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Posted: 4 years ago
He wants to reaffirm her feelings before he kisses her Wink
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by sonalgupta2004

Originally posted by SAKIVIAM

Sonal Dee aren't you the one who asked for at least a ten line update when not possible.

Ya but that has to be an extra one
Wink why cut short the regular update
Well we can assume or satisfy ourselves saying nisha Dee wS too busy today yet took time off and wrote short update for us. 
No harm
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by jaschick

He wants to reaffirm her feelings before he kisses her Wink

Dee I guess nothing like that. 
But he is a tease he just want to tease her irritate her and confuse her well he loves her that way. 
Posted: 4 years ago

"I cannot believe you can be so utterly..." Mandira was jittery in her anger
She had spoken to him 4 days ago when he was in Ullal and delivered a long breathless hour long sermon of how he should quit chasing Trisha
THIS after he told her clearly he wasnt ready to move on

Now she was in Bangalore, rushed, flew down to see him after Rachit texted his Mom last night and Mandira's SIL texted her causing her to flying.

The girl she didnt care for, the girl whose father had been the cause for her son being shunned, her husband's passing, her son losing his credibility with his father, was back home

Or so Ashvin claimed

She was unable to react for a while, the gravity of the shock was so enormous

Trisha was asleep on her bed, in her room

Sharanbir's driver had come up at 1 PM sharp asking if "Madam wanted to go"

He had told the guy "she didnt want to go"

Nothing more was said

"I dont even get you any more Ashvin. I mean... why go through ALL this if you had to start living with her?" Mandira was in tears

"You need to calm down" he hissed

"Why did you even go bring her back?" Mandira was distraught

"You are over reacting" he whispered

"I was just about to begin clearing everything up with Dadu. He was understanding and helpful. You screwed it all up. He is going to hate you for this"

"did he tell you he told Trisha I had another fall?" he asked calmly

"Stop it Ashvin!! Dont implicate Dadu just because you go off an do a moronic thing"

"I am NOT... she is here. I want it to be that way. I am sorry it doesnt align with your plans. But I have screwed up enough"

"You say that every time and go off and do something like this" Mandira whimpered  "Hamari baat kya hui batao mujhe? U said u sent her back. You said you didnt want Prakash Shanbag to suffer anymore. You said this was a foolish plan"

"i said all that, and I also told you I love her"

"You dont even know what love is" Mandira was pompous

He cackled

"i dont believe it"

"I think you are still drug addled" (she meant the pain killers for the shoulder)

Ashvin's face paled

"i didnt mean it that way beta" she whispered, getting up quickly and following him

"Mom.. please" he was deeply hurt

"You know I didnt mean it"

"Maybe not... but I have a fabulous history with drunkeness and inebriation and... know about overdose, so it was a bad choice of words" he said

"Seeing her everyday of your life will help you forget all that?" "batao mujhe?"

Posted: 4 years ago
He may not completely forget it. 
But she gives plenty more reasons for him to not think of it and we'll she usually hijacks his mind when she is there so he don't have to bother unless Mandira want to remind it to him and try to get accreditation from Daadu which is not needed at all. 

When she is there all he can do is fall in love deeper and deeper 
Posted: 4 years ago
Our lady author is taking pleasure in prolonging our anticipation from the previous update ..but we are past masters at being patient as 'the longer the wait, the sweeter the promise'!! Smile

Mandira has to quit running her son's life. All said and done if he continues to make mistakes, it is his call to make, not hers. But as many flapping mothers go, she does not realise when to call it quits ?!

And as for Ashvin, he will have his hands full, what with having to manage an irate mother, a wifey who says she loves him but keeps backing off, a cat who gets her attention faster than he can ever and a long queue of admirers whom he has to constantly fight off LOLLOL

And noted the line, that the incident from the past was also the cause for his father's passing. Now that is one more ghost to lay to rest Ouch
Edited by VeeIyer - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
When her son broke his hand she wasn't here to take care of him and now she is that is because Trisha is here with her son.  And her husband died in a plane crash why she is blaming Shanbag's?  
"I was just about to begin clearing everything up with Dadu. He was understanding and helpful. You screwed it all up. He is going to hate you for this" LOL

Your FIL will hate your son if he doesn't accept Trisha as his wife.
Edited by KM03 - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
When mumma Narang will come to know that dadu went to Ullal several times only to meet and convince Trisha and was in touch with her here also and was meeting with her too making excuses to just know her she will be in huge shock   LOL

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