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thanks for the pm continue soon!
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Before y'all freak out, its only been 4 days since my last update. Proud moment. Frosh is amazing, even the second time around. So after partying and stuff, I decided to write today, so here is an EXTRA long chapter Big smile Do let me know what you think. And our newest casting:



Sheetal Kapoor

As much as I love the original bua, aka Madhumati (hai hai nandkishore) I cannot imagine in her this role, so I chose Dimple Kapadia :S But Sheetal is the same! Read on! :)

Chapter 28


Asad's POV


Zoya disappeared into the kitchen as soon as she walked out of the bathroom looking and smelling delectable, her wet hair hung over her shoulder and her face was pink from the hot shower. I wanted to stand there and admire her but she pushed me towards the bathroom as soon as she saw me and wandered off mumbling something about blueberry pancakes.


I shrugged as I stepped into the amazing bathroom and groaned. Holy shit. It smelled like Zoya but stronger, the faint vanilla scent that was on her was amplified a hundred times. I walked over to the counter that was lined with vanilla lotion and a heart shaped perfume bottle. I picked it up and smelled it, there was definitely an undertone if vanilla there too. There was nothing else on the counter leaving me confused as to where that subtle flowery smell came from when she walked into the room.


I took off my pajamas and stepped into the shower and turned it on. I loved this shower, the heated floors along with the five jets were absolutely delightful. I could live in here for the rest of my life. As long as Zoya lived here with me...Zoya in the shower...naked. Naked shower time with Zoya, forever. I groaned and turned the shower to as cold as I could stand.


Freshly showered and dressed, I stepped out of the room to be greeted by a sweet smell, almost cake-like, which I followed to the kitchen. And there she was standing by the stove with her hand up in the air, stretching for a container over her head that was out of her reach. Her black t-shirt lifted up exposing those little dimples at the bottom of her back.


I quietly moved behind her until I was flush against her back, a move that caused her to gasp. I could feel the heat of her skin, smell the vanilla scent and feel that hum of electricity. I heard her draw in her breath sharply and smiled as I reached up for the container, putting my arm on top of hers and my hand against hers. I slowly brought the container forward so her hand could close around it and helped bring it down placing it in the counter as she let out a shiver.


I couldn't help but wrap my arms around her waist, caressing her exposed stomach with my fingers as I rested my chin on her right shoulder. Her body broke out into goosebumps under my touch and as my breath fanned over her delicate neck. I gently moved her still damp hair to her left shoulder and nuzzled into her neck and kissed it.


"You smell so good." I mumbled as she groaned. Her hand joined mine on her stomach and her neck automatically tilted to the left exposing more of her supple skin. I didn't hesitate before taking advantage of the situation, my kisses wandered further along her neck and over her shoulders as she made a humming sound in her throat.


It was then that a weird smell caught my nose, like something was burning. Zoya pushed me away and turned off the stove, coughing because of the burnt pancake.


"OH -"




Arnav's POV


"SHIT!" Arnav said as they sat outside the cute brick house. "What do you mean you haven't told her about me? I am f**king standing outside her house."


"Well..." Khushi started. "I was scared okay? She hates men especially the rich ones, she abhors them. She has this misguided view that all rich men are cheating lying assholes. So what was I supposed to say to her? 'Oh hey Bua, I am bringing my boyfriend over to see you, it's the Arnav Singh Raizada, you know the guy who owns AR Fashion and the rest of the AR Companies, yeah him. And guess what he's whisking me away to India so I can launch my fashion line."


"And you somehow think surprising her like this is any better?" I asked, if we'd told her before she would have had some time to chew on the idea, now she was probably going to chew me instead.


"I didn't think this through okay?" Khushi groaned.


"Clearly. So how are we doing this now?"


"I don't know..." She said biting her lip.


"Yeh ladki mujhe bhi pagal kardai gi." I murmured. "Well, let's go. If I don't make it out of there alive tell my family that I love them all, and tell Anjali Di that I broke her ballerina figurine and not Asad."


"She isn't going to kill you...I think."


"You aren't helping Khushi."


"Sorry!" She said opening the car door and stepping out. I stepped out behind her and she grabbed my hand, which I pulled out automatically. She turned around and looked at me with a confused expression.


"Next thing you know your aunt will try to castrate me for touching her niece." I explained.


"She will not." Khushi laughed but stopped when she saw the look in my face. I was scared shitless, and she knew it. "Are you scared?" She asked already knowing the answer.


"Of course not." I lied, both of us knowing that I was. She stood facing me and put her arms around my shoulder.


"She won't hurt you, she may hate you at first but she's going to fall for that Raizada charm, she may pretend to hate you even after but she will like you. I know it." She said sounding dead serious.


"W-what if she doesn't like me? Does that change...this?" I asked.


"Is that what this is about?" She asked surprised. "You think I am going to end this if she doesn't agree? Hey Devi Maiyaaa! Arnav. I love you. I don't take those words lightly, I mean it and I will forever. Nothing, and I mean nothing, could end what we have. Ever. Okay?"


Her words made my heart speed up as cheesy as that sounds. I've been telling her that I want to spend the rest of my life with her since the first week, but this was the first time she'd mentioned anything long term.


"Yeah." I smiled feeling a bit better. And with that we walked into the lion's, er, lioness' den.


Khushi rang the doorbell, it was followed by the sound of footsteps and the door opened wide to reveal Khushi's Bua. The woman didn't look a day over 30 with her dark brown hair and piercing hazel eyes. Her face automatically lit up when she saw Khushi, she hugged her tight while lecturing her that she should never leave again without informing her.


And that's when she noticed me, her smile automatically disappeared to be replaced by a calculating look. Her eyebrow arched as she looked at me and then back to Khushi. Khushi gulped before she stepped back to stand beside me.


"Bua, meet Arnav Singh Raizada, my boyfriend. And Arnav this is my Dimple Bua." Khushi introduced.


"Namaste Aunty." I smiled stepping forward to touch her feet, my mama taught me some good manner, I was prepared. But I wasn't prepared for what happened next, as soon as I stepped forward, she cringed. Why? Because I didn't look where I was f**king going, and I stepped on her little feet...she was wearing sandals.


"Ow." She gasped.


"SORRY!" I said, completely and totally mortified. She just nodded and then turned to Khushi.


"Well, come in." She said standing to the side of the door and motioning us in while pressing her feet. I took a deep breath before I stepped into the house, only to be assaulted by the wonderful smell of indian food. She made puri, I was sure of that.


"Aloo Puri?" Khushi said excitedly as she stepped into the house.


"Yes, your favourite." Her bua, finally, smiled. She refused to look at me though. I gave Khushi a scared look as we followed her bua into the kitchen. "I thought you were bringing Zoya when you said to expect two people. This is a...surprise." She said.


"I thought a surprise was in order." Khushi said sounding nervous. "This place looks exactly the same." Khushi noticed.


"You know I am not the type that likes change." She replied. "Have a seat you two." She said pointing to the dining table, and then walked to the stove.


"She hates me." I whispered to Khushi as soon as Bua was out of earshot.


"You just got here, give her time." Khushi said.


"So." Dimple Bua said walking back towards the table carrying a platter of puris. "How was your abrupt trip to India? It was the first time you went back since..." She asked.


"It was good." Khushi said putting food in my plate. "We went to Bhopal and then Delhi. It is definitely not as I remember it." She said filling up her own plate. "This is so good Bua!"


"Thank you. And I am supposing you met Aarav there?" She asked.


"Arnav." Khushi corrected. "Yeah, we met them in Bhopal."


"Them?" She asked putting her spoon up to her face.


"Arnav and his best friend Asad, who is dating Zoya." Khushi explained.


"Hmmm. And where did you stay?" She asked suspiciously. Oh shit, she was probably going to kill me if Khushi said she stayed with me. It was nice knowing you world.


"A hotel in Bhopal and then with Arnav and Asad's family in Delhi." Khushi said chewing slowly while looking up at her aunt through her eyelashes. Ladies and Gentlemen, the bomb has been dropped. The casualty report is yet to come in, the death of a certain Arnav Singh Raizada, however, seems imminent.


And with that Dimple Bua's pretty, yet frightening eyes turned to me. Put me in a hostage situation, in front of a man with a gun or in the middle of a bombing and I wouldn't be as scared as I am now. This lady could make a rebel army tremble, can we ship her off to Syria right about now?


"Arnav, is it? And what exactly do you do?" She asked sharply.


"I am the CEO of the AR Group of Industries." And there goes bomb number two.


"The textile and fashion house of India?" She asked alarmed.


"Yes." My answer was followed by complete and utter silence.




Zoya's POV


"But where are we going?" He asked for the hundredth time as I pushed him out the door. He looked f**king delicious in his black dress shirt with the top three buttons undone, a black blazer, jeans and aviators. So delicious that I just wanted to stand and admire him. But a girl has things to do. Sigh.


"Stop asking me questions." I said as the elevator door closed behind us. His hands automatically found my waist as they closed and pulled me towards him.


"Zoya." He whispered, his voice husky, in my ear causing me to shiver. "Will you do something for me?" He whispered biting my earlobe.


"Hmmm." I replied.


"Will you please tell me where we are going?" He whispered.


"The- HEY! Stop doing that." I said pushing him away when I realized what he was trying to do.


"Almost succeeded." He said sadly. "I am driving, I want to reach in one piece." He jibed.


"Rude much? And FYI, this is New York, there are some places you just don't take cars to. Asad Ahmed Khan, today we take the subway." I informed him as the doors to the elevator opened into the lobby and we walked out the building.


"And we won't get lost?" He teased.


"Not a chance. We just take the Sixth Avenue Local!" I told him, luckily our destination wasn't too far from the Brooklyn Bridge where my apartment was.


"Can I google where that takes us so I know where you are taking me?" He asked as we stepped into the station.


"Nopeee!" I said taking out my MetroCard and handing Khushi's to him. "So, it gets pretty busy in here, don't get lost." I teased as I swiped my card at the entrance.  He followed suit and held my hand as we walked through the crowds and onto our train. It was crowded as hell. Like always. "Never stand by the door." I laughed pulling him to the opposite side. He leaned against the wall and I leaned on him as the train lurched ahead.


"How long until we get there?"


"15 minutes, there are like 8 stops in the middle." I said coyly, knowing he was trying to figure out where we were going. He turned around to look at the map on the wall. I left him to his work and observed people around me, you could easily tell the tourists apart from the New Yorkers, they had maps in hand, even though every train and station had countless maps. Couples were making out as always, people talking on their phones way too loud and people asleep. Typical.


"We are going to the Empire State Building?" He asked shocked, sounding like a little kid who was excited to be going to the park.


I turned around so I could look at him, his hands wrapped around my waist to hold me steady. "I thought you'd like to see it with the way you were gushing over the apartment. Unless you've already seen it or something...we can always go to Central Park" I said smiling.


"You thought right. And I haven't...I was on a job the last time I came. You are amazing, you know that?" He smiled pecking my lips.


"I know." I laughed.




Khushi's POV


Bua's eyes scrutinized Arnav's every move after he announced that he was the ASR. Thankfully, Bua's little dog Coco bounded into the kitchen from the backyard right at that moment diverting her attention from Arnav. The poor guy didn't even eat properly.


I sighed as she put away the dishes. Arnav went to the backyard to play fetch with Coco, which shocked Bua immensely, Coco usually didn't like people. She tended to bark at them, but she walked right up to Arnav, rubbed against his leg and lay down by his feet. Even dogs couldn't resist him.


I took the last of the dishes from the table to the sink. "So." I said hoping she'd finally talk.


"What the hell were you thinking?" She said.


"What do you mean?"


"He is not good for you Khushi."


"I know what's good for me Bua, and he is on top of that list. He loves me and I love him."


"He loves you now but he won't always." She sighed.


"He will." I said confidently.


"You don't understand Khushi, the flaw is not in him but the way he was brought up. He is the rich spoilt brat raised by parents that probably handed the world on a platter. He was raised to use things and throw them away when he is done with them."


"He's not like that Bua." I argued.


"You don't know that. They are all like that beta. He is going to grow tired of you one day and leave you. And you'll be shattered."


"Just because he was like that doesn't mean they all are." I said, regretting the words as soon as they left my mouth. She loved her ex-husband, to this day, but she hated him immensely for what he'd done to her. She didn't say anything but continued to do the dishes.


"Bua. He is a nice guy, his whole family is wonderful. Yes, they are rich but they are the humblest people I know. His mom raised him right, alone. His dad cheated on her and then committed suicide, he has been through the struggle. He could never do anything like that to me Bua. Nothing was handed to him in a silver platter, he is a real person Bua. Being rich doesn't make him bad. He's worked hard for where he is.  And he loves me Bua. A lot." I wanted to tell her that he left his job for me, but I couldn't. How was I going to tell her that he was a secret agent of sorts and my life was in danger.


"And how exactly is this going to work out? He lives in India and you live here." She said.


"Uh...well. I have good news." I smiled.


"You are pregnant aren't you?" She asked her eyes wide.


"NO!" I said.


"Are you sure?!"


"Bua! I can't be pregnant!" To be pregnant you have to have had sex...which we didn't. Yet.


"Hm." She said. "So?"


"AR Designs is launching me. I am moving to India for a while. My own fashion line!" I said excitedly. I expected her to jump in joy with me but she didn't.


"Khushi! What are you doing? You are building your whole life around him including your career. What happens if it all goes downhill?" She asked.


"It won't. I trust him Bua. And I trust us."


"I don't trust him."


"Trust me and Coco then. Coco's a good judge of character right, and she loves him!" I laughed.


"My dog is betraying me." She said.


"Bua. Talk to him at least. With an open mind. For me." I pleaded. "Please please please." I pouted.


"Fine. Send him in." She agreed.




Asad's POV


"Hey Zoya. Do people usually try to take pictures of you?" I asked as we walked towards the subway station, having already visited the Empire State Building.


"Nope...people recognize me from magazines and stuff sometimes but they don't tend to photograph me..." She said confused.


"That women in black there, she has been following us around taking pictures." I said staring at the petite brunette, clearly Indian with a huge Cannon camera and a smirk. She was actually not obvious at all but years of training had made it easy to know that she was following us.


"f**k. That's Sheetal Kapoor." Zoya groaned.


"Who?" I asked confused, the name didn't ring any bells.


"She runs this Desi magazine in New York. She mostly focuses on the famous, rich and known Desi people in New York, parties, weddings and things like that..." She trailed off.


"You are hiding something." I said noticing that she trailed off.


"She has this horrid column where she lists New York's Most Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes...I am on that list along with Khushi. You cannot believe the amount of women who contacted Aapi for my hand in marriage after that. And she seems to have a personal vendetta against Khushi and me, we seem to end up on the front cover a lot and she twists the stories so out of context." I explained remembering the time she had said I was pregnant with Rehan's baby...or that Khushi was engaged to Rahul...or that Khushi and I were fighting over Rehan.




"Yeah oh. Your face will be on the front cover this Friday." Zoya groaned. "I f**king hate that bitch."


Arnav's POV


"Sit down." Bua said motioning towards the couch and sitting across from me. Khushi left me to talk with her, all alone. Although I appeared to be calm, I was freaking out on the inside. There was a moment of very awkward silence before she spoke.


"What are your intentions with my niece?" She asked cryptically. I totally wasn't expecting that.


"I love her, more that I imagined I could love anyone. I can't imagine a world without her in it, and I don't want to because that would kill me. I want to make her happy. I want to give her anything in this world she wants. I could never hurt her, if that's what you're worried about. I want her forever, I intend to marry her one day, soon. Maybe after she is done launching her fashion line, if I can wait that long. But I hope that I have your blessing when the time comes, your opinion means a lot to her." Once I started talking I couldn't stop, the words just flew out of my mouth. I said some things that I hadn't even thought about before, but I meant every word.


She didn't say anything, she looked speculative, lost in thought almost. She nodded once and walked out of the room just as Khushi walked in smiling.


"It really isn't polite to listen in on people's conversation Khushi." Bua said.


"So?" Khushi asked.


"He is okay, he is going to need to work for that blessing though." She said walking into the kitchen. What the hell is that suppose to mean?


Khushi ran up to me smiling.


"She still doesn't like me." I groaned.


"Oh she does! She is just pretending she doesn't. I know my bua. Anyone would have swooned over that speech. I can't imagine my life without you either Mr. Raizada." She smiled.








Zoya's POV


"How'd it go?!" I asked as soon as Arnav and Khushi walked in hand in hand.


"Okay." Khushi said as the same time as Arnav said "Horrible."


"She doesn't like me very much." Arnav said sadly.


"She likes you, don't worry." Khushi reassured him. "What have you guys been up to?"


"We went to the Empire State Building...guess who was following us around?" I asked sadly.


"No." Khushi gasped already knowing who it was, but I felt it was necessary to say the name out loud.


"Sheetal Bitch Kapoor." Okay, you caught me, I leave no opportunity to call her a bitch. Because she is one, the Class A bitch.


"Uh oh." Khushi gasped, and that's why I love her ladies and gentlemen, she gets it.


"What?" Arnav asked confused as he plopped on the couch next to Asad.


"Desi chick that owns a magazine and loves to print stuff about them, totally out of context." Asad said while typing away on his phone, looking sinfully hot doing so. His blazer was off, the sleeves to his black dress shirt rolled up exposing those sexy forearms, sue me, I find them sexy.


"Like?" Arnav asked.


"This one time she printed that Zoya was pregnant with Rehan's baby." Khushi said, I smiled when Asad shook his head instead of getting angry, the talk from last night seemed to work.


"YEAH! The wind was just making my top blow and she somehow concluded I was preggers." I pouted. "And then she made us out to be s**ts, posting drunk pictures of us in a club at our friend's bachelorette party. I didn't f**king hire the strippers...it was mad awkward anyways."


"And then she said I was engaged to Rahul." Khushi said rolling her eyes.


"You forgot to tell him the one where she said that you two were fighting over Rehan." Asad said looking up from his phone.


"YEAH! I HATE HER! Bitch." I groaned as the bell rang. "That must be Rehan! OPEN SESAMEEE!" I yelled and the door opened.


"What the-" Arnav's eyes went wide. "How'd you do that?"


"She installed voice control locks around the house last year, she spent all day on it. She was so excited." Khushi laughed.


"IT IS SO COOL!" The nerdy techy in me said.


"She is just looking for excuses to be fat." Rehan said walking in dressed in his normal black suit, this one had pinstripes. So different. Not.


"I should really write no dogs allowed' outside the building." I retorted back. Asshole. Always picking on me. "By the way, you look fatter than me." I smiled evily.


"Yeah, yeah. Get your fat ass up. There are things we need to do." He said.


"My ass is not fat!" I retorted.


"Her ass is perfect." Asad added causing me to blush, and the rest of the room to laugh. I glared at him. Although I was quite happy he found my ass perfect, the squats paid off!


"You want to come with?" I asked Asad. He shook his head sadly.


"There are some things I need to look into for work." He replied.


"What are you two planning to do anyways?" Khushi asked.


"Uh...talk to them." Rehan replied.


"Let's practice!" Khushi said.


"How about no?" Rehan said.


"Shut up and practice Rehan Malik!"


"Fine. Mom, Zeenat Aapi, we can't get married because we aren't compatible at all." Rehan said.


"Ew. No. You have to say it with more feeling. Bhavana kai saath mere bacho." Khushi smiled.




"Hindi mein!" Khushi said. "I'll show you." She cleared her throat and stood up, her head held high as she slowly walked across the room. "Aap aur hum kya banayenge jodiya, jodiya to banke aati hai..." She turned around slowly looking down at the floor and walked in the other direction. "Koi na koi, kahi naa kahi kisi kai liye bana hota hai, jaise Zoya - Asad ke liye."


Everyone watched her in shock while I laughed. It was perfect, and very filmy. Totally Khushi.


"And you want Rehan to say all of this?" Arnav asked. "Aur is filmy lecture kai baad bhi woh maani nahi toh?" He asked looking like a lost puppy as Rehan nodded.


"To iss tarah sai..." She said turning her head slightly. "halke sai muriye, aur kahiyega Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, aap nahi samjhengi..."


I laughed clapping my hand like a retarded seal while the boys watched in shock.


"What crap." Arnav laughed. "Khushi, yeh real life hai, Shah Rukh Khan ki movie nahi."


"We'll just take the direct approach..." Rehan said. "You two." He said pointing to Asad and Arnav. "Find her some medication, and if this craziness continues find a mental hospital. I am taking this one, if I don't return in two hours call the police."


"Shut up Malik, the drama queen. BYE GUYS!" I said walking out the door behind Rehan. Lets do this.


Let me know what you think :)

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The only fanfic I look forward too :)
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As always I loved it!
Haha! I loved tht Sheetal drama LOL
I SO WANT this Penthouse !! U desribe it so well ! Heart

Update soon ! Cos i start waitin as soon as i finish readin the chapter ;)Edited by Asya-Rm - 6 years ago
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Amazing update.. i loved this Bua. She was perfect. I hope everything goes well wiht Zoya's Aapi and Rehan's mom
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Great update continue soon!!!!!
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i love this fic
and rehaan ROFL where can i find this guy...i need to introduce him to my familyWink
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hahah loved the chapter 
it was kinda funny 
lol bua was cute although troublesome at first 
update soon please 
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