AsYa SS: |Busted| (Epilogue, Page 54, Complete)

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Holaaa Lovelies! I was bored so I decided to write a one shot, but then I got so into it that it turned out to be way longer than I expected, since I randomly thought of cute moments that should happen between AsYa as I was writing. So I am going to divide it into a few parts! It is the same time as the current track in QH [after Asad stops Zoya at the airport and Dilshad issues the 10 day challenge], and its about how Billo Rani gets busted! Lemme know what you think! See you on the other sideee! :)

Part 1- Below

Zoya's POV


"Mr. Khan!" I said as I opened his slightly ajar door and stepped into his pristine room. 


"Ms. Farooqui. How many times have I told you to knock before you walk into a room." He yelled blushing, why you may ask? Because the man was shirtless... yet again. I think he had something against wearing shirts, not that I minded because, well, that is one sexy body he has there . Looking at him shirtless makes me want to just touch his biceps, his triceps, and his abs, Allah Miyah, his abs were so perfect, they could probably cut diamonds. I wanted to just lic-


"You have a little bit of drool on the side of your mouth there." Jahapana smirked while putting on his shirt.The sad thing was that he knew that I was thirsty for his body. But can you blame a girl when he looks like he does and I just happen to find him shirtless many times, it's almost like I have a built in radar. A Jahapana 6-pack Detector.


"Woh... nahin, mein aapke biceps, triceps nahi dekh rahi thi, aur sex... I mean six, six pack bhi nahi dekh rahi thi." I said, well tried to say, I was quite sure that I was blushing, seriously Zoya! Might as well just tell him that you were imagining licking his abs, you already said sex. This man's body did some weird voodoo on me, my mouth just freezes up when he takes off his shirt and then I start spouting nonsense. I stood and watched as he grabbed a shirt, black of course, and put it on. Allah Miyah, why is he putting his shirt back on? My ever so dramatic mind conjured an image of me screaming "naahiii, yeh naynsafi hai!" And I agreed, it should be illegal for this man to wear a shirt, around me at least. 


"Aap mujhe dekhne aaye hai yah koi kaam bhi tha?" He said crossing his arms in front of his chest, his broad chest, his sexy pectorals. I shook myself out of my shirtless Asad induced stupor and decided I should answer his question.


"Don't flatter yourself Mr. Khan, even if you are eye candy...I mean if I wanted to ogle someone I would go google pictures of Hrithik Roshan or something." I said rolling my eyes. "Now, those are abs." I said jibing him, he looked angry, a flash or irritation graced his face. Ooo, Jahapana doesn't like being compared to other men. Score Zoya! 


"Aapko aisi baate karte sharam nahi aati?" He questioned as I rolled my eyes at him.


"Is mein sharam ki kya baat hai? Allah nai usko dekhne kai liye hi banaya hai, aur mere paas ankhein hai usko dekhne kai liye..." I said stating the obvious.


"What do you want Miss Farooqui?" He said pinching his nose, ah, his signature move. Oh, how I love annoying him, he looks so cute when he is angry with me. Like a little kitty pretending to be a lion. Haaa! I should tell him that, he'd be so mad. But then again when he is really angry, I mean really angry, he looks like a tiger waiting to pounce on his prey - which he did when my safety was in jeopardy.


"Before I was so rudely interrupted." I said as he gave me an exasperated look. "I was going to ask you if you've noticed something weird going on around the house?"


"Miss Farooqui." I honestly don't know why he calls me that, I am his fiancee after all, and Zoya sounds way better coming from his lips. His very kissable lips and his sexy voice...and the way my name rolls off his tongue. The said sexy voice broke me out of my thoughts as he said, "You live in this house, thus everything IS weird." 


"HAHA, you are sooo funny Mr. Khan. Seriously though, for once apna dimag use kijiye." I said sarcastically, he gave me that look again, where his eyes kind of roll back. I think its cute. Well, everything this man does is cute, or hot or sexy.


"What do you mean Miss Farooqui?" he sounded confused, aw my shona baby.


"I don't know how to say this... don't get mad okay? I said sheepishly. He just looked at me. "You have to promise me first Mr. Khan! Whenever I say something you get mad, and kick me out and then realize that you are wrong and come running after me like a mad man because you DO care for me. "


"Miss Farooqui, I don't have time for this. Can you get to the point? I will try not to get mad." He said sitting down on his bed.


"Well, have you noticed that Tanveer is acting...weird? Like suspicious?" I said really quickly and waited for his response.


"Just because you are weird doesn't mean that everyone else is." He said getting up and walking away.


"Mr. Khan, can you listen to me for just once?" I said grabbing his hand, of course all of a sudden I forgot what I was going to say because I felt my hands tingling, like a bolt of electricity running through me and my skin warmed as he unconsciously held onto my hand. He didn't say anything but just stared at me, he seemed to do that a lot. He looked at me so...tenderly something and confused the hell out of me. When he looks at me like that I feel like he does care for me, maybe even loves me but then he vehemently denies it the minute I bring it up.


"Everything is weird these days, Ammi insisting we get married in ten days, your mood swings..." He said when I interrupted him.


"MY MOOD SWINGS? You are the bipolar one here. 'Oh Zoya mat jao, ab yeh meri mangetar hai aur mujhe inko rokne ka pura haq hai' and then 'yeh sab drama tha, I didn't mean it."


"Zoya- can you tell me what you came in here to tell me?"


"Fine. Do you remember how the other day, at the airport, when you- um you know." I smiled, he looked down, the man is blushing. Awww, he is blushing at the thought of proposing to me, in front of the world, while crying, and looking like he meant it. Stop getting side tracked Zoya! "Mr. Bha-Bha-Whatever was saying that some girl kept calling him over and over again telling them about our fake engagement. I was thinking about it - no one knew about the engagement but Ammi, Najma, Tanu and us." Why do I like the way "us" sounds so much? Ya Allah.


"What are you implying? That Tanu was the one calling?" He asked like I was crazy and growing another head from my neck.


"Well yeah, who else would? Najma wouldn't, Ammi wouldn't and no one else knew..." I reasoned.

"Miss Farooqui, aap ki tabiyat theek hai?" He questioned.


"Mr. Khan, think about it. How else would Mr. Whatever find out?" Of course he wouldn't believe me, his precious Tanu couldn't be questioned. She probably did some weird voodo on her, he seemed to believe her over me. Unbelievable. 


"You are just jealous of her."


"Excuse me! Why would I be jealous of her?" I yelled, well I kind of was, but I'd never admit it to him. He tells her everything, but he won't talk to me civilly. And Tanu with her Jammy this, Jammy that, how dare she call him Jammy? Only I was allowed to give him nicknames, my nicknames irked him and made him smile.  And he doesn't call her Miss Whatever her last name is, he calls her Tanu, her name is Tanveer, not Tanu, why does she get a nickname when I am Miss Farooqui?!


"Of course you are not Miss Kyun aap sirf Tanu kai haath ka bana khaana khate hai?"


"That was a question, no jealousy there."


"Miss Farooqui, you are wasting my time and yours. Stop accusing the poor girl." Mr. Khan said trying to walk away again. 


"Allah Miyah, what's wrong with you Mr. Khan? I wouldn't question her either if I didn't have a reason to. I have proof, come with me." I said grabbing his hand and running to the living room dragging him with me. Grabbing his hand was a frequent occurrence now, for both of us, and I loved it. I slid in front of the phone and pressed the play button for the answering machine. "Listen."


"Tanveer Bi, mein master ji bol raha hoon. Bas aapko batana tha ki Mr. Abbas ka order nikal chukka hai, or uski payment bhi aagye hai. Aur Annaya Bi ka order bhi tayar hai lekin woh aapse pehle baat karna chahti hain. Factory mein sab kheriyat hai ' BEEP." The end of his sentence got cut out since the message was too long.


"But Tanveer nai to kaha tha ki-." Mr. Khan stated in disbelief.


"Factory jal gayi thi." I finished.


A shocked Mr. Khan sat down on the couch. I sat down beside him waiting for him to process what he had heard. "But why would she lie about that?" He asked.


"I don't know. But that's what I mean, she's been acting so weird recently." I said. "She is always creeping around the house, and the way she looks at me's like she wants to eat me alive."


Mr. Khan's head shot up and he looked right at me, the look on his face was one of worry and, and another emotion that I couldn't pin point. It was like he realized something and it shocked the hell out of him.


"The wire." He whispered.


"The wire?" I asked confused. What wire?


"Yesterday, when that live wire fell into your bathtub...the wire was tucked underneath the flower pots like it was routed to your bathroom." He said quietly. He got up and practically ran towards the fuse box as I followed. "It is still here, I didn't really think about it after everything that happened yesterday, I was worried about getting to you on time...and then we had to leave for the Walima. But now that I think about it, it doesn't feel like an accident" He explained, the wire was tucked neatly under two pots and led to the fuse box where it was connected to a fuse. The wire was also distinctly different from the rest, it was grey while the others were black or yellow, it didn't belong there - someone put it there. 


"Someone's trying to kill me." I whispered, it was clear as day but I had no idea why anyone would be after me...especially Tanveer. "And I would have died yesterday if it wasn't for you-" Mr. Khan grabbed me and pulled me into a hug before I could finish the sentence. This felt a lot like yesterday, when he had ran into the bathroom and pulled me into a hug. But this time I let myself melt into his arms and I felt him bury his nose into my hair. I sighed as I buried my face into the crook of his neck, inhaling his comforting scent. I didn't feel like letting him go when he hugged me, something about him always calmed me down. I could be hyperventilating but as soon as he touched me and pulled me into his arms I calmed down, or got keyed up depending on the situation. I don't know how long he held me for but it felt like the whole world stopped and it was just me and him. 

He confused me when he did things like this. I don't understand him at all sometimes, he tells me that he doesn't care but his every action contradicts his words. He rushes to save me, holds me like he is afraid of losing me and his eyes, the worry, the anguish and relief they express. I unconsciously nuzzled his neck and his hands tensed around me before he let go.  I backed away from him like I was on fire awaiting his "woh actually, I didn't mean to do that". But he surprised me.


"I am going to get to the bottom of this, nothing is going to happen to you Zoya." He said fiercely. 


"You can't do this without me, we make a great team remember! We will get to the bottom of this." I smiled at him remembering our endeavours to find phupi's shooter. He nodded knowing that he couldn't have done that without me. Thinking about that incident made me think of his face when I had told him I was following the shooter, and his words. Agar aapko kuch hojata toh I would have gone crazy. 


"Do you think Tanu...?" He interrupted my thoughts not daring to finish the sentence.


"I hope not." I said squeezing his hand. It would break him if his best friend was...I don't even know what she was trying to do. Asad Ahmed Khan trusted a handful of people, and Tanveer was included in it being his friend from childhood. But I felt like he was starting to realize that he didn't really know her anymore. I followed a dejected Asad back to his room and he closed the door behind us.


"What are we going to do?" He asked standing by his bed. "It's not like we can just ask her."


"Leave that to me Mr. Khan, iss duniya mein aisa koi kaam nahi hai joh Zoya Farooqui nahi kar sakti."


"Emphasis on kuch nahi kar sakti." He murmured under his breath.


I glared at him, "Meine sun liya! It'd be nice if you put more faith in your FIANCEE, soon to be wife."


"We aren't going to get married, we are going to find a way to get out of it." He said defensively. 


"Then why did you say yes to phuphi, you want to marry me don't you Mr. Khan? Koi bhi kisi sai aise shaadi karne ke liye nahi maanta unless they mean it. You mean it naa Mr. Khan?"


Say yes Akdu Ahmed Khan! That's all I need to hear from him, he doesn't have to tell me why, I just need to hear a yes. 


"Miss Farooqui, can we stop talking about this and focus on the task at hand?" He said avoiding the subject.


"Okay, hubby." I laughed.


"Can you not call me that?"


"Why? What's wrong with it, hubby? That's what you're going to be."


"I don't have time for you nonsense, I need to get to work." He said grabbing his jacket and walking out.


"Bye Hubby!" I said as he walked out, I swear I saw him smiling from the corner of my eye. I also started to leave when I noticed his phone laying on the bed, I picked it up and ran out of the room. "Mr. Khan, you forgot your phone!" I yelled running out the room at full speed, being me I of course tripped over thin air as soon as I came in front of Mr. Khan. Shit, this is going to hurt. I closed my eyes and waited for the impact. But it never came, instead of the cold hard ground I was encased in soft warm arms. I opened one eye to see Mr. Khan above me. There he goes again catching me, I swear I would be black and blue everywhere if he wasn't around.


"Uh thanks." I said righting myself up. "You forgot your phone..." I said handing it to him.


"Thank you." He said pocketing it and opening the front door as I turned to go to my room.


"Zoya." he said causing me to turn around, he was standing at the door. "Be careful, and if anything happens call me okay?" He actually sound worried.


"Don't worry Mr. Khan, mein apna khayal rakh sakti hoon." I assured him.


"Just be careful." He said finally walking out.


Lemme know how it is! The next part will be up soon, I am in the middle of writing it, it's going to be Asad's POV next! Smile

Part 2:

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Loved it! Please continue soon!

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Posted: 2013-04-30T16:15:48Z
YOU HAVE TO CONTINUE THIS :D Please please please post the next part SOOON Day Dreaming
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Continue Soon!
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OMG !! You left me speechless...
What an amazing SS... 
It was hot, cute and filled with suspense at the same time... 
Loved it to the core...
Hats off to you dear, seriously I can't wait to read more... Clap
It's so amaziing, I loved the way you write...
Zoya's thoughts were so naughty Blushing
And Asad's care for her was well described Smile

Please continue soon Big smile
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Posted: 2013-04-30T16:21:26Z
Awww! I love this! Some light romance is what we all neeed! Girl you can carry on describing his sexxxyy abs! Ahhaa, it put a huge smile on my face; Asya teamwork! I wish things could go like that in the show, i've always wanted him to comment on her drooling over his six packs! *sigh*
Zoya's thoughts are hilarious! Lmfaooo! Great job lovely,
Thanks for the pm, cannot wait for the next part! :)
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Posted: 2013-04-30T16:37:07Z
this is so cute! UPDATE ASAP!!

this line killed me: "Woh... nahin, mein aapke biceps, triceps nahi dekh rahi thi, aapka sex... I mean six, six pack bhi nahi dekh rahi thi."

I am liking the way Zoya thinks! 
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Posted: 2013-04-30T16:56:16Z
thanks guysss! I will post the next part in a few hours!

@MrMrsAsyaKhan, hahaha I will continue to describe his abs in the next part tooo! they need to be discussedEmbarrassed and thaaanks girlll
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