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Posted: 4 years ago
There is reference to Udupi Krishna...the Chandan and paarijat associated with him, the deity is invited wearing all his adornments to show his beautiful face Ideologically the composer is said to have invoked the peace he radiates, the restraint ,joy the warding off evil by the reference to the adornments. 
It is gokulashtami the day I read of the lads arrival, at midnight he is welcomed home 
May Udupi Krishna bring the peace that a cathartic experience does...the Greek catharsis means the tragedies that evoked tears they thought the heart becomes lighter having been purged.
Hope the talk in the morning progresses to some lightening of the guilt and pain that has plagued Ashvin for a decade.
One does not drive ahead using only the rear view mirror as the navigation aid. You look ahead, take cognisance of what is behind.
I hope the drive back home is a peaceful one for Ashvin having undurdened his  heart to some extent.
Posted: 4 years ago
Bouth are hurt all I can say is ayooo
Posted: 4 years ago
Gokulashtsmi/ Janmashtami/ Krishna Jayanthi wishes to all those celebrating .
Posted: 4 years ago
Janamasthami ki aap sabhi to bahut bahut badhai...
Happy Janamasthami to all of you !!!
Posted: 4 years ago
Native Konkan

"I am fine... I just dont want to go surfing" Ashvin mumbled playing with an art object on his coffee table

"Thats an oxymoron, if you were fine you WOULD want to go surfing"

"Umm.. I dont Oz"

"I am sorry... I cant say it enough times"

"I know you are" Ashvin looked at him emotionally

His eyes were a bit moist

"Life's a... umm" Oz mumbled

"And then some" Ashvin agreed readily

"Riz is in town, lets go to our fave watering hole and play pool"

"Umm.. no.. ask him if he wants to hang we can hang here"

"Give her time and call her" Oz advised

"She doesnt want time, or a call. I told you, she went to the restaurant at 9 and I had to leave soon after"

"You should have lingered and weaseled yourself into another night's stay"

"Nope... he was pretty tough. He said, "thanks for staying the night. I hope you have a good journey" "thos were his exact words"

"I dont know what I would do if someone did that to my daughter" Oz said softly

"Id probably rip the guy's guts out" Ashvin grit his teeth

"I guess you got out easy then?"

"Super easy" Ashvin nodded sadly

"She does look pretty" Oz said admiringly

The ipad lay on the coffee table, Ashvin was able to Google an image of her in her lab coat

"Very" Ashvin nodded

"She said she loves you" Oz cringed

"Yep... and that I am an asshole" he said

"Which ofcourse you are"

"Go talk to your old man, he is buddy buddy with her"

"Yep... hes going to jump up and hook me up" Ashvin smirked

"Goddd... you did this all to rake him over the coals and here you are..." Oz shuddered

"Even if I could meet her what would I say to her? She doesnt care I feel what she feels" "Exactly... every bit... every pore" Ashvin exhaled audibly

Being in love hurt like shit

"WHO KNEW... of all the constructed beauties Aunty tried to set you up with... you would fall for someone from the corner of the country"

"She looked gorgeous that night" he said softly

"Huh" Oz stared at his friend

"she has a striking honesty... she speaks her mind... she told me she wasnt "coerced" (doing air quotes) no drama" Ashvin whistled admiringly

"Are you in town?" Rachit's text blinked on his ipad and phone

"yep" he texted

Sharanbir had summoned him for some "work"

He had told Rachit he was scouting land on Ullal coast and wanted someone to tag along, he had promised "great native Konkan food"

"I have a day's work with Dadu tomorrow, meet up at 9 PM?" Rachit texted

"I guess" Ashvin agreed amiably...

Posted: 4 years ago
Invest in property near hers or buy her ancestral property? What's on the cards? If she won't relent  in time Dadus acumen would be a failed cause.
The two in love are languishing. Mama Narangs efforts had it's Dadus to make the moves to ensure peace is restored between his grandson and young friend.
Posted: 4 years ago
And the torture continues..for them and for us !!
At least Ashvin was able to say his piece and can set his head at rest, that he has bared his soul to Trisha. Hopefully, with this demon having been put behind, new beginnings can be hoped for.

How that would happen is the question right now !!! D'oh

It is going to be long haul for both of them. I actually appreciate Trisha's stand of accepting that she is in love with him, but being able to walk away saying she had nothing more to say...needs a spine of steel for that !!
Hope you can give us one more update today Nisha. Seems like an interesting juncture with Rachit  also in play now. It will be good to know how the pawns are being moved around in Dadu's head Big smileBig smile
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Posted: 4 years ago
Happy 70th Independence Day and Krishna Janmashtami ki Hardik badhaiyaanEdited by Neha07 - 4 years ago

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