(update-8 sep) OS My name is Trouble (pg 13, 14)

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Helloo everyone, 

Since almost everyone is craving to see Piya's memory back: which is for obvious reaons needed in the show as soon as possible...  I decided to write an OS on Piya's memory back but with help of Maithli. I know I sound crazy Ermm But i am daring to write it since I get pretty good response from both of FF's  LOL I really want Maithli to come back in the show... she's the real deal..she's got the spark and would love to see her fight for Abhay with Piya. So bringing her back in Abhay's life only to make things more complicated and off course not to be forgotten Jeh's involvement in bringing Maithli back. 
If this idea sounds too crazy...please don't kill me Ouch I hope you will enjoy reading it...Embarrassed

Part 1 (Look who's back)

She walked deep inside the jungle to find the same place where she lost two significant parts of her life 1 year back. One who loved her forever and she never did. But the other she loved and craved for one then 100 years. She stood near the place where bewitched her beloved to sleep in a box of ice until she comes back to claim him. She clenched her fist, her red painted nails wanted to dug and cut inside her own flesh in rage. She was livid, how that fragile human could rescue Abhayendra when no one else is supposed to do that. Her spell was resilient and she hated her doppelganger human Piya even more after knowing she is the one who has successfully broken her spell and rescued Abhay. Moreover her ex-lover is still following her like a puppy to save her from the dangers.  She gritted her teeth in anger and muttered, "You have to pay for this Piya." Suddenly she felt a presence nearby. Her vampiric features can easily hear even a leaf falling from the tree within miles.

"Wow...so you're back." A voice greeted her from behind.

Maithli turned her face and saw Jeh Khurana standing near a tree with his hands secured inside his pockets and a boyish playful smile on his face. Maithli's red-coated lips curved into a smile, "Right on time Wolfie."

Jeh looked at the figure properly, wearing a black mini dress with matching black stilettos, her silky straight hair dancing around the waist and her thin lips coated in deep red lipstick. Jeh muttered helplessly, "Gosh, she looks just like Piya"

Maithli fumed in anger, "SHE looks just like me... ok? I came first!!"

Jeh raised his eyebrows, "Chill... I got it. So Abhay Raichand doesn't know you are back?"

Maithli (smile back on her face with Abhay's name): "He will very soon off course."

Jeh (doubting): "Are you sure the focus-pocus is gonna work on Piya?"

Maithli (confident and evil grin): "off course it will. I have been learning black magic from last 1 year. She will only know that she loved you and Abhay would be no one. Abhayendra is in some kind of trauma that he loves that human. He doesn't understand the fact that he actually fell in love with me all over again, cause that silly fragile idiotic human looks like me."

Jeh (his jaw tightened): "Don't talk about Piya like this."

Maithli (laughs): "Here comes another looser, you too? Aren't you supposed to fake your love with Piya so you can use her as bait to get revenge on Abhayendra? What is with this Piya girl? Shame on you' you are a hawtt wolf and you too fell for a bloody human?"

Jeh (furious and pointed his finger towards Maithli): "Listen Princess Leech, I still haven't killed you and talking to you decently only because we need each other. Our purpose is same. I even have spared Abhay and betrayed my mom just because I love Piya. You get the Raichand, I get my Piya back. That doesn't mean you can badmouth about her. You just look like her but you are nothing like her." (Looking disgusted)

Maithli came infront of Jeh like gust of wind and jerked his pointed finger down, "Listen Mr. HOT-DOG. I'm Princess Maithli and no one talks to me like that. If I become anything like that human, that would be my worst-nightmare. My only reason of tolerating you is we have a deal. I want Abhayendra back. As per the deal, I will spare you an her both. If you even try to double...cross me, I would slash your entire family like this. (She clicked her finger in the air)

And about killing me...aww my mr. hottie.. Are you under any spell? I'm stronger, older and powerful then you (gives an evil laugh) and right now, you really need my help. Neither your charms nor my idiot ex-lover's efforts are working on that silly brain. So the only thing that would work is Maithli. Now you should leave before we both cancel out deal and ran for each other's life."

Jeh (looking like ripping Met'z head anytime): "Remember the deal, no harm to Piya. Otherwise I would kill you bloodsucking lover and trust me I would LOVEEE to do it."

Maithli widened her eyes but controlled her anger and disappeared faster then airstreams.

Whatever the deal might be, Maithli would never trust a werewolf and Jeh would never trust a bloodsucker. The ancient animosity of vampires and werewolves would never let that happen. Maithli didn't come back to face the failure. She wants Abhay back at any cost. This would be her best opportunity to split Abhay and Piya as Jeh is on the line for Piya as well. She knows how to play her cards but first she wanted Abhayendra to teach a little lesson for killing Sid and forgetting their eternal love. She has another plan to double cross Jeh. While the sly wolf Jeh has his own plans to kill both Maithli and Abhay together.


Abhay sensed Maithli's return and rushed into the jungle with his super-sonic speed. Nevertheless, it was too late. She was already gone. He searched for Maithli in the entire jungle like crazy but couldn't find her. Abhay's nerves were shaken badly once he realized Maithli is back. Metz is someone out of his control and this time she would hell bent on harming Piya for rescuing him out of her spells. "Damn Maithli...why did you return? What do I do with you now?" Abhay gritted his teeth in desperation.

A figure appeared almost out of thin air and touched his cheek, "do what you always used to...let's play Abhayendra!!"

Abhay tried to look calm and as he said, "Maithli..!!"


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hmm sounds good but don't pair maithali with anyone she belongs to sid onlyWinkDay Dreaming
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Posted: 2011-08-27T10:03:22Z
nice waiting so res Smile
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Posted: 2011-08-27T10:03:26Z
omg tanzie...beautiful...Stard way u dscribd maithli n hr encountr wd jeh wsClapso d b**** s bk into actn n usng jeh to separate abhiya???...Angryboth r planng o dblcross each odr...LOLlts c hu wns...maithli wl o magic on pia????...awww...i hope abhy savs hr...Ouchom abhy mt maithli...hmmm...lukng 4wrd to dr meetng...o cont soon...m lvng ds entire plot...love ya loadzzz...Big smileEdited by purple_shadoz - 2011-08-28T01:05:44Z
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Originally posted by Sidchu

hmm sounds good but don't pair maithali with anyone she belongs to sid onlyWinkDay Dreaming

I totally expected this reply from you Archi  LOL
I won't pair anyone with Metz other then Sid... don worry yaar Wink 
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Posted: 2011-08-27T10:08:33Z

hey tanzieBig smile

awesome start dearClapClapClap...
that b**** n that b****** jayAngryAngryAngry...both joined together to separate abhiya...
ohh she will do black magic on abhiya...hope abhay come to know abt her plan...
both r fool...planning to double cross each otherLOLLOLLOL...
sid come n take mathili with u n angilinna come n take jay with uLOLLOLLOL...now abhiay r safeLOLLOLLOL...
abhay met mathili...hope abhay punch her left-right-centerLOLLOLLOLLOL...
plz update soon
hav a nice day
luv u
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