OS: Jahapana, Jahapana Bond

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Hello Guys!
I had this weird idea and had to write. I hope you guys like it, its a bit on the long side but I couldn't stop once I started writing. It's third person POV but the blue focuses on Asad's thoughts while the purple on Zoyaaa's! :) PLEASE LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!

One Shot: Jahapana, Jahapana Bond


It was 2 a.m on Monday morning when Asad got a call. What's the big deal one may ask? When Asad Ahmed Khan gets a call someone's life is in danger, life and death kind of danger. And when someone was in this position, Asad Ahmed Khan was called to protect them.

No one really knows who he is, where he lives and why he does what he does. But he sweeps into people's lives, sometimes to kill and sometimes to save. These two things are second nature to him, this is what he does to feed himself. He never fails when he sets out to accomplish something and he never hesitates to take a job. Never until now... 

 The call he got that Monday night was from Anwar, and the person who's life was in danger was Zoya, Zoya Farouqi whose face was plastered on the front cover of the newest edition of "Geniuses" lying on his bed side table.  

 The woman behind the biggest technological innovation. Under the line was a picture of this beautiful girl in red, holding a globe in her hand. Asad referred to her as the beautiful face of the devil because her very existence threatened his own. The first time he had seen her was at a convention in New York two years ago. He was on a job then too, to protect the CEO of Nyco Tech, the man who had the first prototype for holographic communication. She was a part of the team and everyone raved about her, she graduated top of the class with a Masters in Computer Science. If Asad wasn't impressed by her brain, he was definitely mesmerized by her beauty.

 She was the type of girl Asad was afraid of, the one that could trap him in her love and make him weak. The girls he had met until now were all beauty and no brains, or vice versa. Some were too assertive, others too quiet. But she was the perfect mix, she had a brain along with a heart. He eyed her across the room, she was a petite girl but had a huge aura about her. Standing in the middle of a group of old men, she seemed more like a model in her red chiffon dress than a inventor. Her laugh was absolutely mesmerizing and he could hear it across the room, like bell chimes, not only that but her whole face lit up when she laughed. For the first time in his life, Asad had problems concentrating on his job. He could not keep his eyes off her. That was the first and last time he saw her. All the other times he saw her face was on covers of magazines, the girl had the whole world wrapped around her fingers.

He was shocked that her life was in danger and took the job without even thinking. But now sitting on his bed he realized that this may be the hardest job he has taken. The hardest part wasn't the whole saving her life part, but trying not to fall in love with her, for she is, without a doubt, the most perfect woman alive. In fact, the only reason Asad was awake at the moment was because every time he tried to sleep, he envisioned her face, the face that had plagued him for two years.  


"Allah Miaaa! What is wrong with this world?" Zoya yelled. She was already tired of this constant running away from these goons. What about "No, I will not help you in your evil plan of robbing the world" don't people understand!  she thought in her head.

Being a "genius" wasn't as easy as one would think. People were always looking for ways to use Zoya. Now, this new weird sicko wanted her to hack the Swiss Bank accounts to get him money, and what did he want to do with the money? Mr. Sicko wants to be the richest man in the world so he could rule the world. Power hungry much?

 Obviously, Zoya said no and told him to shove his idea up his...you get the point. Now, you would think he would leave her alone at that, but nooo. He threatened to kill her if she didn't listen to him. So, Zoya being the smart woman she is, told him that she would contact the authorities, pepper sprayed him and ran away.

Okay, maybe that was a dumb thing to do. Zoya thought roaming her cottage in the middle of the woods. Her brother-in-law had sent her here, and was supposedly sending her a "bodyguard". Zoya was of course appalled at the idea and forbade it, until her house was attacked. Maybe sicko also had a mental disorder'so now she sat awaiting the arrival of'well she didn't even know his name.

It'd be kind of cool! she thought. He is like a spy, a secret agent. What if he walks in and says "the name is Bond, James Bond". She laughed out loud. Then she heard a creak, the type you hear in horror movies followed by the death of the stupid girl who runs towards the bad guy. So Zoya hid, behind the door'. and took out her pepper spray.

"Ms. Farouqi?" said a husky voice.

Damnnn, the man's voice sounds like velvet. I bet he is really hot. though Zoya. Allah Mia, what's wrong with me? What if he is some psycho killer?!

He walked into the living room when Zoya jumped in front of him and tried to pepper spray his eyes. Only, the pepper spray was now in his hand. 

"HOW DID YOU DO THAT? I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE MISTER. BUT YOU BETTER LEAVE ME ALONE, I KNOW KARATE." she said striking a karate pose while noticing that this man was sex on legs, like Adonis himself. Of course, with her luck she fell backwards trying to kick him. She closed her eyes and waited for her body to hit the floor, but it didn't occur. Instead, she felt a very hard warm arm holding her up. She opened her eyes and was speechless due to the intensity of this Adonis' eyes, the way he was looking at her was setting her body on fire. She could feel her heart accelerate due to his touch.

 "I see I have my work cut out for me." he sighed breaking his intense stare and helping her stand upright... "Ms. Farouqi I was sent here to help you, by your brother-in-law, Anwar."

 "How do I know that?" Zoya questioned. "For all I know, you could be here to take me to that weirdo." She said looking at him skeptically. Okay, maybe she was staring at his chiseled jaw. I bet it could cut diamond. she thought. It is just begging to be licked.

"Mhmmm." the man cleared his throat. "Your brother-in-law told me to give you this." He said handing her a box.

 "I AM NOT OPENING THAT." she screamed. "Next thing you know, some clown pops up and knocks me unconscious"

The sexy man smirked. Damn it Zoya! Concentrate, he may be an assassin, a very sexy assassin but still... He took the box and opened it, out came her precious iPad, which was of course nothing like a real iPad. The sexy man took out her passport and handed it to her.

"Oh." Zoya said. " Hi, I am Zoya." she said holding out her hand which he did not take...

"I swear I don't have cooties" she laughed, he was about to say something when he abruptly turned to look out the window hearing a noise. 

"Looks like your hiding spot has been found Ms. Farouqi." he whispered.

"WHA-" Zoya started to stay but the sexy man covered her mouth with his hand and pushed her against the wall behind the door. Zoya started hyperventilating, her breathing got shallower, her heart faster. His touch produced some kind of'spark? Like a current running through her body. Her body was burning, he was pressed up against her, and she could feel his muscled body against her. He worked out, big time. 

He slowly took his hands off her mouth, warning her to keep quiet with his eyes.

"It sounds like there are about 5 people outside. I need you to hide somewhere, somewhere where no one can find you. Since, you know this place inside and out, where is the safest place?" He said whispering to her, he was so close to her face that she could feel his breath on her neck, and it sent tingles up her spine.

"Th-the bookcase." Zoya stuttered.

"The bookcase?"

 "It rotates, there is a small room on the other side of it...it's where I hide my...um...projects?" She whispered.

 He picked her up and swiftly moved towards the bookcase. Zoya couldn't comprehend how a man this...SEXY...built and tall could move without making any sound. He placed her in front of the bookcase and told her to open it. They both stepped in.

"Do not leave this room until I come to get you. Do you understand me?" he said.

Zoya nodded as he stepped out and closed the bookcase. Allah Mia, what if something happens to the sexy man? I don't even know his name and he is locking me up inside a wall. What am I, Anarkali? Hahaha, if I am Anarkali he is Jahapana, Jahapana Bond. Zoya heard sounds, like people were getting beat up. She prayed that Jahapana Bond was not in trouble. She could help him! He said there were five people, he can't fight them alone!

Zoya wiggled the knob and the bookcase rotated, she didn't expect to see a pile of four men on the floor with a fifth one running towards her with a knife. Zoya cringed and closed her eyes waiting for him to stab her. But instead she heard a croak and a big thud, she opened her eyes to see the man fall in front of her.

"I thought I told you not to come out woman! Are you crazy? Do you not know how to follow instructions? For someone so smart you are pretty dumb." he seethed.

"Excuse me, arrogant much? I thought you needed help, so I came out, don't be so rude!"

"I certainly don't need your help to save me, trust me Ms. Farouqi"

"My name is Zoya, Z-O-Y-A, Zoya! Stop treating me like a child, I can handle myself just fine, thank you."

"You obviously can't, you wouldn't be out here if you had a brain"

"WOWWW. Now you are insulting me? What's wrong with you? Why are you so hostile? Chill out."

"This is a job for me, I need to protect you. And for that to work, you need to listen to me! So from now on what I say goes, if I tell you to stay you better stay, if I tell you to run, you run, got it?"

 "I am not your dog, what do you think you are? Jahapana Bond?"  

 "What?" he said confused.

 She just blushed.

"Anyway, we need to get moving, they know where you are now." He said grabbing her and running out the house.

 "Can you stop picking me up? I can walk you know." She grumbled.

 "Could have fooled me." He mumbled.

 "What did you say?" Zoya asked.

 "Nothing." He said opening the door to the sexiest car she had ever seen.


 Jahapana Bond hit his head. "Why don't you shout louder, so everyone in the world knows where you are!?" He hissed. "No, you cannot drive, now get in and shut up."

 Zoya sighed and got into the car. For someone so hot, he is really rude. He got in and started the car, it purred. Zoya couldn't wait to drive it, she would convince him...eventually.

 "Where are we going?" Zoya asked but got no reply.

 "Helllo? Mr. ...wait, I don't even know your name!" She said, but he offered no reply. "Allah Mia, what's wrong with you? I think you can tell me your name, unless it's a secret and you would have to kill me after I find out." She laughed and noticed the side of his mouth lift up slightly. Ahhh, so he does have a sense of humor.

 "Asad, Asad Ahmed Khan." he replied. Man his voice is sexy.

 "Nice to meet you Asad, kind of. It suits you, Asad, lion right? My name is Zoya, my mom named me, it means alive and joyous, which I am! So are you going to tell me where we are going? Do you not talk? Like ever? What's wrong with you?"

 "Do you always talk so much or are you being especially annoying today?" He asked.

 "You are so mean, you know being so good looking doesn't give you the right to be an a-hole." She said. Whooops! I just admitted that I think he is good looking, what's wrong with me?

 He smirked. Okay then. I won't talk to you either. He has a sexy smirk though, there is like this cute little dimple that appears. He probably looks like an angel when he smiles. And his arms, they are so sexy. She observed, as the sleeves to his shirt were now rolled up to his elbows.

 "You know, talking makes trips more enjoyable." she said. He did not say anything but pulled up to a hotel. A huge hotel.

 "What are we doing here?" Zoya asked.

 "Well, you need a place to hide, and checking into a hotel with a fake name is a good way to hide." Alas, he spoke.

 "I want a room with a nice view, you can get the one beside me." Zoya said getting out of the car but he grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

 "You do not step out of the car until I open the door for you Ms. Farouqi. Secondly, we are getting one room."

 "I AM NOT STAYING WITH YOU. What kind of girl do you think I am?" Zoya yelled.

 "One that needs protection. It would be suspicious for Mr. and Mrs. Khan to get two rooms." He smirked.

 "Mrs. Khan? I am Mrs. Khan? What is wrong with you?"

 "You can't be Zoya Farouqi." Hearing the way he said Zoya sent tingles up her spine. "And you can't check into a room with a guy who is not your husband, this is India, not New York." He said.

 "Fine, but I get the bed." Zoya yelled.

 He did not say anything, and got out of the car. Zoya observed his sexy body as he moved to her door, he was built, well built. He probably has a killer body, he should walk around with his shirt off. He opened the door for her and she got out, he was so paranoid looking around everywhere.

 "Relax Hubby." she laughed and he just looked at her weirdly.


 "Zoya, Zoyaaa, baby wake up!" Zoya groaned and turned around in her bed. How am I here? Oh shit, that was a dream! Zoya opened her eyes and saw the sexiest man alive hovering over her.

 "Mhmmm." she groaned smiling up at him. He laughed and leaned down to kiss her.

"Good Morning Mrs. Asad Ahmed Khan." he said while kissing down her neck.

 "Good Morning. I ...I ...oh Asad, can you stop kissing me for a minute?" Zoya said.

 Asad looked at her like she had two heads, "you want me to stop kissing you? You said the exact opposite last night." He said smugly.

 Zoya hit his arm, "you have a one track mind mister. I was going to tell you that I had the weirdest dream ever. You were a secret agent of sorts sent to protect me, and I was this hot-shot computer genius who the world was after. And you were so sexy, and you drove an Aston Martin. I was this close to jumping you in my dream." Zoya said.

 Asad laughed, "the spy think again. You never told me why you thought I was a spy in the first place?"

 "Because you were always saving me, you beat up like ten guys by yourself, and you were so secretive! I was so sure you were a Indian spy who assassinated people! AND YOU POINTED A GUN AT ME!" Zoya explained remembering her weird theories from when they first met.

 Asad just laughed, "I assure you that I am not a spy. Just a amazingly successful and sexy business man."

 "You forgot egoistic." Zoya said poking his stomach. "Why are you wearing a shirt, I thought I said that you aren't allowed to wear a shirt to bed." Zoya whined pulling at his shirt.

 "And you say I have a one track mind." He said kissing her neck again.

 "You can't blame me, my husband is just too sexy to be covered up."

 "Maybe I should walk around shirtless." He laughed rolling of her.

 Zoya rolled over and straddled his waist. "You better not, I don't want to have to kill women who try to touch you, you are solely my property." She said leaning in to kiss his lips.

 Asad put his finger on her lip. "I forgot to tell you something."


 "Now you know how it feels" he laughed referring to how she had stopped him earlier to tell him about her dream.

 She sighed. "What?"

 "I forgot to tell you that I absolutely love and adore you Zoya Khan." he said finally getting his good morning kiss after.






 This OS has been turned into a FF. You can read it here: Classified Love






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Nice One! Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2013-04-17T18:46:41Z
This was fantastic. I loved it. WOW! Zoe's dream was amazingLOL You know what? Maybe you should write an SS where Asad is a spy and he protects Zoe? Just like her dream? I would love to read that and you already write so well. It'll be even more amazing to read. Give it a thought? NO pressure thou!:)
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That was an outstanding OS
Beautifully written
Great job :)
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Loved the concept. Never seen it done before! 
I think your Zoya and Asad matched the ones on the show to the "T". Better than any others I've read. 
You're a great writer. You should create more stories.
This one was excellent.Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2013-04-17T19:20:50Z
Thank you guysss! :) & I might just write a full out story like this one, but in a few weeeks!
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Posted: 2013-04-17T20:15:22Z
omg this was AMAAZZZIIINGGG!!!!! hilarious, romantic and godamned sexy at the same time!!!! you write so well!!!! please do keep writing more and more!! would love to read more of ur work!!!!! Big smile very well written, dear!!!! Clap
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