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Revamped Reshimbandh

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Lovely CS
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Awsome start..
Plz update soon
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Originally posted by: sur1911

Nice start

But no ri in this.
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No dear, I told you that before too! πŸ˜Š
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Loved it dear
Nice start
Lovely cs and apt selection πŸ‘ 
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Nice start

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Awesome Start Chutki. πŸ˜Š

Loved The Character Sketches. Very well selected and written. β­οΈ

Aryan works for RAW, wow! πŸ˜‰

Thanx For Pm.
Update Soon.

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lovely n dhasu start.
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Interesting start 
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Lovely CS
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Awsome start..
Plz update soon
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Thanks dear😊
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Chapter 1

March 2015,




Outskirts of Mumbai,


ETF team was ready to finish off another crime in the city of Mumbai. The core team ETF reached an old mill where a big drug deal was going to take place'; this was a tip off from an informer.    


They encircled the factory, covering all exits, the ETF chief Sameer Rathod and Second-in-command Arjun Rawte sealed the front and ammunitions expert Aisha Kapoor along with the commando, Chotu secured the back side. Tech-expert Shree was with the backup force, monitoring the cameras and bluetooth devices of the team, while forensic-expert Liza was with the medics, ready for any emergency.


Inside the factory, on the first floor, there were around twenty armed men, positioned at different places, ready for any kind of attack. The deal had happened and both the parties had exchanged drugs and money. They were ready to move out, but were blocked by a figure.


"Don't move." A female voice commanded. She stepped in the light and everyone could see her clearly now. Dressed in complete black skin tight suit, hair tied in a thick bun, her every inch spoke of self-confidence and immense attitude. She held guns in both hands.


"A beautiful girl like you looks good when she's in her lover's arms, holding roses, not guns." Commented one of the drug dealers with a lustful gaze and moved towards her.


"Don't move or I'll shoot you!" She commanded again. "Put your bags and guns down, or I'll shoot your boss." Seeing no one obeying her, she shot the person who had moved towards her, dead. The bags were put down but now everyone pulled out and pointed their guns towards her.


One of them quickly rushed out with a bag and jumped from the window. The girl chased him after jumping from window, while the others shot at her direction aimlessly. "Idiots, don't even know how to shoot properly!" She cursed them. She put her guns in pocket as she wanted to catch that man alive.




"Get ready for action team, move." Sameer said over the bluetooth device and team rushed in.


The ETF team came upstairs, "Guns down, you're under arrest." Sameer announced authoritatively. The goons were trapped from all sides but still they kept shooting. Both sides were raining bullets. It was dark now and only shadows could be seen.




The girl caught the man who was running; she questioned him, "Why were you running?"


"To kill." He answered in a dangerously low voice.




"Not you." He said and kicked her. She dodged it and punched in his stomach. He retaliated by hitting her below ribs. She twisted his arm and hit her elbow on his back. As he fell down, she placed her foot on his neck and pressed him down.


"Whom do you want to kill?" She questioned again.


"Not you." He said and twisted her foot. She lost her balance and fell down. He seized the opportunity, pulled out his gun and shot her and ran with his bag.  


"Bloody bas***d, scoundrel, I'll kill you!!" The girl cursed lied down in pain, with a twisted foot and a bullet wound in her left arm. "No, no dear, you can't loose, get up, buck up, there's a lot to do!" She told herself and tried to get up. After many unsuccessful attempts, she finally managed to sit up. She held her foot and straightened it. She took out a cello tape from her pocket and tied it around the wound to stop bleeding. After that she stood up and walked with a limping leg, searching that man.  


She reached near the ETF SUV. The moon rose and twilight was scattered around. The lights of SUV blinked on, she saw that man running away from the SUV. She tried to catch him but he vanished into darkness.


She leaned on the SUV for support when she heard a ticking sound. "Time bomb?" She exclaimed and peeped under the SUV to see a time bomb put on. She slowly crawled under the SUV and pulled out a small torch and Swiss knife.


She had just diffused the bomb when she felt being pulled out. "Easy, slowly man!" She said as it hurt her being pulled out recklessly.


"Who are you? What were you doing?" Aisha questioned the girl, whom she'd just pulled out. Pointing her gun Aisha said again, "Speak!"


"Relax man!" The girl said painfully as she stood up slowly.


Aisha noticed that the girl held a bomb in her hand. "You were planting a bomb in our SUV?" Aisha yelled.


"Hell man! Of course..." Before she could complete, Aisha kicked her hand and the bomb fell down "Oww..." The girl yelped in pain, "Stop it Aisha! It hurts."


"How do you know my name?" Aisha was surprised.


"Later, let me go now." The girl said and turned.


Aisha blocked her way, "Answer me." Seeing her not complying, Aisha punched her but she blocked it. They engaged into a duel, where Aisha kept attacking, but the girl kept defending herself.


"Enough!" The girl yelled, "Let me go." She pushed Aisha down and ran.


Aisha didn't let her go easily, "Stop or I'll shoot." Aisha pointed gun at her.


"Don't be foolish!" The girl said and continued running, while Aisha kept chasing. Finally, Aisha shot the girl.


"Bloody Bitch!" The girl swore as she had tumbled down a small stone and the bullet brushed across her left arm.  


"Aisha!" Chotu called her and she turned back, the girl took the chance and escaped in a taxi. "Aisha!" Chotu called her again and before she could see the taxi number, it zoomed out of sight.


"Aisha! What are you doing here, everyone was searching for you back there." Chotu said as he came towards her.


"I was chasing a girl, who tried to plant a bomb in our SUV. I would've caught her if you hadn't come in between, now she's escaped!" Aisha was visibly upset. Someone had escaped from her clutches, that's not done.


"Forget the girl; see what's happened to Rathod sir." Chotu changed the topic.


"What happened? Is he alright?" Aisha panicked. Chotu laughed out, looking at the sudden change in her expressions, from frustrated to panic. "Chotu!!" Aisha yelled as she understood his prank.




Next morning,


ETF Headquarters,


It was another normal day at the ETF; everyone was busy with paper works, reports and stuff. Sameer had just entered his cabin when Aisha knocked the door.


"Come in."


After the formal greetings of good mornings', Aisha said, "Sir, I was telling you about the girl who had planted a bomb in our SUV." She was interrupted by the ringing telephone.


Sameer answered the call, "Rathod sir, there's a girl who wants to meet Arjun sir." The receptionist said.

"Rawte isn't present, but who's she?"

"She is not telling her name, just said call your boss..." The girl almost snatched the phone from the receptionist, "Hey, ETF chief, for how long do I need to wait?"


Sameer heard a familiar voice, "Hi, I..."


"Hope you recognized my voice. Fine, I'm coming up!" She placed the receiver down and walked upstairs. The receptionist stood aghast at her audacity.



"Yes Aisha, you were saying something."


"Yes sir, I was..." this time her cell buzzed, "Excuse me sir." After taking the call she said, "Sir, the ballistic reports are ready and that bomb has also been analyzed."


"Okay, get the reports and then we'll discuss it all together."


Aisha nodded and left to take the reports.




The girl, dressed in designer formal clothes, with her left hand in a sling, walked straight with a self-possessed importance and attitude. Her thick black waist long curls left open, kohl filled doe-shaped brown eyes, rosy lips and slightly chubby fair cheeks; she looked like a top rated model, coming straight from the ramp.


Whole of the ETF staff seemed under some charm spell, most of the men busy ogling while the girls were burning in jealousy looking at her, but she acted being oblivious to them, walked straight towards the ETF chief's cabin.


"What-sup? Uncle Sam?!" The girl greeted him as she walked into his cabin.


"I'm fine, London's Big Ben, what about you?" Sameer asked with a wide grin as he shook hands with her, "What's wrong with your left arm? Newkaand?"     


"So many questions? First, I'm fine, second is a long story and third, well you know the answer would always be yes. Now, where's your dear friend?" The girl said with a childlike innocence.


"He is..." Before Sameer could complete, Arjun answered, "Here." The girl turned to him with a wide, adorable smile, only to receive a hard glare, "What the hell are you doing here?" Arjun questioned rather sternly.


"I..." She stopped, "Nothing." She answered with a smile.


"You shouldn't 've come here." Arjun said angrily.


She took out an envelope from her purse and handed it to him, "For you, and if you really care, be present at the dinner tonight." She said with a smile, but Arjun didn't miss the glassy eyes. "See you, Uncle Sam!" She waved as she turned to walk out.


"Sure, Miss Big Ben!" Sameer said with a forced smile and waved back. After she left, Sameer questioned angrily, "What's wrong with you Rawte? Why did you behave like that?"


"You don't need to teach me that Rathod!" Arjun replied curtly and went back to his cabin.




Arjun sat on his rolling chair, resting his head at the back, picked a glass of water and began drinking. He closed his eyes and saw those glassy eyes, he tightened his grip on the glass, so that it broke and the pieces pierced his hand, blood oozed out.


"Arjun sir!" Liza called him; she'd come with some reports, when she saw him breaking the glass. She immediately took the first aid kit and began tending the wound.


"Liza, leave it." Arjun stopped her.


"Just two minutes sir." Liza said as she continued tending the wound. "Sir, these are the reports about the drugs that we caught yesterday."




At lunch time,


"You guys should've seen the girl who came to meet our bosses; she's just awesome, man!" Shree told Chotu, Aisha and Liza. "I have her pic!" Shree showed them the pic on his tab.


"Ailaa! I missed such a good chance!" Chotu cried.


"This girl?!" Aisha exclaimed, "She's the same girl I caught yesterday. She was the one who was trying to plant a time bomb in ETF's SUV!"


"WHAT?!" Came a combined reply from the whole team, Sameer and Arjun overheard them and went there.


"What are you saying Aisha?" Sameer asked.


"Yes sir, she's the same girl, I'm sure of it, cent percent." Aisha replied confidently.


"Are you out of your mind Aisha? Do you even know what you're saying? And about whom?" Arjun questioned angrily.


"Sir, I'm telling you, she's the one who..." Aisha said again.


"Enough! Not a single word more." Arjun blasted and went to his cabin.


"Aisha, there's definitely some misunderstanding." Sameer said and walked away.


"Oh God! Who is this girl?" Liza asked.


"Leave it to me!" Shree said as he began searching her details from the database. "Got it!" Shree exclaimed as if he'd hit a jackpot.


"Oh. My. God." It was a collective reply from all four.



That's it!
Hope you like it
Do guess the girl, you'll know the answer in next part!😊
Do drop in your long comments 
Waiting for the reviews😊
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nice update
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awesome updated
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Loved it dear Neha
Awesome update
It was really a kick ass start
Neha ka action was fab
Loo Aisha ne Neha ko kuch aur hi samajh liya
Abhi to party shuru hui hai πŸ˜‰
But what's up between Arjun and Neha
Waiting for more
Thanks for the PM
Continue soon 😊
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Amazing Action Packed Update Chutki. 😊
I loved that whole sequence, spcly that chase was so amazing! πŸ‘πŸ‘
 And though I have a hunch about who that girl might be. πŸ˜‰

I wonder why Arjun got so worked up seeing her. But I liked Sameer and Big Ben's Rappo.

Thanx For Pm.
Update Soon.
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Who is miss Big Ben ?
Continue soon
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