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Welcome to Thread II of an AsYa & ArShi FF: Classified Love 
The story of four individuals coming together in the most unusual of ways and making bonds that last a lifetime. Family. Friendship. Love. 

Chapter 25: Scroll Down!
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I am baccck! With the second thread, and the next chapter. This one is just a filler type of chapter, I decided a recap and cute moments were necessary. So let me know what you think my lovelies! And and and, I tried my hand at my artistic skills, which I don't have. I lied, I downloaded the new Phoster app for my iPhone and I was bored, so I made a banner of sorts Embarrassed

Chapter 25 

Dear Diary,

It's me again, I know its been a while since I've written but...I was busy okay. With life. Don't judge me. You know, I imagine you glaring at me right now. And it's a funny image. It's like a little black book with eyes and eyebrows...haha. Okay I'll stop now. I am really weird sometimes.

I don't know where to start right now, I guess I should start from where I left off, the beginning is always good. The beginning of all things crazy! I still can't comprehend how so much happened after we left Bhopal! " it's only been three weeks since but it seems like I've aged years. I HAVE THE WRINKLES TO PROVE IT! I am so dragging Khushi to the spa after I vent out to you, maybe get a nice facial, a full body massage and a haircut...I think I have split ends. I digress, ah. Well Diary,  you are honestly much cheaper than a psychologist that I need.

So I went back and notices that the last thing I wrote, well vented, about was Asad Ahmed Khan, it's funny how my life revolved around him back then too. Did I mention he is the most emotionally challenged yet caring man alive? Oh, and so sexy. I could just worship his body all day, his chest, his abs, his- OKAY STOPPING HERE. I guess I should write down how he went from the former to the latter (emotionally challenged to caring, but I'll tell you about my journey of his body later too ;) ) I am so besharam. 

Story Time: Khushi, Arnav, Asad and yours truly all left Bhopal and it was raining like cats and dogs. The normal - well, normal for action flicks I guess- happened. You know when I sit there and wish my life was more interesting, yeah, never doing that again. I like boring, normal, even though my life has never been normal.

I digress, on to the real content. We were followed by goons from the restaurant we ate at. Now, Khushi and me were asleep and when I woke up I was in a whole different car (a sexy one at that) in the middle of a traffic jam. And you know how I get when I travel, I think I had a light, er, severe fever. Asad frantically drove us to a hotel where a doctor checked over me. In my sick haze I ended up confronting him about his bipolar behaviour and he told me he liked me too and then HE KISSED ME. Ya Allah, Diary, it was one of those fairy tale kisses you read about, when electricity courses through you and you start feeling lightheaded. His lips so soft, his hands all over-

Moving on, while I was having my first kiss Arnav had gotten shot in the shoulder (don't worry, the bullet barely grazed his arm) so we picked them up and headed to the farmhouse. And I found a family, that loud, boisterous, loving large family that I've always wanted. Badi Bi and Nani have to be the coolest grandmas alive. One of them dances and the other one is more like a friend than a grandma.

Dilshad (Ammi) reminds me of mom, I feel more comfortable talking to her than anyone, even Khushi, I feel like everything is going to be okay when she says it is. Rashid Uncle (Dost) is a pretty cool dad, he pretends to be oblivious to what his kids are up to, but he knows everything. And he gives great advice! Then there is Aarti Aunty, Arnav's mom, she's nice once she warms up to you! And Manorma Mami, she is hilarious and her English is just Mashallah (not in a good way!).

And now all of my new siblings and best friends! There is Najma and Nikhat, Asad's sisters, who are the sweetest girls out there and the best friends a girl could have. Anjali Di, the big sister everyone wishes they had, she is the epitome of grace yet she is so down to earth. Her husband Aman is like the family clown, hilarious. Their kids Aarav and Riya. Akash and Payal, Arnav's brother and sister in law, their kid Piyush! THEY FUSED THEIR NAMES TOGETHER! How adorable right? Ayaan, I don't even know what to say, but if I ever needed a partner in crime it'd be him. A lot of new people to let in right? But they've all made their little space in my heart and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Carrying on, so we spent a lot of time there and created amazing memories. Everyday was a party and then there was the party...which I will tell you about later after I find out exactly what happened that night. It is still a bit hazy...

Now, brace yourself Diary. The next morning I found out two, well three, things. One, Khushi finally told Arnav she was in love with him, he was quitting his job and she was moving to India to launch her fashion line under his company! HOW EXCITING! So of course I was ecstatic for my sister until I realized she'd be there and I wouldn't be. Two, Asad Ahmed Khan wasn't quitting his job. We'll get to this later. And three, Aapi and Jiju lied to me my whole life. Jiju, along with being a business man, is a secret agent. And get this, he's Arnav and Asad's boss.

W*F? And was I ever told this? No. They could have just told me before. I wouldn't mind a totally random confession. Like I could be eating cereal at breakfast and Aapi could be like "we have something to tell you." And then Jiju can be like "I am a secret agent, the head of the agency in fact, not just a business man. I guess you are old enough to know now Zoya. Have a great day at school." And the cereal would fall out of my mouth while he left for work and Aapi would yell at me for being a pig and we would have moved on. Simple.

They promised me that they'd never hide anything from me so this came as the biggest shock of my life. So of course in my heart broken and sad state I moped around instead of actually talking to anyone. So I didn't talk to Asad...and I ended up drugging him to sleep that night, so no talking. We'll get to the drugging when I update the Pranks section! I am a genius!

And guess what, Aapi and Jiju showed up the next day and they were all like "Hi, we are the biggest liars ever but you should still love and trust us, we are here to whisk you away ASAP and not give you any time to sort out the problems you have here." Okay, maybe they didn' t say that, but that's what it felt like. So Mr. Emotionally Challenged Khan didn't ask me to stay and I left feeling like he had ripped my heart from inside of me and kept it with him, but instead of keeping it safely he'd stomped all over it. And I cried, and cried. And cried, damn I cry a lot. How do my eyes even make that many-

Anyways, so the judge asks stupid questions and records out statement and we end up at the airport where Aapi is still trying to talk to me. She doesn't understand the term "I need space". So I get up and go to the bathroom, where some sick f**k manages to hit me over the head and take me out of the airport to the middle of nowhere.

So of course I am scared shitless but you know me and my big mouth. So this creep is trying to get me to take my statement back and I am obviously like "hell to the no". So he starts threatening me and I being a smartass tell him he can't and start rebuking his claims and insulting him. But he was a creep, he was trying to come onto me. And he was so sexist. God, I hate him. Anyway, so I was so sure I was going to get raped but I was trying to be all brave, but it wasn't working. I didn't know what I'd do after I threatened to kill that f**ker. And then Asad shows up, and I don't think I've ever been happier to hear anyone's voice.

The events that follow are kind of blurry, I went into shock like a normal person. I am normal! f**k yeah! But I heard a lot of screaming and grunts coming from the creep and he kind of just lay there bruised and unconscious and Asad walks up to me like he just got dressed for the next edition of Sexy Secret Agent Magazine. So we hug it out and stuff, and he's comforting me and I feel safe. And then my brain turns back on and I flip shit. So I yell at him, and then he yells back. So somewhere between all the yelling and moving closer to each other we finally told each other the three words, I love you. So turns out he was going to quit his job after the court date, OOPS. And then you know I have no filter sometimes, so I am talking about out future kids and I kind of freak out because I think he may freak out.

And this kid is just like "we will make sexy babies" and I just melt into the car seat. Because A) he is f**king adorable when he talks about our kids with that smile on his face, B) I can't f**king believe he thought that far too C) making babies with him is going to be a whole lot of fun and D) OMG, IMAGINE HIM HOLDING A LITTLE BOY THAT LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM IN ONE ARM AND THE OTHER AROUND MY WAIST.

So he pretties me up with his first aid box and takes me to the airport. Khushi's curled up in Arnav's arms when we get there but she runs across the room like she's Usain Bolt and hugs the living daylights out of me. And then Arnav does the same...I see many broken beds in the future with all the force they use. Haha, get it? Wait, why am I thinking about this? Ew. I'll shut up now.

So Aapi appears and completely ignores Asad & Arnav and cried while Jiju talked to the guys. And then the two of them left to get our boarding passes and stuff. You know, like call off the 595839043904 search parties they put out type of stuff. SO then Asad being the emotionally challenged idiot he is started stammering his usual, "uh, uhm, woh actually...". So that went on for a while, and then he took his phone, emailed in his resignation letter and told me he'd see me on Tuesday.

Which of course led to a very euphoric me. My ears are still hurting from Khushi's joyous screams as Asad kissed the living daylights out of me exactly 42 hours and 55 minutes ago. Sigh. I miss him. After that Aapi walks in (after all the kissing and screaming, I don't think she noticed me blushing like an idiot) and demands we leave right then, after a few tearful goodbyes I actually wrote out our address for them...which they already had because they apparently have files on us...which is kind of stalkerish. Moving on, as soon as we got to New York I demanded for some time away from Aapi and Jiju, who were insisting that I come home. Jiju finally managed to convince Aapi and dropped us off at the penthouse exactly 31 hours ago.

I honestly don't plan on speaking with them until I wrap my head around this issue. I don't want to say anything I'll regret, because if we talk now I definitely will say something stupid.

So now I sit on the patio and regale you with the events of the past few weeks while I wait for Asad Ahmed Khan's phone call which consists of Arnav laughing a lot when Asad says anything even remotely romantic. They are back in Bhopal, packing and stuff. We have yet to discuss...anything actually. Where are we going to live? Where are we with our relationship right now? What do we tell his family? And how do I tell Aapi and Jiju?

Khushi is on the same boat as me, a small yellow lifeboat and she's wearing her special life vest she designed because the orange ones are ugly. HAHA. Anywhooo, she has yet to tell Bua about Arnav, because she is scared. And I would be too. Dimple Aunty isn't overly fond of men...and she'll probably hate the man her niece loves on spot because he is taking her away to India. Sigh. Khushi's leaving. Got to go Diary, it's 11:00 and Asad should be calling anytime now!


"Allah Miyah, what's wrong with Mr. Sixpack Abs!  Whatever happened to 'I'll call you at 11:00 your time'. If he doesn't call in the next five minutes I am not going to pick up." Zoya muttered under her breath while pacing around the patio.
She had been pacing for the past hour, managed to write a whole six pages in her diary! But no call.
I am so not talking to him when he calls. At all. Five more minutes and that's it. Who am I kidding? I've been threatening him for the past hour. He said he would call at 11:00 tonight and it is now 12:02. She unlocked her phone again and checked for missed calls. But there were none.
Five minutes passed but no call. Then another. She put the phone down on the centre table so she wasn't tempted to call him. He should be calling me, he promised. And with that Zoya left her phone on the center table and walked out to the patio. She was almost there when she heard the familiar ringtone of her cellphone and turned around with a huge smile.
Zoya ran into the living room at full speed to see Khushi standing there with the phone in her hand and a teasing look on her face.

"Eager are we?" Khushi laughed holding up the phone.

"Give me the phone!" Zoya said calmly.

"I don't think so..."

"Khushi!" Zoya said running towards her but Khushi was a step ahead, she leapt onto the sofa and jumped behind it.

"Hello." Khushi laughed picking up the phone while running towards the kitchen as Zoya stood on the sofa. Khushi ran into the kitchen while looking at Zoya who was hot on her heels. "Asad? Oh, I was expecting Zoya's other boyfriend."

"KHUSHI!" Zoya yelled cornering her between the island and the fridge.

"BEHIND YOU!" Khushi yelled distracting Zoya as she ran to the other side of the island.  Zoya groaned and cursed herself for falling for the oldest trick in the book.

"Nahi toh, Zoya doesn't miss you at all. She doesn't want to talk to you." She told Asad. "I am kidding, you should have seen how fast she ran when the phone rang."

"KHUSHI! Give it back." Zoya yelled jumping across the island.

"She is like moping, she misses you that much...and she was moaning your name in her sleep last nig- AHHH!" Khushi screamed as Zoya jumped across the counter and landed on top of her causing them to fall to the ground laughing.

"Hello?" They heard a frantic Asad yell from the other side of the line.

"H-Hello." Zoya laughed picking up the phone.

"What are you guys doing?" Asad asked shocked.

"I am on top of Khushi." Zoya said.

"WHAT THE-" Arnav yelled from the other side while Zoya and Khushi laughed.

"She ran away with my phone." Zoya pouted then stopped realizing he couldn't see her.
"Put it on speakerphone!" Khushi said helping Zoya off the floor and sitting on the island.
"HI GUYS!" Khushi said. "Hi Arnav." She giggled.
"You just said Hi Guys...and then Hi Arnav, so Arnav isn't a guy?" Zoya laughed.
"Shut up!" Khushi said poking her.
"You sound like you are having a lot of fun." Asad said.
"No, actually we were moping while waiting for your call." Khushi said.
"SOOO?" Zoya asked.
"So what?" Asad teased.
"WHEN IS YOUR FLIGHT?" Zoya screamed.
"Flight? What flight?" Asad teased.
"ASAD AHMED KHAN-" Zoya started.
"Woah, calm it there Miss Zoya. Dude don't play with her, she'll drug you again." Arnav laughed.
"Arnav, what if Asad wants to play with her? I am sure she was dreaming about it last night, if you know what I mean." Khushi laughed.
"Oh, I don;t think he'll mind. He's blushing!" Arnav laughed from the other side. "Dude, stop hitting me." Arnav yelled.
"OH MY GOD! You two are so crass." Zoya blushed.
"Tomorrow evening at 6:00 so we should be in New York by Monday night." Asad said.
"That is so far away." Zoya pouted. "Use your money for good and get a private jet."
"She's really eager. If you know what I-" Khushi laughed. "OW!" She yelled when Zoya hit her.
"Stop beating my woman!" Arnav said.
"Yeah, well tell her to stop annoying me. And hurry the hell up." Zoya retorted.
"Fine. Khushi I am going to call you. Why don't we let the eager lovebirds to talk?" Arnav said.
"BYE UGLY!" Zoya said.
"Shut up." Arnav said.

Zoya's POV
"And then there were two." I said as Khushi walked towards her room.
"So what is this I hear about your night time activities?" Asad teased.
"Uh..." I blushed. "Khushi was just kidding." I wasn't really having sexy dreams where you were doing unmentionable things to me, what dreams? What is a dream?
"You think I am lying?"
"Yes actually."
"Oh really?" I screamed.
"No?" Asad said but it sounded more like a question that a statement.

"You said you'd call at 11:00." I pointed out.
"I fell asleep." He said.
"I can't seem to sleep."
"And why is that?" I asked coyly already knowing the answer.
"I am used to sleeping next to a murmuring girl nowadays and she isn't here."
"I don't murmur!"
"You do talk in your sleep Zoya."
"Well you snore."
"I don't."
"Fine you don't." I said as he laughed causing me to smile because I could imagine him sitting in his bed, running his hands through his hair laughing and the sight was perfect. I missed him so much.
"What have you been upto?"
"Oh, you know. Cleaning, watching tv and stuff."
"Ah, stuff. So destroying everything in your wake and finding new ways to get into trouble." He said so confidently, as if it had actually happened.
How rude, I am not that abnormal. I could have meant normal stuff, like writing in my diary.
"Zoya? Are you not speaking to me now?" He asked his voice worried.
No. I wasn't going to speak to him now. Thanks for the idea Asad. Mwaha.
"So I guess this is one of the things I am going to have to learn to fix...solve." He said. "Zoya the silent treatment is very childish."
Ah, so this was obviously not his forte. You do not under any circumstance insult your girlfriend when she is icing you the silent treatment.
He was silent for a while. " I'm sorry? Please speak to me." He sounded very worried. Good. Ignoring him will be a good tactic to use in the future. "Zoya. Say something please. I already miss you as it is, don't deprive me if listening to your beautiful voice." He pleaded.
Oh, he's good at this. I felt my legs give out from under me as he said that. My body always betrayed me when he complimented me.
"This is so not fair." I pouted.
"What's not fair?"
"I am supposed to be mad at you for not calling on time and then insulting me. But then you go and say something like that and I can't even stay mad at you. At this rate I'm never going to win any arguments." I explained as he laughed.
"It's quite the opposite actually. I guess we should give up on arguments?"
"I guess so."
"I miss you." He said sighing.
"We aren't very normal are we?" I asked.
"What do you mean?" He laughed. "You aren't exactly normal..."
"Haha, you are a riot." I said sarcastically. "I was just thinking that we aren't very normal. Normal couples meet at school or work and stuff, they leave each other for weeks and months at a time, it's so easy for them. And then there is us. We've been apart for like two days and we're like this." I explained.
"Hmmm. I guess we aren't normal then." He said not sounding bothered by it at all.  
"Shouldn't we try to be normal though? This can't be healthy." I pointed out.
"Or we could write it off as us being really in love with each other?" He said. "Or maybe it's just my charm, it is impossible not to miss me."
"You know, you are really bipolar. Sometimes you can't string a sentence together, like when I was leaving and all of a sudden you are the smoothest guy out there."
"It is all part of the charm." He joked. "I think actually knowing where we are now helped." He added after a moment.
"Hmmm." I murmured.
"So you should sit there and miss me lot okay?"
"I am not even going to think about you." I lied.
"Of course."
"So you aren't going to think of how you like to cuddle up to me before going to sleep and how my arms wrap around you?"
"Nope." I said. But f**k, I was really missing that all of a sudden.
"You are not going to think about how my lips feel against yours. How they trail down your neck to the point right at the base of your neck that makes you shiver."
He wasn't even doing that and I was already shivering.
"Zoya, did you just shiver?" He whispered.
"Uh huh." I replied dazed, thinking of said lips trailing over my neck and then down the rest of my body. I snapped back when I heard him laughing.
"I hate you."
"I love you too." He said.
"Get yourself down here before I die of missing you." I said
"Your wish is my command Miss Zoya Farooqui."


On the other side of the apartment:
"You aren't funny though." Arnav pointed out to Khushi over the phone.
"Excuse me! I am HILARIOUS." Khushi gasped.
"Fine make me laugh then."
"I don't have to prove myself! I am funny."
"It's because you aren't funny Khushi."
"I am too! I know so many jokes."
"Why did Sally fall of the swing?"
"Why?" He asked smiling.
"Because she had no arms!"
"That's by funny Khushi."
"It's a two part joke! Knock knock."
"Who's there?"
"Not Sally! Get it, because she didn't have arms..." Khushi laughed but Arnav stayed silent.
"That was horrible."
"Nooo! I have another one. What do you call a nun in a wheelchair?" Khushi asked.
"Virgin Mobile!" Khushi laughed as Arnav let out a little chuckle. "AHA!"
"That was cute. You still aren't funny."
"You just don't have a sense of humour." Khushi pouted.
"Are you pouting?"
"How'd you-"
"I just know. What is your favourite colour?" He asked randomly.
"I just want to know."
"That's unusual."
"Yeah, I don't know why people don't like it."
"Hmmm, favourite flower?"
"So I should send you a bouquet of roses when I piss you off?" He asked.
"Nope, just one rose."
"Just one?"
"Yep. The beauty of a single flower gets lost in the bouquet." She explained.
"You are so different from other girls you know?"
"I hope that's a good thing."
"It is. You never cease to surprise me. You know every time I learn or see another thing about you I fall more in love with you."
"Arnav Singh Raizada, right when I think I can't love you anymore you say things like that." I smiled.
It was silent then, a comfortable silence. There was a lot more to say but they didn't need words to communicate. It was only when Arnav yawned that Khushi realized how late it was in India.
"Go to sleep." She whispered. "Good night Arnav. I love you."
"Mhm, I love you too. Good night." He said as Khushi hung up.

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firstly congrats for the new thread.
the part was amazing as usual.the diary entry was really nice.alot like zoya and hilarious in parts.and i loved the whole zoya-khushi teasing.reminds me of my pagalpanti with my friends and cousins.cont soon.Edited by love_kash - 2013-08-22T23:28:08Z
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Love it!!!!! Congrats on thread 2!!!!!
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Posted: 2013-08-20T11:01:09Z
COngratsss dea!

on ur new thread...

woahh...storyline in Newyork..that wud be interestinggg...

Continue soon...

I loved their room BDW a lottt...

Once again,...

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congrats for new thread
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Posted: 2013-08-20T11:19:51Z
Omg. Shocked
OMG. Shocked Shocked
Ohmygosh. Shocked Shocked 
Oh. My Gosh!!! Shocked Shocked Shocked
Party Party Party Congratz on the second thread! Dancing Dancing Dancing
This is just BEYOND cool! Clap Clap Clap The penthouse is...omg, I'm speechless! Shocked It's MAJORLY COOL! Wink COOLNESS OVERLOAD! Day Dreaming ROFL Embarrassed
And I LOOOVE the banner! Day Dreaming Omg, I CANNOT WAIT for the next update! Dancing So hurry it up and update for me, plz! LOL
-Fari Embarrassed Heart
PS. Sorry, I was kinda freaking out. Just got excited! Silly LOL
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