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|| Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan ||  

Ram-Sita Vivah - Sita and her sisters are adorned by their friends.Party

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Part Two: Ram's wedding entourage enters the Rajmahal of Mithila and Maharani Sunaina and Mrs. Kushadwaj welcome them as the proud mother of the brides. I just LOVE the song that comes during this scene, it's so festive and lively.Dancing


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RES for RSR Wedding Sequence Part 3
Janak performs the welcoming rites
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RES for RSR Wedding Sequence Part 4
Ram is seated and Sita enters the vivaah mandap
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Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

Originally posted by Dpka1415

hey folks...its very late here ...around 3amTongue
goshhh i didnt even realise...LOLbut nw m out of my senses... Wacko
i'll post Saptpadi,Phere,Sindoor Daan n 1st night aftr marriage tomm. Wink
Sorry fr the delay once again... Tongue
M reserving this post for replying on the ASR RSR pic updates so tht this pages doesnt freezes,,,
bbyyeee ,
goodnite !
OMG, thank you SO much for the pics, Deeps!Day Dreaming They are really sooo beautiful and Priya is looking her best in them. Though the wedding kind of seemed more modern than Dwapar Yug type, Priya looked just like a traditional Hindu bride. The makeup was not overdone, and the jewelry really accentuated her beauty.Clap You know, she has the looks for Rukmini, but it's just her acting which puts us off sometime. I wish CVs improve Rukmini's character in the show so that Priya can do justice to it with her acting. Both she and the CVs need to improve, but her looks are perfect. So far out of the actresses chosen for Krishna's wives, Priya's the prettiest.LOL
Most welcome di .. Hug
yeah i too agree with you it was a modern marriage as per Dwapar yug...but really loved the way they showed Saptpadi and all ...plus the background music & mantras...WoowWW!!
I am in love with the way they sweared during Saptpadi and the way Vishal was holding Priya .. Day Dreaming
sooo ... sooo ...sooo dreamyyy!!! Blushing
as far as Priya as Rukmini is concerned i feel that when a scene starts Priya tries hard to go inside the character but the moment she's completely into the character the scene shifts from her to some other character ... the CVs have to time her scenes and they should give little more room to her on screen...after the marriage i have not een much of her on-screen ... same goes with the actress playing Jambvanti ... i loved her ... but wanna see more of her ...
but i guess we have to wait for that as right now the Narkasur track is goin ! Ouch
I'll make some sigs soon, dedicated just for you.Wink Btw, don't Priya and Debina look very similar, especially in these pics?Shocked
awww cant wait !!! Embarrassed thanks alot di !! Big smile
ohhh yeah thts very true...they are looking identical ... Wink
infact one thng is to be appreciated .. Jr. Sagars present the divine weddings amazinglyyy !!! Day Dreaming
Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

Originally posted by Dpka1415

Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

Originally posted by Dpka1415

@janu..hehe honestly i was expecting this answer only...n very really proud u answered dis way...infact later i thot n came to d conclusion tht evrytime i shud nt think that extreme...and then now i hav decided not to copyright them ...these days m suffering frm mood swings. .dnt knw y...n this was d chief reason i did this stupidity of putting the CR...thnks fr d reply..this dose was much needed.. I really cherish being a part of this heavenly forum...i hav learnt so much frm all d lovely members...which indeed helps me alot in improving myself as a human being... Thnks everyone... Hug

Aww, you know my intention was not to teach you a lesson or anything DeepsEmbarrassed, I honestly don't care whether people 'steal' my pics or not, because I'm not the director of these serials and cannot claim copyright just for clicking the pics.LOL In fact, I feel happy when my pics are posted by IF's silent members in other sites, especially RS's serials, because in that way I'm making them available to many people around the world when as you know, pics of old mythos are really rare to come by. Before I joined IF, whenever I typed 'Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan' into Google Images, hardly anything ever showed up and I was so disappointed, because it was like no one knew about the show despite it having been so popular at one time.Ouch  But nowadays, whenever I type the same words into Google Images, sooo many pics come up and most of them are posted by me, Lola, and others here. How cool is that?Cool
Don't worry dear, everyone suffers from mood swings all the time, including me. Here's a great big hug to let you know that we all are here for you whenever you feel down.Hug You can put the copyright on your pics if you want, it's entirely up to you, so don't feel bad or anything.
I know di...u didnt meant that ...but actually i took it as a lesson ...
and yeah actually thats true... infact i joined IF becoz i was searching for pics of ASR and got to know about IF through google images only ...never knew IF existed... Tongue
And then when i came to know we have CCs for old mythos too ... i seriously felt very happy and lucky that i googled that day ..
yeah earlier no pics were availlable for old mythos...but know the moment we puch RSR /RSK wooowww sooo many pics are available ..
thnks a ton for being their Embarrassed
and now without wasting anytime ...am coming with the pics ...wanna see tons of siggies from each scene from you,lola,mina and pari di . . (Aishu too if shez free...) Wink
i'll post the text in DSK lounge soon Big smile
i have collected all the RAW MATERIAL for you all LOL
Thanks again for the pics!Hug
Yes, even IF has grown in leaps and bounds because of us.LOL When I first joined IF, other than Ramayan Forum there was no place to discuss mytho and hardly anyone knew what a mytho was.Shocked It was rare to see people using mytho sigs or discussing mythos, but now look at IF. We have our very own mytho clique with a decent number of people and if someone ever asks where a mytho forum is, or where they can chat with someone about mythos, people know whose names to give.LOL
eheheheee yeah ... thats true ... IF is all over the Internet regarding the Indian Television Shows ... and for mytho shows ...its our MM .. **PROUD TO BE A MYTHO MANIAC** EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

@Mina and Deeps,
I might as well join you guys' wedding fever and posting the vivah pics of RSR.LOL We all can celebrate the wedding cheer of Ram and Sita & Krishna and Rukmini together.Day Dreaming I wish SK had shown the vivah of Krishna and Rukmini also, but they skipped from the Haran scene to Subhadra and Arjun's love story.Unhappy Oh well, I'll post the Rukmini Haran pics of SK soon...Pinky looked SO pretty and her interaction with SDB was really cute and natural, as if they had always known each other.HeartClap
Btw guys, have you noticed a cool coincidence? Deepika and Debina (old and new Sita) have names beginning with the same letter, while Pinky and Priya (old and new Rukmini) also have names beginning with the same letter.Shocked How wicked is that?!Cool
i will edit this post and the post i reseverd yesterday in the night...for now ...as promised lemme complete the Wedding update .. LOL
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Epi #23
SCENE :: Saptpadi
                  Day Dreaming
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Thank you SO much for the pics, Deeps!Hug Waiting for the replies!Wink
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Epi #23
SCENE :: Phere
Day DreamingBlushing
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