OS: So you meant it? Really?

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Here's a little one shot, inspired by the pre-cap. Its not going to happen like this, obviously, but this idea was jumping in my head wanting to get out. So here it is!
Edited: November 30, 2014 b/c I cringed at my lack of constancy in tense when I read it. 

OS: So you meant it? Really?

Asad's POV


Beautiful. Exquisite. Gorgeous. Stunning. Striking. All these words were not enough to describe the way Zoya looked right then. That colour against her fair flawless skin always did something to me, it made her look so ethereal that my breath hitched in my throat when I saw her. I couldn't take my eyes off of her when she wore traditional clothing, maybe it was because that is how I saw her the first time. In that red wedding lehenga, dressed for a wedding, even then I couldn't take my eyes off of her. And I had lost count of how many times the same Zoya, in that red lehenga and that black shawl, starred in my dreams. 

 I knew I should have stopped staring at her, I knew she noticed my eyes on her. But I couldn't get myself to care or look away, her shiny hair was blowing lightly in the wind, her smile made those beautiful dimples appear on her cheeks and her eyes, her beautiful eyes looked even bigger with the make-up she was wearing. She paused when her eyes locked onto mine, and for a moment everything else seemed to disappear. And then she got the look on her face, the look she usually gave me before stomping off, like she had earlier today. She was definitely still mad at me. She looked away, with that cute pout of hers.


It was moments like this where I just wanted to hold her and not let her go. I wanted to tell her that I meant it when I put that ring on her finger, I want to tell her that I am crazy about her. Completely, and totally under her power. That the thought of her leaving me killed me, that my life would never be a life without her. She could ask me to give up my life for her and I would, in a heartbeat. I should have said all of that, if I did she wouldn't be standing across the room glaring at me.


"Kya dekh rahe ho Asad?"


"She's so beaut-" I started to say, but stopped myself in time. I turned around to look at my ammi, who was giving me the biggest grin. I swear she would get me married off to Zoya right now if she could. They'd probably kick me out of the house and keep her after the wedding. 

"Beautiful? She is, the most beautiful girl in this room, in the world. Lekin, mujhe lagta hai ki tumhe usse batana chahiye." Ammi said pushing me in her direction. I blushed and looked away at being caught by my mother. But I had a feeling she knew the extent of my feelings really well. She was my mother after all.


I started to walk towards my musibat when I noticed another guy approach her. He was tall, maybe a year or two younger than me and definitely good looking. And I don't know why but I didn't like the way he was looking at my Zo- I mean Zoya. He started talking to her and she laughed, the room filled with the sounds of her tinkling laughter and I felt a pang, I was hardly ever on the receiving end of that laughter, I always caused her to cry, and the ease with which this random man made her laugh made me hate, I didn't even know him, but I hated him on sight. 


"Ms. Farooqui." I said as I approached her, she looked even more beautiful up close.


"Mr. Khan" She nodded and then looked away, almost as if she was dismissing me.


"Ammi is looking for you." I said. She wasn't but I needed to get her away from this abomination, who was staring daggers into the side of my face right about now. That's right buddy, back off. She's mine.


"She is not, and I am talking to my friend-" She said looking at the guy. "Um-"


"Karan." the guy smiled at her. Some friend, she didn't even know his name. That made me smile a bit, internally of course.

"Yes, Karan. We were having a nice chat before you interrupted." She said smugly. Oh, I knew what she was trying to do, and it was working.


"Yeah, so Zoya I was thinking that since you are new here I could show you around and stuff, maybe we could grab some dinner too." The... thing said. The nerve of him, how disrespectful, he just asked her out. And he was looking at her like he wanted to eat her. I could feel the blood rush to my face as I clenched my fists.


"Hey man, back off. That's my fiancee you are talking to." I said moving in front her, the words were out of my mouth before I even processed them, I knew I would regret them as soon as I heard myself say them. His eyes went straight to her left hand, where the ring, that I had put on her, sparkled proudly.


"Sorry man, I didn't know she was accounted for." He said holding up his hand and walking away. I just glared at him. How I would love to re-arrange that  face of his. Maybe I could pepper spray his eyes, Zoya probably has some.


"WHAT WAS THAT?" Zoya asked loudly, making many people turn around to look at us. I took her hand and dragged her out to the terrace. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? WHAT ARE YOU, A NEANDERTHAL? AND NOW I AM YOUR FIANCEE? A FEW HOURS AGO YOU SAID THAT YOU DIDN'T MEAN IT? ALLAH MIYAH WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU MR. KHAN? ONE SECOND YOU IGNORE ME AND THEN THE NEXT YOU DECLARE ME YOUR FIANCEE. WHAT IF I WANTED TO TALK TO THAT GUY, HUH? IT'S NOT LIKE THIS RING MEANS ANYTHING TO-" I put my hand over her mouth and looked at her, she was crying again, and I sighed realizing that it was all I ever seemed to do. I always made her cry, and at that moment I decided that I wasn't going to be the reason behind her tears ever again.


"Shut up for once and listen to me Zoya." I said quietly. I moved in closer to her and put my other arm around her waist. Her eyes grew wide as she stared at me. She smelled so good, flowery but there was something tangy about it. "I don't know what to think okay? I only said that I didn't mean it because I don't know what you want. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I can't stop thinking about you, and looking at you. The thought of you leaving hurts my heart. I don't want to let you out of my sight. You are making me crazy. I am confused okay, so bare with me here. I think I love you." I said letting my hand fall off her mouth. I don't know how I got that out without stuttering, maybe because she didn't interrupt me every secong. 


She just stared at me, then punched me in the arm. "You THINK you love me, what is there to think about? That means that you don't, why are you so emotionally challenged?" She went on and on, and on. Damn it, this woman, as amazing as she was, couldn't shut up and listen to me for once. I just poured out my heart to her and she's ranting.




"Be quiet, please." I said.




"FINE, you asked for it." I said  grabbing her face with both my hands. Her cheeks were so soft as I ran my thumbs over them. I slowly moved closer to her, looking at her lips, letting her know where I was headed so she could back away if she didn't want this. But she just closed her eyes. I smiled as my lips finally closed over hers. I closed my eyes and let myself forget everything around me that didn't concern Zoya, and it was easy. Her lips moved delicately against mine, I was in my own, personal heaven, she tasted like strawberries, like strawberry jam, and I loved it. I felt my whole body quiver as she moaned against my mouth, electricity sparked through me as her hand went into my hair and locked behind my neck. This was way better than I imagined it to be, and I had been imagining it for a while now. Her lips moved perfectly with mine, like they were just made for mine.  She moved away and let out a huge gasp and blushed looking at her feet.


I smirked.


"And she finally quiets." I said pulling her chin up with my finger. "You're mine, don't you forget that." I said giving her a peck again.


"So you meant it?" She asked.


"Zoya, I just kissed you for goodness' sake, and you ask me if I meant it?" I said staring at her, but she just looked up at me.


"I need to know that you want this as bad as I do." She whispered, a tear falling out her eye.


"Hey, no tears." I said wiping it away. "I meant it, I can't imagine my life without you, so I guess you're stuck with me'"


"I am glad." She smiled.


"You're beautiful." I said and there came the blush again. "Lets go inside before they start looking for me and my fiancee." I said smiling. 

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that was so cuteee!!!!
in dreamland Embarrassed

great job!Big smile
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Ohmygoddd, can you please continue? Pleaseee? It was AMAZINGGG!!
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oh this is so sweet 
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Aw (: That was so cute and beautiful at the same time!! (: Brilliant piece of work (:
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Awww!! too sweet yaar!!!...
Wish it would be like this for them but thats asking for too much...
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Res :)
Hayye that was a beautiful part
Very cute and very sweet
Adorable OS babes <3

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Beautiful story! Loved it:)
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