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Posted: 10 years ago

 Hello to all my fellow Mythological fans! Big smile 
Why don't we all get to know eachother?
Here are some basic questions for every member of this forum to fill out so we can get to know one another better. Embarrassed 
1. Name?
2. Age? 
3. Any nicknames preferred?
4. Where are you from?
5. Occupation?
6. Interests?
7. Hobbies?
8. Favorite mythological serials? Why?
9. Favorite mythological actors? Actresses?
10. What is your favorite scene from your favorite mythological(s)?
11. What is the most important lesson these serials have taught you?
12. What is your favorite song from your favorite mythological?
13. Any extra things you would like to add about yourself? 
Thanks! Hope we can become great friends!Big smile
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Posted: 10 years ago
Star-Here is the order in which each member filled his/her answers-Star
 1. aishi.muffin - Pg. 1
2. JanakiRaghunath - Pg. 1
3. desigrl05 - Pg. 1
4. lola610 - Pg. 1
5. ShivangBuch - Pg. 1
6. LOLAnisha - Pg. 1
7. chinnu_manikyam - Pg. 1
8. akki-rockstar - Pg. 2
9. ...PARiNA... - Pg. 2
10. priya.harshiti - Pg. 2
11. ILuvGuruDebi - Pg. 2
12. radt - Pg. 3
13. _Sanjana23_ - Pg. 3
14. khushi909 - Pg. 3
15. Dpka1415 - Pg. 3
16. Vedo - Pg. 3
17. arun-deeps - Pg. 3
18. _Ananya_ - Pg. 4
19. bhoomja_2903 - Pg. 4
20. AishuJSKfan - Pg. 4
21. Debipriya
22. natashu - Pg. 5
23. Ankita_88 - Pg. 5
24. Urmila11 - Pg. 5
25. shaliniastha - Pg. 5
26. ADMJCXNK97fan - Pg. 5
27. sia88 - Pg. 5
28. trrangarajan15 - Pg. 5

29. devisridhar - Pg. 6

30. _Vrish_ - Pg. 6
31. lakshmin42 - Pg. 6
32. Darklord_Rehan - Pg. 6
33. Indraneela - Pg. 7
34. MaanEET_FAN - Pg. 7
35. preet09 - Pg. 7
36. radhikarani - Pg. 7
37. Bhavanab - Pg. 7
38. jaisiyaram - Pg. 8
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Posted: 10 years ago
Here are my answers!
1. Name? Aiswarya
2. Age? 18
3. Any nicknames preferred? Aish, Aishu, Aishi, Ash, or my full name would be cool too since no one calls me that.
4. Where are you from? Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh, India 
5. Occupation? student studying med
6. Interests? Love the colors black, green, lavender, sky blue, and I'm a rather bubbly person. Feel free to send me a friend reqLOL
7. Hobbies? Singing, drawing, writing stories, dancing (when no one is looking), praying, loving God, watching mythos and TV, watching all kinds of movies, and going on the computer.
8. Favorite mythological serials? Why? Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan & Shri Krishna, BRC's Mahabharat, and Minakshi Sagar's Jai Shri Krishna.
9. Favorite mythological actors? Actresses? Sunil Lehri, Anjali, Dara Singh, Deepika Chikhalia, Arun Govil, Meghan, Dhriti, Aditi, all of the people in BRC's Mahbharat. I also love the Vasudev and Devaki from RS's Shri Krishna.
10. What is your favorite scene from your favorite mythological(s)? RS Ramayan: Lakshman defeats Meghnad.
RS Ramayan: All Urmila Lakshman scenes
RS Ramayan: Hanuman meets Sita in Ashok Vatika.
RS Ramayan: Shabri scene
RS Ramayan: Hanuman brings the Sanjeevani
RS Ramayan: Sita's Agni Pariksha
NDTV Ramayan: Most Gurmeet Debina scenes
BRC Mahabharat: Whole Bhagvat Geeta
RS Shri Krishna: Shri Krishna finally meets Devaki and Vasudev
JSK: All Dhriti Aditi scenes
11. What is the most important lesson these serials have taught you? That trust and faith in God will lead you through life successfully Big smile
12. What is your favorite song from your favorite mythological? I like most of the songs by Ravindra Jain, but the Ram Kahani song that Hanuman sings to Sita in RS Ramayan is my favorite.
13. Any extra things you would like to add about yourself? I hardly get into heated fights. I usually just deal with things calmly. And nothing much more. I have big hopes for this forum. Big smile
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Posted: 10 years ago
1. Name? Lalitha Janaki
2. Age? Somewhere between 20-30, that's all you need know right now.LOL
3. Any nicknames preferred? Lali, Janu, LJ, anything you want.Wink 
4. Where are you from? Born in India, but raised in US
5. Occupation? Student
6. Interests? Reading Hindu scriptures and puranas, watching mythological shows, studying psychology/philosophy, reading and writing historical fiction...
7. Hobbies? Writing fiction...I used to draw, but don't find time for that anymore, I'm never satisfied with what I draw.ErmmLOL
8. Favorite mythological serials? Why?
1. Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan - because it is the first ever mythological show I watched, and the way RS portrayed all the characters brought them to life, not to mention that the story was very accurate and so we were able to feel as if we were watching it while it happened.Embarrassed Everyone's acting was so natural and beautiful to see, and it really made us feel proud to have such an epic in our culture!)
2. Ramanand Sagar's Shri Krishna - because of its Bhakti Rasa...I have never seen another mythological show go so much in depth with its Bhaki Yoga teachings...especially the beginning parts of Shri Krishna up till Kalyavan Vadh made it seem like we were watching the story as it had happened in the Bhagawad Purana. I love this serial for the same reason I love Ramayan, it was very accurate.
3. BR Chopra's Mahabharat - The actors were very well chosen and though there were small deviations in the storyline, we were able to relate with the events and characters. It was dramatic without being melodramatic, and the famous friendship between Krishna and Arjuna was shown so well.Day Dreaming And of course, Nitish Bharadwaj was just about the cutest Krishna ever.Embarrassed
4. Anand Sagar's Ramayan - the settings were gorgeous, acting of the main leads was very good, and I loved Ravindra Jain's music which took me back to the familiar tunes of RS's Ramayan and SK. The storyline was fast-paced and interesting, and I really love how the directors showed so many background stories that did not make it into the older mythos because of time constraint, but are still famous and well-known, like Vedavati's curse on Ravan, Lord Vishnu's battles with the asuras, Kaikeyi's curse on Ravan, Ram and Hanuman's Maha Yudh during Uttar Kand, and so many others. Last but not least, I loved Guru and Debi in it, their chemistry was really adorable!
9. Favorite mythological actors? Actresses?
There are sooo many, so I will only list a few from each show.LOL From RS Ramayan, I love Deepika as Sita, Dara Singh as Hanuman, Sunil Lahri as Lakshman, Mulraj Rajda as Raja Janak, Bal Dhuri as Dashrath, Jayshree Gadhkar as Kaushalya, Rajnibala as Sumitra, Padma Khanna as Kaikeyi, Urmila Bhatt as Sunaina, Anjali Vyas as Urmila, Arvind Trivedi as Ravan, Aparajita as Mandodari, Swapnil Joshi as Kush, Mayuresh Kshetramade as Luv, and Vijay Kavish as both Valmiki and Lord Shiva.
From RS Shri Krishna, I love Swapnil Joshi and Shweta Rastogi as teen Krishna and Radha, Paulommi Mukherjee and Sunil Pandey as Devaki and Vasudev, Shah Nawaz as Nand Baba, Ashok Balakrishnan as child Krishna, Pramod Kapoor as Akrur, Pinky Parikh as Rukmini, and also the actors who played Bhishma and Dharmaraj Yudhisthira in the Mahabharat episodes.
From BRC MB, I love Nitish Bharadwaj as Shri Krishna, Roopa Ganguly as Draupadi, and Arjun as Arjun. I also loved Mukesh Khanna as Bhishma Pitamah. But like for RS's Ramayan and Shri Krishna, almost all the actors in Mahabharat were perfect for their roles.
From AS Ramayan, I love Gurmeet & Debina Choudhary as Ram-Sita, Lalit Negi as Shatrughan, Vijay Bhatia as Bharat, Pankaj Kalra as Dashrath, Vinod Kapoor as Vibhishan (also Dushashan of BRC's Mahabharat), and Vikram Sharma as Hanuman. There were other scattered actors who played small roles that I really liked, but don't know they names.Embarrassed
10. What is your favorite scene from your favorite mythological(s)? Hard question!Shocked Like in the above, there are sooo many, but will list one or two from each serial. From RS Ramayan, the entire Aranya Kand was just superb, though my fav has to be the Lakshman Rekha episode as well as the Sita Haran. I also love all the Uttar Kand scenes featuring Sita Ma with Luv Kush, but my favorite scene has to be the one where Ram-Sita visit Manthara after the Rajyabhishek and Ramji assures her that he forgave her long time ago though forgiveness was not even necessary. I also love the part where LuvKush offer Rotis to Hanumanji after they tie him up.LOL  Lols, it's hard thinking of favorite scenes from this show, because that'd be like listing the entire show itself!EmbarrassedLOL
From RS SK, I love the entire Krishna Janmashtami sequence, and also every Radha-Krishna episode, especially Maharaas Leela and pre-Prem Jagat Ka Saar. The Kans Vadh and VasuDevaki/KrishnaBalram reunion were filmed well, and all of Krishna's political victories like the battle with Jarasandh and Kalyavan were also interesting and attention-grabbing. My favorite in particular out of those was the Kalyavan Vadh where Krishna assumes the form of Rancchod to lure Kalyavan into Muchkund's cave. 
From BRC MB, I love the scene where Krishna comes to Hastinapur on his treaty mission to avert War, very well done by Nitish.Clap And the Draupadi Vastra Haran scene was also very well taken, both are my fav epis (though the later is emotionalCry). I also enjoyed the scene where Durvasa comes to the Pandavas' hut, demands to be fed along with his 1000+ disciples, and Draupadi prays to Krishna for help. Roopa and Nitish were just perfect in that scene.Clap Another favorite is the post-Sishupal Vadh one where Draupadi rips a piece of her sari to bandage Krishna's finger, and Krishna promises to repay her one day. Best Rakshabandhan episode ever.Day Dreaming
From AS Ramayan, I loved the Ram-Sita Karva Chauth episode as well as the Chausar one where Ramji remembers during the monsoon. But I think the scene most well taken was the last one where Sita returns to Mother Earth after giving her vow of purity.Cry Shri Ram Mahaprayaan and Sita Agnipariksha scenes were also a must watch.Clap Basically, all the emotional scenes in Ramayan were taken well and anything that had Guru and Debi was worth watching.
11. What is the most important lesson these serials have taught you? No matter how much suffering you undergo, there is always someone who is suffering more than you in the world. No matter how much suffering you undergo, you are still better off than 1000s of people in the world, so never think you are the only person suffering and deserve the world's pity. Instead, make your heart so strong that you will be able to help others out of their misery even when you yourself may be unhappy.
12. What is your favorite song from your favorite mythological? From RS Ramayan, it is the Hum Katha Sunaate song Luv Kush sing in Ramji's court and also Sita Ram Daras Ras which the Ayodhyavasis sing after Ramji's Rajyabhishek. From RS SK, it is the Govardhan Giridhaari song which the Gokulvaasis sing while under the umbrella of the Govardhan mountain, and also all of the small bhajans which come during Krishna's political victories (like Kans Vadh, Jarasandh, Kalyavan Vadh, etc). From BRC MB, it is Kripa Krishna Ki and Prem Sagai. From AS Ramayan, it is the Shri Ram Mahaprayaan song and also all of the Swayamvar-Vivah ones. Of course, I love almost everything by Ravindra Jain, but since you guys probably don't want me to rant, I gave a very short list.LOL
13. Any extra things you would like to add about yourself? Though I have my favorite mythos (mostly the old ones), I also enjoy watching the new mythos, because they made good use of today's technology and their aim in educating today's youngsters through these stories is well appreciated though room for improvement is definitely there.Clap Unless it is a mytho like KHMK (please excuse me if you are a fanEmbarrassed), I generally watch all mythos if I can and also enjoy them for what they are. I do not like comparing mythos to each other, because each one is unique in its own way and comparisons are meaningless since all of them were made in different times, with different actors, and different technology. 
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Posted: 10 years ago
1. Name?  Jhanvi
2. Age? 23[i know im old..should i sing kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi?]
3. Any nicknames preferred? anything anyone wants to call me, most common: jaanu/jhanz/jaano/j..girl who writesin pink??
4. Where are you from? USA //repressennnttt
5. Occupation? Student :X
6. Interests? FAMILY,serials, A R T, vidding, siggy making, making friendsEmbarrassedHug, traveling, life?
7. Hobbies? IF, drawing, vidding, trying new things
8. Favorite mythological serials? Why? I haven't seen alot besides ramayan/mahabharat/meera, but thus far I liked meera best just simply because it focused on one character and her groW*H throughout years and the focus that God never wants bad on their bhakts but only hard situations arise to make one stronger
9. Favorite mythological actors? Actresses? Ashika Bhatia/little meera
10. What is your favorite scene from your favorite mythological(s)? Ramayana: Sitaji last scene where she leaves to go back where she came from //Meera: when she pleads with God to take her and she merges w/ bhagvaan and lolita drowns herself
11. What is the most important lesson these serials have taught you?  patience/perserverance/faith...I really think the combinatino of these three things will make you succeed in anything! patience is no good unless you perserver and perserverance is no good unless you have faith in yourself and God :)
12. What is your favorite song from your favorite mythological?
not really from a mytho song but just a bhakti/devotional song: 'humko man ki shakti dena'
13. Any extra things you would like to add about yourself? 
Im really friendly so don't think I'll eat you alive if you don't agree w/ me :) I love to debate and ahve open discussions upon anything and everything..you cannot offend me easily and I love to make new friends so please don't mind my over happy nature :) :)
Posted: 10 years ago
1. Name - Lola
2. Age? 20
3. Any nicknames preferred? Loli, Lollikinz, Loleshwari, Lolakshi... I've heard 'em all LOL
4. Where are you from? US, born and raised.
5. Occupation? Student.
6. Interests? religions/spirituality, politics, stand-up comedy, the stock market, CLOTHES
7. Hobbies? mytho-watching, IF'ing, singing, dancing, painting, writing, SHOPPING
8. Favorite mythological serials? Why? Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan and Shri Krishna - simplicity, devotional-ness, depth, dialogues, screenplay...
9. Favorite mythological actors? Actresses? Anyone RS casted pretty much, same with BRC's Mahabharat barring the Krishna Leela part, plus Guru-Debi-Pankaj for AS and Aashika for Meera and Dhriti for JSK.
10. What is your favorite scene from your favorite mythological(s)? Toooooooooo many to count!!! Just for the sake of naming them lemme give 5 out of the 100s... but all 100-something are at the same rank... so from Ramayan, 1) Lakshman at Swayamvar 2) Sita-Hanuman in Ashok Vatika 3) Vibhishan accepted as sharanaagat... and from Shri Krishna, 1) Soja Lalla and the scene right before and right after it, 2) Radha tests Gopis' love 3) Uddhav's realization
11. What is the most important lesson these serials have taught you? Never lose faith, people have tackled problems way bigger than yours so stop whining and BELIEVE!!
12. What is your favorite song from your favorite mythological?
Oh man, will have to get back to this one... there's a loooooooonnnnngggggg list LOL
13. Any extra things you would like to add about yourself? I am dead scared of bugs and insects and anything that crawls basically. Except babies. No, babies to actually LOL 
Posted: 10 years ago
1. Name?

2. Age? 

3. Any nicknames preferred?
Any name preferred provided said with love Big smile

4. Where are you from?
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

5. Occupation?
Lecturer of commerce subjects, own coaching classes

6. Interests?
Ramayan & Shri Krishna serials (old), Spiritual discussions on Geeta, BRC Mahabharat, Ramcharitmanas, Valmiki Ramayan, Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta (and some other such sources); I am willing to read sometime in future the two major sources of Ramayan fully.

7. Hobbies?
Meaningful quality movies & Bollywood songs of mainly 1960s (Rafi-Lata-Asha), Cricket matches in which Sachin Tendulkar plays

8. Favorite mythological serials? Why?
Ramayan & Shri Krishna (upto Dwarika nirmaan) by Ramanand Sagar because of Ramanand Sagar's devotional & noble attempt and qualitative direction, Ravindra Jain's music & songs, perfect casting and great combination of faith & logic to transport that faith - both dialogs & songs are great, more accurate compilation of major sources and most importantly the simplicity on the screen of surroundings & get up with focus on the most important part that is contents.

B R Chopra's Mahabharat because of the portrayal of Krishna in it, its casting and its subtle knowledge of dharma.

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev (Mainly Shiv-Parvati-Nandi-Narad-Vishnu scenes) because of its great attempt in the current era to show Shiv-Parvati story with such a subtle essence of Tap sadhana, conflict with formal rituals, Madhurya & Daasya Bhaav of Parvati, deep continuous knowledge in dialog after dialog (just like old mythos) and its tight grip (suspense & excitement & involvement) during the story of Parvati's tap. 

Upanishad Ganga because of its unique & interesting style of presentation of stories (Drama plot) and coverage of stories of different ages to explain effective deep spiritual knowledge of Upanishad and total coverage of spiritual concepts.

9. Favorite mythological actors? Actresses?
Ramayan: Almost all - no real favourite - even the number 1 is tied with many - still naming a few - Dara Singh as Hanumanji, Sunil Lehri as Lakshman, Vijay Kavish as Shiv and of course Arun Govil, Sanjay Jog, Arvind Trivedi, Shyamsundar (Vali-Sugreev), Shreekant Soni (Vishwamitra) & all

Shri Krishna: Again many of them but still naming a few - Actor who played Gargacharya, Sunil Pandey as Vasudev and Shahnawaz as Nand, Damini Shetty as Yashoda

Mahabharat: Mukesh Khanna as Bhishma, Nitish Bharadwaj as Krishna, Praveen Kumar as Bheem, Virendra Razdan as Vidur

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev: Mohit Raina as Shiv & Kumar Hegde as Nandi

Upanishad Ganga: K K Raina (excellent versatility and expressions), Abhimanyu Sinh (best command over Hindi and Sanskrit & clarity of pronunciation), Zakir Hussain, Ravi Khanvilkar, Gagan Malik.

10. What is your favorite scene from your favorite mythological(s)?

Ramayan: ShabariDay Dreaming and Ram-Vaali dialog ending with the song -
Janam janam muni jatanu karaahi
And plenty of others - Bharat milap sequence, Lakshman's pashchatap scene in Panchvati, Sharbhang rishi, Ram-Vibhishan milan, Parshuram after Dhanurbhang, Ram respecting Indrajeet's mritdeh, Hanuman-Angad in Ravan's court.

Shri Krishna: Akrur's dialog with Gargacharya regarding Karma & Bhakti and Surdas's (previous birth) visit of the aashram in the same scene
And here are the video links of the scene:
And plenty of others - Many many Gargacharya aashram scenes, Darshan to Akrur in Yamuna, Krishna-Radha Conversation on Adwait in Golok from Brahmavaivart Puran, Murlimanohar's pranks in Sudama story.

Mahabharat: Shishupal vadh (Episode 43), Hanuman-Bheem meeting (Episode 53), Krishna in Panchal and Hastinapur just before Indraprastha nirman (Episodes 36 & 38), Krishna as Shantidoot (Episodes 61 to 65), Last episode (Episode 94) of Bheeshma on Baanshaiya from Shanti and Anushasan Parva and of course Bhagwad Geeta episodes (Episodes 72 to 74).

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev: I have watched the serial only after Daksh Yagn Vidhvans (Episode 127) but I am not much motivated to watch anything before that anyhow. So here it goes: My favourites are (In the chronological order): Sati as Aadishakti before Aatmadah (Episode 127), Veerbhadra-Vishnu battle and surrounding events (Episode 128 to 130), Himavan-Daksh & Parvati-Sati Milan in Kashi (Episodes 147, 148), Vishnu-Parvati Rakshabandhan & Parvati's tapasya (Episodes 162, 163, 164, 165), the completion of Parvati's tap (Shiv's acceptance and Shiv-Parvati milan & Aatma Saakshaatkaar of Aadi Shakti Episode 173), Aatmaninda in Vaishnav's disguise by Mahadev (Episode 177), Indra-Vishwakarma-Kuber trying to explain Mahadev about Gruhasth jeevan (Episode 184), pre Shiv Parvati Vivah episodes of Shivji's bhojan and Shaastraarth charcha (Episodes 190 & 191), Shiv-Daksh meeting after marriage (Episode 197), Raktbeej vadh, Mahishasur vadh & Navdurga explanation by Shiv to Kartikeya (Episodes 213, 247, 248), Bhasmasur (Episode 252), Samudramanthan (Episode 260 to 263), Vinayak given Gajasur's head (Episode 282 to 286), Ganesh going to meet Ashoksundari and Darukavan story (Episode 293 to 299), Ganesh-Kartikeya meeting and rivalry and Ganesh declared as Prathampoojya and Sarvamanya dev (Episodes 300 to 308).

Upanishad Ganga: Episodes 4 (Ashtavakra), 5 & 6 (Darashikoh), 10 (Arth - Kautilya), 12 (Moksha - Kotikarna), 13 (Brahmacharya - Satyakam), 14 (Grihasthaashram - Magh Kavi Big smile), 18 (Varna - Chandragupt), 23 (Glory of Human birth - Tulsidas), 25 (24 teachers of Avdhoot), 26 (Indra & Virochan), 27 (Yaksha prashna to Yudhishthir), 28 (Savitri), 29 (The true self - Arunagirinathar), 33 (Camel's rope Big smile LOL), 35 (3 questions), 40 (Srishti - Varah Mihir), 44 (Vasnas - Eknath), 46 (Antarang Sadhana - Keshidhwaj & Khandigya), 48 (Karmyog - Haridas), 9 (Gyanyog - Sadashiv Brahmendra), 51 (Moksha/Jeevan Mukt - Paravailla Swami), 52 (Gratitude - Totakacharya).

11. What is the most important lesson these serials have taught you?
They are my biggest means of devotion and Ramanand Sagar's two serials are parts of my life and almost anything I do or want to do is inspired from Ramayan serial apart from Bhagwad Geeta.

12. What is your favorite song from your favorite mythological?
Plenty of them if not all but still writing some of them -

Ramayan: Pushpvatika (Gauripooja) and Swayamvar song sequences, Setubandhan song (Jin par kirpa Ram kare), Jis kaaran aaye us kaaraj, Bharat sam nahi dooja koi tyagi, Yahi raat antim, Nirnay ki ghadi

Shri Krishna: Na jane tose, Jay Shailsute (Gauripooja), Hath me maakhan, Naming ceremony by Gargaachaarya, He Padmanaabh, He nath Narayan Vaasudeva, Namami Radhe Namami Krishnam

Mahabharat: Kripa Krishna ki, Jay jay janani Shri Ganesh ki

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev: Enjoying the classical music in the background (except drum & metal beats while any dialog is going) but can't recall any song (I also haven't watched large proportion of the show)

13. Any extra things you would like to add about yourself?
What I can do best is to post TOC link of India-forums CC5 of Ramayan-Shri Krishna serials (1st page) which contains the page numbers of my answers to 'Bhakt in Spotlight' (Member of the week/month) questions and CC slambook questions and my Orkut profile link to share anything or everything people might like to know about me.

And those page numbers are: 
BITS - Pg. 52-53, 56, 58, 61-62, 69, 121-122, 136, 164 
Slam book - 74
Orkut profile (I am also on Facebook with the same name but with less information about me than on Orkut profile):

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Posted: 10 years ago
1. Name?
2. Age? 
3. Any nicknames preferred?
Anything you can come up with, think outside the box LOL Or, Nisha, Nish, or Nishy Smile
4. Where are you from?
I'm from Gujarat, but I was born and raised outside of India.
5. Occupation?
6. Interests?
Many Smile Talking endlessly, eating, typing, writing, reading, being on IF, shopping, smiling, listening to music, playing basketball, tennis, and soccer, swimming, praying, dreaming.
7. Hobbies?
Same things as above LOL
Will be back to edit the rest Embarrassed Smile
8. Favorite mythological serials? Why?
9. Favorite mythological actors? Actresses?
10. What is your favorite scene from your favorite mythological(s)?
11. What is the most important lesson these serials have taught you?
12. What is your favorite song from your favorite mythological?
13. Any extra things you would like to add about yourself? 
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