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Posted: 2014-05-24T01:08:10Z
Hi Friends,
Few Days Before, I read this Story "Never Let You Go" in FB Group.
I like this story a lot, so decided to post that story here 
with the permission of the original writer Shifra Stanley & 
Admin Sanjukta Dey.
Now i got permission from them
So start my posting 
Hope you all like it Big smile

Small Intro of the Writer :

Hi friends. This is Shifra. Just here to share a story 

which was in my mind a while.

Hope you guys like it. Thanks rosi for posting on my behalf. Happy reading...!

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Posted: 2014-05-24T01:13:24Z
Here the First Part of the Story , Hope you all like it Big smile

Part 1 (Intro):

With its stunning beautiful lattice exterior and equally luxurious facility, the eye catching, breath taking "AMOR" ship stood ready to sail. It was carry passengers for a three months trip to various islands. The ship was nearly filled. The lavish interior of the ship is encased in an intricate honeycomb lattice facade, making it one of the beautiful boats to have taken to water. With hot tubs, a golfing green, swimming pool, and sky lounge, the ship has enough creature comforts to catch the eye of all. It was unique and enjoyable ship. Any kind of people staying there would totally enjoy the board. It also features a lush indoor garden surrounded by boats trademark "honeycomb" facade, bar, gallery and dining room with a playing music and dance floor. The boat was one which anyone would want to travel. People were making their way to the boat, all the faces looking so elated to travel in the most luxurious ship. It was meant for wealthy people. Each room were luxurious enough to please the people sailing in it, their families, bachelors, girls, office people all looking forward for their journey.

     A black BMW raced to the place where the ship stood majestically. A man in his black neatly ironed tux, his hair combed perfectly, his coolers on stepped out of the rear seat and looked at the ship with no interest in his eyes. He looked like a model. He had broad shoulders. He seemed like someone who would gain the attention of women were ever he goes. He must be in his early thirties. As he stood looking at the boat, a old woman stepped out of the other door and walked up to him. He spoke something to the driver and the driver immediately took two huge suitcases and left to keep them in the ship. "Ram" the woman called him. He turned gracefully and looked at her. "Ma..!! Should I go? What s the need for all this" he protested. "Ram you need some rest and you are going in this trip" she insisted. "Ma I need rest. That's true. But what's the need for three months" he asked annoyingly. "Son you will listen to me. You are going" the woman told him firmly. "Hello Mr.Kapoor" someone wished him from back. He turned and greeted a man who was in this shirt and shorts. "Are you coming?" the man asked him. "Ha yeah I am Mr.Gupta" Ram replied. Mr.Gupta gave a small smile and left. "Ram see how they are dressed and look at you. You have come like you're going to attend a meeting" his mom mocked. "Ma please I am, fine with these" he replied. "Ok son I think it's time for you to leave" he mom smiled. Ram gave a small smile and took her blessing. "Love you Ma" he told and hugged her. He waved to his mother and entered the ship majestically as two people stood to welcome him. He made a fake smile to them and entered.

     The ship started moving slowly and all were waving to their loved ones bye. Ram jus stood resting on the railings and watching everybody. "Mom was right I am the odd one out" he thought looking at his costume. He scanned through the people present; all were waving to their people standing down. And then he saw her. Like him, she was standing with her back to the railings, just scanning all present there.  She was wearing a red top and white trousers, her hair tied into a ponytail. She was fair in complexion. He stood looking at her for some moment. She had something in her which held his attention. She looked like an angel. Never has he looked at any woman. As he kept starring, he found that she suddenly looked at him. Their eyes met. He felt weird. He felt different. She looked at him for few seconds and those seconds he was completely unaware what was happening around him. She turned her back to him and faced the sea.  "Sir shall I show you your room" his assistant asked. His mother wanted Ram to have an assistant with him. He was sure that his mother sent him to spy him, but that didn't matter now. He had a strong desire to know, "who the girl was?". He absent minded walked behind his assistant. "Should change my attire first" he said to himself. People greeted him on the way. "Being a business tycoon is tough" he told himself. He wasn't used to be in so many crowds. He felt uneasy but he had to tolerate for his mother. His mother wanted him to move in life an marry but according to him he was already  married to his office.

     She turned to see the crowd and scanned them again. She looked at the place where the man in tux stood glaring at her. Her heart felt little heavy not seeing him there. His eyes did something to here. The way they pondered over her. She stood for some time thinking about the man. "MS.Priya Sharma you room is 201 and I have kept your things there" someone called. "Thanks Steve" she told and hurried to leave when her phone rang. "Pa I am fine" she answered. "Baby please enjoying yourself, no researching in ship ok
"he father called from the other side. She smiled "yes pa I won't" she assured him and made her way. "Pa I am leaving to the room call you later. Love you" she cut the call.  As she made her way some people looked at her with open eyes and some didn't bother. She was a scientist, famous but she is known for her simplicity as she never shows her true face out. She was in her late twenties. The only kid of her father who desperately wanted to marry her but according to her, she was already married to science.

     He walked behind his assistant looking at the luxurious interiors of the ship "should make an office like this" he thought. As he walked he felt a soft tap in shoulders. He turned to see and then looked at her open mouthed. His eyes failed to blink."Hi" the woman said. "Oh...Hi" he replied. "Ram Kapoor" he extended his hand to her. "Priya Sharma" she took his hand and they shook it. He felt electrified. "Mr.Kapoor can you..." "call me Ram please" he cut in. "Nice" she smiled at him. "Ram can you help in finding my room. Guess I am lost" she asked politely. Her voice rang in his ears. "Yeah sure Mrs.Sharma I" "Priya" she corrected. He smiled "YA Priya..!! Just tell me which room " he said. "201" she replied. "Great. I am 200 come with me" he said and she followed him

     "I know you. You're the business king right" she asked. He looked at her and nodded "Yeah but not now. Now I am here to enjoy don't know how much I will succeed. Mom pushed me here as I am a workaholic" he said. She looked at his eyes. She could see sincerity. She felt that he told something to her that he wouldn't commonly tell others. "And you" he asked. "I work at CERN" before she could finish he interrupted "CERN my God your Priya Sharma..!! The famous scientist. Haven't seen you before sorry" he apologized. "that's ok. And I am just like you but pushed by papa" she said. They both shared a laugh. The felt a bound between them, they reached the rooms "Kevin you can leave" Ram told his assistant who left. "So that's your room "Ram pointed to the suite opposite to his. "Yeah thanks. See you at the dinner" she said and they shook hands again.

"What is happening to me when I am with that one" this rang in both their minds as they entered their room hyper aware that they were in the opposite suites.


Waiting for comments..!! just an intro Big smile

Sorry for mistakes

$|-|[email protected]

P.S. Hi Friends, i will try to give regular update Big smile

Enjoy the intro & Happy Reading SmileSmile

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Posted: 2014-05-24T01:37:02Z
Nice story
Pls continue soon
Thanks for pm
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Posted: 2014-05-24T02:00:29Z
Fab start di just wating for storyto start n its feeling like i m reading a titanic story both are on ship n they will fall in love great di
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Posted: 2014-05-24T02:00:59Z
Loved the intro!!!
Continue soon
And thanks 4 pm!!!!
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Posted: 2014-05-24T03:09:24Z
Coool starting..looking forward ...
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Posted: 2014-05-24T05:00:58Z
Unique story line
Eagerly waiting
Keep rocking
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Posted: 2014-05-24T05:56:32Z
Nice beginning
Raya first meet was good
Read the story earlier on FB
loved it to read again
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