Maneet FF - GEETIKA (OLD THREAD 1 - 2011-12) IMP NOTE PG 136

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Posted: 10 years ago

Hello Everyone...This is my first FF on Maneet...Going to be a short one. I am not a confident writer...but making an attempt to write what is in my mind. This FF is going to be a super mix of English, Tamil and Hindi.



Maan Singh Khurana:

26 year old, handles Khurana Constructions single handed. Lives in Delhi. Typical Punjabi munda. Maintains high attitude short tempered but again soft hearted. Very very handsome...and has dashing looks...girls of all age droll over him but he doesn't care. Has great values for family, time and money. Family has been his priority. Somewhere in his mind he has an imagination of his right life partner and strongly believes that he will get to meet her soon and she will be only his.

Maan's family:

Daadi ' Savithri Devi: Maan's Daadi is the eldest family member. Loves simplicity at the same time have open mindedness towards modern approach. Her main dream at this point of her life is to see her elder grandson getting married and settling down. She hates this materialistic approach of office-home-office. She is always busy in sourcing ideal life partner for him. She is happy to accept any girl whom Maan likes and agrees to get married...but Maan is not interested to get married (At least for now).

Younger Brother - Dev: 24 years old. Dev is Married to Nayantara. Love Marriage that happened almost 2 years ago. Dev is completely opposite to Maan...he doesn't like to work at the same time loves lavish life. Nayantara is not happy with this attitude of Dev. Dev- NT fell in love when they were in College...She mainly fell for his "Khurana Family" tag attached to him.Even she was interested to marry a rich guy.  Where as Dev fell only for her beauty. They got married without planning anything for the future nor on finances. Dev didn't bother on this as he hails from a rich family.  NT wants Dev to get their own share of money what she believes is their right and not by Dev being fully depending on Maan or Daadi for his day to day finances and living. More on them from time to time

Sister - Anvesha: 14 year old. In her 9th standard Extremely pampered.


Geetika Iyer Alias Geet:

21 years old. Beautiful and yet highly intelligent and matured for her age. Just completed her graduation and waiting for her results. Plans to pursue her MBA. She is a South Indian Girl...hails from a Tamil Brahmin family. Tamil is her mother-tongue. But speaks fluent Hindi as she lives in Bangalore and has been living here ever since the age of 5. Has a good mix of Hindi and Tamil speaking friends. She is bold, honest still soft and friendly by nature. Can go to any extent to help anyone. She is respected by her family, friends and known people for her simplicity and maturity and high values.

At one point of time she strongly believed that she will get to confront her Mr. Right...but she gave up on this dream due to an unpleasant incident that happened in her recent past (This flashback will be revealed in the future parts)

Geet's Family:
Father - Mr. Krishnan: is associated with State Bank as a Zonal Manager. Got transferred to Bangalore long time back and he is well settled with his job. Has been a sincere employer and has been promoted many times to reach the position that he is today.
Mother- Mrs. Radhika: is a school teacher at Sree Jyothi Krishna Higher Secondry School taking care of High school syllabus. Geet also completed her schooling from the same school and she was the best student of her times.
Elder Brother - Gopal: 24 year old. Irresponsible...discontinued his studies and never taking up a stable job. Always in a bad company of friends. Doesnt like girls getting pampered by their parents and for that matter he hates his parents as they give equal importance to Geet and Rajji. Too possessive about his sisters...In a sence he doesnt like to see them with living a life full of freedom. For him...Freedom is only meant for MEN.
Younger Sister - Rajeswari (Rajji): is just 14 years old... studying 9th standard from the same school where Radhika teaches. she is pampered as she is the youngest kid in the family. Loves Geet and obeys her words.

Geet's family is small. Used to be a joint family until her father got transferred to Bangalore. Most of her Paternal relatives live in Coimbatore and Maternal relatives live in Chennai...Geet regularly visits these two places especially during her summer holidays when she gets to meet and have good time with her grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends.

More details on Geet's/Maan's family, friends will be revealed as the story progresses.

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Posted: 10 years ago

Part 1

Maan again wakes up with a memory of that day...His 2 days stay in Chennai 2 years back.


In Chennai...2 years back...

It was 4:00 PM, An unusual pleasant day compared to usual sunny atmosphere of Chennai. Maan just finished his meeting with a client on Mount Road. The deal was finalised for a major upcoming project in Chennai outskirts. He was waiting for his office car. He calls the driver and found it will 30 mins for the car to arrive due to heavy traffic . Maan decides  to stroll around the busy Mount Road...On the other hand, a girl who is walking just few feet ahead to him. Obviously Maan didn't pay any attention initially. Another guy who has been following her and has already dashed her twice on her left hand and vanished in the crowd...she turns around to find no one...The third time again the same guy dashes her and somehow escapes in a fraction of seconds. She turns around and glares at Maan and in fraction of that time, she mistook him to be the same guy who dashed her thrice...She gave an angry look to maan gave him one tight slap and started using all abusive words in Tamil with all angry expressions... "Unna Partha nalla payyanatam  theriyare...Ippadiya seiva?Vekkam Illa? Manners Illa? Unna innoru darava en pinnadi sutharada partheen...Policekitta solliduven jagrathai" Angry

( By the look of you, you don't seem to be that sort of a guy...Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Don't you have manners? If I get to see you again coming behind me, I will handover you to police...BE CAREFULL ).  

She said this and happened to leave without expecting any explanation

Maan stood there shocked...Shocked wondering what just had happened...Nobody ever dared to come close to him and look at the guts of this girl...but why did she slap me? What did she say? What language was it? Assuming Tamil. Why am I not getting angry on her? By the time he could get any of his answers, that girl walks away from his sight...Maan was forced out of his thought by his driver...SIRRR...Sorry sir, late due to traffic...Hmm...he leaves from that place. From that moment till now, that girl has been disturbing Maan...He doesnt even know her name and any other detail about her...He couldn't take her out of his memory...On that day she was dressed to kill...She was wearing a light yellow south Indian cotton churidar making her look slim...Yellow colour was adding to her fair complexion, Her long hair platted loose...Simple earrings...Small Bindi on her forehead...Eyes filled with light kaajal...Her dark black eyes (which were fuming with anger at that time) yet beautiful...She was simple yet elegant. Maan was wondering why is he thinking about her again and again...Why?  He was wondering if she looked sooo beautiful when she was angry then how she would look when she is in a good mood. Will he ever get to see her again?

That girl on the other hand was been teased again by the same guy who hit her he has dashed her for the 4th time...Now this girl is getting mad thinking to give one more tight slap...She cought hold of him and asked him YOU YOU... and stood rooted to see someone else "EE Paapa, naan dhan unna itthanavati idichen...poiyum poiyum andha aalai adichiye...Avan Kuduthuvetchavan" (Hey Baby, I was the one who dashed you this many times and you slaped the wrong person...Anyways he was a lucky fellow to get slapped by you) said that guy with the smirk and a wink and ran away from her sight with an intention of not getting cought by her again.

That girl felt bad for slapping an innocent guy. She wanted to apologise...she comes back to the same location but didn't find him.

GEETIKA...Screamed Bhuvana, one of Geet's cousin who lives in Chennai. Geet turned around to look at Bhuvana

Bhuvana: Nee Enga Poirundai? Naan unnai engellam thedinen theriyuma? Enna Aachu? Yaarai Thedarai? (Where did you go? You know where all I searched you? What happened? Who are you searching?)

Geet had come down to Chennai for a small family function and later came here for shopping in Mount Road along with Bhuvana. They got lost somewhere between the busy Mountroad and now they found each other.

Geet narrated the entire incident to Bhuvana...about what just happened

Bhuvana: Paravaillai di (Its OK)...Indha oorla idhellam sagajam (Its too common in this city)..namma madiri vayasu ponnunga rumba jagradaiya irukkanam (Girls of our age need to be more careful and adjust to the situation).

Geet: Illa Di...I slapped somebody else for the mistake of that jerk...He seemed to be a nice guy and I slapped him...screamed at him and he was not at fault. I am not finding this guy. I need to apologise

Bhuvana couldnt control...she giggled LOLand said...Unna Katikaporavan paavam di unna kattindu avan enna enna avasthai pada porano (I pity the person who is going to get married to you and I wonder what all he will have in store after marrying you)ROFL

Bhuvana...I am so tensed and you are making fun of me Angry. Please help me in tracing this person.
Sari Sari...Avan Parkaruduku Eppadi irundaan? (Ok..Ok..How he looked like?)

Geet: Tall, Fair, Handsome, well built, Biig Eyes, Biig Eyelashes...She went on and on with the non stop descriptions...He was in a kind of semi formal out fit...Wonder where he is from...I doubt he was somewhere from North as he didn't seem to be a chennaite...And I scolded him in Tamil...Poor Guy Makes a baby faceConfused

Bhuvana: Hey Hey...hold on...Ennama Nadakudu Inge? (What's going on?) She asked as if she is teasing GeetWink

Geet: Patting on Bhuvana's sholder...Chee Podi...Appadiyellam Onnum illai (Nothing like what you are thinking)...she says it with a blush. Embarrassed

And she changes the topic. Bhuvana, I dont think I will be able to find this person now. lets finish with our shopping...My train to Bangalore starts at 6:00 AM tomorrow morning and need to finish with packing by tonight.

Needless to mention, next few days Geet was thinking only about the guy whom she slapped...On one side she really felt sorry and wanted to sincerely apologise and on the other hand she was admiring his looks...His eyes..his sharp features...his shocked face...A strange feeling started developing in her mind...She was trying to trace who is he? reality stuck to her that never she'll get to meet this guy again and she carried on with her life. She began to concentrate on her studies completely forgetting about that incident.

Flashback of what happened 2 years back ends.

Precap: Geet in Delhi

Note: Sorry for any mistakes let it be grammer, typing, editing...please this is not only my First FF its the first time I am narrating a story.Ouch

Please tell me if I can continue further.Confused

Press like button if you have liked my FF.Wink


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Posted: 10 years ago
Hehe nice FF Great concept.
Liked their unique meeting.
Poor maan geet slapped him and isulted him in tamil lol.
Thanks for the translations :D
Keep it up ;)
Posted: 10 years ago
wow great start love the way you describe all.
Posted: 10 years ago
nice ff Great concept. ............
Posted: 10 years ago
hey nice concept!!!
plzz add me to ur pm list.....
Posted: 10 years ago
nice ff ................
Posted: 10 years ago
awesum concept do continue soon
luved every bit of it

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