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Posted: 7 years ago
Hey dolls Hug

Okay so lately a lot of stuff has been going down on QH forum which has resulted in misunderstandings/mis-communications and I think its time for Poo, Jyo, and I (and Gun LOL) to clear it all up by stating where the QH DT stands on certain important issues Embarrassed. So please read, and as always we are open to your CONSTRUCTIVE LOL feedback. Tongue This post will not HOST any targeting/bashing/yelling/in-decency. SOLELY constructive feedback.


 Regarding the KaBhi/KaJen issues/Personal Life Discussion

QH DT is constantly getting reports from BOTH fan groups about what should and shouldn't be acceptable in discussing actor's personal lives. While we understand other forums discuss actor's personal lives and what not, QH FORUM STANDS BY what we have implemented since beginning, that ACTOR'S personal lives will NOT be accepted for discussion on the forum. 

This is the Qubool Hai forum and therefore only discussion of Qubool Hai actors/and the show will accepted. 

HOWEVER, this is not to say we will not allow for posts on any PUBLIC APPEARANCES Karan and Jennifer make. For example, if Karan and Jennifer are making an appearance at some awards function, we will allow for posts about that soley on the basis that its DIRECTLY related to the ACTOR of the show: Karan Singh Grover and his PROFESSIONAL life. The same goes for all actors of this show, whether its Surbi or VIkrant or Shalini or Archana. Actor's public appearances with their spouse is fine for posting and discussion.

So, all in all: Karan and Jennifer's public award events or / SBS/SBB or any such segments which have actor's media appearances which are all RECENT will be allowed because KSG is part of QH show. If he makes a public appearance in front of media , whether its with his wife OR friend OR co-star, we will allow for it. And, same goes for all actors of this show.

STILL, such posts on public appearances MUST STICK TO THE PUBLIC APPEARANCE ONLY. In no way can the topics go on TANGENTS about KaJen's (karan and jennifer's) personal life. 

That being said

We WILL NOT allow any discussions which are linking up co-stars off-screen. This does not mean that we will not allow some harmless fun discussion like KaBhi (Karan and Surbi) and their chemistry in off-screen sbs-sbb segments as co-actors or friends or AsYa chemistry discussion. We understand FUN/ENTERTAINMENT purpose POSTS BUT within LIMITS. If the discussion goes even the slightest off the line and starts linking up both actors or indirectly targeting an actor's wife which are against IF's COC, then we will be putting up warnings on such posts and if the warning is not taken seriously then we will be taking further action. (This can result in closure of a particular post for 24 hrs as punishment).

The Qubool Hai Dev Team understands FREEDOM OF SPEECH. However, this does not mean that freedom of speech should be taken to the next level. With freedom of speech comes a moral obligation to be understanding of OTHERS opinions and feelings. Everyone has their own favorites and their own beliefs. We cannot let freedom of speech be taken out at the COST of other's feelings/beliefs/respect.  Hence, the DT's stance on this is simply to make sure that the freedom of speech given to members is not misused. 

Regarding the TARGETING of members

Recently a number of posts have been made targeting certain members and we will NOT ALLOW FOR IT. Recently many new IDs have been trolling around posting abusive stuff and QH DT is trying our level best in this regard. HOWEVER, NO ONE knows which fan group they belong to, so PLEASE DO NOT TARGET a particular fan group for it. Since these IDs are random individuals who make IDs from proxy IPs, we are making sure to block all those IPs by talking to the GMs and admin. 

Another thing to please consider is that the forum will not stand for targeting any members directly or indirectly, not just fake ID's but even regular members on the forum. Member targeting is on the lines of member bashing which is STRICTLY not allowed on IF. 

Hurtful comments on actors celeb profiles

As wrong as it is, QH DT has no control over what is written on celeb profiles. We cannot edit stuff on celeb fan pages. We ask members that if they see something inappropriate then PLEASE use the REPORT button on the given member's comment (s) and Admin/Higher DT who can edit will take care of the issue. Jyo, Pooja, Gun, and Myself cannot edit comments. I know many members have asked me about this so that is where this issue stands. HOWEVER, if a member from the QH FORUM is posting something on QH ACTOR's PROFILE's which is hurtful (ONLY IF THAT MEMBER IS A QH FORUM MEMBER), please PM one us about this and we will take appropriate action.  

External Links

Once again, please remember not to post external links of videos and updates LINKS of RIVAL SITES on the forum. CAPS of SBS/SBB/etc.. spoilers/vids are fair game. However, no LINKS to external sites video updates will be accepted. We have a videobie for the forum who works hard to provide us with quality videos and as soon as she is able to, she posts those videos for all members to use. (As a member I will say this: If for any reason you cannot access those videos then I would suggest members to use PM whether its PMing our videobie about the problem or PMing another member for alternative links). However, NO POSTING of alternative links on the forum itself. Same goes for written updates and links to rival sites articles).  

Copyright Issues:

Guys if you find that your stuff is being taken from IF and being used on other social media outlets, IF DT CANNOT DO ANYTHING about this as its outside of IF itself. However, we HIGHLY suggest members to PLEASE  copyright your creations, add [ NOCOPY ] to your posts. It is a SIMPLE step but USEFUL step to prevent/lessen stealing of materials. 


That's all for now, and we will edit if we need to add anything. 

Guys please read these rules posted by Gunia (Persephone) for further clarifications or refreshing. QH Forum Rules: Read and Heed!

Hope that clears some things up for members. 

I just want to personally add that on all issues, DT tries their level best to make EVERY SIDE, in any problem HAPPY and CONTENT. We always ask for members to please understand this and co-operate to keep QH forum and IF a pleasant place for members to escape to. Embarrassed 

Love Ya Darlings,

--Qubool Hai Development Team--

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Posted: 7 years ago
A much needed reminder of rules. Everyone should have a look at it and try to follow it. 

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Posted: 7 years ago
A much needed Reminder.
We are tired of the Kabhi vs Kajen battle and I hope this is the end to it. Edited by supriya.ipkknd - 7 years ago
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Posted: 7 years ago
awesum rosh!!!Thumbs Up
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Posted: 7 years ago
Aah i couldn't Thank you enough for this post! Much much needed and delayed post! Hopefully everything gets in control now! Thanks Rosh! <3
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Posted: 7 years ago
Much needed post! Thank you so much :)
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Posted: 7 years ago
thankuuu for clarrifying the rulesss Rosh...It was much needed one and hope the members follows itEmbarrassed

i have some questions:-
1: Like other actors talk about KSG We post on forum, can we post when Jenny talks abt him ?
2: Can we post links of SBS/SBB when Jenny visits QH set coz there other QH actors are also shown like last time ?

n Pleasee Please ban the newbie trolls on forums who r trying to demean the name of fangroups its getting out of hand now :|
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Posted: 7 years ago
one request please stop newbie hate/threat pms and posts asap... those are getting out of control each day... don promote cyber bullying by not taking strict actions against them... thanks
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