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Posted: 7 years ago
I havent seen any bashing for Surbhi since 1-2 weeks but if its still going on...then just STOP. Surbhi is amazing!!! Enough said.
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Posted: 7 years ago
i agree wid  ..SheWolf...u guys had banned kajen related topics until jan, y cant v have that rule back! trust me that way no kabhi fans will bash kajen n no kajen fan will bash surbhi or kabhi!

seriously please consider it!
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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by ..SheWolf..

I've been in this place since day one and I can actually LOL at some fans. LOL when this forum had started Shifali and Gunia put up the rules saying that KaJen wouldn't be discussed in this forum. Weren't you guys the ones who got it removed saying that "she is his wife you cannot ban discussion about them b/c she's an actor" and all the blah blah.
now when the actual discussion is taking place why not let it happen. Wink
And I don't think the Jennifer hate has just come out of nowhere. Surbhi who is a lead of this show has been bashed, her photos have been morphed by a supposed KaJen fan so.. you cannot expect Surbhi fans to keep their mouth shut. That being said by the end of the topic [where Jen visits the sets

everyone had left. The topic was opened at a point when all the fans were livid with the hate on Surbhi so they were bound to react. that's all.
On a serious note when unbiased DT like Shifali and Gunia had put the note that kajen shouldn't be discussed they said that looking at the bigger picture, too bad you fans dint see what they meant, like most of us did.
And about the KSG topic. Omni said it all. Thumbs Up  and quoting Pooja, when the actor in question does have a debateable past then the fans should be careful before posting such topics if not they should be ready for all kind of views from people who appreciate KSG and to the people who do dont like him for his two timing history. Its the fans who need to take care of this not the DT.
Do not bother replying. thank you.
i agree wid SheWolf & Omni...thanxs to Omni for bringing dis topic in light...all dese ppl dey keep bashing surbhi & along wid surbhi dose who supports her r also bashed..."Closed" and many oder forums members r d eg who r bashed repeatedly by dese fans...wen ppl r discussing abt KaBhi dese ppl report dose posts & den action is taken againt it but wen surbhi & any oder forum member is bashed by dem nobody supports it not MODS take a quick action against dem...
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Posted: 7 years ago
Few things about which again and again questions r raised ..

Freedom of expression : This "phrase" is always used in the forum .. So thats the only reason we hv allowed Kajen segments in the forum which r related to QH .. KSG's wife visiting QH sets .. the Set is QH ..right ? So tell me how is it not related to QH ... ITA event where KSG went to collect an award for QH only and he was with his wife there .. tell me how is it not related to QH ?? ... We r still allowing everything that is related to QH only ... Tomorrow if Surbhi's friend visits QH sets or Surbhi is spotted with some friend at ITA event representing QH , should we not allow that just because Surbhi was seen with someone else and not KSG ?? ... Point is we r still allowing everything that is related to QH only and in some of those segments , if KSG's wife is seen , how can we stop it when the subject is QH only ?

For rest of Kajen and actor's personal life discussion , we still hv DMG forum open where anything and everything on Kajen is allowed simply because both KSG and Jen r part of DMG show  .. but Jen is not part of QH show and so we hv few restrictions when it comes to discussing them only because Jen is not part of this show   ...

Having said that , when it comes to Segments and interviews of actors , they can b controvertial at times and whether its Kajen or Kabhi , both grps should learn to co-exist peacefully in such threads and debate out such segments or interviews in a matured way whether its positive or negative rather than getting personal among each other ..

Cyber Bullying :
You guys are well aware that there are certain trolls who r repeatedly sending few abusive PMs and making abusive posts in forum deliberately to rile up the members ... We r nonstop putting a ban on those members but today Cyber world hv become tech savvy and those members r nonstop making use of proxy IPs which makes it difficult to track down the real IDs of such members but having said that our GMs r working hard and trying to track them down  but things cannot happen overnight .. right ? So without proofs , dont go around accusing anyone in the forum because u never know who is the actual culprit here making those IDs again and again to send abusive PMs .. GMs r working on it and will track down their real IP soon ...

This has been told to almost all of you by me personally Via PMs repeatedly whenever you guys Hv PMed me regarding those abusive PMs  .. right ?

If you have any other query , feel free to PM Me , RD or Rosh about it  ...

QH Dev team

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