OS: The Joys of Being A Woman

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Holaaa Beautiful People! So I was bored, what else is new, and I wrote a new One-Shot. After today's sadness (AsadAngry) I thought you guys could use some cheering up. So I present to you the cuteness that is Asad and Zoya! Lemme know what you guys think! Comment, Like and well, this isn't YouTube so you can't suscribeee but yeah, Lemme knowww:) 


OS: The Joys of Being a Woman


"I HATE YOU MR. KHAN!" Zoya screamed out half crying-half laughing while squeezing Asad's hand hard.




"Of course I am listening. It's going to be okay. Calm down Zoya." Asad said sounding tired and scared. Only two women in this world could instill fear in him: his ammi and Zoya.




"Ammi!" Asad said exasperated looking at his mother who was standing in the corner of the room laughing with Zoya's Aapi, trying to hide her smile behind her hands. "Why are you laughing? She just said she hates me." Asad whined confused.


"Beta, she is going to say that for the next few hours. She doesn't mean it, she is just in pain. Don't take it to heart." Dilshad explained to her lost son.


"YEAH, I AM IN PAIN. BECAUSE OF YOU!" Zoya said hitting his arm hard. "The least you can do is go get me some ice!"


Asad sprang up and ran to get ice for Zoya. Zoya watched him retreat out of the room like he was on fire.


"Men." She murmured.


He came back as quick as he left with ice, and handed it to her, she sniffled a small thank you.


"It's all going to be okay." Asad said squeezing his hand reassuringly. Dilshad shook her head in the corner of the room, that was the wrong thing to say. She patiently awaited the outburst that followed.




This was the final straw for Dilshad and the nurse in the room who both burst out laughing. The nurse had heard a lot of crazy stuff coming out of pregnant women, but this had to be the funniest. Never had someone referred to a baby as a watermelon.


The nurse smiled when she noticed how the man was watching his wife with so much love. He was constantly touching her and he looked like he was in pain when the woman screamed.


Asad was confused and scared. He didn't know how to keep his wife happy, she was in labour and he was freaking out. How do people do this? Ever since Zoya had said "my water just broke" Asad's world became a disaster. His wife who was extra clingy and loving the past few months started spewing how much she hated him.


" 'Let's have a baby Zoya!' He said, 'It'll be worth it, the baby can have your eyes and lips' he said. I don't know why I listened to you, this is torture! I am never having sex with you again" Zoya claimed.


The statement shocked and saddened Asad. "I am so sorry baby! I love you Zoya Ahmed Khan." Asad said kissing his wife's hands, she loved being referred to as Zoya Ahmed Khan and he'd hoped that this would make her a bit happier.


"Well, your love doesn't make this hurt any less. Get this baby out of me!" Zoya cried as another contraction hit her.


"Zoya, the baby book said you're going to in labour for-"


"If you tell me what is written in the baby book one more time. I swear to God that you will not have anything left to make babies with." Zoya seethed. The baby book pissed her off.


Ever since she had announced her pregnancy her overprotective husband had become even more overprotective, if possible. The first week he wouldn't allow her to walk anywhere, he would carry her. Zoya found it cute the first few days but had enough by the fourth day. He wouldn't listen to her though. It took the doctor ordering him to let her walk around for him to listen.


If his overprotectiveness wasn't bad enough, he'd bought out every parenting book he could find. The living room table had a stack of books almost as tall as Najma. He would read them all day, and then relay the information to Zoya.


The following phrases are some Zoya had become tired of hearing:


All the time: "The book says you should eat more __________. "

At 4 weeks: "The book says our baby's nervous system is developing."

At 5 weeks: "The book says that the placenta is developed! Wait, let me find the definition of placenta."

At 6 weeks: "Zoya! The book says our baby looks like a jelly bean now, isn't that so cute? Come look at the picture!"

At 7 weeks: "The book says his or her legs and arms are forming! The baby will be able to move soon!"

At 8 weeks: "Did you know our baby can move now Zoya? Come read the book!"

At 9 weeks: "Why can't I feel the baby move?" He'd ask with his hand on Zoya's stomach. "Oh wait, the book says you can't feel it. Nevermind."

At 10 weeks: "ZOYA! This book says that our baby has fingernails now!"


And on and on he went. Zoya was sure he could quote all the books by heart now. As annoying as he was, Zoya found it really cute. He was so invested in the baby and her. He made sure she had everything she wanted. He would cuddle with her every night, holding her stomach. He would kiss her and their baby good night and good morning. He'd run out the house at 2 am when she had cravings, he never complained about it either. He was going to be the perfect father.


Zoya still remembered the tears in his eyes when he saw the baby for the first time.


"This is so exciting!" He said for the millionth time holding Zoya's hand while waiting for the doctor. Zoya rolled her eyes but smiled at him, he sounded like an excited kid. He had taken the day off work to be there for the appointment.


"We are going to see our baby for the first time! The book says he/she won't look like a baby though." Asad pouted making Zoya laugh.


"Mrs. Zoya Khan!" The nurse called, Zoya and Asad got up and followed the nurse into the room.


"First baby?" The nurse smiled.


"How'd you know?" Zoya laughed.


"Well you are shaking and your husband here hasn't let go of your hand." She laughed. "Young man, I assure you the world won't end if you let her hand go, I am going to need to weigh her."


Asad blushed and let Zoya's hand go. "Sorry." He muttered.


After taking Zoya's blood pressure and weight, the nurse directed her into an examination room handing her a hospital gown. "Just change into that, and the doctor will be right there."


Zoya sat on the bed removing her shoes.


"So do I get to watch my stunning wife strip?" Asad teased.


"Nooope!" Zoya laughed moving behind the curtain at the side of the room.


"Not fair!" Asad laughed.


Zoya came out from behind the curtain and struck a pose in her gown. "So how stunning do I look?" She laughed.


"You always look stunning." Asad smiled causing his wife to blush. Zoya made her way towards the bed, Asad jumped as soon as he realized Zoya was making her way towards the bed, he picked her up bridal style and put her on it.


"I am pregnant, not disabled Asad." Zoya rolled her eyes, but Asad just grinned at her.


The doctor knocked on the door and entered the room, the lady had a huge smile on her face as she noticed the cute couple.


"Hello Mr and Mrs. Khan, I am Dr. Sharma. It's nice to meet you. I see this is your first visit, so I am going to have to ask you a few questions." She smiled.


Zoya nodded at her waiting for her to continue.


"When was your last cycle?" She asked.


"Around April 8th."


"Okay, I see here that you were on birth control?" The doctor asked.


"Yeah! I had a mild flu so I was taking antibiotics. I read online that some antibiotics cause the pills to be uneffective?" Zoya questioned shyly.


"You heard right. When were you taking the antibiotics?"


"The same week. I think that's when I got pregnant." Zoya blushed.


"April 14th to be exact." Asad muttered under his breath causing Zoya to glare at him blushing.


"All right." The doctor smiled. "Lay down and pull your gown up Zoya." The doctor said putting on gloves and grabbing a jar of blue gel. "This is going to be a bit cold." She warned and rubbed the cold blue gel on Zoya's stomach and grabbed a wand and turned on the monitor.


"Ah, that ball right there is your baby, it doesn't resemble a baby yet since you are so early. Only 4 weeks along. See that, that's your baby's heartbeat, you won't be able to hear it yet, but it is strong and healthy. We should be able to hear it by your next appointment."


Zoya smiled and looked up at Asad, his eyes were moist as he stared at the monitor in awe. Zoya couldn't help but smile, although Asad had come far from being the emotionally challenged man she first fell in love with, he still didn't let his walls down for the rest of the world. He only showed his emotions when they were alone. The sheer happiness and emotions that graced his face replaced the look of calm that he carried all the time, he was mesmerized by his baby.


Zoya squeezed his hand as the doctor wiped off the gel. Asad remained quiet during the rest of the appointment as the doctor prescribed parental vitamins and explained the changes that would occur.


He had yet to say a word as he buckled her into the car. He went over to his side of the car and got in. He turned to look at Zoya, and the love in his eyes threw her off.


"I love you so much Zoya. Thank you." He said kissing her forehead. Zoya smiled and wiped away his tear.


"I love you too." She smiled. "So, so much."


Zoya was brought out her recollection as another contraction hit her. She squeezed Asad's hand hard as it passed.


"Almost there bacha, you're doing great." Aapi said running her hand through Zoya's hair.


"Aapi, I can't do this. I am so scared, what if something happens to my baby?" Zoya cried.


"Everything is going to be fine Zoya, don't worry. I am sure even God fears what Asad will do if anything happens to you two." Aapi laughed looking at Asad. She was so glad that he Zoya had found a man that loved her more than anything in the world.


Dr. Sharma walked into the room and smiled at the scene she saw. Dilshad and Zeenat were both fussing over Zoya as Asad sat beside her holding her hand and gazing at her adoringly and moving whenever Zoya moved in the slightest. Dr. Sharma had yet to see another couple who were so in sync with each other.


"I think it's time." Dr. Sharma smiled moving towards the bed, the nurse nodded confirming that the patient was fully dilated.


"When the next contraction comes Zoya, I need you to push while counting until ten. Don't stop pushing until your reach ten, and then you can rest until the next contraction, okay?" Dr. Sharma asked.


Zoya nodded her head looking lost. She was scared out of her mind.

"Okay, here comes the first one. Push!"


The nurse counted to ten, Zoya fell back onto the pillow as soon as she heard ten. She had no idea it would hurt so much. Asad was also scared looking at his wife in so much pain. He kept wiping her face with a cold cloth. It was the only thing that kept her sane. Aapi and Dilshad both held her hand.


"Okay, again Zoya!" the doctor instructed. Zoya pushed again with all her might, hoping that this would end soon. She wanted to see her baby. She fell back again as the nurse said ten.


"I can't do this Asad." Zoya cried.


"Yes, you can baby. You are Zoya Ahmed Khan, you can do anything remember? And you are so strong, just a little more Zoya, and then we can see our baby. And you can brag that you were right if it is a boy." Asad said lovingly. They had decided not to know the gender beforehand, but Zoya was so sure it was a boy.


"Okay, last time Zoya. The baby is crowning. NOW." Dr. Sharma said and Zoya pushed as hard as she could and suddenly fell back, like a huge weight had been removed. He room filled with a loud cry causing Zoya to smile. Her baby.


"It's a boy!" Dr. Sharma declared. Zoya smiled and looked towards Asad, but he wasn't looking at her. He was looking at their baby boy, a look of adoration and love in his eyes.


"Would daddy like to cut the umbilical cord?" Dr. Sharma smiled. Asad stood their shocked.


"Go." Zoya said quietly. Asad slowly walked towards the doctor and his baby. He was beautiful, even covered with blood and tissue. The doctor handed him the scissors and motioned towards the umbilical cord.


"Are you sure this won't hurt Zoya or the baby?" Asad asked scared, causing both Aapi and Dilshad along with the doctor to laugh.


"It won't hurt a bit." Dr. Sharma smiled.


Asad carefully cut the cord, and the nurse swept up the baby cleaning him and wrapping him in a blanket. She handed the baby to Asad who looked shocked.


"He is so tiny." Asad whispered touching his cheek with his finger. "I am your daddy little one. Want to see your beautiful mommy?" Asad cooed at the baby in a voice that no one had heard before. Zoya was mesmerized, seeing Asad holding their baby made her chest feel warm. It was the most perfect sight in the world.


Zoya smiled as Asad brought the baby to her. She held out her hand and Asad carefully placed the baby in her arms.


"Hey you." Zoya smiled at her baby boy. "Aren't you the prettiest baby ever?" Zoya cooed. "He has your nose, he looks so much like you Asad." Zoya noticed.


Asad just smiled and sat beside his wife staring at his baby.


"I love you both, so much." he whispered.


"Should we name him?" Zoya asked excited, they already had a name picked out. They looked up at Dilshad and Zeenat.


"Aapi, Ammi, come meet your grandson Rehan Ahmed Khan." Zoya smiled. Dilshad grabbed the baby and both women cooed over him. They were already in love with him.


"You are amazing." Asad whispered into Zoya's ear. "I don't understand why people call women the weaker sex, no man in the world could create something so beautiful."


"I love you." Zoya smiled.


"Thank Goodness, and here I was thinking that you hated me! I love you too. More and more everyday." Asad said kissing her forehead.


"I was in pain, I didn't mean what I said! I could never hate you." Zoya said.


"So it was all a lie? Especially, the part about me not being allowed to touch you ever again?" Asad smirked causing Zoya to blush and shake her head. "Because I was thinking that Rehan may want a little sister in a year or two."



"Asad!" Zoya said slapping his arm causing Asad to laugh.


"What? We make cute babies together." He laughed.


"He looks just like you, but with my lips." Zoya smiled gazing at Aapi holding her baby.


"He is perfect. I never thought that I could love someone so much, but seeing him just.." he started but couldn't finish his thought.


Zoya smiled at her husband. "By the way, you owe me a kiss, it is a boy!" Zoya laughed.


"Oh, how sad." Asad laughed, it was a win-win situation for him either way.


"I love you Zoya Ahmed Khan." He said moving closer to her and giving her a peck on the lips.


"Hey, that's not a proper kiss! I feel cheated." Zoya pouted.


"Baby, I think we better wait until we don't have an audience." Asad laughed causing Zoya to blush. "I mean, I know you are besharam and all but..."


Zoya gasped. "I hate you Mr. Khan!"


And they all lived happily ever after...



Posted: 2013-05-07T16:41:05Z


This was soo sooo beautiful! How Zoya kept cursing Asad, hahaha funny!
And then Asad being so protective of Zoya while she was pregnant and even in labour! Awww

The whole teasing Asad was a delight too! And then the baby cameee <3 
That was beautiful! How Asad held the baby, his baby! Wonderfully cute!

Loved everything about this OS! Mega adorable! Heart

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Posted: 2013-05-07T16:48:00Z


Awww, this was super adorable Big smile So beautiful. Loved the way Zoya was cursing Asad and Asad's joy when he held the baby, so well portrayed. Really cute.
Edited by s120 - 2013-05-08T02:04:39Z
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Posted: 2013-05-07T16:53:32Z
This OS was just Adorable! The way everything was portrayed with Zoya cursing Asad and the magical moment of all, the baby! Nicely written, you described everything nicely!
~Sophie :) 
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Posted: 2013-05-07T16:54:28Z
OMG! That was soo cute! Absolutely loved it!!Heart
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Posted: 2013-05-07T16:58:05Z
Oh! so beautiful, Heartit, you are an awesome writer, superlike , a big hug to youHugyou made my day, after the episode I was super pissed, but this is just so lovely, really awesome..
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Posted: 2013-05-07T16:58:47Z
wow it was amazing thank u for sharing and pming me
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Posted: 2013-05-07T17:00:02Z
Totally Awesome
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