Happy Mothers Day - Mytho Masti Style!

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Posted: 2011-05-07T23:30:59Z
Mothers Day with purple flowers

On this blessed occasion, God bless all of you and your moms too! Since many of us will spend this day showing our appreciation for our own mothers, I figured we can do the same here for all of the moms in our mythos. Aditi, Kaushalya, Sunayana, Sumitra, Kaikeyi, Devaki, Yashoda, Rohini, Mrs. Himavan (sorry, I can't recall her name right now Blushing), etc. - they were all blessed with the honor of bearing/raising a divine being, so there must be plenty in them that's worthy of our recognition and reverence... maybe? I invite everyone to come in here and tell us what it is about their favorite mytho mom(s) that makes them inspiring and venerable (without, of course, asserting the superiority of our choices over those of others... this is meant to be a fun, cutesy greeting-card style thread, not a debate!)... and if you can find clips from mytho serials depicting those qualities, or would like to share any sweet mamta-mayi scenes with the rest of us just for fun and collectively gush about them, feel free! Happy mothers' day everyone!!!
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Posted: 2011-05-08T06:36:01Z

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Hug

My favorite mytho mom would be Devaki. Will edit with explanation in a bit Embarrassed
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Posted: 2011-05-08T06:44:36Z
Found this on that fanpage, Friends of Lord Krishna

My obeisances first to the seven mothers mentioned in the Vedas, namely our Mother Veda, Mother Earth, Mother cow, Mother queen, Mother brahmana, Mother wife of the spiritual master and finally, my own mother. We worship the female energy from the highest svarupa shakti Srimati Radharani and her all love creating Hladini Shakti, down to the last woman who can bring a child into to this world.


And I found this lovely painting of Yashoda and Krishna. Yashoda maiya is wearing a marathi style Navari saari. =)

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Posted: 2011-05-08T11:26:21Z
happy mother's day everyone !!Big smile  i hope the mother of all blesses u and ur mothers with happiness!
i hope u all spent a fun and blessed day with ur mommies !!EmbarrassedStar
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Posted: 2011-05-08T11:30:45Z
nice post, lola diii! i luv all the mytho mommies equally, but my favorite has always been kaushalya ma.Embarrassed i cant explain why !! i guess its because she always bore so much pain and criticisms for being a baren woman before ram ji was born, and then dashrath ji's favorite queen was kaikeyi ma, so she lived a lonely life with only sumitra ma as a friend! and she was such a patient mommy when ramji left for vanvaas, and did not stop him from going and following his duty! i also luv sumitra ma a lot, since she sacrificed so much all her life too, and she let go of lakshman ji knowing his duty was with ram ji. i also luv kaikeyi ma a lot too, since she was the reason that ram ji was able to leave ayodhya and kill dusht ravan. i don't hold any dislike for kaikeyi ma, but kaushalya ma is my favorite !!
there are so many clips from new ramayan i luv with the three rajmatas, will post them soon !!!Big smile
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Posted: 2011-05-09T12:04:10Z
happy mothers day

Happy Mothers Day!
Lv u MOM
and ur MM moms. ..

sorry cant make a long post , came online only for few mins.
so made it short and sweet
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