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Thread 2

HOLA Amigos! I am backkk. So this story doesn't follow the QH storyline at all but just uses the characters. I sometimes manipulate the relationships, but will let you know who's whooo!

 Some of you may have read my OS: Jahapana, Jahapana Bond. This is based on that! But have no fear, you do not need to read the OS, I have reworked it to be the first chapter here! 

This story revolves around a secret agent, Asad Ahmed Khan, and his newest assignment, Zoya Farooqui, and the tale of how he tries to save her without losing his heart in the process.

And And And, some of you may know that I have recently started watching IPKKND, and well, I finished watching it! Sheetal's entry killed it for me though... *pouts*. I digress, anyways, I have decided to...wait for it...add ArShi in this story tooo! So duel story! Woot Woot! I am obsessed with them, they are so cute. I just hope Asad and Zoya can live up to the legacy, they have been doing an amazing job so far though. 

Meet the Characters

Asad Ahmed Khan: 24 years old. To the world he is a successful architect and business man, in reality he is a secret agent. He comes from a large happy family, is the oldest offspring of Dilshad and Rashid. His siblings, Ayaan, Nikhat and Najma look up to him and he dotes on them a lot. His best friend is his neighbour, and his partner, Arnav Singh Raizada, whom he has known since birth. Mr. Khan, although happy, is a bit on the cynical side and runs away from love because he believes it makes you weak. In my head, Asad for this story looks/acts exactly like the one in the show...he is too perfect! Imagine him so, but a bit less judgemental and mellow.

Arnav Singh Raizada: 25 years old. To the world he is the business tycoon who runs the AR Companies, but he is also a secret agent. He also comes form a large happy family consisting of his mother, nani, his older sister Anjali and her husband Aman Saxena along with their kids Riya and Aarav, his younger brother Akash and his wife Payal with their son Piyush. His father cheated on his mother and committed suicide but as he grew older he has forgiven his father. Arnav is a strong believer in love due to Anjali and his mother, but he hasn't found 'the one' yet, but believes he will know as soon as he sees her. No harm in chasing random girls till then though. For Arnav, think of the Diwali episode and the ones where he was kidnapped, that messy hair sexxed look! I think that is when he looks the sexiest. Imagine him more as a boy next door kinda happy guy.

Zoya Farooqui: 23 years old. A technological genius who appears on the covers of many magazines for her contribution to technological advancement. She is blessed with amazing looks and a happy-go-lucky personality along with her brain. Her life revolves around her work, her aapi and jiju and her best friend - aka her soul sister Khushi Gupta. The two have been inseperable since Khushi moved to Manhattan to live with her Bua next door to Zoya.

Khushi Gupta: 24 years old. A fashion designer and head of PR at Vogue. Khushi oozes confidence and is just as, if not more, charismatic than her best friend. Her smile captures the hearts of everyone she knows along with her bubbly nature. She is beautiful and knows it, she is always on the best dressed list, and fashion is her life. She lost her parents in a car crash at the age of 7 and moved to New York to live with her bua. Aapi and Jiju are like her second parents and Zoya her sister.I imagine the Khushi in this story to be a bit different, she is still that hilarious happy girl, but more refined. I loved her in the show, but for this story her character is a bit more modernized and confident having grown up in New York.

The Khan Clan:

-Based in Delhi.

-Dilshad and Rashid are still together and have been for years, there is no Shireen!

-Ayaan, Nikhat, Najma and Asad are siblings. There is no Humeira...yet.

-Ayaan is still a flirt and essentially the same as the Ayaan we love (Imagine Vikrant thoughhh)

-Nikhat and Najma have been raised to be independent and are assertive woman, no rona-dhona because someone says something to them.

-The Khan's, although still in touch with their roots, aren't as strict and accept modern values.

-Badi Bi lives with them.

The Raizada Clan:

-Based in Delhi.

-Anjali is happily married to Aman Saxena, and has two kids: Riya and Aarav.

-Akash and Payal are married and have a son named Piyush, Payal is not related to Khushi.

-Arnav's mom ' Aarti Singh Raizada, is a strong independent woman who took the Raizada Empire to greater heights after the death of her husband, with the help of her older brother (Mama Ji) who is married to Manorma (HELLO HI BYE BYE)

-Nani lives with them, and still has a pet goat, Laxmi.

Chapters 1 and 2 are going to be belowww!

Give it a read and let me know what you think!

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Chapter 1

Asad's Apartment in Bhopal

It was 2 a.m on Monday morning when Asad got a call. Although calls are frequent, the ones that Asad got were always of great importance. When Asad Ahmed Khan gets a call someone's life is in danger, life and death kind of danger. And when someone was in this position, Asad Ahmed Khan was called to protect them. Why? Well, he was a secret agent. The CIA and FBI type, but more private, more secluded so no one really knew where these agents came from.

The agency made sure that no one really knows who these secret agents are, where they live and what they do. They are given a fake identity to satisfy all those that know them, sometimes they choose their profession to be a "professor" or a "business man" or a "doctor." After all, they can't really tell their families who they are and what they do.

 Asad Ahmed Khan was one such agent. In the eyes of the public and his family, he was a successful business man centered in Bhopal with franchises all over the world explaining his constant disappearances. And to some extent, Asad made this true. He was a successful business man, but he didn't run his company. He merely controlled what happened and left the work to his trusted business associates. Rather, he focused on his real job. A secret agent.

He sweeps into people's lives, sometimes to kill and sometimes to save. These two things are second nature to him, this is what he does. He never fails when he sets out to accomplish something and he never hesitates to take a job. Never until now...

 The call he got that Monday night was from Anwar Farooqui, to the public eye he was a successful business man too, but the business he ran in real life was that of the secret agency. He was at the top of the agency, he ran it along with his colleagues. Asad had always respected the man for his courage, dedication and hard work, he was like an older brother to him. No one would ever look at him and see him as a man who controlled lives, he looked more like a poet not an agent. But that was where his strength lay, he was calm and collected, all the time. Except now. Never, ever had Asad heard Anwar be this shaken, this vulnerable.

 Of course as the call continued, Asad understood the reason. The person's whose life was in danger was that of his adopted daughter Zoya. Zoya Farooqui, whose face was plastered on the front cover of the newest edition of "Geniuses" lying on his bed side table.  

The woman behind the biggest technological innovation. Under the line was a picture of this beautiful girl in red, holding a globe in her hand. Asad referred to her as the beautiful face of the devil because her very existence threatened his own. The first time he had seen her was at a convention in New York two years ago. He was on a job then too with his partner, to protect the CEO of Nyco Tech, the man who had the first prototype for holographic communication. She was a part of the team and everyone raved about her, she had graduated top of the class with a Masters in Computer Science. If Asad wasn't impressed by her brain already, he was definitely mesmerized by her beauty.

She was the type of girl Asad was afraid of, the one that could trap him in her love and make him weak. The girls he had met until now were all beauty and no brains, or vice versa. Some were too assertive, others too quiet.

But she was the perfect mix, she had a brain along with a face of an angel. He eyed her across the room, she was a petite girl but had a huge aura about her. Standing in the middle of a group of old men, she seemed more like a model in her red chiffon dress than an inventor. Her laugh was absolutely mesmerizing and he could hear it across the room, like bell chimes, not only that but her whole face lit up when she laughed. For the first time in his life, Asad had problems concentrating on his job. He could not keep his eyes off her. If it wasn't for his partner his lack of concentration would have cost them a life that day.

 That was the first and last time he saw her. All the other times he saw her face was on covers of magazines, the girl had the whole world wrapped around her fingers.

He was shocked that her life was in danger and took the job without even thinking. Zoya had been contacted by Gafur Siddiqui, one of the most famous inventors and businessmen in all of India. Although the world saw him as a noble man, he was a manipulative bas***d. He was involved in every shady business one could think of, and had only one aim in life: to become the most powerful man in the world. He had lured Zoya in, talking about innovating some new communication technology, but was now out to get her due to her refusal to work with him. Anwar hadn't told Asad all the details yet, but from what he gathered, Zoya had refused to work with him, witnessed things she wasn't supposed to witness and then ran away.

Simple job right? Protect her, get her back home to Manhattan, New York. If it were any other person, this would have been an easy job. All he had to do was get his team on board, make a plan and BAM, he was done.

 But now sitting on his bed Asad realized that this may be the hardest job he has taken to date. The hardest part wasn't the whole saving her life part, but trying not to fall in love with her, for she is, without a doubt, the most perfect woman alive. In fact, the only reason Asad was awake at the moment was because every time he tried to sleep, he envisioned her face, the face that had plagued him for two years, ever since he had seen her that first time.

A cabin in the middle of the woods

"Allah Miaaa! What is wrong with this world?" Zoya yelled. She was already tired of this constant running away from these goons. What about "No, I will not help you in your evil plan of robbing the world" don't people understand!  she thought in her head.

Being a "genius" wasn't as easy as one would think. People were always looking for ways to use her. At first, Gafur Siddiqui had seemed like a normal successful man, he was genuinely interested in creating new innovative devices to enhance communication. But of course, all that glitters is not gold. Within a week, Zoya had witnessed horrible things happening. From drug deals, to heists and murders. To say Zoya was petrified of the situation she had managed to land herself into was putting it lightly.

Of course, Zoya being Zoya had confronted the man about his evil doings, claiming that she wanted nothing to do with him. He had then enlightened her on what he really planned to do with her help. The man wanted Zoya to be a part of his team, a personal hacker, to hack the Swiss Bank accounts to get him money, hack security systems and the whole deal. What did he want to do with the money? Mr. Sicko wants to be the richest man in the world so he could rule the world. Power hungry much?

 Obviously, Zoya said no and told him to shove his idea up his...you get the point. Now, you would think he would leave her alone at that, but nooo. Apparently Zoya knew too much and couldn't leave now. He threatened to kill her if she didn't listen to him. So, Zoya being the smart woman she is, told him that she would contact the authorities, pepper sprayed him and ran away quietly acting as if she was going to work.

Okay, maybe that was a dumb thing to do. Zoya's inner voice screamed, her inner voice sounded a lot like her best friend. 

Damn it. Zoya thought roaming the cottage in the middle of the woods.

 Her jiju had sent her here, and was supposedly sending her a "bodyguard".  Zoya was of course appalled at the idea and forbade it, until her house was attacked. Of course, her jiju, who was against her coming to India in the first place, was all 'I told you so' and blah blah blah. He still treated Zoya like a little girl, she was 23 for goodness sake!

But she couldn't deny him even though the bodyguard thing was a tad too much! She was used to it, the success of Anwar Farooqui had come with many body guards and such. A bit more than all her other rich friends though...her soul sister, her best friend and partner-in-crime, Khushi Gupta was so sure that her jiju was part of the FBI or something. She'd probably say that her bodyguard was from the FBI too.

It'd be kind of cool if he was! she thought. He'd be like a spy, a secret agent. What if he walks in and says "the name is Bond, James Bond". She laughed out loud but stopped short when she heard a creak, the type you hear in horror movies followed by the death of the stupid girl who runs towards the bad guy. So Zoya hid, behind the door... and took out her pepper spray.

"Ms. Farooqui?" said a husky voice.

Damnnn, the man's voice sounds like velvet. I bet he's really hot. thought Zoya.

Hey Devi Maiyaa, what's wrong with you Zoya? What if he is some psycho killer?! A thought bubble appeared to the right of Zoya's head, and she saw her best friend glaring at her while yelling.

But Khushiii! Aren't the bad guys in new movies totally hot, with sexy deep voices like this one? Like Hrithik Roshan in Dhoom 2. He was hot. So so hot. Zoya said to her inner voice.

Concentrate Zoya! Khushi yelled back.

A man walked into the living room when Zoya jumped in front of him and tried to pepper spray his eyes. Only, the pepper spray was now in his hand after a little movement on his end. He stood their smirking at the woman in front of him.

"HOW DID YOU DO THAT? I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE MISTER. BUT YOU BETTER LEAVE ME ALONE, I KNOW KARATE." she said striking a karate pose while noticing that this man was sex on legs, like Adonis himself.

 Of course, with her luck she fell backwards trying to kick him. She closed her eyes and waited for her body to hit the floor, but it didn't occur. Instead, she felt a very hard warm arm holding her up. She opened her eyes and was speechless due to the intensity of this Adonis' eyes, the way he was looking at her was setting her body on fire. She could feel her heart accelerate due to his touch. His eyes were a molten brown and deep, framed by a set of perfect eyelashes, she was lost in their intensity.

"I see I have my work cut out for me." he sighed breaking his intense stare and helping her stand upright.. "Ms. Farooqui I was sent here to help you, by your jiju, Anwar." 

"How do I know that?" Zoya questioned coming out of her trance. "For all I know, you could be here to take me to that weirdo." She said looking at him skeptically. Okay, maybe she was staring at his chiseled jaw. I bet it could cut diamond. she thought. It is just begging to be licked, and caressed and licked. Mhmmm, the stubble. Damn it, Allah Miyah, why are you plotting against me? You know stubble is my weakness! 

"Mhmmm." the man cleared his throat bringing Zoya out of her thoughts. "Your jiju told me to give you this." He said handing her a box.

 "I AM NOT OPENING THAT!" she screamed. "Next thing you know, some clown pops up and knocks me unconscious"

Good Zoya! Her inner Khushi said.

 The sexy man smirked. Ahhh, that smirk. Half his mouth pulled up at one side, dear lord. Why is he so good looking? GAH.

 Damn it Zoya! Concentrate, he may be an assassin. The inner Khushi struck again.

 Khushi! Can you please shut up and let me observe this fine piece of specimen? Zoya said tilting her head towards the right to her imaginary thought cloud where an angry Khushi looked back at her.

 "What are you looking at?" he said looking at Zoya weirdly. She was looking to the right making weird faces, as if she was having a conversation with someone.

 "Uh...nothing." Zoya said looking back at him.

 He took the box and opened it, out came her precious iPad, which was of course nothing like a real iPad, it was tampered with to the max, making it more powerful and useful than a $2000 Desktop. The sexy man took out her passport, papers and handed it to her.

 "Oh, wait how'd you get my passport? The creep had them..." Zoya said.

"The creep still has it, but your passport has been reported missing, and this is your new one, along with all the documentation you may need."

"Wait...what if she somehow got your hands on my iPad and are really working for the bas***d?" Zoya questioned while her inner Khushi cheered her on. You tell him gurlll!

The sexy man rolled his eyes and took out his iPhone, he touched the screen a few times and put it on speaker phone.

"Hello?" Answered Anwar's voice from the other side.

"JIJU!" Zoya smiled.

"Zoya, tum theek ho naa?"

 "Yeah Jiju. Your bodyguard is here, I think."

 "Mr. Farooqui." Asad said. "I've got Zoya. She just wanted to confirm that I wasn't some deranged assassin hired by the, ah what did she call him, yes, that bas***d."

 Anwar laughed and shook his head on the other side of the world. "Zoya, stick with him like glue. You must listen to everything he says."

 "Woot! Another jiju..." Zoya mumbled sarcastically as Asad wrapped up the phone call.

 "We good now?" He asked.

 "Fine. Hi, I am Zoya." she said holding out her hand, which he did not take...

 "I swear I don't have cooties" she laughed, he was about to say something when he abruptly turned to look out the window.

"Looks like your hiding spot has been found." he whispered.

 "WHA-" Zoya started to stay but the sexy man covered her mouth with his hand and pushed her against the wall behind the door. Zoya started hyperventilating, her breathing got shallower, her heart faster. His touch produced some kind of...spark? Like a current running through her body. Her body was burning, he was pressed up against her, so pressed up against her that she could feel his muscled body against her. His abs, his pectorals, damn, he worked out, big time. Zoya stifled the urge to run her hands all over the sexy man.

He slowly took his hands off her mouth, warning her to keep quiet with his eyes.

 "It sounds like there are about 5 people outside. I need you to hide somewhere, somewhere where no one can find you. Since, you should know this place inside and out, where is the safest place?" He said whispering to her, he was so close to her face that she could feel his breath on her neck, and it sent tingles up her spine.

 "Th-the bookcase." Zoya stuttered.

 "The bookcase?"

 "It rotates, there is a small room on the other side of it...at least that is what jiju said." She whispered.


He picked her up and swiftly moved towards the bookcase. Zoya couldn't comprehend how a man this...built and tall could move without making any sound. He placed her in front of the bookcase and told her to open it. They both stepped in.

 "Do not leave this room until I come to get you. Do you understand me?" he said.

 Zoya nodded as he stepped out and closed the bookcase.

 Allah Miyah, what if something happens to the sexy man? I don't even know his name and he is locking me up inside a wall. What am I, Anarkali? Hahaha, if I am Anarkali he is Jahapana, Jahapana Bond. Zoya thought.

 Zoya! This is no time for laughing. Her inner voice struck again

 Right! I should go help him. Zoya thought back.

 Uh, no. He said you must not move from here. Inner Khushi said.

 Yeah, but...he also said there is like five people out there. He is going to need help. Right? You wouldn't want me to not help a man in trouble right Khushi?

 True...take out that pepper spray and ATTACK! The inner voice, for once, agreed with Zoya.

 Zoya heard sounds, like people were getting beat up. It kind of did sound like indian movies, without all the unnecessary "dishkows" and "pows". She prayed that Jahapana Bond was not in trouble. As built as he was, she doubted that he could fight five men at once.

 Zoya wiggled the knob and the bookcase rotated, she didn't expect to see a pile of four men on the floor with a fifth one running towards her with a knife. Zoya cringed and closed her eyes waiting for him to stab her. But instead she heard a croak and a big thud, she opened her eyes to see the man fall in front of her.

 "I thought I told you not to come out woman! Are you crazy? Do you not know how to follow instructions? For someone so smart you are pretty dumb." he seethed.

 "Excuse me, arrogant much? I thought you needed help, so I came out, don't be so rude!"

 "I certainly don't need your help to save me, trust me Ms. Farooqui"

 "My name is Zoya, Z-O-Y-A, Zoya! Stop treating me like a child, I can handle myself just fine, thank you."

 "You obviously can't, you wouldn't be out here if you had a brain"

 "WOWWW. Now you are insulting me? What's wrong with you? Why are you so hostile? Chill out."

 "This is a job for me, I need to protect you. And for that to work, you need to listen to me! So from now on what I say goes, if I tell you to stay you better stay, if I tell you to run, you run, got it?"

 "I am not your dog, what do you think you are? Jahapana Bond?"  

 "What?" he said confused.

 Zoya just blushed. Oops, she thought.

 "Anyway, we need to get moving, they know where you are now." He said grabbing her and running out the house.

 "Can you stop picking me up? I can walk you know." She grumbled.

 "Could have fooled me." He mumbled.

 "What did you say?" Zoya asked.

 "Nothing." He said opening the door to the sexiest car she had ever seen.



Jahapana Bond hit his head. "Why don't you shout louder, so everyone in the world knows where you are!?" He hissed. "No, you cannot drive, now get in and shut up."

Zoya sighed and got into the car. For someone so hot, he is really rude. He got in and started the car, it purred. Zoya couldn't wait to drive it, she would convince him...eventually.


"Where are we going?" Zoya asked but got no reply.

"Helllo? Mr... wait, I don't even know your name!" She said, but he offered no reply. "Allah Miyaaah, what's wrong with you? I think you can tell me your name, unless it's a secret and you would have to kill me after I find out." She laughed and noticed the side of his mouth lift up slightly. Ahhh, so he does have a sense of humor.

"Asad, Asad Ahmed Khan." he replied. Man his voice is sexy. 

"Nice to meet you Asad, kind of. It suits you, Asad, lion right? My name is Zoya, my aapi named me, it means alive and joyous, which I am! So are you going to tell me where we are going?... Do you not talk? Like ever? What's wrong with you?" 

"Do you always talk so much or are you being especially annoying today?" He asked.

"You are so mean, you know being so good looking doesn't give you the right to be an a-hole." She said. Whooops! I just admitted that I think he is good looking, what's wrong with me?

He smirked. 

Okay then. I won't talk to you either... He has a sexy smirk though, there is like this cute little dimple that appears. He probably looks like an angel when he smiles. And his arms, they are so sexy. They would feel amazing wrapped around me. She observed, as the sleeves to his shirt were now rolled up to his elbows.

Of course, her inner voice wouldn't let her have an internal monologue without putting in her two cents. Damn it! Stop thinking like a horny teenager, you can resist him. You are a strong woman Zoya!

Zoya looked to the right and her imaginary thought bubble popped up depicting Khushi in a cheerleader uniform with pom poms.

Let's go Zoya! Let's go! Woot Woot! Khushi cheered causing Zoya to let out a little giggle. She immediately put her hand on her mouth and turned around to see a questioning Asad. He gave her one look and just shook his head, turning his eyes back to the road.

 "You know, talking makes trips more enjoyable." she said. He did not say anything but pulled up to a hotel. A huge hotel.

"What are we doing here?" Zoya asked.

"Well, you need a place to hide, and checking into a hotel with a fake name is a good way to hide until we can get out back to New York." Alas, he spoke.

"I want a room with a nice view, you can get the one beside me." Zoya said getting out of the car but he grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"You do not step out of the car until I open the door for you Ms. Farooqui. Secondly, we are getting one room."

"I AM NOT STAYING WITH YOU. What kind of girl do you think I am?" Zoya yelled.

 "One that needs protection. It would be suspicious for Mr. and Mrs. Khan to get two rooms." He smirked.

"Mrs. Khan? I am Mrs. Khan? What is wrong with you?"

 "You can't be Zoya Farooqui. So Mrs. Khan it is." Hearing the way he said Zoya sent tingles up her spine. "And you can't check into a room with a guy who is not your husband without causing suspicion, this is India, not New York." He said.

 "Fine, but I get the bed." Zoya yelled.

 He did not say anything, and got out of the car. Zoya observed his sexy body as he moved to her door, he was built, well built. He probably has a killer body, he should walk around with his shirt off. He opened the door for her and she got out, he was so paranoid looking around everywhere.

"Relax...Hubby." she laughed and he just looked at her weirdly.

 Chapter Two is right below this one my lovelies!

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Chapter 2

Asad's POV

Hotel in Bhopal

This girl is going to be the death of me, she is so...annoying...and sexy. She has no filter, she talks too much but why am I so attracted to her? I always managed to be indifferent towards girls but why can't I do that with her? It has barely been an hour and she's driving me nuts. 

 She looks more beautiful than I remembered her to be. Two years had refined her and made her into a beautiful woman. Her cheekbones more prominent, her lips more plump. Gone was the baby face of a 21 year old girl she was two years ago. 

Damn it, I haven't even spent two hours with her and I am already thinking of grabbing her and kissing her senseless. Especially when she was pressed against me back at the house, I almost kissed her. Her doe like eyes were begging me to. How am I going to survive with this girl? Especially, now that we were pretending to be married. 

"Stay quiet and don't say anything stupid." I told her as she stepped out of the car.

"I don't say stupid things." she retorted.

"Good, then we should be fine." I said rolling my eyes as she crossed her arms in front of her. I went around to the back and grabbed a suitcase.

"Why do you have that? Are we staying for a long time? Wait, I don't have a suitcase!" She started. Dear lord, why can't she be quiet for two minutes.

 "Wouldn't it be weird if a couple shows up to a hotel without a suitcase? So calm down, and please do not open your mouth again until we reach into our room. Do I make myself clear?"

She gave me a mean look but nodded. I grabbed her hand causing her eyes to go wide. I smirked at her, got to keep up the pretenses right? There was something wrong with this girl, touching her made a weird spark go through me, like heat was spreading through my veins. Weird. I shook off the feeling and tossed my key to the awaiting valet.

I led a surprisingly quiet Zoya to the front desk where we were met by a pretty young woman who smiled a bit too widely at me.

 "We have a reservation, for Mr. Khan." I smiled.

 "For Mr. and Mrs Khan." Zoya said stressing the Mrs. I turned around to look at her and noticed that she was glaring at the receptionist. Okay then, she was taking this husband-wife thing a bit too seriously.

"Oh, of course." The receptionist said, somewhat sadly. "Here we go, room 1005. That's going to be on the tenth floor." No duh, woman. "Raj will take you up." She said pointing to a bellboy who was looking at Zoya intently. What was with the staff at this hotel?

"Thank you." I said pulling Zoya along behind me and towards the bellboy who smiled motioning us towards the elevator. Great, being stuck in an elevator with him. So great. Not.

 "Ah, room 1005, one of our nicest suites. Are you and your brother visiting from out of town?" He asked smiling at Zoya.

"I don't think you need to know what my wife and I do." I said glaring at him. The audacity of this man.

"Oh right, sorry." he said as his eyes went to Zoya's left hand, his face confused. Shit. We forgot the ring. I just glared at him as he cowered back towards the side of the elevator. He smiled nervously as the elevator opened. He walked out in front of us and towards a room at the end of the hallway, right next to a fire exit. Perfect.

"Let me know if you guys need anything. Enjoy your stay." He said, almost running back towards the elevator. I smiled, I loved scaring little idiots.

"There better be two beds!" Zoya yelled as soon as the door closed.

"It is a suite, there are two rooms." I said thanking the lord for that, god knows what would have happened if I had to share a room with her. The suite had a large living room with two couches and a large TV, with a decent sized kitchen behind it. There was one door on each side of the living room, leading into the two bedrooms.   

"Good!" She exclaimed walking towards the couch and falling on it. "By the way, what's the plan? When do we leave? And is there anyway to get all my stuff back from the creep's place? I miss my clothes." She pouted.

"How about you go to sleep now, and we can discuss this tomorrow?" I said exasperated.

"Gee, of course. I will so be able to fall asleep in these jeans and my dirty top. And I don't need to change my bra or undies or anything." She said sarcastically. "I need clothes." She whined walking towards the room to the right.

 "Oooh, a fluffy bathrobe! This will work...for now." Asad heard her say following by the slam of a door.

She just had to mention her bra and undies, just another image I needed. Her in nothing but her bra. Damn, it was a nice mental image.

I sighed in relief as the shower started, and then realized that she was ten feet away from me, naked. I groaned and willed myself to stop thinking about it. But alas, the image wouldn't leave my mind now.

Focus. Focus. Focus. I willed myself to move to into the other room and called headquarters.

"Khan?" I heard the voice of Akash Raizada, another agent, one of his partners. All though he was the tech guy now, and worked from head quarters, he used to go out on missions with Arnav and me, but that all changed when he met his wife, Payal.


"So all is good?"

"Yeah, we just checked into the hotel. There were about five goons at her cottage, they should all be unconscious for another few hours. I will text you the address so you can get rid of them."

"Okay. But I have some bad news." He said gravely.


"Well, Gafur Siddiqui has filed a complaint against her, claiming she ran away with important business information, so it is going to be hard to get her out of the country for a while now. We are going to have to re-locate you." He said. "Somewhere comfortable for you, where you know the ins and outs, where it wouldn't be suspicious for you to show up...do you get what I am saying?

"You want me to take her home?" I asked surprised.

"That would be ideal, and it is what you have been ordered to do. But your family and mine are headed to the farm house off of Delhi for your parent's wedding anniversary party. Apparently they are going all out for the 25th year...Mom and Dilshad Bi have insisted on you and Bhai to be there...so tada! Even better right? " He said meekly. Oh dear lord, more festivities. Aarti Khala and aami just needed an excuse to throw parties.

"How do I explain this to my family? Don't you think they'd ask what I am doing back after a whole year, with a girl."

"Uh, she's your fiancee. You met her, fell in love, blah blah, you know the story."

"They're not going to like this Akash. Ammi won't believe me, hell, even Khala won't believe me." I sighed, knowing there was no way to avoid it. It was part of the job, I had often shown up at my house with a new friend or acquaintance, but previously they had all been male.

"Sorry bro.  But chill out, we can handle it, plus Bhai is going to be there...he'll make them believe it. They believe every word that comes out of his mouth. Anyways, I am going to run over all the information and come see you tomorrow morning? Room 1005 right?"

"Yeah, and Akash. Um, she's been complaining that she needs clothes and um bras and stuff." I said really quickly causing Akash to laugh.

"Don't worry, we'll get it for her. All the information is in the file, but her bra size." He laughed. "You wouldn't know would you?"

"NO! Why would I know?"

"This is going to be interesting, working with a girl for once. So you go find her bra size and text it to me later, okay?" He laughed, clearly enjoying this too much.

"What the- Akash! What do I do, just ask her what her bra size is? That's weird dude." I yelled exasperated.

"I don't know. Steal her bra, ask her, measure her...it's your problem." He laughed.

"I hate you."

 "Bhai is going to die when I tell him this." Akash laughed.

"Fine, frikin a-hole." I murmured hanging up. I texted him the location of our cottage and got my clothes out of my suitcase and headed to the bathroom to take a shower, a cold shower.

I walked out of my room dressed in a white kurta just as she walked out of her room, her hair wet to one side of her neck and in a big fluffy bathrobe.

Damn, she even looks sexy in ugly bathrobes. Especially when you know that there is nothing underneath said bathrobe and the bathrobe falls right above her knee, leaving her long sexy legs on display. Cold shower needed. Again. Urgently.

No.Must find bra size before. Bra. Boobs. NO. Concentrate Asad. Not on her boobs. Look at her face. Her perfect face.

"Uh, um, what's your...uh...bra size?" I asked without thinking. Shit, no no no. I was suppose to ask her in a different way...

"Allah Miyah!" gasped Zoya. "What is wrong with you? Who asks a girl what her bra size is?" she said crossing her arms in front of her breasts, which doesn't really help the situation. It just draws more attention to her boobs.

"Calm down. It is for the agency...to get you new clothes, since you were complaining." I said rolling my eyes. 

"Oh, um 36C." She murmured blushing.

I nodded and sent out a text to Akash walking towards my bedroom again. "Order dinner." I yelled over my shoulder closing the door.

I lay on my bed and closed my eyes. This girl is going to be the death of me. I hope Akash gets her ugly clothes, big clothes that hide her body. Who am I kidding? That wouldn't help either, she'd be just as sexy. I groaned getting back up and moving back into the living room.

I opened the door to see Raj, the bellhop from earlier roll in a cart filled with food. He was staring too intently at Zoya for my liking, so I cleared my throat causing his eyes to flash up to mine.

"Thank you." I said looking at the door pointedly. He blushed and left, giving one last longing look to Zoya.

"Did you order everything on the menu?" I teased as the cart was overflowing with food.  

"I am hungry okay?" she replied grabbing food from the cart. "Pizzza!" she squealed grabbing a piece and stuffing it in her mouth.

"Mhmmm." she moaned. "I've missed you baby." She said looking at her pizza slice. She needs to stop moaning. Asad, be a gentleman. No mental images. No. Stop. Stupid brain.

I grabbed a slice and some pasta and sat down on the recliner opposite her. She was munching on her slice with a smile on her face now. She was absolutely adorable, like a little kid with a lollypop. I smiled as I ate, this girl goes from being sexy to cute in milliseconds.

"Sooo, Mr. 007! What's the plan? Private helicopter on the roof? Sneaking into the bad guy's lair?"

"None of the above. You need to lay low for a while, you are now a criminal in the eyes of the law. Apparently you ran away with some important information."

She gasped. "That a**hole! How ironic, the murderer calling the police."

"Murderer?" I asked hoping she was kidding.

"He killed someone! Right in front of my eyes! Well, I was hiding, but you know what I mean. He shot a man right in the head."

"Please tell me he didn't see you there."

She looked at me sheepishly. "he did."

"Did you see anything else?"

"Um, he is also a drug dealer, a pimp of some kind and he basically asked me to steal for him."

"F**k!" I said grabbing the phone and walking back to my room.

"Akash, we have a problem." I said as soon as the phone went through.

"What happened?"

"She is a witness to murder, drug deals, prostitution and everything that goes on at the mansion and get this, they know she is a witness."

"Oh, so that complicates things a bit. We need to keep her safe, we've already changed her name to Zoya Khan, so they won't be able to track her using her name. She doesn't know anyone here either. But she's going to have to stay in India for some time. We've been looking for someone to testify against the man for years." Akash said grimly.

"Can't we just let her go? I don't want her involved in this." I sighed 

"Um, you okay Asad?" Akash asked surprised. 

"Oh, um, never mind." Major blunder, I cannot be so involved with the subject. Shit. Rule Number 1. "So change in game plan or what?" 

"No, I think we're okay with the farmhouse idea. You are going to be there with me and bhai, that's the safest. And no one will question your appearance since you'll be going for the party." Akash reasoned. 

"Hmm, okay. So I'll see you tomorrow?"

 "Yeah." Akash said hanging up. 

I moved back into the room and Zoya looked up at me questioningly.

"Are you willing to testify against him?" I asked. 

"Well duh." she said as it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"You do realize that he will be after your life?"

"Nothing new right? He already is." She smiled.

"Why are you not freaking out?" I asked observing her. I had seen the strongest of men give in to the pressures of the outside world, to be scared, terrified of such situations, yet she sat there, munching on her chocolate covered strawberries like she was on vacation. She was amazing.

"You are here for a reason right?" She pointed out.

"Hmm." I nodded. "Well you should get to sleep, we'll be discussing our next move tomorrow morning." I said. 

"Okay, I need to make a call though." She said.

"You cannot."

 "It's important."

 "You cannot be in contact with anyone you know."

 "If I don't call her, she will find me." Zoya said firmly.


"My best friend."

"I highly doubt that she would come all the way to India just because you didn't call her. And if she does, she will never find you."

 "Ha! You don't know her, she will find me if I don't call her. She is probably freaking out by now."

 "She won't. And you won't call her. Now go to sleep Zoya." I pointed towards the room. She glared at me and left, only to come back.

 "Can I text her?"




"iMessage? FaceTime? Ping? Facebook? Tweet? BBM? Tango?" She listed as I shook my head.

"Go to sleep Zoya."

"Fine." she mumbled leaving.

"Can I upload an 'I am okay' picture on tumblr? On Instagram?"

"ZOYA! Go. to. sleep." I said stressing every word.

She slammed the door and I sighed in relief as I heard her fall into bed. I walked back into my room, adjusted myself on the bed and closed my eyes willing sleep to come. 

It could have been minutes or hours later when I was awakened by a loud scream. I sprang up as I heard another scream from Zoya's room. Shit. I grabbed the gun and ran towards her room pushing her door open. But there was no one there.

Zoya was gasping and screaming...in her sleep.

 "Nooo! Don't kill him. Leave him. LEAVE HIM." She screamed. I moved closer to the bed, her face was sweaty. She looked pained, as if she was living her nightmare again. I sat on the side of the bed.

"Zoya." I whispered shaking her. "Zoya."

 She slowly opened her eyes, disoriented, she blinked a few times and let out a sob as she flung herself into my arms. She cried burying her head into the crook of my neck, tears streaming down her face. I wrapped my arms around her, rubbing her back soothingly.

"It was just a dream Zoya, shhh. It's okay. You are okay." I whispered over and over again, as her tears slowed and stopped. She sniffled and moved her face away from neck, but she was still in my lap. "Do you want to talk about it? My mom says talking about nightmares helps." I asked.

 "L-Last week...A man was brought in, he was crying, his face bloody. He was begging for his life, talking about his children. But no one listened, and then Gafur Siddiqui just laughed and shot him in the head." She whispered. "His face haunts me, he said he had two kids to look after, and no one listened to him, they just shot him dead. They orphaned two kids without even thinking..." She broke into tears again. 

"Shhh, it's okay Zoya. They'll be okay." I reassured her but the tears didn't stop. I have never felt so helpless, how do you make someone stop crying? I sat there confused with her in my arms as I rubbed soothing circles into her back, hoping it would help. She snuggled back into my neck again and quieted. She didn't move an inch, her breathing slowed eventually. I moved her away and noticed that she was fast asleep, tears still on her face.

I couldn't help but reach out and wipe them away from her cheeks. I felt the same current-like feeling pass through me as my fingers came in contact with her soft cheeks. She was absolutely flawless, her eyes were big framed by long thick eyelashes. Her nose was little and cute. Her jaw angular yet soft. Her lips, dear lord, her lips were perfect. Plump and pouty, begging to be kissed. My thumb moved from her cheeks to her lips, I ran it across her bottom lip and she shivered, snuggling back into my chest.

I moved her arm from around my neck and tried to lay her down. She snuggled into the pillow her nose scrunching up a little. I smiled as I tried to move away, but her hand was holding the collar of my kurta firmly. I tried to pry her hand off but she just held it tighter and whimpered.

Okay then, I guess I am not going anywhere. I lay down across her, her hand stretching out over the length between us. I turned on my side and faced her. She looked like an angel when she slept with soft smile on her face and her beautiful long hair fanned out around her. And that is how I spent the night, looking at her face. For some reason, sleep evaded me. Maybe because the face that haunted my sleep for the past two years was now in front of me instead of being a distant memory. My memory didn't do it any justice though.


TADAAA! Okay, so let me know what you think so farrr!  You will be meeting Arnav and Khushi the next chapter!

 For the mean time, please check out my other works!

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