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Till part 23
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awesome... pmme... post next part soon.. 
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Superb update
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Simply amazing update!!!...
Totally loved the way they give interview...

The way Arnav had plan the whole thing n introduce khushi to his world
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Awesome story...loved reading it
 Please could you send me pm when you update. 

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Just read the whole story. Loved Khushi being the show stopper and that she is going to college.
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Thank you so much for all your likes and comments... Means a lot to me...
Will be uploading another chapter soon...
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My story is taking a 3 years leap... I might add another chapter at the max... 

Really appreciate your every like, votes and thanks yous... 

Enjoy and love you all...


Chapter 24 - Three Years Later

Khushi and Arnav had decided or in fact Arnav had decided to give Khushi 4 years to study and start her career before they even think about babies. He knew she was young, 20 years old and a baby would be too much responsibility. He would cross 30 but he decided he could wait.

But Pari on board, his mind was always thinking about babies... ASR and baby, he laughed at his own thought!!

Arnav was sitting playing with Pari. Pari, Akash and Payal's one year old daughter was apple of every eye in the RM now. Arnav too loved her like crazy and he had new found love in babies these days. He adored her every move and spent a lot of time with her.

Everyone was amazed how Arnav was handling Pari so well all the time... Pari also would start laughing as soon as she used to see Arnav and try to go over to him... They had such a cute bonding, even Khushi was jealous... Yes, you guessed it right! Pari's most favorite person was her uncle Arnav and not masi Khushi... Khushi used to joke, Arnav is all girls' magnet... Be it models or new born...

Arnav still remembers how the news of Payal being pregnant broke and the drama followed it. His family should be in Big Boss, Arnav thought... Or may be developing a completely brand new show would do better justice to Raizada and relatives clan!!

Payal had her last semester remaining and was selected to work as an assistant in famous Jahangir Art Gallery. This was an internship job to work under many popular artists. She was really excited and looking forward to it. She would get to learn a lot, learn directly best artists by helping them on job and ultimately help during exhibition times...

Akash and Payal both had obvious busy routines... Payal was feeling fatigue and exhausted very often so she decided to visit Dr. Blood reports confirmed Payal was 7 weeks pregnant. Both Payal and Akash never guessed they had baby coming their way and were surprised and shocked... Though inside they were both very excited and happy, but they were not sure what it meant in current situation with work and college...

Mami, Mama and naniji were super happy with news but Akash almost felt guilty thinking about Payal's career and her excitement towards the internship in Jahangir Art Gallery.

Payal always discussed about it with Akash, has shown so much excitement over her internship and was so ready for it.

"Mom I am not too sure what will be Payal's decision. I am myself not sure if we want baby right now or if Payal is not ready..." Akash expressed his feelings slowly. Even though Akash was happy with the news, he wanted Payal to make final call.

But Mamiji became so angry, it was chaos and big argument started. How can her son and daughter-in-law do not want the baby, there was a great news after so many years at RM... And that's when Payal walked in from college.

"Nothing Payal, I just told them about the baby and ..." Akash tried to cover up.

"And what?" Payal asked him in no nonsense attitude.

"And I told them it is your decision to decide if we want the baby now" Akash whispered.

"OK then it's decided" said Payal and started walking towards their room. She was exhausted and needed some rest.

"Decided what?" Asked Akash confused.

"That means we are having a baby, what else?" Payal was tired so she just sat on sofa.

"We are??" Akash could not believe his ears and went and hugged Payal. Whole RM was ecstatic with the news.

"Come on Akash, I am almost 26 so at perfect age to have a baby. And plus we have so much help at home with mom, naniji and Di always around. We can hire HP and OP's wives to work with us and help in the kitchen. And about my internship, I requested late joining date i.e. 3 months after baby is born and they agreed. And come on, Devi Mayya has given us precious gift that we all should cherish... I feel baby will bring load of happiness in our house..." Payal explained.

Suddenly there was loud cheer and everyone was jumping to hug Payal.

"That's like my daughter. Akash, you get out of the house... What did you say - We are not sure if we want the baby, you idiot" Mamiji mocked Akash angrily while kissing Payal's forehead. Akash held his ears and apologized to his parents and dadi.

"Di, I have one condition for you though" Payal said in a serious tone. Anjali was worried if Payal thinks negative about her and does not want her around when she is having her baby... Anjali who was already depressed had a crest fallen face hearing Payal...

"I am sure it's your Pari but you have to be ready for her first. We want you to start going to office and not sit at home depressed. We want you to lead normal and happy life now that your Pari is going to be back. It's high time. Can you promise us all that you will go to work from tomorrow? Can you promise to be ready for you Pari?" Payal demanded.

Anjali hugged Payal tight and started crying out loud... She had so much pain hidden inside her... But then her family went out of their way to cheers her up. She was not going to deny them anymore by crying about her past... She promised everyone to start working from next day. A miracle had happened. Khushi showed a Thumbs Up when Anjali DI agreed and thanked Devi Mayya by looking up without Anjali Di seeing them...

They both were happy their plan worked... Whole Raizada family was proud of Khushi and Payal... They could see their plan to make Anjali get out of the house, mingle with people and start being active has worked...

Ever since Anjali has been working with Arnav in RM as a chair person and excelling in the business and met Ajay Mehta, a smart businessman associated with AR Designs.

Ajay and his family had been staying in the same neighborhood and his mother was friend of Mamiji in her kitty party group... So Raizadas extended courtesy to call Mehta family in few gathering and the friendship started growing between families as well as between Anjali and Ajay.

Ajay was trying his hand in business and was very smart and sharp... Slowly he established business well and managed to get big contracts with top companies like AR Designs. Ajay really liked Anjali and they became friends very quickly. Still it took Anjali almost a year to simply trust him and go on a date with him... Ajay also made sure to take it very slow and ultimately proposed her...

Anjali is now married to Ajay and stays in the same area. Arnav and Akash presented a beautiful house to Anjali di in her marriage at the end of their lane. And since Ajay's family also lives in same area, it became a great extension to their own family...

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