandira is stuck like a broken record at the same point where she has dwelt for the past ten years. And the poor thing does not realise by sucking upto Dadu she has worsened the case for Ashvin all these years.
Do all mothers do this ( out of sheer love and mothering )  with their children and unwittingly cause harm many a time more than help ???!!

Glad that Dadu has a mind of his own, has all the pawns placed at the right slots and is playing his game to right all the wrongs of the past and present !!
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Posted: 4 years ago
The insecurity of Mama Narang is obvious. She has been clueless how to mend the snapped ties between Dadu and his favourite grandson. the man lost his favourite son in the prime of his life and names properties after birds as his son loved would he think of hurting the boy he loved most especially when he has borne the cross this long?
In her irrational fears mama Narang has nurtured a helplessness and seems only worried about the wealth and not the peace that needs to be restored in Ashvins life.
My dear lad is all clear and sorted in his head about his Trish...his insecurity surfaces when he views Rachit as a potential threat a rival to usurp his love.
Dadu cares enough to hurt as he knows how to heal Ashvin.
Everything about his appearance now seems to have a connection to her...the nerdy look...(sexy in Trisha's view) and the silken hair trimmed no neatly.  
Hope Mama Narang does not hurt A's Wife, which I don't think he will tolerate.
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Posted: 4 years ago

She slept the whole day, and woke after 5 to find a manicured Mandira fixing eggs in the kitchen

She cleared her throat nervously...

"Hi! Trisha, how are you?" Mandira asked in a saccharine tone

"I am fine...umm.. do you know where Ashwin went?" Trisha asked

Mandira turned  upon hearing her son's name

"Umm.. hes probably busy" she said smugly having no clue herself where her son was

"Do you like to wear glasses?" she questioned the young girl

Trisha nodded tentatively

"You should try contacts" "they are not expensive" Mandira asserted

"Umm.. OK" Trisha nodded confused  "If Ashvin"

"Ashwin is usually spending his evening with friends" she smiled

"Oh" Trisha began making her coffee

"How is everyone at home?"

"Umm.. yes... good"

"they must miss you?"

"Its only my father" she said

"Dont u have two brothers?"

Trisha looked surprised for a second

"Umm.. they dont live in Ullal" she said politely

"so they must miss you all the time" Mandira tried a feeble joke

Ashvin came in showered, shaved and dressed in khakis and a plaid shirt

"Are you making coffee?" he asked

"You could smell?" Trisha smiled sweetly

"Umm.. I guess... can I get some?" he asked

"I made tea love" Mandira pushed his tea mug towards him

"A minute? The decoction has to drain" Trisha said pretending not to pay attention to the giant tea cup

"To yeh pee lo beta... you can have coffee later, you used to get heart burn if u drank coffee in the evening" Mandira reminded him

Trisha made her own coffee
As mother and son discussed some house repair issue in Delhi

Trisha went to her room with her chai, Ashvin appeared soon after and found her curled up in her lounge chair, feet drawn up, in her fave crouching pose

He bend down and kissed her fully... "Good coffee" he whispered, moistening her lips and tongue with his.. stroking playfully..

Posted: 4 years ago
Turf war over beverage preference and unsolicited makeover tips. Naice
Posted: 4 years ago
Way to go Ashvin !! heartburn gaya bhaad main ClapClap
Nisha...pleeej do not make Mandira a conniving MIL...I know you will never ever make Mandira the EK kinds, but even the manicured nails seem to turn to claws in Mandira at the sight of Trisha !!

She so insecure abut a girl who she claims wears glasses , has no looks to talk about and has only unblemished skin ?! All because, her darling Ashvin has changed !

And if Mandira continues her cringeworthy behaviour, she will lose her son in a jiffy...he is playing ball from Trisha's side of the court and will return volley for volley in his inimitable way...

Look at me gunning for coffee when Iam a hardcore chai drinker !!! LOLLOL
Posted: 4 years ago
Let's give time to Mandira
I don't think she is insecure or something
She is just not sure of Trisha...
Aur waise bhi when you have other ways to drink then who wants from a cup

Posted: 4 years ago
Best way to have coffee without a heartburn!!!ROFL
Posted: 4 years ago
I am so proud of Mr No Socks and T's Husband Embarrassed . H ehas all things sorted out in his mind. I don't understand how did he get the idea that Daadu is setting up Trisha with Rachit!!! Jealousy n insecurity I tell u - Jaha aag nahi bhi hoti waha bhi aaga laga deti hai. Thank u Nisha for the back to back updates.
Ek bahut bada doubt hai author sahiba - Trisha was making coffee when Mandira asked Ashwin to have tea it was told Trisha made her coffee and when she went in her room she took her chai Ouch Ye mamala kya hai.

Trisha made her own coffeeAs mother and son discussed some house repair issue in DelhiTrisha went to her room with her chai

Did she make just her coffee or also for Ashwin OR she made only 1 coffee but gave it to Ashwin as he insisted on having coffee instead of tea and took chai herself???

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