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Sweet and cute update Tongue
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Very. Nice...

Sad its finishing..

Hope you have new arshi story coming
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Loved the update.
ASR and babies...what a surprise...hope that aman did not faint on seeing arnav playing with pari.
Finally all of their wounds are healing.
Continue soon 
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Wow can't wait for the next part 
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Ok Guys - One more chapter to go after this one and this story will end... 

So enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it for you all... Love you all...


Chapter 25 - Akash and Arnav's gifts to Payal with the good news!!

Akash was so happy with Payal's decision. Somewhere in his mind he knew how much they both would love to have this baby but he was glad Payal also openly took the right decision and even postponed her internship.

Payal also adored Akash for respecting her aspirations in her career but she knew how much the family needed new entry in their lives! What can be better than a beautiful baby! She was also ecstatic their idea to make Di work and do something to come out of depression worked... 

Mamiji, oh yeah now Payal calls her mom was taking care of her very well. She was all the time in the kitchen cooking delicious meals for Payal and Payal was enjoying all the attention. Naniji used to tease her own daughter-in-law these day for the good change grand kid is bringing in her even before he or she is born!!

Their neighbor Verma family was selling their house next door to Raizada Mansion and planning to move to California with their son. Akash talked to Verma the other day when he saw them packing stuff and with movers and found out about it.

He expressed his desire to buy the next door house and move there. Initially everyone was surprised with Akash's decision and choice to stay separate. Arnav was angry and shouted at Akash for being irresponsible now that Payal was pregnant.

Akash was disappointed and so was Payal, but they did not want to go against Arnav or family at this time and create stress and hurt them. As is after a long time, there was such a happy and positive environment in the house so they decided to drop the idea.

Arnav left RM angry and saw Verma uncle standing outside his house. Arnav stopped, hopped out of his car and walked over to Verma uncle.

Verma uncle told him famous painter K. Aditya was their paying guest for years and he had occupied the downstairs while the old couple stayed upstairs.

Arnav was curious to see the house now that he got to know K. Aditya stayed there. As soon as he walked inside, he knew why Akash wanted to buy this house.

K. Aditya was Payal's favorite Indian painter, of course he is one of the painter India has produced in current generation and was a huge inspiration for every new artist including Payal. The house had his original paintings everywhere that maybe sold with the house...

And the actual house when he looked at it was beautiful and especially downstairs was perfect for an artist.

The spacious bedroom downstairs had attached bathroom, small kitchen. And most important, it had attached artist studio with 3 sides of glass walls allowing completely different views. Back view was same as any bedrooms in RM, the lush hills. One side was English garden setting and the other side was replica of any French winery.

It was perfect for Payal to have her own art studio at home without any disturbance while the house had additional 5 bedrooms on the first floor along with huge living room and modern kitchen.

He was sure Payal must have seen and loved this house. He could guess it easily remembering her disappointed face.

Arnav right there talked and finalized the deal with Verma uncle and auntie, drove with them to his lawyer's office. Done deal!

Arnav called everyone in the living room when he was driving back from lawyers and even Asked Akash to reach home and join them all as soon as possible.

"Akash, hope you are ok with my decision today morning" Arnav said in a loud voice faking to be angry. 

Akash and Payal looked at each other and did not express anything but just waited for Arnav to continue. They all knew Arnav's famous anger and did not want to go that route...

"These are the papers for the next door house bought in your and Payal's name along with Payash Design studio paper work, a sister company of AR but more focused into interior designs and Arts as supposed to clothing line"

"Bhai" Akash couldn't say a word further and hugged Arnav tight. Akash and Payal had just thought about the house but Arnav went ahead and gave Payal a platform to showcase her talent... So after her internship she could start full force in her own company. She was overwhelmed with Arnav and Akash's thoughtfulness and love for her!!

Akash also loved the idea of having his own business now and even though he will still remain partner of Arnav in AR Designs, he was happy that he can come out of Arnav's shadow and try to make a successful run for his new business.

Akash was still a man of few words. But he ended up hugging Arnav again expressing his feelings in his actions rather than words...

"Come on, we need a responsible dad here for our Pari!! Don't assume I am gifting you anything. This was all your for your hard efforts at AR Designs and I want you to grow and do well in future as well." smirked Arnav.

"We had also decided to make a direct bridge connection from new house upstairs family room to RM family room so both house can be still one. And we can easily stay connected and literally in one house. Only it gives me privacy with my new studio... I would love to show Di and Khushi the studio..." Payal was truly excited.

Arnav briefed everyone what made him take the decision making everyone cheer up. It was win-win situation that Payal could work from home studio while they were all together and can manage baby together.

That's how Pari came bringing joy to their family and oh boy, she was adorable and Arnav's darling.

Even his Anjali Di is pregnant and expecting her baby in couple of months... After a long time, Raizada mansion has been blessed with happiness... And Arnav was so ready for his own baby!

He thought of asking Khushi to try for their baby early. Even though they had initially planned to wait another year, looking at Pari Arnav sure wanted to reconsider the decision. He was so much in love with Pari and desperately wanted little version of him or Khushi around them... He could tolerate Khushi's all mood swings and pamper her like crazy, he was ecstatic at that thought... We need a baby as soon as possible, he decided as if it was one of his business move... He could take care of new born baby all the night, take care of Khushi... Oh god, he was already day dreaming... 

As usual Arnav was babysitting Pari while Payal was busy working... Recently this was his favorite job whenever Akash and Payal wanted to go out for dinner, movie dates or some official engagements. He loved to spend hours with little Pari, even ignoring Khushi at times!!

Khushi too had seen Arnav handling Pari so well and she knew he was ready for their baby... She too laughed at that thought and so shy to express it to him that even she was ready for the new chapter in their life and they could try for a baby!!

"Oh come on, how can I tell him that directly? Let's try for baby, how bad??" Khushi thought to herself... Three years in the marriage, Khushi was still so shy many times and Arnav had to push her for romance still...

No doubt, Khushi was busy with her own work and few major event lined up in Delhi and abroad.

Yes, by now Khushi had finished her education had just started her own startup company... Of course with guidance or Arnav and with help of her buddies...

Yet she was sure just like Pari, another baby will be easily handled by all family members at RM... In fact she knew how much desperately naniji and Anjali Di were waiting for their Chote's Chote or Choti... She had always seen that desire in both of their eyes and yet their maturity not to push Khushi and wait patiently for the good news as and when Arnav and Khushi give it...

Khushi was determined somehow she has to talk to her Laad Governor about their baby as soon as possible...

Here Arnav was also determined to talk to Khushi as soon as possible...

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Good one 
Arnav did ri8 I too don't want akash always be behind arnav
Loved the update
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things are going good for them and the family.
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amazing story
awweddd at every point it took a new positive change in relationships Arshi, payash
wonderful delivery of thoughts
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