Maneet FF - GEETIKA - Tr2 (Fresh updates) Teaser for PT 65 PG 46

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Repraised 61 parts in one thread. 



PART 62  - Scroll Down
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Story So far:

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WOW...I AM REALLY EXCITED TO GET BACK TO CONTINUE MY VERY FIRST FF GEETIKA. Thank you for all your encouragement in me getting back here...Hug
I Had to read all 61 parts again and again as i am updating almost after 5-6 years. I might miss out on few things and I might take few episodes to regain my zeal and be in the actual flow of the story. Sorry for any mistakes in spelling, editing and repetitive dialogues or scenes if any. Confused
My humble request is to read all parts once again before continuing from here. 
Waiting to see 100+ Likes and interesting flow of comments like it used to be 5-6 years back. Look forward to your encouraging words.

I might add change few dialogues as I am continuing to write this FF after a very long time...hope you dont mindEmbarrassed 

PART 62:

Please continue with your DD praising about your boss I am missing it so much...Dont hold yourself back just because I am Daadi of your boss Hmm! Wink

Geet smiles and hugs her...

Geet beta..She pauses for a while doesn't know how to put across this question in a right way...I am really really thankful to your Appa-Amma for giving you permission, but above all, I know beta, all what happened last week, it wont be easy for you to take a decision personally. But still I know my Geet, she is selfless, flawless, and kind person. She again pauses...tum is faisle se khush tho ho na beta?

She is nodding for a Yes but a clear confusion is written all over her face.
Daadi holds her hand and continues...Please, jo huva, usse bhool javo...please make a fresh start...and isse, apna ghar samjo...

Geet has happilly said YES...but is really clueless , where her destiny is leading to..the more she is trying to hide her thoughts and feelings for Maan, the more she is getting nearer and nearer to she has to face her boss at office and at her home i.e, the outhouse.She is neither scared nor able to jump with excitement... Bhagawane...en vazhkaiyula ennannamo nadakudhu...onnum puriyalai (Babaji, what all is happening in my life...Not able to understand)  She is also worried what Maan thinks about this whole episode of her moving into KM Outhouse...even though she has forgiven him wholeheartedly, Its really difficult for her to understand what goes on in his mind...she thinks he has now happilly agreed to this because of Daadi and Annie. What about him? She still has this pinch in her mind as on the previous day  he had taken Daadi and Annie's name but didnt include himself when he was requesting her to visit KM. Whatever it is, she atleast trusts that Maan will not get into any assumptions or misunderstandings again.

At Out house:

Annie is fully excited...she is instructing lot of things to Nakul ...Geet Didi likes this, Geet Didi likes that... she instructs him to clear and chage so many things in Study, Bedroom, bathroom, Garden... Nakul has never seen Annie involving so much when it comes to home management, renovation, infact there has been limited interaction with Nakul all these days and today, she is talking and instructing so much as if she has been compensating her silence for all these days..

Maan is all excited and not able to believe that Geet is coming to stay here at his outhouse... He was cursing himself for all what he had done to Geet last week and Geet, daadi and Annie were kind enough to forgive him wholeheartedly. But still, he was feeling the guilt that he was not able to makeup to her enough. But this moment, he feels so complete...HIS GEET is coming to stay in his place... I promise that I will never ever hurt MY GEET...Oops...what did I say? MY GEET?? Maan's thoughts are interupted when Nakul calls for him...

Maan Baba, Nakul has started calling him Maan Baba again and ofcourse Maan's joy knew no bounds...Itne saalon mein, Annie bitiya ko pehli baar itna khush aur itni saari baathen karthe huye dhek raha hoon.  Aur Daadi bhi kitni khush hain...(Never seen Annie being talketive in this many years...Also, Daadi is so happy) Maan Baba, Bas, aap log issi tarah kush rahiye...(wish to see you all live happy like this) Maan knows he owes a lot to Geet for this  and for bringing these small happiness in their lives...He slowly blinks his eyes with joy. 

Maan is been really so happy to see Annie so very excited as Geet moving here...She knows what her Geet Didi likes ...and ofcourse he is not atall aware of it still. Annie is in all smiles, excitement and above all, taking initiative in any of the home based tasks.. Till date he was thinking that she is really over pampered but today he is seeing a different shade of Annie who is behaving more responsible for her age.

Back to KM...

Geet has some more sweet talks with Daadi...

What was that Aadi saying? You were not keeping well? 

Oh Daadi...plz know na...those monthly things...especially on first day, I am sooo moody. that's why I took half day off... telling a usual lie that I was not keeping well...

Oh Acha...Daadi again is so lost in Geet's talks she was really missing it...
and what to tell about Deer Devil...unhon ne tho...she just couldnt continue..her cheeks turns pink  thinking how he got till her room today and what all followed... She prefers not to tell it to Daadi...woh woh... he was angry at Aadi sir that why I always take Aadi's permission before leaving ...but aap hi batayiye na can I take DD's permission, he will demand for so many explanations...and by the time I clear all his doubts, I will get my next monthly.

Daadi is really in cloud nine hearing this DD praising from Geet...Tonguetoday, there is another strong flavor added to it...Geet's blush and shyness...she could clearly sense Geet has started developing some feelings for her grandson..Embarrassed

Yeh tho sahi kaha appne..even I have become old giving him explanations on each and every simple things on daily basis.. You are his employee..I can very well understand your state of mind...

Haan...Geet makes a baby face which Daadi was really missing was just for 10 days but as if she was missing for ages...

Patha hain Daadi? Who was at the most receiving end from me today? 


That Sasha...

Acha? Daadi is all excited and curious to know what dose did Geet give her.

Haan Daadi...That Sasha is crossing her limits day by bay...How dare she??...she got into Boss's cabin during his absence and she was searching for something...god only knows what...and I barged into sir's cabin and screwed her left right and centre... she is telling with all actions and by widening her eyes..

Bohuth acha kiya...Daadi is really excited as she had enough of this Saasha for the last couple of days..

Huh...this Deer Devil trust her too too much... All jealousy pasted in her expressions and Daadi is really loving it..Geet is not telling all this to make Daadi happy, she is seriously complaining Daadi now...

When DD  checked with Sasha on this...she said, I came to search my mobile...huh LIEAR..And DD believed it...with all her expressions rolling her eyes...But he told Sasha that she must take my permission before visiting his cabin during his absence...I mean...presence ...I mean...BlushingGeet again blushes with what followed next...oops how deer devil pulled her hand and ...She is unable to control this sudden blush...she cutely looks up and prays to her Babaji...Bagawane...Enna Daadi munnadi maata vetkadhe (Babaji, please dont get me cought in front of Daadi) Daadi could sense it so very well...something naughty her Grandson must have done...

Phir kya hua Geet ??

Woh...yeah.. woh...DD clearly told Sasha, that whenever he is not around and anything urgent required from his cabin, Sasha must take my permission.

Yeh tho bohuth bada Achievement hua beta...Daadi pats on Geet's that case, your monthly should happen daily...

DAADI...Kya...Aap bhi na...Embarrassed

Daadi and Geet really laugh out loud and just then Maan walks in...Geet suddenly jumps out and her heart beats faster with fear... she hold's Daadi's palms tightly with this sudden fear running thro her ...she still has this glimpse of last week's incidence when maan pulled her out from the Daadi's room/same place where Geet is currently sitting. Even though she had forgiven Maan with true heart...she still carries this inevitable fear within her. Daadi could clearly sense this restlessness in her...and she hold Geet's hand to make her feel better...Are you fine beta? 

Ji...Ji Daadi...She looks at Maan and looks back at Daadi...Even Maan could sense something disturbing her. There's sudden layer of tears forming in her eyes..and she wipes it immediately hiding it from them..

Maan asks her with a very soft tone...GEET...are you ok??

She turns back to look at him and nods for a yes with a slight smile..

Geet composes herself before talking further...Daadi...I have to take your leave now. Please take care of yourself...hmm? 

Daadi is really wondering why Geet became quite all of a sudden
Dont worry beta..Maan, Annie Dev are here to take care of me...and from tomorrow, my Geet will be with me too...she, nothing to worry...

Geet instantly hugs her...and she has tears in her eyes..which of course not hidden by maan

Bye Daadi...Good Night...Time pe so jaayiye...hmm..

She almost rushes to leave..

GEET...Maan calls out for her with a concerned voice...

Yyes Ssir...again she misses a beat ...listening to her name taken with so much of concern by him..and she turns to look into his eyes..

Woh..Geet...I will drop you home..

Its ok sir..I will manage. Nakulji will get me a taxi like he did last time...Oops why did I say this??...Aayoo...GEET...romba mukyam...pona tharavai nadandhadhu pathi edhuku ippo sollanum??D'oh (is it so important to mention what had happened last time when you came here??)

Maan looks at her confusingly..

Sir...I mean, I will manage...

Daadi interfares...Geet beta, raat bohuth ho chuki hain...let maan drop you.

Now, geet has to listen to Daadi...and nods for YES...

Woh...I missed to say bye to Annie...

Annie is still in the outhouse Geet...

Daadi says with excitement...Arre Geet, even you didnt get to see our outhouse where you are going to stay...Maan bete, pls show it to Geet before you people leave from here...

Sure Daadi...

Geet smiles and Maan and Geet leave from there...

They reach the outhouse...all of a sudden, there is no power in the outhouse...

Maan and Geet slowly walk in. Maan calls out for Annie...but it seems no one is there for the time being.

Geet tries to get a glimpse of the outhouse in the darkness. The brightness of the full moon light is reflecting thro the balcony and windows...Geet could hear Annie's voice...she slowly moves towards the balcony...and sees Annie is instructing the Gardener to take extra care in garden maintenance...where as Nakul was with the electrition who was checking the main electricity box for the outhouse if it needed any renovation or so on. The electritian says All fine with the electrical sockets and  the power will get on automatically in 5 mins..

Maan now looks for Geet...and found her at balcony...the light of the full moon is falling on her... and she is glowing in that brightness. He slowly moves towards her..and stands right behind her as if he can stand there for ever looking at her like this. He is standing much closer to her now...Geet could slowly feel someone's breath fanning on her shoulder and she could feel someone standing behind her and she gets scared...She turns around suddenly and lost her balance when two strong arms holds her by her waist and she rests both her hands on his broad shoulder to balance if her hands very well know its way to his shoulder. 

Her eyes which are closed slowly opens up to his eyes...An inborn attraction builds in them looking into each other's eyes glowing in moon light. Their lips are too close...just then...the electrical power is back and the outhouse lights are on. But Maneet is still in the same position...They instantly snap out when Annie walks in...

Maneet look at each other  and then Annie...and compose themself... Maneet faces looks flushed and restless why such incidents happen in their life again and again..

Annie runs to Geet and hugs her once again...

GEET didi...Aap yahan? Main aap ko surprise dene wali thi.

Woh...she looks at Maan as she lost track of words and now looks back at Annie...Sorry..I...I  was about to leave and thought of meeting you once before leaving

OH...ITS OK Didi...dhekhiye, kaisa laga aap ka naya ghar?

Geet looks around...Its too good Annie... showing all excitements..
But Geet is all confused deep within...she looks at the place its too huge for one person to stay...even though Pinky's home was also big enough, Geet had Pinky's company and many a times, Meera would stay with them but here, Geet has to live all alone...she is running thro whole lot of mix feelings...Bhagawane, en vazkaila inba adirchigal rombave jaasti aayindu varudhu...raavoda raava en vazhkaiye maripochu...Adhuvum ennoda maan boothathai dinamum darisikanum...hmm...Enna sonnen?? ENNODA MAAN BOOTHAMNU SONNENA??  Enaku Enna Aachu? ShockedDead(Babaji...lot of sweet surprises in my life.. its completely changed overnight ...and  that too will get a darshan of my deer devil every now and then...Oops what did I say MY DEER DEVEL?? Whats happening to me?) she looks at Maan for a sec and immediately steals her glance...where as Maan was all lost looking at her and the chemistry what Annie share with Geet...He never had experienced it until today.

Didi...I have told Nakul Kaka, to make all arrangements and it will be ready by tomorrow.

Thank you dear...she smiles at Annie and pats on her cheeks for all the interest she is taking

Annie takes her arround the outhouse and shows it to Geet...What cought Geet's instant attention is big 72" TV with good seating arrangements in front of it. this TV working?

Haan Didi...Its here for the last 2 years...We can watch our favourite Cartoon shows which you, me and Rajji used to watch together...

Cartoon shows?? Maan asking with amusement...Geet is kind of embarrased what will he think about her now..

Haan Bangalore Geet Didi's home, Me, Didi and Rajji used to watch Tom and Jerry and Chota Bheem...Disney channel...

Acha?? Maan is now so much interested in their conversation..

Annie...tum abhi bhi dhekthi ho?  (Do you still watch it?)

Haan par itna nahin jitna hum Bangalore mein dhekthe the. Aur Aap? (Yes, but not like how we used to watch in Bangalore. And you?)
Hmm.. sometimes...even here, me and Pinky watch together...

Didi...we will watch daily now on this big screen...bada maza aayega na??

Haan...but you should first concentrate on studies...Aur mujhe bhi padna hain. 

Annie makes a disappointed baby face

Tik hain baba, We can take a break in between our studies and watch for half an hour or so may be on alternative how we used to do in Bangalore hmm??

Oh Wow Di..Thank you...Annie pulls Geet's cheeks with excitement and gets back to Nakul continuing with her instructions..Geet's cheeks got really red because of this...Maan happens to look at her cheeks and feels like pulling it again like how annie did...and smiles at his own thoughts...yeh mujhe kya ho raha hain??Ouch

Geet again moves towards the balcony now...and likes the outside view with full moon and stars in the sky. Maan slowly comes near her...

Geet..he really calls out her name very softly now a days...

Yes Sir.., you love watching cartoon channels hmm? asks her teasingly
Geet smiles...yes...I do...but I started watching more often because of Annie..
Maan looks at her amused...
My initial days with Annie was not easy. Whenever, I used keep her combined studies with Rajji and also, I was in my first year BBM and would sit down with them with my own course books, i.e, we three would study together...Annie wouldnt even sit for half an hour... I was finding it so difficult to involve her in studies. Also, she was not that social and that had added to the problems.

Maan was listening to her quitely...

I was really confused what to do...then one day, when my sister Rajji was watching some cartoon channel, Annie was so much involved and excited watching it I drew a timetable keeping Annie in mind where me, Rajji and Annie would sit down for studies and in between, we shall watch cartoon channels together strictly for half an hour...and again get back to studies...just for the sake of Annie...and to motivate her with studies and also it helped us to bond socialy as we used to talk, laugh and enjoy watching it together...This really helped her you see...She stoped as she got to notice that Maan was so lost in her talks and she laughs at her own plight...

Annie again calls out for Geet...GEET DIDI...

She turns to leave...and Maan holds her hand all of a sudden...Geet first looks at his hold on her hand and then she slowly looks at him...She gulps..

Geet...he doesnt know what to tell and how to tell...
Thank you
She slowly calls out his name questioningly...SIR??
Thank you for moving into our outhouse..
She is really surprised to hear way, she was confused what he must be to the out house...still she is not 100% sure.

She slowly keeps her hand on his...Sir...please dont mention it...she smiles ... I am coming here mainly for Daadi and Annie...

He feels a slight pinch now, why she didnt include my name? he is wondering why he is feeling this now...and for Geet, she told it straight from her heart and not at all with an intention to hurt him but still, he felt this strange pinch exactly like how Geet felt the previous day.

GEEET DIDIII...Annie shouts louder this time...

Haan ...she answers Annie..s...sorry sir..Annie calling me..Maan was still holding her hand and so much lost in her...she slowly frees her hand from from maan's hold and move towards, Geet and Annie busy with another round of Outhouse tour...where as Maan is all lost remembering her sweet talks...He is again lost watching Geet and Annie with Amusement. No wonder what all difficulties and challenges Geet and her family might have went thro in handling Annie and her studies..but not even once did Geet's family or Annie complained about each other. Also, how much Annie was missing them and how again Annie went to her shell as she lost touch with them...

After sometime, Maan, Annie and Geet walk towards the car park area of KM as Maan and Annie set off to drop Geet back home.
Geet was about to take her back seat when Maan called for her to sit in the front..

Sir..Let Annie sit in the front seat. she said this as she is his sister and most likely to sit in the front seat...

Geet Didi...I am scared to sit in the front..


Maan too votes for it...Yes Geet, Annie is scared to sit in the front so you please take the front seat...

Geet turns to Annie and gives her a glare ...Acha? How many more hidden talents you pocess hmm? first you are scared to make new friends and now, this front seat phobia? All this dramas you do in front of your Brother...Maan's mouth wide open hearing this...LOL mere samne nah sab nahin challega ok!!!Comeon sit in the front...

Aur Sir instead of helping her out, you are encouraging this phobia in her?? Oh my god...she looks really cute in this Anger..her tone filled with anger still sounds to melodious to him...Day Dreaming

Geet has been daring to voice it out and to Maan's surprise, he is not getting angry on her.

Didi Please...Annie pleads her...

I said, you sit in the front..I will take back seat...with stern voice

Annie makes a scared baby face and sits in the front seat..

Maan was really dumb Geet handles his sister...Till date, Annie has been so stubborn that she will never give in to sit in the front seat of the car in spite of constant pressure from Daadi and Maan...and today one order from Geet and she obeyed it 100% ...even though she has been cribbing about it thro out the journey...Now, his joy knew no bounds with his little sister getting back to her track slowly and he clearly understood Daadi's point of view in bringing Geet to KM outhouse.

Bhai..please stop the car, I will sit in the back...

Geet gives a glare to Maan now... and Oops...he misses his heartbeat...Sir...dont listen to her...please dont encourage such fear in her...she will live with it for ever and also this fear will lead to many other fears in furture..

Maan was all lost in her talks and today, she has even started advising him...but somewhat he is liking it...dont know why? ...he couldnt help gaping at her thro rare view mirror every now and then..and smiling at his own plight...Main sach main paagal ho raha hoon...Dead

Didi...she folds her hands and makes a grumpy baby face...

Geet gently pulls her didnt have this fear when you were in Bangalore did you? I have driven you in my scooty so many never had such fear then?

Didi, I am having it since my childhood sitting in the front seat of the would only know if at all your appa would take me for a drive in his car...Ouch

Ooh...look at, its my Appa's mistake? Angryhow on earth he would offer you a drive when you didnt even reply to any of his hellos for those entire one and half years?? Hmm??

Oh so, you people have car and scooty at home? Maan was curious to know...

Huh...sir...what question is this?...its not just Car and scooty, its life line of our home. I depend on my scooty especially when I had to go to college, dropping Mom and Rajji to their school, visiting markets near by and in order to complete so many day to day routines...

For Appa, car is a must as he keeps travelling because of his bank job.. atleast 2-3 times in a month to near by cities as part of his bank job. Also, we as a family when we travel to attend family get together and functions, we fully depend on our car for long travels too..

Didi...I really miss our scooty drives in used to be so much fun na??

Yeah...I miss my scooty too...She makes a cute baby face...which maan got to notice her thro rare mirror. Maan instantly imagines going on a drive with her in her scooty...and he nods his head to come out of his thoughts...Have I really lost it?? Ouch

Maan has been really enjoying Geet's and Annie's non stop chit chat and annie's mind is now busy and she is not concentrating on the front seat fear...also, invariably he is getting to know slowly more about Geet and her family.

The car now stops at Geet/Pinky's residence...Annie is all excited and holds Geet's hands...Didi...I want to see your home where your living now...Geet couldnt say a no...

Sir...pls come in...She looks at Maan and gestues him to walk in ...
Geet knocks the door where as Annie takes a lead in ringing the door bell continuously...Geet smiles at her mischievious self...
Pinky opens the door and looks horrified to see who is ringing the bell like this...
Oye Geet...Tum ho? I was so scared who is it at this time and ringing bell like this. She turns to look at Annie...who is this girl? 
Geet Guestures Pinky to keep quite...She is Anvesha urf Annie...Boss's younger sister..

Pinky is all shocked...with her mouth wide open...and with her usual munching of chips faster...Now, she doubles the speed of munching chips when she gets to see Maan walking in..

And Annie...this is Pinky...My friend...Annie again shows her attitude of not saying a hello as Pinky being a stranger to, Geet calls out to her with a bit stern voice..ANNIE...Say hello my dear...
She says hello weakly.

Pinky gives a slight hug to Annie and says Hi to her...

Pinky asks is Daadi now?

She is all fine now...He turns to look at Geet...Geet really did her magic and Daadi is feeling far better now..
Geet didnt know how to react on his comment...they just steal glances from each other and smile..

Pinky is excited to know this..

Sir...Yeh tho bohuth achi baat hain...and Daadi and Geet have been very good friends for quite sometime and I knew Geet would do this magic.
Maan again lost in Geet...where as Geet was little busy showing Annie her present home. He slowly calls out for Annie...Annie, its time to leave now...
Annie is in no mood to go back home...please some more time bhai...
Annie...Daadi would need you both there. Please carry on hmm...see you tomorrow.

Pinky is confused...why Geet is saying "See You Tomorrow"? She assumes Geet might visit KM again next evening.

Maan and Annie leave bidding good bye to Pinky where as Geet again walks with them till they settle down in car..

Annie gives a tight hug to Geet before taking ..front seat..

Sir, please dont listen to her if she again fights to sit behind..

Aur too not keeping well...Take care...he tells with a smirk..
Geet is all confused...sir...what do you mean...I am fine...Oops now she realizes what he meant..he is referring to her monthly..and what all tantrums she had created today being first day...Geet's cheeks turns red with embarrassment...and she turns away from him and leaves from there and missed to say bye to Annie. 

Oops...Maan is enjoying this flushed look on her face...

Geet Didi...Bye...

She turns to say bye just for a sec missing any eye contact with Maan..and runs back to her home with all giggles..and when she reaches her home entrance, she slowly turns to look if the car has left and to her surprise, Maan was still there waiting to see one glimpse of her...This time she rushed inside her home and shut the door...Geet stood there for few seconds panting...Bhagawane...Indha Maan Boothathukku enna aachu? Ayyo...naal aaga naal aaga avaroda veshamam jasthi aayinde varudhu...(Babaji, what's happening to this Deer devil...He is getting too naughty as the days are passing by)... Blushingshe remembers all encounters with him in one single her office, her home and at KM and she blushes without even her own knowledge... Now, I have to face him at office and at my new home?? Bhagawane..Enna Kaapathu. she closes her face with both her palms...

PRECAP: Remains same ...Nayantara Angry . 

Didnt want to include it in this part as I wanted to give a happy update as its been a long wait of 5-6 years Embarrassed
This is my all time favorite song from movie Rhythm (the movie which inspired me to pen down my FF, JOURNEY CALLED LIFE). This song and lyrics perfectly matches the situation here where Geet is going to move to KM..

Its been over 17 years since this movie got released...still the movie and its songs are still fresh in my heart. This movie has 5 songs representing 5 elements...Air, water, earth, fire, sky. This song represents Air (Breeze)

SONG: "Kaatre" (Breeze)
SINGERS: Kavitha Krishnamoorthy & Unni Krishnan
ACTORS IN THIS SONG: Arjun Sarjah & Jyothika



Oh breeze you walked into my door steps and opened the door so gently
I asked your name and you replied saying your name is "Love"
Where were you till yesterday? and was waiting for an answer from you
"I was in your breath" you said this and you left.

Oh restless breeze oh restless breeze talk in your  mother tounge
till the time, moon is there till the time earth is there, keep flowing into my heart..

When it rains in the monsoon season, I need a place to hide.
Will you give me shelter under your wrap?
I need to sleep and I need a beautiful place for it...
Will you give me a place in your eyes?
As you wriggle next to me,
I hide inside your heart
Would you find my reflection in your heart?

Let lovers live as long as honey is in flowers
Let love too live as long as sky is above earth

Like the pearl which forms within a shell over a long time, 
My feminity has attained its culmination...
Is the unopening shell asking me to open it
My heart is shaken of possibilities that can happen

I was thinking of myself as a child
Your arrival has made me realise my true age...
Will you once again turn me into a kid?

IS it right for you to ask for cradle instead of cot at this age?
Is it wrong for us to become like little babies in the cot?

Oh breeze you walked into my door steps and opened the door so gently
I asked your name and you replied saying your name is "Love"
Where were you till yesterday? and was waiting for an answer from you
"I was in your breath" you said this and you left.

Oh restless breeze oh restless breeze talk in your  mother tounge
till the time, moon is there till the time earth is there, keep flowing into my heart..

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I missed this story so much thx for new update lakshmi... awesome update and same flavour of the story ... u r amazing even after yrs ... u r able to keep same innocence in this story ... just great ... I loved geet and annie bounding ... finally maan is not opposing his own feeling for geet ... infact he is enjoying this phase of love ... he will relise soon about it because geet wont take any initiative due to his past behaviour 
Posted: 2017-09-05T15:40:40Z
Fabulous update. Maan falling for Geet more each day and Annie's interaction with her is a lovely surprise for him. Daadi also got to hear all about DD LOL Loved the way you are portraying Geet here, innocent, mature, naughty all at the same time. waiting for next.
Posted: 2017-09-05T17:19:01Z
Welcome back :-)
Nice update
Posted: 2017-09-05T20:21:45Z
awsemm geet bonding with family maan in love
Posted: 2017-09-05T22:32:05Z
Welcome back 
Superb part.

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