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Posted: 4 years ago

(AUTHOR NOTE: This first post is for my readers who were following me during 2011-2012. New readers who are about to read GEETIKA for the first time, kindly ignore this post and go ahead from the second post.)

Hello Everyone...

I'm Lakshmi. Hope you remember me. I was a very active member on IF to read many of MANEET FFs. I myself wrote two FFs on them but its incomplete.


To remind you my works on MANEET... here is the link...

My works on MANEET... (New Link) 

Its been more than 5 years since I have updated my FFs.  I had so many things lined up in my personal life that I couldn't even pen down further my imaginations on these FFs. I have made a comeback again in determination to complete my incomplete FFs. 

I understand I have disappointed and let down many of my readers and fans here.Ouch But believe me, I have been missing you all more than you all missing me...Cry

To begin with, I have already done my compiling on JCL (Please check the links below). Now, in this thread, I am going to Compile GEETIKA. (All 61 parts which were posted in 3 different threads). 

GEETIKA is my very first FF. I had Imagined GEET to hail from a Tamil Brahmin Family and was so curious to pen it down. I was not at all a confident writer...still, I just started typing it...initially with lot of editing and spelling mistakes. Later on I gained confidence from my IF Friends who had regularly read my FF and praised my work and encouraged me to keep going. I myself, couldn't believe when I completed 61 parts. GEETIKA, had literally become a part of ME. Unfortunately, due to family reasons, couldn't continue and GEETIKA stands Idle at 61st part (For the last 5 years)  Now, I am back to make her complete. I must compile all 61 parts in one so that I can continue with further parts easily.

I understand its been 5 years and many of my friends have stopped reading IF. But for the friends who have read my FF and still waiting for my updates...I really thank you for your support during the period I was actively contributing my FFs. Even today, I read your comments and encouraging words. It really hurts me that I couldn't continue and kept you all waiting for 5 long years...Hope to read your fresh comments for my new posts.

I Have already compiled JCL (old 23 parts ) and started giving new posts. Please check the links below: 

JCL - Thread 1 


Compiled Prologue + 23 parts in one thread (Which was posted 5 years ago)

JCL - Thread 2

PART 24 onwards (New posts) 

Anyone following me? Eagerly waiting for your comments below.Hug

(POSTING ALL ABOUT GEETIKA from the below post )

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PART 1-61 Compiled

Please keep scrolling down to go thro the parts one by one


To read my old version, you can click here. I keep reading it so that there's no repetition and also it has sweet memories of my FF Fans posts. But request to read the new version here which I am adding lots of pics and editing here and there


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(Re-praised Version)

This FF is going to be a super mix of English, Tamil and Hindi.


This is My Very First FF...GEETIKA (Started Mid 2011) A Love that blooms between GEETIKA IYER and MAAN SINGH KHURANA πŸ’ž


This is my Baby when it comes to writing as this was the first time I had penned down my imaginations on Maaneet... ❀️. As I have mentioned in my personal introduction, GEETIKA is the one which bought the writer out of me...I became a writer OVERNIGHT... πŸ˜‚ and even today I think that its a 8th wonder to imagine myself as a writer...😜 I was pitying the poor readers..😜. but GEETIKA is the one which made me believe in myself and also way back in 2011 and even till date, I had got highly positive reviews from my readers and that's what encouraged me to write further and contributed in writing many more stories...that's why SHE (GEETIKA)  has become a important part of ME. 😍...and SHE holds that strong place even today. 😘



English, Hindi, Tamil (All languages typed in English with necessary translations)



a ruthless and tough business tycoon...  but behind this ruthless mask lies a different personality all together


a sweet and lively spite of her life has been full of challenges, she lives each and every day as it comes...

in spite of her life has been full of challenges, she lives each and every day as it comes

When HE (Maan Singh Khurana) and SHE (Geetika Iyer) happen to meet...THAT'S THE MOMENT when their lives changes for good... There's an inevitable spark that slowly burns them within for each other... No doutbt its a LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT... but fate had its cruel take and they didnt happen to meet until two years after their very first encounter ...but still they fail to accept their feelings...unknown to self, they had held each other captive in their hearts but of course they deny it outright ...and the more they deny it the more their minds are glued to each other... Will SHE bring out the real man whom HE has burried within himself? ... will HE fill her life with all happiness that SHE deserves?

 Please Continue reading and do give in your valuable votes, pour in your sweet comments and kindly share with other readers who would be interested in it.


Note: this story is old but the actors selected for Geet's family is new..  I loved the lead pair from Movie ENGLISH VINGLISH 😍 as GEET's Parents..especially the late actress Sridevi as Geet's mom... She is my all time favorite actress and would like to keep her alive here.  πŸ˜‡




21 years old. Beautiful and she is intelligent, matured and focused when it comes to education and career but purely innocent and kiddish when it comes to other aspects of life...She has just completed her graduation and waiting for her results. Plans to pursue her MBA. She is a South Indian Girl...hails from a Tamil Brahmin family. Tamil is her mother-tongue. But speaks fluent Hindi as she lives in Bangalore and has been living here ever since the age of 5. Has a good mix of Hindi and Tamil speaking friends. She is very honest, soft and friendly by nature. Can go to any extent to help anyone. She is respected by her family, friends and known people for her simplicity and high values.

At one point of time she strongly believed that she will get to confront her Mr. Right...but she gave up on this dream due to an unpleasant incident that happened in her recent past (This flashback will be revealed in the upcoming chapters)


26 year old,  handles Khurana Constructions single handed

26 year old,  handles Khurana Constructions single handed. Lives in Delhi. Typical Punjabi munda. a ruthless and tough business tycoon... but behind this ruthless mask lies a different personality all together. Maintains high attitude and very short tempered but again soft at heart. Very very handsome...and has dashing looks...girls of all age droll over him but he doesn't care. Has great values for family, time and money. Family has been his priority. There are some incidents in his past which has made him tough and ruthless business man..and has burried  his real self deep within him. Somewhere in his mind he has an imagination of his right life partner and strongly believes that he will get to meet her soon and at the same time, he deosnt get deep into such thoughts claiming it to be silly...and making sure to keep himself away from the feeling of Love.. (But for how long? πŸ˜‰)


Geet's Family:


He is associated with ST Bank as a Zonal Manager

He is associated with ST Bank as a Zonal Manager. Got transferred to Bangalore long time back and he is well settled with his job. Has been a sincere employer and has been promoted many times to reach the position that he is today.


She is a school teacher at Sree Jyothi Krishna Higher Secondary School taking care of High school syllabus

She is a school teacher at Sree Jyothi Krishna Higher Secondary School taking care of High school syllabus. Geet also completed her schooling from the same school and she was the best student of her times. Radhika is very fond of her family and has been meeting both ends of her job and family responsibilities.

GOPAL IYER (Geet's Elder Brother):

GOPAL IYER (Geet's Elder Brother):

24 year old. Irresponsible...discontinued his studies and never taking up a stable job. Always in a bad company of friends. Doesn't like girls getting pampered by their parents and for that matter he hates his parents as they give equal importance to Geet and Rajji. Too possessive about his sisters...In a sense he doesn't like to see them with living a life full of freedom. For him...Freedom is only meant for MEN.

RAJESWARI IYER Alias RAJJI (Geet's younger or say kid sister):

RAJESWARI IYER Alias RAJJI (Geet's younger or say kid sister):

Just 14 years old... studying 9th standard from the same school where Radhika teaches. she is pampered as she is the youngest kid in the family. Loves Geet and obeys her words.

BHUVANA (Geet's Cousin): 22 years old.

She's Geet's cousin who  lives in Chennai

She's Geet's cousin who lives in Chennai. Geet and Bhuvana share a strong bond and share anything and everything that happens in their respective lives.

Geet's family used to be a joint family living together in Coimbatore. until her father got transferred to Bangalore. Most of her Paternal relatives live in Coimbatore and Maternal relatives live in Chennai...Geet regularly visits these two places especially during her summer holidays when she gets to meet and have good time with her grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends. But due to a recent incident Geet's family forcefully broke off from their own relatives from their own relatives based in Coimbatore. More on this shall be revealed soon.


Maan's family:

DEV KHURANA (Younger Brother): 24 years old.

Nayantara (Dev's wife): 24 years old

Nayantara (Dev's wife): 24 years old.

Nayantara (Dev's wife): 24 years old

Dev is Married to Nayantara. Love Marriage that happened almost 2 years ago. Dev is completely opposite to Maan...he doesn't like to work at the same time loves lavish life. Nayantara is not happy with this attitude of Dev. Dev- NT fell in love when they were in College...She mainly fell for his "Khurana Family" tag attached to him.Even she was interested to marry a rich guy. Where as Dev fell only for her beauty. They got married without planning anything for the future nor on finances. Dev didn't bother on this as he hails from a rich family. NT wants Dev to get their own share of money what she believes is their right and not by Dev being fully depending on Maan or Daadi for his day to day finances and living. More on them from time to time

ANVESHA KHURANA alias ANNIE (Younger or say, Kid Sister of Maan and Dev) :

ANVESHA KHURANA alias ANNIE (Younger or say, Kid Sister of Maan and Dev) :

14 year old. In her 9th standard Extremely pampered as she is the youngest in the family. She is stubborn with tough attitude and doesnt make friends easily.

SAVITHRI DEVI (Grandmother of Maan, Dev and Anvesha):

SAVITHRI DEVI (Grandmother of Maan, Dev and Anvesha):

She is the eldest family member of Khuranas. Loves simplicity at the same time have open mindedness towards modern approach. Her main dream at this point of her life is to see her elder grandson getting married and settling down. She hates this materialistic approach of office-home-office. She is always busy in sourcing ideal life partner for him. She is happy to accept any girl whom Maan likes and agrees to get married...but Maan is not interested to get married (At least for now).


Other charectors:


She is a very close friend of Geet

She is a very close friend of Geet...They had been to same school and college and opted for same graduation courses and not only that, Meera's and Geet's family has been neighbors and of course thick friends for so many years... Geet is an expert in conversing Hindi language mainly because of her active interaction with Meera and her family right from that young age.


She is very close friend of Geet and Meera

She is very close friend of Geet and Meera. The trio were classmates till 12th standard and later on Pinky discontinued her studies due to family reasons and moved back to Delhi. She is currently working as Receptionist at Khurana Constructions, Delhi (Maan's office) . She is an absolute foodie... Always keep munching something or other.

More details on Geet's/Maan's family, friends will be revealed as the story progresses.

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Before getting started with PART 1 (After the videos)  please listen to this song to get the feel of love.





MUSIC :  Harris Jayaraj

SINGERS: Aalaap Raju, Devan & Ranina Reddy

(The second video is with English Subtitles. However, I will be posting the English lyrics soon)


Maan again wakes up with a memory of that day...His 2 days stay in Chennai 2 years back. That Girl....why I still remember her? She is the only girl who has made him restless and that too to this extent...... Its been 2 years but still, why I feel that I will meet her again?


In Chennai...2 years back...

It was 4:00 PM, An unusual pleasant day compared to usual sunny atmosphere of Chennai. Maan just finished his meeting with a client on Mount Road. The deal was finalized for a major upcoming project in Chennai outskirts. He was waiting for the car arranged by his Chennai associate. He calls the driver and found it will 30 mins for the car to arrive due to heavy traffic . Maan decides to stroll around the busy Mount Road...On the other hand, a girl who is walking just few feet ahead to him. Obviously Maan didn't pay any attention initially. Another guy who has been following her and has already pushed her intentionally on her left hand and vanished in the crowd... He once again managed to do the same act and vanished in the crowd. she turns around to find no one both the times... she blabbers to herself and looks up and talks to her god. Bhagawane... Enna Kashta kaalam idhu? ... innaiku kaathala kooda bhuvanava oru rowdy payyan seendirukan... Ippo oruthan enna??...( Babaji ... what tough times we are getting to witness?This morning some rowdy guy has teased Bhuvana and now ME??) She pauses and gets even more thinking about what has been happening with the girls in this city and continues her self talk... idhe ellam summa vidakudadhu... Andha rascal innorudarava en mela kai vekkatum...avanukku vetchurukken.... (Should not ignore such acts...let that rascal dare to even touch me...I will teach him a lesson)... She has been piling up her anger on similar eve teasing events that she has encountered in Chennai and decided to teach this person a lesson once she happen to catch him. The third time again the same guy pushes her and somehow escapes in a fraction of seconds. She turns around and finds Maan right behind her... and at that point of time, she mistook him to be the same guy who has been doing this eve teasing acts with her ...She gave an angry look to maan and gave him one tight slap and started using all abusive words in Tamil with all angry expressions...

"Unna Partha nalla payyanatam theriyare...Ippadiya seiva?Vekkam Illa? Manners Illa? Unna innoru darava en pinnadi sutharada partheen...Policekitta solliduven jagrathai" smiley7

( By the look of you, you don't seem to be that sort of a guy...Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Don't you have manners? If I get to see you again coming behind me, I will handover you to police...BE CAREFULL ).

She said this and happened to leave without expecting any explanation

She said this and happened to leave without expecting any explanation

Maan stood there shocked... wondering what just had happened...Even though that slap was not painful..but still, till date nobody ever dared to come close to him and look at the guts of this girl...but why did she slap me? What did she say? What language was it? Assuming Tamil. Why am I not getting angry on her? By the time he could get any of his answers, that girl walks away from his sight...Maan was forced out of his thought by his driver...

"SIRRR...Sorry sir, late due to traffic..."

Maan: Hmm... that's all he could utter and he leaves from that place. From that moment till now, that girl has been disturbing Maan...He doesn't even know her name and any other detail about her...He couldn't take her out of his memory...On that day she was dressed to kill...She was wearing a light yellow south Indian cotton churidar making her look slim...Yellow colour was adding to her fair complexion, Her long hair plaited loose...Simple earrings...Small Bindi on her forehead...Eyes filled with light kaajal...Her dark brown eyes which were fuming with anger at that time yet beautiful...She was simple yet elegant. Maan was wondering why is he thinking about her again and again...Why? He was wondering if she looked sooo beautiful when she was angry then how she would look when she is in a good mood. Will he ever get to see her again?

That girl on the other hand was been teased again by the same guy who pushed her three times at a he has once again pushed her for the 4th time...Now this girl is getting mad thinking to give one more tight slap...She caught hold of him and shouted at him YOU YOU... smiley7 and stood rooted to see someone else now.

That guy scans her from top to bottom and smirks and talks in a shameless chennai slang...😏smiley2

"EEI Paapa, naan dhaan unna itthanavati idichen...Ennanra Ippo?? (Hey Baby, I am the one who dashed you this many times... so, what you want to do now?) He notices that this girl is standing all lost and takes a sigh and continues... Paavam...poiyum poiyum andha aalai aranjiye...Aanalum unnoda Medhuvaana kaiyaala arrai vaanginaane...Avan romba kuduthuvetchavan" πŸ˜πŸ˜‰ (and you slapped the wrong person...Poor guy...Anyways he was a lucky fellow to have got slapped by your soft hands) that guy says this with a smirk and a wink and ran away from her sight with an intention of not getting caught by her again.

That girl didn't even know that this guy has escaped from her hand as she stood like a statue..feeling extremely sad for slapping a wrong guy.. Now she looks here and there like a lost kid..

Ayyo Bhagawane*...Thappana aala aranjuttene...😨😰(Hey Babaji...I slapped a wrong person) That girl felt bad for slapping an innocent guy. She wanted to apologize...she comes back to the same place but didn't find him and looking out for him restlessly.

That Girl's name is GEETIKA (GEET)

(* In the original TV series, Geet would always utters " Babaji" name referring to her God. Here in Geetika, she says "Bhagawane" which is the same name but in Tamil language. Please remember this as I will not translate this again and again πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š)

GEETIKA...Screamed Bhuvana, one of Geet's cousins who lives in Chennai. Geet turned around to look at Bhuvana

Bhuvana: Nee Enga Poirundai? Naan unnai engellam thedinen theriyuma? Enna Aachu? Yaarai Thedarai? (Where did you go? You know where all I searched for you? What happened? Who are you searching?)

Geet had come down to Chennai for a small family function and later came here for shopping in Mount Road along with Bhuvana. They got lost somewhere between the busy Mountroad and now they found each other.

Geet narrated the entire incident to Bhuvana...about what just happened

Bhuvana: Paravaillai di (Its OK)...Indha oorla idhellam sagajam (Its too common in this city)..namma madiri vayasu ponnunga rumba jagradaiya irukkanam (Girls of our age need to be more careful and adjust to the situation).

Geet: Illa Di...I slapped somebody else for the mistake of that jerk...He seemed to be a nice guy and I slapped him...screamed at him and he was not at fault. I am not finding this guy. I need to apologise

Bhuvana couldn't control...she giggled and said...Unna Katikaporavan paavam di unna kattindu avan enna enna avasthai pada porano (I pity the person who is going to get married to you and I wonder what all he will have in store after marrying you)smiley36

Bhuvana...I am so tensed and you are making fun of me smiley7. Please help me in tracing this person.

Bhuvana has never seen Geet's this avtar...

Bhuvana: Sari Sari...Avan Parkaruduku Eppadi irundaan? (Ok..Ok..How he looked like?)

Geet: Tall, Fair, Handsome, well built, Biig Eyes, Biig Eyelashes...She went on and on with the non stop descriptions...He was in a kind of semi formal out fit...Wonder where he is from...I doubt he was somewhere from North as he didn't seem to be a chennaite...And I scolded him in Tamil...Poor Guy and makes a baby facesmiley42

Bhuvana: Hey Hey...hold on. ..Ennama Nadakudu Inge?smiley2(What's going on?) She asked as if she is teasing GeetπŸ˜‰

Geet: Patting on Bhuvana's sholder...Chee Podi...Nee Nenakaramaadhiri Onnum illai(Nothing like what you are thinking)...she says it with a blush. 😳

Bhuvana: Naan Enna nenaichennu unakku eppadi teriyum? πŸ˜‰... (Now how did you know what I am thinking??) Bhuvana is surely seeing something new in Geet and she takes a lead in teasing her further...On the other hand, Geet feels flushed and not able to answer bhuvana further..And she changes the topic.

Geet: Bhuvana, Podhum di (Leave it) I dont think I will be able to find this person now. lets finish with our shopping...My train to Bangalore starts at 6:00 AM tomorrow morning and need to finish with packing by tonight.

Needless to mention, next few days Geet was thinking only about the guy whom she slapped...On one side she really felt sorry and wanted to sincerely apologize and on the other hand she was admiring his looks...His eyes..his sharp features...his shocked face...A strange feeling started developing in her mind...She was trying to trace who is he? She really wish to meet him once and ask for apologies...but reality stuck to her that never she'll get to meet this guy again and she carried on with her life. She began to concentrate on her studies completely forgetting about that incident.

Flashback of what happened 2 years back ends. It was indeed LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT but both deny it somehow. Where do Maan and Geetika stand on date? Will they ever get to meet each other again? Lets see.smiley2

Precap: Geet in Delhi

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Note: Before you read this part and do not get confused...let me tell you...😡😡😡

Relationships in Tamil languages -

Geet calls her mom (Radhika) ' Amma'

Geet Calls her Dad (Krishnan) ' Appa'

Geet Calls her elder brother (Gopal) ' Anna'

Geet's mom calls Geet and Rajji as Kondhai (Its a common word used by Tamil Brahmins which normally means "Baby")

Geet's sister calls Geet ' Akka' (as Geet is her elder sister)

Its common term to refer your kids or younger siblings or to that matter how close friends addresses each other   "Da" (for boy)  or "Di" (for Girl) like how you use "Re" in Hindi.



Now the story continues - (2 years down the line since Maneet Met first time at Chennai ). In meantime, an incident which happened around 6 months ago (Almost one and half years after Geet Encountered Maan) , changed Geet's and her family's life completely. What is it? You will know about it in upcoming chapters.

Geet's Bangalore Home:

Geet: Amma Amma...

Radhika: Enna Kondhai?

Geet: My application has been selected by Delhi university for MBA Correspondence Course...Hurray!

Radhika: I am happy for you But Kondhai...You will have to live in Delhi for this right?

Geet: Aamam Amma (Yes Mom) My school friend Pinky is there. Will join her. Even she is very exited about me living with her. Pinky's dad will take another 2 years to complete his job contract in Middle East. Hence she is all alone.

Rajji: Akka...Congratulations...and gives her a teddy hug πŸ€—

Geet: Thanks Rajji

Radhika: But Kondhai...

Radhika is not convinced with Geet moving to Delhi and living there all alone. Even Though Geet had clearly informed them well in advance.

Geet: Amma...I have told you and Appa 6 months back about my decision to leave Bangalore after I complete my studies...I have not changed my mind.

Radhika: Kondhai...What ever happened 6 months back was not your fault. Why do you want to hell yourself responsible for that Incident? It was all our fault and please don't leave us for that sake...punish us but don't leave us like this and go. Can't you carry on with your MBA from Bangalore? πŸ˜”

Geet: Amma...I know whatever happened is not my fault nor your's or Appa's fault...Please dont mention it again. Please Amma...try to understand that I desperately need to make a fresh start and I need to move to a new place. Being in Bangalore I am somehow close to all my relatives and they keep asking/taunting/interfering about my life. Now, Its high time I need to move on...stand on my own feet and live on my life.

In meantime, Krishnan (Geet's Father/Appa) and Gopal (Geet's Brother/Anna) enter the house.

Geet: Appa...Anna...I have got admissions for MBA from Delhi University...Have to leave in next 15 days. She tells this with all excitement

Gopal: What...Why Delhi? How can you take such a decision? Who gave you permission? You are not going anywhere 😑

Geet: Anna...I had informed Appa-Amma about this 6 months back and I didn't think its necessary to inform any third person about my decisions.

Gopal: Enna di sonnai (What did you say?) 😑...Gopal lifted his hand to slap Geet and he was caught by Krishnan

Krishnan: Dare you even touch her...

Gopal: Yen Appa? Ava inga ellam saadichadhu pattadha? ippo Delhiku poi enna enna seivaalo? (Why dad? She has achieved a lot being over here...and now what all is going to come out of her when she moves to Delhi?)

Krishnan: Podhum niruthu da... (Now Stop it!) What ever happened has happened and its not her fault...She is my daughter and she can never be wrong...I trust Geet more than you...Never expect you to understand Geet's decision as you are a useless guy who is always busy with a bad company of your, mind you.

Gopal: Aamam Appa neenga kudukara chellathunalathan iva ippadi aadara(Yes dad, She is getting spoiled because she has been pampered so much by you) and he leaves the home.

Geet really feels bad with her brother's behaviour towards her. He has never been a good brother..but what has happened recently has further deteriorated the relationship that she shared with Gopal. She has tears in her eyes which she wipes it...but it was not hidden from the sharp vision of her dad.

K: Geet...Please dont take his words seriously...I truly meant what I told him...I trust you and your decisions. All the very best kutta (Beta)...and do well in your studies.

Geet: Appa,Thank you so much for your trust on me. I wanted to tell you one more thing...

K: Yes Kutta..

Geet: My MBA classes will not be regular one...its a distance education where in I need to attend classes only during weekends/ evenings..

K: Why are you not going for your full time MBA? You have scored excellent marks in your graduation.

Geet: Appa, I have decided that henceforth I will be self dependent. I will look out for a suitable job for myself once I reach Delhi as well as concentrate on my MBA Course as well as take care of my own living. Pinky has assured to help me.

K: I am very proud of you my dear and I support your decision 100%. But please promise me that you will forget the past incidents and make a fresh start. Secondly, you will never hesitate to take help from me, or Amma...Remember that we are still alive.

Geet-Appa-Amma-Rajji get into an emotional hug.

Next few days Geet was busy meeting her friends, shopping, enjoying the best out of Bangalore which she is gonna miss in Delhi. Also, the big miss is she couldn't meet Meera. Meera's family informed Geet that She has some interview and when she got thro that she had to attend some training.

On the 15th day, she is all set to leave to Delhi from Bangalore Junction. Gopal is still angry on Geet with regard to too many issues and hence doesn't even Bother about Geet. Geet's Appa, Amma and Rajji drop her and bid Good Bye.

Precap: Geet arrives in Delhi and meets Pinky after 3 long years

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Note about Pinky & Geet - Both are school friends (Studied in same school in Bangalore) and both normally converse in English+Hindi...Also this will spice up this FF πŸ˜‰



Pinky is waiting for Geet at the busiest railway station of the country...holding the printed copy of Geet's photo which Geet had emailed her last week.

Geet's train arrives...Too much of crowd in the station.

Pinky self thought...In Fact even i should have sent her my latest photo. Geet will not able to trace me as I have changed a lot and lost so much weight hain na..😰

She is all tensed and takes a pack of chips from her bag and munches...Geet...its better you find your way to me otherwise, you will get lost in Delhi forever...😳

On the other hand Geet is holding Bangalore Mobile and at that point of time is not receiving signal and not able to open the contact details in the mobile...Oops...she is worried how will she find Pinky...I had given her a clear information about the railway compartment...what happened..

In fact she is seeing pinky who is standing a few feet away talking to someone over the phone. She is not able to identify her as pinky has grown tall and also gained weight..smiley36

Once finished with call...Pinky runs towards Geet and hugged her...GEET...Finally I found you...Thank God smiley31 Geet didn't recognise her...

P: GEET Main hoon Pinky...Pinky Manchanda...

G: Hey Pinky...Sorry yaar...Itne saal ho gaye tumse milkar...Isliye pehchan nahin paayi...(These many years passed by that's why I didnt recognise you)

P: Haan yaar Tu bi kitni badal gayi hain... (True the way, even you have changed a lot) Thank god you sent me your photo otherwise, you would have got lost in this crowded city.

Pinky takes Geet to her home.

On the way to Pinky's home Geet calls her Appa-Amma and informs about her safe arrival and ended with a note of calling them back late in the evening. and she is with Pinky now. Luckily it was Sunday and Pinky could spend enough time with Geet. Geet loved Pinky's home...It was a part of a big colony in Delhi...looks like ancestral property.

P: Geet...This is your room..Settle ho jao aur dont hesitate to ask me for any help...OK? Now, relax...Will have our get together in the evening...Tik hain? And she leaves..

Geet relaxes during the day time and later in the evening Geet and Pinky had a long long get together session...

Pinky is in all excitement as she misses Bangalore.

Pinky is in all excitement as she misses Bangalore

P: Oye Geet...Ab batha, Kaisi hain tu? Uncle aur Auntiji kaisi hain? Rajji...Woh toh ab badi hogayi hogi hain na... (Hey aer you? How is Uncle and Aunty? Rajji must have got to become a big girl now...right? )

Geet smiles weekly.

P: Sorry yaar...U must be missing them now right? But why did you take such a tough decision to move out of Bangalore? Is it because of all that happened 6 months back?

G: Hmm.. Wonder why her eyes got moist.

P: Geet...What happened is happened...Now, that you are here, do take it as a fresh start..I am here to support you by all means.

Pinky found Geet to be still mood off and she started to cheer her up...

P: Well..I am a big fan of Auntiji's recipes...She is an amazing cook...Woh Idli...Dosa...poori...upma...Tamrind Rice...Lemon Rice...Even chapathis...prepared by her are so tasty...Miss them yaar

G: Haan yaar.. Now onwards I will miss them too... By the way, .I do remember...Amma had to cook separately for you...otherwise, you will finish all her preparations at one go without sparing for anyone else...smiley36

Now Pinki is getting little cautious...Main ab itna nahin khathi...strict diet main she munches chips (Already finished 4 medium sized packets)

P: Haan...Woh tho dhik hi raha hain... (Yeah..I can see that) smiley36

Pinky is all embarrassed now trying to change topic ...Geet...remember how much we both used to play in that wooden swing in your house...we both will end up fighting for our own turns...I miss that swing yaar

G: I miss that too dear...Remember that swing couldn't hold your weight and got broke into two...Its still lying in the store room for the last three years as your remembrance...smiley36 Both of them Rolled out with laughter..

Both friends were going on and on with the non stop talking.

Precap: Geet busy with her admission process / Pinky helping geet with Job opportunities

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Please remember some of the following abbreviations from now on:

MSK Or MK: Maan Singh Khurana

KM: Khurana Manscion

Please bare with my with spelling, grammer, and translations related mistakes.



Its 7:00 PM in the evening...

Pinky: Oye Geet...Jaldi se Tayar ho ja, aaj bahar chalthe hain dinner karne (Get ready fast..we shall dinner out)

Geet: Nahin pinky...Aaj mood nahin hain. Aur baat karthe karthe itna snaks jo kha liya... (No Pinky, I am not in a mood today. And we had too many snaks together)

P: Yeh tho 30 mins main hajam ho jayega yaar...chalna.. (This will get digested in 30 mins...) will take you to one of my favourite restaurant

G: Will have something light... you get Vegetarian food there?

P: Ofcourse can I ever forget this?

Geet gets dressed in simple Jeans leggings and an ethnic light green Indian top with lot of embroidery work on it...Her long hair left open. Not much of makeup but still manages to look naturally gorgeous to kill anyone who passes by.

Both leave...go for a long walk and now they are standing near the restaurant entrance when Geet's Amma calls her on Pinky's mobile.

P: Geet..Its Radhika Aunti's (Geet's mom) call on my mobile. You take her call...I will wait for you inside the restaurant..

Geet has all tears formed in her eyes and she is feeling chocked within hiding all her emotions.. This is the very first time she is staying away from her family But she had to take this decision... she wipes her tears and composes herself before taking her Amma's call.

G: Amma...

Even Radhika is finding it so difficult..but she doesnt want to cry over the phone and make Geet weak.

Radhika: Kondhai...Eppadi ma irukai (How are you?)

G: Nalla Irukken Ma ( I am fine)

R: Unaku Delhi pidichuda?(Do you like Delhi?) Pinki Veedu pidichurukka? (Do you like Pinki's home?) Pinki unnai nallabadiya parthukarala? (Does pinky takes care of you?)

G: Ellam paravaillai Amma... Pinki enna romba nalla gavanikkara..Ava veedum nalla perussa irukku. ippa than indha oorai sutthi parkaren...Aana namma Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore madhiri illai...Romba vidyasama iruku...Ellam poga poga sariyaidum kavalai padadeengo.

(All fine mom...Pinky is taking good care of me. Her home is very big...And just getting to see the city...But its different compared to Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore..will settle down as time passes by everything will be fine...Dont worry)

R: Nee ponadhulendhu veede verichodi kadakku (This home is deserted without you)

G: Naanum ungalaiyellam rumba miss panren amma... (Me too..miss you all so much). Appa/Rajji ellorum ketadha sollungo. Naan marupadiyum nalaiku phone panren... (My regards to Dad/ Rajji...Will call you again)

She cuts the call...closes her eyes.. And Tears rolls down her cheeks.

On the other side of the road...Maan is driving and his eyes got attention of some girl who is on the other side of the road... she seemed to be that chennai girl.....but couldn't believe what he just saw... OH MAAN...You are really losing your can it be her?

He slows down his car and looks back at her again...and again he could see that its the same girl from Chennai...Oops...he is shocked...and goes further to take a U turn to come close to her..

By this time...Geet entered the Restaurant and out of vision of Maan...he stops his car on that spot where Geet was standing and looks around every where.

Oh...damn..What a miss...After 2 long years...By the way...Was it the same girl or my imagination? How can it be? Woh Delhi main kya kar rahi hain? (What is she doing in Delhi?) He pushes his hair back with his palm... I am going mad now...enough is enough..he hits his tyre with his feet for not having a control on his thoughts...he hates himself to permit someone to rule over his thoughts...he drives rashly towards his Manscion so that he can spend some time in his Gym...

Maan...starts with his Tai-Chi session...remembering again about that girl...Her long hair...her eyes...her was looking gorgeous even when she was giving those Tamil flavoured Gaalis...Then how will it be to hear sweet words from her...smiley9

He snaps away from her thoughts and now he is desperate to put an end to this fight with himself...Aaj kal jahan dekho wohi nazar aa rahi hain...Bohuth hogaya...aaj ke baad main kabhi us ke bare main nahin sochunga...(I get to see her everywhere now a days...enough is enough... I will not think about her again with effect from today.)

(Out comes MSK AttitudeπŸ˜‚ )

His Daadi (Grandma) sees him doing Tai-Chi and she comes near him...Maan Beta main roz aap ko hoo-haa karthe huve dhekthi hoon...Par aaj kuch ajeeb lagraha hain...Kya baat hain? Sab teek hain na? (I keep seeing you doing this Hoo - Haa session but today I feel something different about it...what happened? All fine?)

He doesnt want to show that someone is ruling his mind...he pretends everything is normal..but he is lost somewhere..

but he is lost somewhere

Haan Daadi...Bus yunhi...Challo dheri ho rahi hain...Main chaltha hoon (Its just like that... I am getting late...I got to leave)

He moves from there leaving his confused Daadi behind...I am sure there's something ....see...he is not looking straight into my eyes and answering me.

Next day...Geet finishes with her admission formalities with Delhi University. She managed to convince them to time adjustment based on the job she gets. The concerned authority agreed to it understanding that she needs to work and study at the same time like many other students.

 The concerned authority agreed to it understanding that she needs to work and study at the same time like many other students

Pinky is helpful in giving her laptop to Geet where in she can browse the net and start applying for Delhi based positions. Also, gave her information about different newspapers which regularly advertise positions and leading job agencies in the town.

Pinky comes home in the evening after a hectic office schedule. She is carrying a internal office memo from office she works...Khurana Constructions need Junior Business Analyst. The JD perfectly matched with Geet's profile.

P: Geet..Hamare office main ek position aaya hain aur yeh tumhare profile se match kartha hain...Dekho. (Geet...there's a job opportunity in my office matches perfectly with your profile)

G: Yeh tho bohuth achi baath hain...please mera CV de dena...tumhare paas hain na... (Oh..this is a good news...You have my CV na? Please give it to the concerned person)

I'll do it as the first thing tomorrow morning... OK?

Precap: Keep thinking...LOL



Well...8 years back when I had already typed 4 parts of Geetika and I had heard this song playing in my music system and I got the idea to include tamil songs into this story...So...this was the first ever song which I had shared... and that's one of the reason it became so special to me.

You can relate this song to Maan's current restlessness... even otherwise, you can just listen to this song without any reason... πŸ’—πŸ’žπŸ’—

(You can as well skip this page if not interested... and move ahead with the story)

This is one of my favourite Tamil song sung by ROOPKUMAR RATHODE. Depicts Maneet's state of mind at this stage. To remind you...he cannot speak Tamil...but listen to this song which he has managed to sing like a native Tamil speaker...Big applouse to himClap

Movie: Vamanan (2009)
Song: Oru Devathai (A Godess)

Singer: Roopkumar Rathode

Actors in the video: Jay & Priya (Priya had acted as actress Sridevi's niece in "English Vinglish" as well as lead heroine in "Fukrey")

Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja


To Download this song in MP3 format:

The meaning of the song goes like....
Its a time to watch out for the Goddess who is near to me but yet far from away from me

My heart melts with the very thought of her

I do not have any control on the sweet memories of this love even if I sleep...these memories doesnt sleep

I keep telling my heart not to keep looking at her but this heart never listens to me.


Oh girl..What have you done to me?

I have lost track of time and date

My feet is on earth but I feel I am flying

Wonder what I am doing where I am going

I know my way but still getting lost. Love could be so mean and now I could understand it so well when I am feeling it.


Why do I have eyes? I asked this question to myself

After meeting you, I have realised that my eyes are just to cherish your beauty

When death nears me, I wish to lie down in your lap

my destination spot is where your feet stops.


I do not have any control on the sweet memories of this love even if I sleep...these memories doesnt sleep I keep telling my heart not to keep looking at her but this heart never listens to me.

Its a time to watch out for the Goddess who is near to me but yet far from away from me


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Khurana Constructions (KC) & Lead Staff

Thought of giving you all a small Intro about Khurana Construction and other characters getting introduced from PART - 5.

Khurana Construction ' Introduction

KC is one of the Constuction companies in the Top-10 list of the Country.. Initially started as a family business set 25 years ago by Shri Dayanand Singh Khurana, (grandfather of Maan Singh Khurana). In this many years KC has grown heaps and bounds in business with a strong hold in the share market. It has board of Directors, share holders, whose decision is vital and Maan takes their decision seriously into consideration. Has over 3000 employees at various levels (Including office and labours) spread across various branches in the country.

Small Intro about other characters getting introduced from this part.

Key people

Maan Singh Khurana:

Maan Singh Khurana:

The BOSS...MD...MK..MSK..Dhak Dhak (DD) what ever you wish to call him smiley2. Single and Most eligible bachelor. Obviously, Girls of all age drool over him. First hand Intro given in the first page...Aur intro chahiye kya? (Do you need more intro about him?) smiley2

Aaditya Alias Aadi:

Aaditya Alias Aadi:

Operations Manager. Very loyal employee of the Khuranas. He is overall incharge of day to day Operations/Accounts/Admin/HR. Knows in and out of the KC business and has all the information on his fingertips. He stammers many a times...especially when he's in front of Maan or if he is in a tension. 😳...Also, he has his own style of laughing mixed with stamering when he's happy or excited smiley36πŸ˜„(Same to same like the serial). Overall a very sweet and friendly person by nature.

Sasha: Chief Architect...She is more bossy than the boss...As if she owns all Khurana Businesses. She drolls over Maan...she dresses to seduce... Her lifetime ambition is to make Maan fall for her and marry her so that she becomes a part of Khurana's...but Maan treats her as a loyal employee and not more than that limit.

Tasha: Sasha's Assistant cum chamchi (Spoon) smiley36

Image of Sasha (Right) and Tasha(Left) Together

Image of Sasha (Right) and Tasha(Left) Together


Further to her intro given in the Characterization, Pinky is Receptionist cum Administrator

Further to her intro given in the Characterization, Pinky is Receptionist cum Administrator. Reports to Adi. She is very cute..adorable...Always a smile on her face. Its difficult for her to work without munching...hence she keeps food stuffs like chips biscuits, tetra-packed drinks... smiley36

Plus there are many other employees who are working in different divisions...Few sitting and working in their respective places and few busy wondering with files/folders and keep dwelling from one cabin to another In turn resulting in a busy atmosphere of KC (Like how it happens in the GEET Serial) 😜

Part 5 will be added in a separate post.. In next page

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