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Posted: 4 years ago
Oh!!!!its heartbreaking to admit that what she felt as love was her punishment for life...Cry
Eventhough ashwin is a good soul,he need these kind of shock treatments...Unhappy
Posted: 4 years ago
She is so faithful to her heart that she didnt tried to hold back what it felt to be with him...Unhappy
That shimmering diamonds in his eyes sentence was really nice...
Posted: 4 years ago
my heart is thudding like anything.
beautiful Nisha

Absolute beauty. Was in Goa and how will i not think about rash act of Ashwin and company. Still I feel bad for both.

Trisha is such a sweetheart. She is really very innocent. Ashwin, you owe her to try and get back in your life. She has even gone ahead and confessed her love for you. So you know you can make her happy. Please please woe her back. i am sure it wont take much of effort as she loves you. She will up sooner than you expect her to.

SVM, my phone conked off. Please tell NeelAsma as well about it. 

Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by moonwearer

She has given up wearing her contacts and hopes of a TA...she seems reconciled to dicing carrots ginger chillies and onions and stranding coral jasmine garlands for the rest of her life...the moment he sets foot ...the laptop is mentioned.. was she planning to check her mail?
Paavam I agree not only she but the lad as well.. the roads from Bangalore to Mangalore being what they are reaching there at almost midnight. The Krishna not from nearby Udupi but all the way from indranagar is here...the Krishna you wanted to hasten...but none seem to welcome him .

Sri, I wanted the Krishna to hasten his arrival because in his coming lies his his redemption. I did not expect him to be welcomed . That the roads the lad took was from bglr has been rewarded with an offer to stay the night. Now for anything more, he needs to earn his welcome .
Posted: 4 years ago
What she's trying to say is agreed it wasn't love , you did not betray love... but it was still something , ...waves that we dived in to with abandon, that we threw ourselves into , that was something uninhibited , that something had spontaneity , that something had its moments that felt roaringly perfect as if nothing else mattered ,that something had an unsuspecting truth which was just 'them 'and that unspoken two month promise that was built on a bed of not an ordinary conspiracy ... now broken is my penance , that I was never prepared for is my now resigned fate.
Strange are the ways of love and even stranger and weird are it's penance and punishment.Edited by Errantnomad - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
Even Prakash shanbag must hv thought of this predicament the whole night. He has asked his daughter to go open the restaurant. I would be interested to see how Ashvin uses this window that he has with father shanbag one on one that will force the old man to think in the coming daysEdited by Errantnomad - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
Heart broken they both are. She at the realisation of his intent he at her statement that he was not even considered for a consolation prize. 
There were others that contributed to the mess a decade ago, Ashvin carried and still is carrying the pain. He fell from grace with his family and Aanu them and has fallen deeper into the mess by his reckless act. 
He will suffer he will stay hurt. As her that will never forget her Aanus revelation by day and her husband's by night. Both have by their honest sharing of perception of other have shattered the world she thrives in alone 
Her penance by dicing vegetables, by  weeping alone ...
Why does Dadu want her to visit Bangalore once ? What magical salve does he hope will emerge?
Posted: 4 years ago
Pritee I was wondering why you did not respond and Asma told me you were at Goawill tell her about the phone status.

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