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Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by moonwearer

1000 scented candles 1000 stats for company 1000 little details like the brass bolt on the door or the detail of the location of the button on the dress. The thickness of the stripe on his shirt or the size of the checks. Theclipping of her name of the stretching of his, the groan on the lips , the size of the lump in her throat, the glint in his eyes, the effect of the find or the honest baring of their soul.
The details make the tale so plausible and the duo and two old men with their quirks and their ways...the reflective mirror of a Rao or an Ii Z or a Mridula...the sweetness of Rachit and the defender of the owners daughter in Manjunath...the flirtatious Chirag or the admiration of a Prasad the tolerance and acceptance of a fat cat...the shades of Mandira...
Have all been varied items on the menu. The concotions each time is varied and fresh and triggers craving for more

Posted: 4 years ago
Out with it...

"Does your Dad know?" was his first question

"I cannot come without telling him" she said sharply

"Why are you here?" he asked softly, his arms across his chest, his tee still bearing the night's wrinkles.
"Mr Narang said you had accident"

"Well.. "Mr Narang" doesnt care about me Trisha. He makes stuff up. You shouldnt waste your time believing him" he said slowly

She looked at his face to detect anger or bitterness

There was none

"No... he was not mean, he said Rachit can drive me back" she said sincerely

"Ofcourse he was not mean. Ofcourse he offered up Rachit. He loves Rachit" he blurted

"Why ofcourse?"

"He thinks I am ruining your life. Or I RUINED it" he said

She blushed when he said that as if disagreeing

"I shouldnt have come?" she asked sadly

"If a person is trying to fall out of love, acts of caring could be misconstrued. Remember that rule?" he reminded her

She was close to tears

"Umm.. then I can go"

"After sitting in the car all night?"

"I laying down with the seat ... back.." she tried to explain

"Must have been comfy?" his lips twitched humorlessly

"I rushed no" she said sadly

"Yes you did, so you must tell me why?"

"I just told you" she mumbled sniffling and wiping a tear off her cheek not looking at him

"Do u want to pack up and be ready for him?"


"Who do you think?"

"Mr Narang?" she asked for clarification

The way she addressed Dadu amused him

"I am one too, did you forget?" he allowed himself to relax a bit

Creeping closer as she let her lower back dig into the entryway table

"YOU are Ashwin no?" she nodded the difference clear in her mind, shaking her head as if he was an idiot

"Phew" he grinned first, groaned audibly, doing a  swift wipe of the forehead mockingly

Reaching for her waist, as she yelped

"Out with it!!" he ordered huskily

"I am not ..." she shook her head furiously

"Trish" he whispered

"Uh" she sucked her breath in

He bend down

She gasped choking on her own breath

"Trishh?" he hovered over her heated cheeks like a bee circling a flower.

"Ahhh!" she groaned exhaling, her face red as a rose, she looked up at him

She swallowed as he waited

"why did you come?" he insisted

"You just want to hear I still love you?" she said lashing out like a angry kitten

"Pretty much!!" he nodded smugly, swooping down and grabbing her moist lips, entering the luscious mouth hungrily

Posted: 4 years ago
Thank you Nisha, but can I request for one more?
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by PriteeMisra

Thank you Nisha, but can I request for one more?
Well dee their is no restrictions for requesting an update. 
But I guess it is not coming back to  day a update times. 

Dee just realised Trisha changed the number and Ashvin don't know the number he yet saved the non using one. Hehehe. 

He should at least steal the number before she goes if he failed to stop her. 
Posted: 4 years ago
I want one more update Nisha
Ye to start hote hi khatam hi Gaya ...
please Smile
It's around 9am here Sara din kaise time pass hoga Cry
Posted: 4 years ago
Sonal Dee aren't you the one who asked for at least a ten line update when not possible. 
Posted: 4 years ago
Hola people !! 
have been away from Pune on a brief hiatus. Note that the hero is hovering strategically on my return Embarrassed
Glad at the progress and hope our girl remains in Blr to keep her home fires burning besides the food !!!

I have been reading the updates but have not been able to respond as always . Hope Nisha is going to indulge us with one more update with hovering n swooping n landing n claiming today !!! as this might not be the best place to have to wait for another 24 hours Big smile
Edited by VeeIyer - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by SAKIVIAM

Sonal Dee aren't you the one who asked for at least a ten line update when not possible.

Ya but that has to be an extra one
Wink why cut short the regular update

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