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AS Ramayan
here is the beginning of my pre and post - wedding sequence !!Big smile except for the actual wedding ceremonies, which lola dii and janu dii already posted in the previous gallery, i will post everything else.Embarrassed
sita ji and her sisters are readied for the wedding by their friends!Party
jai shri ram! jai jai shri ram !!

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this is a short scene that comes right afterwards, when brahmarshi vishvamitra tells raja dashrath that ram ji had asked him after the swayamvar whether it was right of him to marry alone, when he and his brothers were born together and grew up together and educated together.Approve that is why the four marriages were fixed on the same day .. bharat, laxman and shatrughan all touch the feet of their bhaiya in gratitude, and ram ji hugs them with affection !!Hug
cutest brotherly hug u can find anywhere in ramayan !!Day Dreaming

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Posted: 2011-08-25T09:09:07Z
i hope u all liked the pic update !!Hug the wedding sequence in ramayan is one of my favorites and i hope to see many many creations made from it!Tongue
deepika diii, we are posting the pic updates of wedding sequences in ramayan and dwarkadheesh around same time though ramayan was taken so much before !ShockedLOL
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Posted: 2011-08-25T09:11:26Z
Originally posted by Dpka1415

@mina. .. Most welcome sweets... Hug
Eagerly waiting fr ur siggies with.these pics now Wink

i'll make something soon diii promise, especialy priya dii because she makes such a pretty and elegant rukmini ma!Big smile
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Posted: 2011-08-26T14:00:18Z
Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

Originally posted by Dpka1415

@janu..hehe honestly i was expecting this answer only...n very really proud u answered dis way...infact later i thot n came to d conclusion tht evrytime i shud nt think that extreme...and then now i hav decided not to copyright them ...these days m suffering frm mood swings. .dnt knw y...n this was d chief reason i did this stupidity of putting the CR...thnks fr d reply..this dose was much needed.. I really cherish being a part of this heavenly forum...i hav learnt so much frm all d lovely members...which indeed helps me alot in improving myself as a human being... Thnks everyone... Hug

Aww, you know my intention was not to teach you a lesson or anything DeepsEmbarrassed, I honestly don't care whether people 'steal' my pics or not, because I'm not the director of these serials and cannot claim copyright just for clicking the pics.LOL In fact, I feel happy when my pics are posted by IF's silent members in other sites, especially RS's serials, because in that way I'm making them available to many people around the world when as you know, pics of old mythos are really rare to come by. Before I joined IF, whenever I typed 'Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan' into Google Images, hardly anything ever showed up and I was so disappointed, because it was like no one knew about the show despite it having been so popular at one time.Ouch  But nowadays, whenever I type the same words into Google Images, sooo many pics come up and most of them are posted by me, Lola, and others here. How cool is that?Cool
Don't worry dear, everyone suffers from mood swings all the time, including me. Here's a great big hug to let you know that we all are here for you whenever you feel down.Hug You can put the copyright on your pics if you want, it's entirely up to you, so don't feel bad or anything.
I know di...u didnt meant that ...but actually i took it as a lesson ...
and yeah actually thats true... infact i joined IF becoz i was searching for pics of ASR and got to know about IF through google images only ...never knew IF existed... Tongue
And then when i came to know we have CCs for old mythos too ... i seriously felt very happy and lucky that i googled that day ..
yeah earlier no pics were availlable for old mythos...but know the moment we puch RSR /RSK wooowww sooo many pics are available ..
thnks a ton for being their Embarrassed
and now without wasting anytime ...am coming with the pics ...wanna see tons of siggies from each scene from you,lola,mina and pari di . . (Aishu too if shez free...) Wink
i'll post the text in DSK lounge soon Big smile
i have collected all the RAW MATERIAL for you all LOL
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Episode 22
Scene :: Krishna getting ready for Baraat... Revathy and Devaki mom standing near him... Revathy says no body must have seen such a Groom before and nor will see in future. . on hearing this Krishn joke with her saying 'Bhabhi maa you means to say am looking better than Baldau looked in his marriage" LOL
Then Devaki mom becomes emotional and remembers the day when Krishn was born ... then enters...(my fav.) Balram ji .. saying everyone's waiting for them ...Wink
Day Dreaming
Day Dreaming
Day Dreaming
Day Dreaming
Day Dreaming
Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2011-08-26T14:49:38Z


Plz dont kill me as these wedding episodes totals up for somewhat 200+ clicks...i cud not resist n captured each n every expression ... EmbarrassedDay Dreaming
sorry for over flowing them Tongue
Episode 22
SCENE:: Baraat departs to the place of marriage.. everyone's happy.. in between Rukmini gets the updates about how much distance the baraat has covered ..Embarrassed and on the other hand Amod's mother asks him to try and get up as the Baraat is about to cross there house...he tries hard but fails..his mom asks him to chant Shree Krishn and keep tryig he'll succeed...he does as said by his mom and Krishn blesses him silently and Amod starts walking..infact dancing Wink
continuing in the next post Tongue
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