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Posted: 4 years ago
Her name the way uttered ,sent her all wobbly ready to spill over
His smell in her room she hoped hadn't been there
His spectacled face she had found irresistible
Missing his keys he sought her help to locate it
She had concluded the happenings were due to her karma
He had come as her husband
The brave hearted prince to speak his heart and get forgiveness
He was treated as a stranger, shattering them both within
The cat in pursuit of his starfish
The way they looked at each other longingly, her night vigil we know
What was he thinking laying on her bed Nisha?
What tales did he share with the pillow
The whispered messages did he share hoping by some magic
To her it would be relayed
A tight slap made her brother vanish forever, what will this verbal slap do to Ashvin
Posted: 4 years ago
Awesome update that stayed true to each one of where they stood with their feelings . Be it Aanu trying to insulate his daughter (out of his guilt ) as to what he thinks as damage control, be it Ashvin landing there to see how he can salvage this not knowing what exactly to say but only knowing one thing that he has to act and he has to act now or be it Trisha's reflecting on her lot in life , a true apology to Jayadev from her heart thinking ' I did this to you, but you know what , the laugh's on me'...
It was all so perfectly put.

Somewhere I was hoping for the stormy night conditions being catalyst for the handsome traveler's night stay ... old world charm to it and Aanu did not disappoint. Am I glad or what? At least something like this window of opportunity is better than nothing.

The whole thing was not ideal and though out of place in these dated surroundings , he did get to stay there sharing their roof. Boy!! What a turn of unexpected events in Trisha's life. There's enough romanticism created by such circumstances such as theirs where there's too much suppressed yearning .

If it was difficult earlier , now it's going to be almost impossible for her
For now she has 'their'pillow in her room as memory bear to hold and sob in to...

Unbearably a long wait ...loved reading every bit of its feel.

He got her room and her wobbly cot if not her Embarrassed. He knows how to push his buttons, left his scent and even wore glasses even for good effect!!! Tough survival conditions for 'Trish'Edited by Errantnomad - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
Kalpana after all the conjectures, I think he slept on the floor in the bed she had made for herself. He has scent marked the room  for the room now smells of him. Her thought if I don't have a brush to give him.  The explanation how to get water from the tank.
The room returning to its old state within minutes...
Why does she need her laptop so early?
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by moonwearer

Kalpana after all the conjectures, I think he slept on the floor in the bed she had made for herself. He has scent marked the room for the room now smells of him. Her thought if I don't have a brush to give him. The explanation how to get water from the tank.
The room returning to its old state within minutes...
Why does she need her laptop so early?

Sri LOL ... I though I read she moved the bed off the floor to the wobbly cot when she placed the keys on the chest of drawers.

ava paavam Sri...about the laptop ... poor thing after all she only went to take it from her room, ppl these days take it even to their Loos in the mornings . LOLEdited by Errantnomad - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
She has given up wearing her contacts and hopes of a TA...she seems reconciled to dicing carrots ginger chillies and onions and stranding coral jasmine garlands for the rest of her life...the moment he sets foot ...the laptop is mentioned.. was she planning to check her mail?
Paavam I agree not only she but the lad as well.. the roads from Bangalore to Mangalore being what they are reaching there at almost midnight.   The Krishna not from nearby Udupi but all the way from indranagar is here...the Krishna you wanted to hasten...but none seem to welcome him .
Posted: 4 years ago
Love & Punishment

It hurt her beyond belief that he would be equally honest, but his honesty involved hate.
A wave of compassion for her father caused tears to flow freely.

"I am so sorry Trisha" he said emotionally

"it does not matter now" she said sniffling

"I dont know what I was thinking... I didnt know if I was even thinking"

"You were thinking. You planned this." she said clearly looking at him with stormy eyes

He nodded sadly

"I assumed you married me to get some property or something" she said naively "I thought I was just some random person"

"You were not" he said barely inaudibly unable to confess that

"I know that... now" she said sadly

Because he made her feel special for two months had caused her to assume she was no longer random

The fact that she wasnt a random pick hurt her tremendously.

"You have to forgive me" he begged

"We are strangers now, my forgiving you shouldnt be so important" she said gruffly trying her best to hold back tears

"thats not true... DONT say that" he warned

"I will... I will... I will say what I want" she shrieked

"Trish" he reached out

She stepped back hitting her chest of drawers.

"I am going to try... I dont even know how to try... I am going to try to" she shuddered 
"I dont even know how I let this all happen. I dont know how to get out of love. (his eyes sparkled like shimmering
 diamonds his breath catching in his throat in a gasp)
I tell myself I allowed it only because Jayadev hurt me. I hurt him so so badly. I never thought about him for one second even. I loved HIM I thought.
 How could I feel something so roaring... means... " she sobbed uncontrollably lost for vocab

He hated hearing he was not even her consolation prize.

"He never did or said anything bad to me you know" waves of grief swept over her

"I am not your punishment..." he was furious

"You were" she said inaudibly, reinforcing her vow that it was over and he was her penance

Her father who had been taking a bath, came back into the central hall she could hear his chant

She picked up her laptop and walked out quietly

Posted: 4 years ago
Oh God ! much as this catharsis is essential for both of them to move forward, it is gut wrenching to hear them both so traumatised.
The truth is bitter and very hurtful and with Trisha having invested her feelings, she feels so let down by Ashvin and his acceptance of the brutal truth, does not help matters at all..

The path ahead seems so thorny and rocky and right now  this is just the two of them...families are yet to say their piece...all I can say is ayyyooo !!!

Am totally relying on Dadu to be the rock over here for both of them ...seems like his wisdom would be a balm on everyone including Father Shanbag's sentiments

Only hope Jayadev stays away right now and does not add his two pice bit ...specially after realising it is Ashvin that she is married to !!!!
Edited by VeeIyer - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
Omg ... both r hurt. Looks like they will be hurting each other more before they come together Cry

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