OS: Bhaijaan ki Sagai?

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Hi guysss! So I was bored and this idea came to my mind. So everyone knows that Asad is engaged but they don't know who to, as Dilshad didn't mention anything at the Walima. So I thought it'd be cute if they found out like this. Lemme know what you think! Embarrassed

 OS: Bhaijaan Ki Sagai?

 Ayaan's Residence

No one was more shocked about the news of Asad's engagement than Ayaan and Nikhat. Nikhat was so surprised when Asad bhaijaan's ammi announced to the whole room that Asad was already engaged. But to who? The thought had plagued Nikhat's mind for the past few days.


Imagine Ayaan's shock when Nikhat told him the story as soon as he returned home.


"Kya?!" Ayaan yelled. "Yeh kab hua? Bhaijaan aur sagai? Kiske saath?"


"Mujhe kya pata bhaijaan, unki ammi nai bas itna hi kaha tha ki unki sagai ho chuki hai." Nikhat replied.


"Bhaijaan ki sagai ho gayi, aur unhone mujhe bataya nahi." Ayaan said confused. "Lekin hui kiske saath?"


"Bhaijaan, ek minute. Unke ghar joh ladki rehti hai, unki bachpan ki dost, kya naam hai uska, Manvir, nahi Tanveer! Kahi uske saath?" Nikhat asked.


Ayaan's face registered shock as he broke into a fit of laughter. He was laughing so hard that his stomach was hurting.


"Woh toh bhaijaan ki badi behan lagti hai." Ayaan said in between his laughter. "Bhaijaan ki sagai unse, impossible." He said calming down a bit.


"Phir kaun?" Nikhat asked.


"Hey wait a minute! I can't believe I didn't think of this before. Unki sagai Mona Darling sai hui hogi!" Ayaan said talking to himself.


"Mona Darling? Yeh kaisa naam hai?" Nikhat said confused.


"Unka naam Zoya hai, the one that came on the day of the engagement." he explained sadly.


"Bhaijaan, kya yeh wahi college wali Zoya toh nahi hai?" Nikhat asked connecting the two.


"Jee han!" Ayaan said, sounding proud of his bhabhi-to-be.


"Lekin Asad Bhaijaan ko toh aisi ladkia aachi nahi lagti, joh jeans pehnti hai, bilkul non-traditional hoti hai." Nikhat knew how strict and traditional her older bhaijaan was despite having not grown up with him.


"Kya pata? Lekin mujhe toh pehle si hi shak tha ki un dono ke beech kuch chal raha hai. Bhaijaan toh unhe apni musibat kehte hai. Waise Bhaijaan, joh kabhi kisi ladki ki taraf dekhtae nahi aur kisi ki baat bhi nahi karte, Mona Darling ko toh ghoor ghoor ke dekh thae rehta hai. Aur jab bhi mein phone karta hoon toh unke barre mein hi baat karte hai." Ayaan said.


Ayaan was now realizing the things he'd missed, that night when he'd snuck into meet his bhaijaan and Zoya had barged into the room falling on top of bhai came to him. They just laid there staring at each other. Then Asad Bhaijaan would always talk about her, he'd complain about her but never in a serious way. More like he was annoyed by her antics but had come to love them. And then at the Holi Party, they couldn't take their eyes off of each other.


Nikhat was surprised as well. She didn't know what kind of girl Zoya was but she knew that she would look perfect beside her dashing bhaijaan.


Just then, a very worried Nuzhat ran into the room. "Ayaan bhaijaan, Humeira fainted! Come quick, unko hospital leke jaana hai!" She said frantically as Ayaan ran to Humeira's room.


On the roads of Bhopal


"Zoya!" A frantic Mr. Khan yelled while driving towards the hospital. His fiancee had fainted just a while ago and wouldn't open her eyes. Asad was freaking out, the thought of anything happening to her made him hurt. From the moment he buckled her into the car, scenes from Mangalpur flashed across his eyes. He drove towards the hospital as fast as he could.


Zoya regained consciousness to find the streets of Bhopal whipping past her. She turned to her right to see Mr. Khan frantically driving. What was she doing here?


"Mr. Khan." She said causing him to whip around.


"Thank God." He said sighing in relief.


"What am I doing here?" Zoya asked confused.


"You were talking to me, well fighting with me, and then you just fainted. We're going to the hospital to check what's wrong." He said.


"But I am awake now Mr. Khan, we could turn around and go home." Zoya said.


"We're going to the hospital Ms. Farouqi. Don't argue with me please."


"Lekin mein theek hoon! There is no point." She said.

"For me. Please, I just need to make sure you are okay. And you fainted for a reason right?" He said hoping she would listen to him. He wanted to know if she was truly okay. Zoya was a pro at hiding her pain from others and she always tried to bear things in silence.


He pulled up in front of the hospital and ran to Zoya's door grabbing her by the waist and carrying her inside to the emergency department.


"Put me down Mr. Khan! Mein theek hoon. Ya Allah, everyone is staring at us. Mr. Khan!" Zoya said but to no avail, he didn't listen as he carried her inside. He went to the receptionist and told her he needed to see a doctor immediately explaining that Zoya had fainted.


The nurse noticing that Zoya was now awake and arguing with her husband who was holding her close to his chest smiled. "Just have a seat there with your wife, the doctor will call you in soon." She said smiling noticing how cute the couple was together.


Asad was going to yell at her, he had just told her that he needed to see a doctor immediately and she had told him to wait. But Zoya squeezed Asad's arm and motioned towards the waiting room. She knew he was about to unleash his wrath on the receptionist.


Asad sighed and walked to a chair, sitting down and placing Zoya in his lap. Zoya tried to move off him but he held her firmly.


"Stay." he said afraid to let her go. Zoya turned herself in his lap so she could see his face, he just tightened his hold around her and moved a strand of hair behind her ear.


"Haaaw, I am not your dog Mr. Khan! Kuch bhi! Waise bhi mein theek hoon! Mujhe kooch nahi hua, can you calm down so we can go home?" She yelled at Asad. The couple captured the attention of everyone in the waiting room. Especially that of Rashid Ahmed Khan, Ayaan and Nikhat who were all shocked to see Asad holding a woman in his lap looking lost.


"Zoya, for once can you stop arguing? You just fainted, for some reason, and we need to know that reason." he said firmly.


"Ya Allah, Mr. Khan, I am fine! Calm down. Can we go home please?" She said trying to move off his lap but he pulled her back. "Seriously, aaj ghar par function hai, we have so much to do. Phuphi akele kya kya karengi?" She asked as the whole waiting room smiled at the cute couple. "Waise bhi, you have to go buy me a present still." She teased him.


Asad smiled noticing that Zoya was back to her bubbly self, but he still needed the reassurance from the doctor.


"I need to make sure you are okay, so please, can you go along with it, just for me?" he pleaded rubbing her cheek with his thumb. Zoya was dumbfounded, here was the man who claimed that their engagement was fake but acted like the world was going to end because she fainted. She just stared at this complex confused man. His eyes were filled with worry and the classic "I am worried" wrinkles appeared between his eyebrows. The two just stared at each other oblivious to the whole waiting room staring at them. Zoya's hand on his shoulder, while Asad had one wrapped around Zoya's waist holding her in his lap, while his thumb caressed her cheeks.


Across the room Ayaan was gasping in shock, his bhaijaan was holding Mona Darling so lovingly and they were both just staring at each other lost to the world around them. This was so unlike his bhaijaan, he wasn't the type for PDA, for goodness sakes he wouldn't even look at girls who walked by. But here he was looking at Zoya with so much love and concern. Ayaan smiled, Zoya was perfect for him, she was bringing him out of his shell and giving him happiness.


Nikhat was also shocked. She had always thought her bhaijaan to be strict and the type of person who didn't show his emotions but he was sitting in the waiting room with a girl in his arms. Nikhat had to admit that the two looked absolutely perfect together, they were both very good looking. The way he looked at Zoya spoke of his love for her. He had an arm around her waist and he was caressing her face, and tucking her hair behind her ears while she blushed and stared at him. They were so lost in each other that they didn't even notice anyone around them. Nikhat noticed the ring on Zoya's finger and smiled. She was glad that her brother was happy.


Rashid Ahmed Khan was the one who registered the most shock. His son was smiling for once and he had a girl in his arms. And that girl was his dost, the one who had tried to help him. He smiled realizing that Asad was the "khadoos" she was talking about. He was happy to see his son smiling, his son was in love with this girl. Their conversation and the way they looked at each other confirmed it. She must be the one Asad is engaged to, he thought. Along with the happiness, Rashid also felt remorse, he was sad that he couldn't be a part of his son's life. He was sad that he didn't know his son was engaged. But he pushed his feelings aside noticing how happy the couple looked. He sent up a thanks to Allah, thanking him for sending that beautiful girl into Asad's life. She was absolutely perfect for him.


The family watched as the doctor called Asad and Zoya in. Asad didn't put her down and allow her to walk despite her whining and yelling that she was capable of walking on her own.





Inside the doctor's office


"Okay Mrs. Khan, the blood test shows that your iron is low. I am taking that you don't eat much green vegetables." She smirked watching her husband nod at her statement. Zoya and Asad didn't bother to correct the doctor's assumption of them being married, they both liked the way it sounded.


"She only eats pizza." Asad said to the doctor.


"I do not! I eat other things. It's just that I haven't eaten anything since this morning." Zoya whined.


"You need to eat breakfast everyday Mrs. Khan, try to have some fruits with your breakfast, a glass of milk. I am going to prescribe iron supplements for you, take them once a day, everyday. But these are not a substitute to green vegetables and such. Here's a list of foods high in iron, start including them in your diet." She said handing the list to Zoya who smiled sheepishly and thanked the doctor.


Zoya and Asad walked out of the doctor's office and back into the waiting room immediately capturing the attention of Rashid and his kids.


"Lets get you something to eat." Asad said.


"I want pizza!" Zoya exclaimed.


"Zoya, the doctor just said that you need to eat healthy." Asad said exasperated.


"But we could make me a pizza with spinach and broccoli on whole wheat dough. " She said reading of the list. "Both are high in iron." She pleaded. "Please Mr. Khan."


Asad sighed, he couldn't say no to her. "Fine." he smiled.


"Yay!" Zoya jumped happily but tripped over her own feet. Asad stopped her from falling and swept her in his arms. "I am just going to have to carry you everywhere now." He said.


"I CAN WALK! PUT ME DOWN!" Zoya exclaimed.


"Could've fooled me Mrs. Zoya Ahmed Khan." Asad laughed, referring to how the doctor had assumed they were married. He carried her out of the hospital while she pouted and blushed in his arms.


The couple failed to notice Rashid, Ayaan and Nikhat in the waiting room, with their mouths wide open.


"Did bhaijaan just laugh?" Nikhat asked surprised.

"Who was that and what did he to my Asad Bhaijaan?" Ayaan asked shocked.


"Love. Love changes everything." Rashid said smiling at his retreating son and daughter-in-law.


So how was it? :) 

Please check out my other work hereee:

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Omg! That was soo cute! Day Dreaming
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awww that was awesome
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That was sooo adorable! Just perfect!
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Stylish Awesome Graphic
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Very cute...loved it :)
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That was great.
I wish that you had translated the parts that were in Hindi. I am non Indian, though I am hooked on your stories. thank you very much.
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WOW.. Awesome OS...
Well done..!
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