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Posted: 6 years ago

Banner Credit: Chokri_ASR - Thank you my darling Jigs for everything Heart

I hear the shriek of the little boy asking his mother to push him higher on the swing. His sheer joy at sailing through the sky makes me smile indulgently. He wants to reach out to grasp the cotton wool clouds for himself.

I see him leap off the swing and jump into his mother's waiting arms. Confident of his welcome. Secure in the knowledge that she will catch him. There's no apprehension, not even a momentary one, in his leap. Just a trusting conviction that she'll be there for  him, as always. His little hands loop round her neck as he receives the kisses she rains on him. He pulls back to grin at her and plants a cute smacking kiss of his own on her cheek. I see the love shining in both their eyes. A picture of such pure innocence. It fills my heart with warmth.

But then why do I suddenly feel tears welling up in my eyes creating unrelenting paths down my cheeks. Why do I feel this sudden pang of loss? Where has that erstwhile warmth disappeared suddenly? Why do I feel the creeping up of an unknown ache for something I have accepted as a given for so long.

Or had I? It was a coalescence of chance and circumstance that lead me to tread this path. But one that I felt I had chosen consciously. One that I had accepted. One I had made peace with. But had I? Was it merely a superficial veneer of false comfort? A way of appeasing myself? A way to mollify myself over something I couldn't control?

Why did I suddenly yearn to have someone look up at me with unquestioning trust and confidence in my ability to slay all their demons? To have a high pitched voice shouting Mom' at me. To demand I do things for them. To just hug me.

It's true life is full of choices. But not all the ones we make are deliberate. Sometimes life just happens. And you just go with it. The ripple effect of the choice slowly dies down as the concentric circle of life edges towards the shore in ever widening eddies. The reason for their existence forgotten. But sometimes the lapping water hits you and demands your attention. Demands that you question the very reason for its journey to the shore.

And that's when the melancholy hits. But, as always, you gather yourself and wait for the tears to dry. Wait for the indulgent smile to come back. Wait for the joy to fill you again as you watch a little boy hugging his mother.

A mother who isn't you.


I penned these thoughts inspired by a story my dear friend Jigs is writing Revealed

Thank you so much for indulging me and reading my pensive musings.

Please feel free to let me know what you think :)

Love always,


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Posted: 6 years ago
"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray." -Rumi

As a reader to reader I have been touched by your words on the many stories we have followed together, they in itself are woven together to narrate the tale perfectly presented by the writer. Then again as a writer, I have been 
privileged to have you as reader where your words have given me the strength and courage to continue down the path I have envisioned without any apprehensions. But now the roles are reversed, I am your reader, my dear writerji... yup you read that correctly. 

You my love in this drabble, have captivated me to stand there along side with the woman as she goes through the myriad of emotions. It indeed was bittersweet... I smiled, I cleared my throat, I blinked my eyes but then I finally let the tears loose. The yearning of what could be, tugged at my heart and at that moment you wish you can change the past, the what if's to reality.  Kash a child can miraculously jump off the swing and straight into her arms, to fulfill that wish... Kash... 

Wistful Reflections will stay with me for a lifetime for so many reasons my love. I will cherish this... your first piece, you did it! This leaves me truly humbled and honored that my character inspired you to bring this heartfelt tale to life. It has been weaved so eloquently together with your words, that is sheer magic. 

And I do hope you continue to share your brilliant talent through many more drabbles, stories or whatever you have to offer us. Because I for one will be lined to be right below you Hamesha! 

Your darling always,
Jigs Heart
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Posted: 6 years ago
There has always been beauty in your words, but this time... there was something truly powerful about them. They impacted me. And I'm sure that everyone who reads this will agree. You blended the melancholy with the optimism, the fulfillment with the emptiness. You wove two contrasting emotions and tones together in a way that made the reader feel both of them simultaneously, the way that people actually feel. Rarely are emotions black and white, but to depict that through writing is an incredibly difficult task. 

Your words are beautifully strung together. You made me picture the scene, feel the rise and fall of the emotions. I had tears in my eyes and a tight throat. It was bittersweet. I can't find the words to tell you how you made me feel with this- I don't believe there are words in the English language that would explain. But I hope you know that it impacted me, deeply. 

You've taken such a difficult, difficult topic- one that people like to avoid. They don't talk about it because it's not easy or comfortable to confront. Like most things that are hard, it becomes relegated to the fringes of our own emotions. But you have faced it head on, made your reader look at it in a way that is not only honest, but that encourages understanding. Your main character converses as if it were a conversation, one of those conversations that you dread but come out with a sense of... fulfillment. 

The last line hit me hard. Absence, by definition, is the lack of something. But in that moment... it was so very present. 

Usually, at the end of a heavy piece... I feel sadness. However, with this... I was left with a watery smile, and a deep, shaky breath. 

None of these words adequately describe how I am feeling, and they feel like far too many. I hope you write more. You have a gift. And when you do... I will be waiting. :) 

I love you always,
Your Choti. 
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Posted: 6 years ago
ILU dammit Smile

(I honestly am at a loss for words, but I hope you know how happy I am that you decided to take the plunge and post this. You're a wonderful, wonderful person, and I am so, so, so proud of you). 
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Posted: 6 years ago
Res... I am here Nandkishore... huffing and puffing...



"I don't know what they are called, the spaces between seconds- but I think of you always in those intervals." 
Salvador Plascencia, The People of Paper

The heart, ache to console this soul
Her longing is deep and whole
The mind may provide reason to cajole
Her longing, however, knows no console

The pain in this mother's lonely heart
Her longing may never depart
The missing of a blessing may impart
Her longing another kick start

The blessing of a child is a delight
Her longing may very well alight
The hope for a child, though slim, is ignite
Her longing may very well vanish

The core of the journey of Revealed
Ruchi, your drabble had beautifully conceived
The fan fiction had surely unleashed
Real champions among us indeed

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Posted: 6 years ago
I must res for my Ruchi

Two emotions, sometimes misconstrued as not dissimilar - sympathy and empathy... The first makes a boundary known. I have always believed that sympathy was for some one else... It is a feeling for another with an awareness of that distance and separation for another.

That was not what I felt. Not sympathy.

I felt the tenderness in the first paragraph... The wonder and love for both, the boy and his mother. For that bond, that relationship between the one that made him in her and for the one who created that mother in her!

Then I felt that pang, that emptiness in that gaze... A longing and an awareness of that paucity in her own life. That pain was tangible. I felt it in my jaw as it tightened and in my eyelids as they blinked and in my throat as it tightened as well.

That longing wrenched my heart.

That is empathy! And that is, in my humble opinion, what your writing has evoked in me. That, to me, is the epitome of excellence in writing.

That ability to make the reader feel, breaking that boundary... Removing those differences between the narrator/writer and the reader!

What else can I say, except this... I am glad you wrote! I am grateful you shared and I am humbled.Edited by Mirabell - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Yes Ruchi... I am present too..Wink

Ruchi... my first impression... damn good... you write so beautifully... If a story is in you... It has to come out...
As a drabble to Revealed... you have given words to Khushi's feelings... clear thinking made visible...  Melancholy is as seductive as ecstasy... Its like toska... deep and powerful anguish which is discernible only when keenly observed... This was like a glint of light on a broken glass... Way to go Ruchi...Thumbs Up
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