SS 10 Josephine & M.A.C on 143

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Posted: 7 years ago

Chai in Paris on 1
Blues on 6

Frank Sinatra & Pasta Sauce on 19

What do you do  29

At the Eiffel on 35

Ujala Supreme & Cream on 40
Lost in Paris 46

Fear & Misery on 54

Anxiety & Anguish on 67

Hoodie Exchange on 73

Please let me be lost on 83

Chalk & Cheese on 92

Bathed in Bourbon on 103

Wrapped up Truth 125

Idlis & Ideology on 137

Josephine & M.A.C on 143
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Posted: 7 years ago
"Chai in Paris"

"Quick or slow?" she asked in a whisper

"Quick the first time" "And slow every other time"

"Oh??!" she ack the bluntness, quite flustered

"DONT get your hopes high... Ive gone without my fix for two days wont be slow or easy" he muttered

"Not until Tuesday" she whispered "Or wednesday"

He didint wait for her to finish... just picked her up and lay her on the couch... they even had their SHOES ON
His hand frisking doing a full body search... when he searched between her legs she literally convulsed bending over his body.
He was spellbound by how she was affected by him, it was quite unbelievable to him

He held her tight arms going under hers as he lifted her weak form and anchored her on his body...her steaming hot face buried in his neck
he could feel the nose ring dig into his shoulder blade, erotic

"U should get a tongue or a lip ring" he said in her ear

"Were u looking for something big and poky or small and smooth"
"We have both actually, we even have private rooms where your girlfriend can try them on and u can test them
 she asked hoarsely like a assistant at the tongue ring shop

"Id like both please" he said

"bas***d!!" she hissed

She shuddered as she visualized running it over his body... "Exactly" he whispered as he intruded her fantasy

"What will u get to pleasure ME?" she argued

Always worried about equality

"I already have em" he said

"U dont have any rings"

" have fingers and mouth." he stopped (his fingers teeth and erm... good enough?)

She felt his thumb on her tip... stroking... she agitated in the half covered half undressed state  growling angrily... he yanked her tee off
And settled down over her.. she was soft and luscious like a ripe fruit... he reached for one...
Bending down... over her lace...she shrieked at the cruelty the rasp of the tongue soaked triangle scrap of fabric
Her cramps forgotten in a haze... her mind...soused in colors...

There was going to be no interruptions no knock on the door no "D II guilt"
Paradise could be another word for it, he thought...
She arched like a figure skater... he held her tight as they cuddled

"I get it" "I get it" she choked lifting his head with a clump of hair...

Ranjan had given her a wad of Euros, bills of 100, 100 of them 200? she didnt know... she locked her hands in the back...
"I am sorry I cant" she begged

"KYON?" he asked shocked

"Does she have her own cards yet?"

"Nope" R&B said softly

"THEN how will u shop betaji, shop for ME" he said

"Oh! no... I cant buy u stuff with ur money" she muttered

"Whats MY money? "Nothing like that" he scolded sternly

"Umm... but I know... I cant I am sorry" she said
Looking @ R&B for help

"Go right ahead tell him whats on your mind... u dont have to be considerate" he thought

She squirmed...
She went to get a bottle of water from the frig in the kitchen, he had handed his son the cash

R&B had refused to take it...

"I think we will be OK" he said

"I know u will... but she should have cash"

"I can get some out when we land" he tried to refuse

Ranjan in a bout of overflowing emotion opened his zippered LV cabin tote and stuffed it in...
So he ended up carrying and declaring over 25,000 EUR with him...
 a bunch of paper work to prove he had a company in Paris and made over $3M a year
The Immigration Officer gave him a strange look all because of Ranjan...

"I am hungry" she said... having missed most meals on the plane's in flight service...

"Do u eat eggs?' he asked

"" she said inhaling his "plane scent" on his crushed non branded v neck tee
He wore sweats and sandals with socks, special "honor" to the plane

Otherwise no force on earth could get him to wear anything other than flip flops

He exhaled slowly "I am not sure what we have... I have a house keeper..." he was thoughtful

He moved her on top of his body and reached for his phone from the coffee table...

"There is one called "Veelan?" he asked

"OH! VEYLAN? REALLY, enge kaami kaami" she jumped

He hid the phone over his head... she reached... foolish? maybe... she slid on him... the moment she reached and grabbed his
 phone he opened his mouth on her curves

She fell on his body... and shook

"U are in a hurry" he chuckled he dropped the phone

And after a few minutes... she got off the couch... and found her lingerie and her tee

He leaned back, looked for his ipad from the basket like magazine holder under his coffee table and turned it on, as she wore her clothing back on

Their eyes met briefly... she shook her head... eyes wide and face flushed

He turned the ipad towards her "Here... there is even some saree thing"
"Khud hi dekho" she said

Sitting on the floor and laying her suitcase... down... he turned to his side to ogle... she got what she needed out "ummm.. arent u supposed to show me stuff?"

"I was willing u didnt want to see" he muttered

"Chheee po da!!" she said standing up

She wandered in... and returned half hour later in a beautiful mahagony silk kurta and a olive green chudidaar... sleeveless and risque... it had olive green embroidered pattern of some sort around her shoulders

"I am going to burn the house down trying to make something" she warned him

She went into the kitchen... THANKFULLY found Indian tea... and sugar...

Made herself two cups of chai... she came back to the living room, he was asleep..."Do they put salt in omelette or they dont?" she wondered
 she gently picked up the ipad and Googled... they did...

she found eggs and spread and butter in the frig... burnt three omelettes and got 4 right... went thru almost 8 eggs in the process

Prowled around and found they had rice and dal... and turmeric with a French name...

"ayyo? 2 weeks of dal chawal?" "Impossible"

She went to the living room with her tea and stack of toast... he was asleep... she sat down with his ipad... and "toured" Paris with her fingers...
on a seat facing the tall ground to ceiling windows ... "Oh yaaa FRENCH WINDOWS" she giggled

The view was gorgeous... ermmm.. more 19th century Heismann architecture... cobble stoned streets and sidewalk cafes... couples kissing under lamp posts

Rental bikes being unlocked and returned... "thats what I should do rent a bike?"
She got her purse out and counted the Euros she had... she had gotten 500 Euros from her branch on 5th on Thursday...

"She googled "Price of espresso"
She got a range between 5EUR to 9EUR

I heart Paris tees... were nothing less than 20 EUR... each

A key chain and a tee for all" she giggled

He wandered over to where she was... sat across from her... stretching his legs near her thigh...
she had her feet up... yet he managed to insinuate his feet... on her seat

"its pretty close by to everything" she smiled (the apartment)

"this is not bad" he said modestly... in a sleep drugged voice... it was 11 AM

"Can we go some place today?' she asked politely

"i was hoping we'll stay in bed... and have sex until we can go to the airport" he said huskily

She blushed... and tucked a imaginary lock behind her ear... "Expensive trip... if its only for sex" she murmured

"U didnt unpack?"

"I COOKED... I made omelette... didnt burn the house but burnt the eggs... 3 of them... made 4... khaake bataana... if its good then dont expect it daily"
 she said smugly

"I will" he said devilishly "expect it daily"

"What are u drinking?" he asked

"CHAI IN PARIS" she said smiling gloriously

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Posted: 7 years ago
Nish I have never been to Paris..
Planning to see it through SOSY with II, R&B and you Heart Heart

Amazing update.. I still remember the first coffee I made here in the US Smile Smile and even posted it in FB.. So I get the excitement...
 II and R&B in bikes ??? wow that gives an amazing visual.. I also remember the pic where a couple kissed near such a bike.. Sooo waiting for it LOL
Posted: 7 years ago
So the sher has gone without food for 2 days already n possibly 4-5 days await him more.LOL
Wonder what will our chuhe jaise heart wali II will do when its devil's day LOL
I always knew Ranjan is a sweetheart.. 25000 eur?!?!? Yaar Ranjan is lonely... Wo mujhe adopt karega kya?? I talk a lot... I'll bring him food every morning like II... N I wont even argue with him... Will take 25000 eur n shop for him too LOL
Ek doubt hai... What was that conversation about veelan?? Samjha nahi
II eats anda??? I thought pure veggie... Anyway... I thought she was decent cook fir how come 3 ande jala diye?? Chai banayi... Which is a good thing... Dono ko grocery shopping bhejo.. There is something so domesticated when 2 peole go grocery shopping togetherEmbarrassed
Ghoom e jaayenge kya? Tuesday tak toh R&B ka vrat hai I suppose... Want to see them on carrousel in paris which is close to eiffel.. N some local boutique trinket/jhunka/earring shopping will be fun...oII apne paise se pati ko kuch dilayegi kya? Embarrassed
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Posted: 7 years ago
and 25000 Euros for shopping ??? 
I need a FIL like that re... Please tell me where I can get one LOL
Posted: 7 years ago
Res be back I hate typing with my iPad
Posted: 7 years ago
Many more to go noww
Lovely lolovely update! 
Time here for a cuppa
I am still fighting sleep Tongue
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