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Posted: 4 years ago
Lost at sea

Leela went on the phone as soon as dinner was over, Ashvin loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen when Trisha got a call from Paresh after ages
She was unsure if she should answer the call considering her number had changed and his had too

He enquired about her life and was in absolute shock over what she had done

"Its like the movies isnt it?" she asked for confirmation

"even in movies they get married properly. Nobody does like this" he was flabbergasted

"I dont know... I wanted to be with Aanu and with him. And then he had the accident and so I came here"

"Will you go back?" he asked earnestly

"I have not thought"

"Just live there?" he asked

"I came a few days ago only" she said pained

"What can he give you Trishu? Youve done some really odd things. I mean Aanu would have never used that money you knew that" he was baffled "I mean u shud have atleast suspected that no?" "He threw Sanchet out and never looked back"

Trisha nodded teary eyed

"Oh kiddo... what all has happened. Everytime I call in one or two months
 I tell myself I shud call more like every week. I cringe because I am not there to help. You do it all. I am just a taker. Sanchet is a loser.. he gave up and ran away. You stuck on... and then did this"

"Aanu misses Sanchet" she whispered

"Who wont.. I do too. We just need one hint where he is"

"Who will tell us"

"You have never come also"

"how can I trishu. I finally have a job now. TWO jobs. I am paying some of my loans off. Everything is expensive in UK"

"U will never come?"

"I want to... Now I HAVE TO"
"Imagine our family... we will always be together only we thot. Now we dont even know what we look like"

"Aanu... what does he look like?"

"Older... he wobbles... he mumbles his prayer the same"

She sat curled up on the deck chair and spoke softly

"What all has happened Trishu. are u legally married?"

"I dont know" she said choking

"Why? Why are u living like this? Is there another threat?"

"No... he is a good man" she nodded

"Nobody can be like Jayadev"

"Yes" she nodded bitterly

"I was sure you will marry him only... not like... not like this. with this man"

"I was sure too.. of helping Aanu"

"Who does things like this? Marry a man for money"

"Come back to India and be with Aanu" she begged

"Oh god... how can I I am stuck here... I borrowed privately from a loan store. They will not let me go. They take money from my second job" "All of it"

"Aanu sent you so much na?"

"I know... I know... I changed 3 times... I started studying Engg... then went to Nursing and finally studied Production management"

"Hayyo" she shook her head in despair

"I know... we are like wayward Trishu, like a boat that cant see the light house. Amma is gone now we are all lost" Paresh whimpered

Posted: 4 years ago
Here is someone who is speaking his mind and concerned for Trisha.
Anu is worried but hasn't asked Trish all the questions necessary to move ahead. 

I hope Trisha shares with Ashwin whatever Paresh has said right now. And also asks him if he is sure about her and go all the way.  
Posted: 4 years ago
A family lost its moorings just because of the event that occurred one night. A son who ran away unable to face the consequences of his actions, a mother whose heart broke by that very abandonment and lost her will to live, another son who conveniently uses his liabilities to avoid  taking responsibility at home.
And where does that leave Trisha !! right in the middle of a mess, some self created and some inherited Ouch
I guess Prakash has also been inflexible with his children that made his sons grow away from him. All that he has left is his loving daughter, who now must sort her life out and find happiness both by finding a future with Ashvin and by laying grounds to assist her father in some fashion

Who knows how and when ?? Except of course Nisha !! 
Posted: 4 years ago
Paresh's complicated tale of woe only compounds Trisha's woes... truly there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel ... or yes... like a boat that can't see a light house... we all in a way set sail on a boat to a promised land and then there are currents that drifts you to land unknown but there has to be the safety that an anchor provided to just drop anchor for the boat to stay stable , to not let you drift away. This family lost its anchor...

Much as we all wish Trisha to really pull a miracle to help her Aanu because she is here with Ashvin basis that single focused determination or madness to bail him out however we choose to see it, how does she really make a breakthrough if Aanu remains stoic... agreed it's very hard to fathom to see a father's pride like Anu's hit in bartering his daughter , agreed he only wants his daughter to be happy but chopping hundreds of onions mechanically also will only hurt her.

He has said his restaurant is not important than his daughter but it's kind of restless for Trisha in a way because the more she thinks , she can neither be fully here at bglr nor can she give herself fully at ullal. Now with her plea to her brother begging her brother to be with aanu going nowhere atleast in the immediate future ... this new info is a even deeper mess.
Posted: 4 years ago
Lost at sea, aimless and without direction
He hatched a plot that he gauged would win him peace
He thought and factored every detail in his contract
The cheque was signed the deed was exchanged 
I have the man he thought
The plot took several twists and turns 
Realisation dawned that she was his peace
The love of his life
Clueless how to bail her Aanu
Steady him in the tempest called change
She inked a contract thinking it was simple to walk out
In time she found companionship in a fat cat
Several beaus cane knocking at her door
A silver fox stood towering over all
He befriended her with grace and dignity
He tested her and tried
Concluded she was the anchor for the grandson he was fondest
Their contract marriage spelt disaster thought parents and friends
Chiding and standing beside them through the fall out
The patriarch like the waves was unrelenting in his pursuit
His young friend would be claimed he said
Peace making efforts broken bones and visits later
She landed at his door one morning
She is not going anywhere the husband boomed
How could you meet the old man on the sly
They fought they seethed they simmered 
They made peace with each other
The sea turbulent again with a call from a distant sibling
Copious tears and narratives exchanged
Moorings lost and tossed by the waves
She has landed in safe shores
Benign folks will treasure her in time
Peace to the man who list it all
The fallout of a fateful night took his all 
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Posted: 4 years ago
Sree you have summed up the whole tale till now so beautifully
Posted: 4 years ago
Good morning and evening everyone
Posted: 4 years ago
Making a case

""Leela is watching a movie. Dont you wantt o join her?" Ashvin asked pleasantly walking over to the balcony

Trisha was crouching staring out without particularly focussing

"I will go to bed" she smiled cheerfully albeit sadly

"why?" he asked sitting down on the edge of her deck chair

"Its very late no?" Is your mother home?" she asked

"Are the two questions related he asked mischievously

Her lips twitched

"No... I was asking"

"No she is not home... no its not late" he smiled

"OK" she said


"Umm.. yes.. I can go to bed"

"Trish?" he leaned peering at her face

"I am just not feeling like" "means..." "I am tired" she said

"all of a sudden?" he asked smiling

"My brother... u know... one of my brothers... I have two Sanchet and Paresh... 
Paresh called me" she said leaning back, wrapping her arms snugly around her chest Stretching her legs out, her toes almost kissing his back but not quite

He barely nodded, lowering his gaze awkwardly.
He totally knew how many brothers she had, he also knew which one was involved in the brawl

"Paresh called me, he didnt know full details" she said softly

"where does he live?" he asked softly trying not to pry

"UK.. somewhere" she said

"u dont know?" he asked surprised

She shook her head and smiled

"means... I am not going to go no?" she said honestly

"You arent even curious?"

"No... why? I shud be?" she asked smiling

"No... not really .. no" he said

They both were quiet for a while

"He said he has two jobs, and they cant give him vacation" she said

"Oh... thats too bad" he said politely

She nodded with gratitude

"Just one week also" she insisted

"Some companies dont treat their people well" he agreed

"I dont know how long he has been working" she said

"Is it a new job?" he asked

"I dont know" she shrugged

"u never asked?" he smiled

"Umm.. he was studying I thought" she said

"Oh?" he was startled

"He went to study Engineering" she said quietly

"Thats great"

"Yes... but he cudnt complete... so he did Product? Production Management?" she questioned

He nodded knowingly

"He said its very hard"

"Studying over seas is not easy" he nodded

"He wanted to become a nurse" she explained

"Why would he enroll in engg?"

"Oh that was in the middle" she said sadly

A long pause ensued

"i am a drop out too Trisha" he said

She looked at him in absolute shock

Maybe he is making this up to make me feel better she thought

"i am not making this one up" he said exhaling deeply

She only listened

"I dropped out of law school after the first semester" he said almost inaudibly
Making a case for Paresh's failure at college

She felt incredibly sad for him

they both listened to the crickets... traffic was thinning both inside the complex and outside
The breeze was soothing and cool just as Bangalore was once upon a time

"It completely crushed my Dad!!" he said clearing his throat many times trying not to cry... "He was a lawyer and he always saw me becoming one"

"I dont think he ever recovered" he said and got up... after they exchanged one long pained look
" Leela is very noisy  in the mornings so make sure u wear ear plugs" he smiled through tear filled sparkling jewels in his eyes ...walking away

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