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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by blue5sky

Loved it as always Nisha!
Not for nothing it's called Honeymoom I guess. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed 

Who better to live through that than these 2.  Dude dealt with PMS and the of timing IKRWink

You have crfated this to perfection...
For all of us to connect to - 
I'm quite sure there is an army of us moving around with a smile Smile

The ones who are searching for RnB dreaming about him and ones like me reliving the past.Embarrassed

You have indeed crafted them to perfection!!! May be you should take that sculpture course and give the ' Chicago Bean" guy a run for his money!Wink

E. Tower was magical and "Cream on" feels like a we were really looking at the 2 of them frolicking.

I'm sure the magic they make here will stay forever - through their highs and lows. Life has changed unalterably for both of them!

Thank you for taking on this absolutely AWESOME JOURNEY!!ClapClap


You are too kind... I had to actually look up Chicago Bean thats how much gawar I am about big cities... in the gaon I live in cows on a farm is artBig smile

Its just a story of two people I try to keep it as real as possible while not letting go of their core personalities and quirks. pushing it forward that way makes it hard but worth the effort since you girls are all over me questioning my every move if I err too much from my line of sight

Its a GREAT way for me to unwind every evening. I SHOULD be in a exponentially demanding jobCry (family issues, lack of will power and much more) I am not, and the void  created by my professional pursuit is currently being filled by this taleEmbarrassed

I write for a immensely discerning readership so its more challenging than any post Biz School career could ever be
Clap Clap
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Posted: 7 years ago
Am surprised 2 din mei II has started pranking R&B rather than other way roundSmile its like II replaced shravu with R&B ...she is behaving like her split personality...almost incomparable in many ways to her delhi version... Its good to see her loosen up a bit... Guess she is getting used to having the dude around her 24X7.. Infact she demands his presence 24X7Day Dreaming
I would love for her to do the ujala prank on R&B once... Not sure if they have buckets in malcha marg but R&B all blue would be total fun... He could color her as revenge tooEmbarrassed
So she makes crepes... Nice!! Ab tumne mujhe crepe ki yaad dila di Ouch
Sunday is soon getting over for them... Come monday R&B will get to work... N banda ghar baar bhool ke kaam karta hai... Biwi morcha nikal legi... Ya gusse mei ghar lock karke bhaag jayegi... He'll be found on steps 4 hours after by an equally bhadki hui biwi... Maybe R&B will have to do some time management now with his child woman around LOL
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Posted: 7 years ago
@Taaramira :Yeah!!! And she trying to make fun and he getting really agitated and they fight!!! 
Uske baad kya hota hai,  I leave it to your imagination.LOL. 
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by EnVee

I like the parallels you are showing. Him taking care of her like she is Lasya and she considering him as Shravu, calling him kanna and playing pranks with him. Sweet R&B.

It would be interesting to see how this experience of hers in Paris affects her decision when they fight over moving to Paris or staying in Delhi. Will this experience have any say or create some confusion in her? If at all?

From what I can see, this is the R&B she would be most comfortable with. Not the rich version of him in Delhi, no?

Excellent questions
Yess... this version is more "lovable"

He is AROUND MORE (atleast now, until Sunday, when he returns to work on Monday wonder how it will be), he is hands on... hes like someone she WOULD HAVE MARRIED  anyway.
Hes playful and engaging

The one in Delhi is around more but indifferent, emotionally distant and brooding

Its like he is more comfortable here than at his Dad's house

Great observation BTW

Smile Thanks. It is like II is the only other person in the family who has seen this adorable version of R&B after his Ma. They all know only of his lone brooder self. When alone, he would have been chilled out perhaps but not this playful I guess.
Posted: 7 years ago
@Swati : Righty said about the whole vacation thing. We do wat to get back to our own cages aftrr a point in time. I am sure she will be furious and agitated if she gets to know the dude's permament plans. But didnt she saywiwilis ready,  or is getting ready willing to stay back in Paris in the last update? She will regret saying that. Dude logic nikalega. Woh aur bhadkegi. ROFL
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by taramira

What can I say. All has already been said. 
II reaction to a lit up Eiffel was exactly mine when I visited last year. couldn't stop staring. It des give you a breathless, out of the world feeling...
Love it the way you have RB indulge II just as he would a little child. 
And II away from all the tensions is truly enjoying it.

It's great Nisha that you can actually show her playful self here, because I guess once she goes back or when real Life  descends, it might not be the same.

I guess if she would have marred Sree, we would never have been able to see this side of hers. It's only with RbB that she can truly be herself. Just gives a wonderful warm fuzzy feeling...

Do we have II getting lost or some silly reckless behaviour on II's part coming our way...

Had this crazy thoughT while driving back from work today...would be real fun to see RB at his most vulnerable least once.. 

I am kind of imagining II as the cool collected once and RB vulnerable in some scenario. 

We all want to slice a portion of our spouse and save for posterity dont we? If they were like that all the time, then there would be no slicing required... but then it would be like eating a half sheet of chocolate cake morning Noon and night... in Tamil we say "tehattidum" (not sure if there is a comparable word in Hindi or English, coz saturate doesnt quite cut it)
Posted: 7 years ago
@ Harshita: I totally love your imagination!! 
I hope aisa hjokoi scene nikal aaye.. It would be real fun to watch the newly arried bicker. LOL. 
RB for sure will be mad,  II will be her sly self and tease him more 
Posted: 7 years ago
@ashu It would be fun to see R&B blushing with what II did to him... Perhaps she could color his hair green while he is sleeping n he doesnt realize n walk out n his french friends laugh like crazy... He will probably laugh too later instead of getting angry at her... It might be a prank that II intended for just the two of them but others become audience too... Am actually in 2 minds about the prank being played in delhi on a saturday afternoon around 4 when mihir,tan,bala,sam,vandu,ranjan n amma are at malcha marg...they will die laughing n nandu n shravu would kill R&B n II with questionsLOL

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