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Posted: 12 years ago
Chote Ustaad-Do Deshon Ki Ek Awaz Archive Mansion
Welcome to the Chote Ustaad Archive Mansion.
Here you will find all the links related to the show.
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Amul Chhote Ustaad ' Do Deshon Ki ek Awaaz ' Profile of kids from India

Ansh Pandey : Gifted with a soulful voice, this 12 years old boy from Delhi has huge responsibilities on his shoulders. Breaking the family legacy of doctors and engineers in the family, Ansh wants to become a singer and fulfill his grandfather's last wish.  His father was an aspiring singer but ended up becoming a Doctor, so now he has the onus of making his father's dream come true. Although his mother is partially blind but she has great visions for her son and wants him to achieve great success in life.

Ansh is a multi-talented boy who is not only good at playing musical instruments but also excels in academics. He is also a very stylish lad and loves to hogs on pizzas and burgers. However, he has spent most of his years in Delhi but he originally belongs to Ayodhya.

He loves his grandmother the most in his family. His grandmother was very close to a Muslim family who later moved to Pakistan. Brought up in a religious atmosphere at home, he has memorized all the bhajans and aartis by heart.  He is a kind-hearted human being and always makes sure that he does his best for the poor and the needy.

Rishabh Chaturvedi : Twelve years old Rishabh is carrying forward the musical heritage of his family. Belonging to a musical family, music runs in his blood and veins. This witty boy from Amritsar wants to make a big name in the music industry. He has learnt music from his guru and his father. His world revolves around music and he can also play musical instruments like keyboard and piano.

Like all the other boys of his age, cricket is his favorite game and he is a very good batsman. His dream in life is to buy a big house for his family where all the family members can stay under one roof. His entire family is so much into singing that most of the times they sing rather than talking to each other.

Sayantan Paul : With his great sense of humour and wit, Sayantan from Guwahati has a great way of gaining attention. His school teacher recognized his hidden talent in music and then on there has been no looking back for Sayantan.

He has a unique way of singing which makes him a complete performer. At a tender age of 11, Sayantan has already composed a few tunes of his own. He dreams to become a music director some day. He is also a very good Congo player and a good swimmer.

His mother was a bharat natyam dancer and father an aspiring actor in Bengali films. But Sayantan wants to make his way to Bollywood.  He likes his grandmother the most as she is the only one who does not scold him.

Mayuri Dey : For ten years old Mayuri, her father is her world. Her journey from Kolkata to Mumbai has not been an easy one. Her father closed down his small business to fulfill his daughter's dreams and came to Mumbai. He too wanted to become a singer but could not pursue his dreams because he lost his parents at a very young age.

Not only a good singer, but Mayuri is also a very good painter. She is a complete foodie and loves to eat non-vegetarian food, especially Mutton Biryani. She aspires to become a playback singer.

Satinder Shanu : Bestowed with a soulful Sufi voice, 12 years old Satyender from Jammu has a dream to keep the sufi music alive. He feels he gets directly connected with God while singing Sufi Kalaams. The two interests of his life are music and books.

He keeps himself away from games and TV.  He has three brothers and all of them sing sufi songs together. He has always wished to be a successful singer.

Akanksha Sharma : Thirteen years old Akanksha from Jaipur wants to become a successful playback singer. The first song that she ever sang was "Shirdi Wale" which she learnt from her father.

She loves ghost stories but at the same time is also very scared of them. She loves to watch all Star Plus soaps and is a huge fan of Shahid Kapoor. She is also a very good dancer and likes to update herself with the latest fashion and style.

Her biggest dream in life is to meet Lata Mangeshkar.

Bhanu Pratap Agnihotri : This Punjabi kid, Bhanu belongs to a family of lawyers and judges. His father is currently working as a Magistrate but quite contrary to his job, he loves to do break dance. Bhanu, too has learnt break dance from his father and is also a good gymnast.

He has been learning music for almost three and a half years now. His grandfather and aunt are also singers. His ideal is Salamat Ali Khan.

He dreams to be an All Round Superstar ' a perfect combination of an actor, singer and a dancer.

Dipan Mitra : Dipan from Kolkata is a student of Ustaad Raashid Khan. He is a devoted learner and listens to songs even while eating. He wakes up late in the night to learn music. His relatives have been a great source of help in making him learn music. His uncle gifted him Harmonium and aunt gifted a tabla. He is a shy boy and although he cannot speak fluently in Hindi but when it comes to singing songs, it's a cakewalk for him.

Apart from being a singer, he is a very good chess player. He dreams of becoming like his guru someday and make a name for himself.

Debanjana Karmakar : Debanjana from Kharakpur has great respect for anything that has artistic value. She likes to sing songs more than listening to them. Like all the other girls, she too loves to play with soft toys and make new friends. She has a great bonding with her elder sister.  She is also a good dancer but has never been trained. Her father works in a Bank and also sings bhajans on Radio.

She wants to own a recording studio someday and also wants to own a house where she will have a separate Music room for her "Reyaaz". She loves gardening.

Shyamantan Das : Twelve years old Shyamantan from Assam comes from a family of musicians. His elder brother Abhigyan(Zee little champ) is also a singer. His father is a music teacher.

He loves to play football and can also do amazing tricks with it. He wants to become a superstar and buy a car of his choice and a home for his family some day.


Amul Chhote Ustaad ' Do Deshon Ki ek Awaaz ' Profile of kids from Pakistan


Sayyed Mair Hasan : 13 years old Mair from Lahore is a huge follower of WWE and knows all about the intimidating wrestlers. He is so passionate about wrestling that he can lift a person who is twice his weight. He hasn't even spared his older brother! Mair loves reading mystery and horror novels though he is not very fond of watching horror films.

Mair was 3 years old when he surprised everyone by picking up the microphone during a show and started singing. Thus began his music journey. He won his first prize for singing a Sonu Nigam song.

Mair can fix almost any electronic gadget. He was 8 years old when he repaired his computer. He loves photography and clicking portraits and landscapes. He is thrilled to be a part of Chhote Ustaad and says that he will never forget this trip to India.

FARIHA AKRAM : Fariha started singing at the tender age of 4. Initially, her father used to give her talim in music. This is Fariha's third visit to India. She has come to India In the past with her Ustaadji. This 11 years old girl has also got the opportunity to dine with her group at the palace of the Nawab of Lucknow.

Fariha loves cooking and can make Bhindi ki Sabzi, Quorma, Rotis, Pulao and Sandwiches. Seeing her mother, who is a sewing teacher, Fariha can also stitch very well. She has stitched a salwar-kameez all by herself, without any help from her mother.

Fariha's father's dream is to see her become a singer and as per her Chhote Ustaad is her first step to achieving and fulfilling her father's dream.

WANIA JIBRAAN : Born and brought up in Karachi, 14 years old Wania is a total tomboy. She loves bikes. She says that she would love to meet John Abraham and get him to give her tips about stunts with bikes.

Wania means "Gift of God" and her parents consider her a gift from Allah. They are extremely proud of their confident daughter. She is the head girl of her school and a member of the student council too.

Waniya loves creating things from junk material. She made a photoframe with some scrap wood.

On her first stage performance Wania was very scared and hesitant but today, she is a very confident singer and is even called the "Nightingale" of her school.

Would this Nightingale make her mark with Chhote Ustaad?

ROUHAN ABBAS : Rouhan has inherited his talent in music from his father who is an international musician. His father is his idol.

Rouhan's father also has great expectations from his son and he made his father proud when he won an award at the music festival in England. At the age of 14, Rouhan has even composed a tune for his father and sung for him.

Apart from singing, Rouhan loves dancing too. He is a sports freak and is a badminton champ. He also adds that no one can beat him at snooker.

Will Rouhan do his father proud with his performances in Chhote Ustaad?

AHSAN ALI : 12 years old Ahsan is a precious child to his parents. Born in Karachi, his parents had made a mannat for the birth of a child. Much loved by his family, Ahsan is a prankster who is always up to some mischief.

His family hailed from Patiala in Punjab but moved to Pakistan during the Partition. Ahsan has music running in his family as the famous singers Shafqat Ali and Amanat Ali who have won our hearts are related to him.

This naughty boy loves to play football and he is also a big foodie.

Ahsan dreams about becoming a pilot someday but right now, music is all that is on his mind. Would Chhote Ustaad give him his musical wings?

MOHD. FAHAD : Fahad's ancestors were from Jaipur, Rajasthan but his family moved to Pakistan in 1947. He has relatives also living in India.

He is a prankster who loves to tease people. Like most boys his age, Fahad is hooked to video games. He has a tremendous support from his father for his participation in Chhote Ustaad. His father is a singer at a hotel in Karachi and had to struggle a lot to take leave to bring him down to Mumbai for the show to fulfill his son's dreams of being a singer like him.

Fahad dreams of becoming the biggest singing sensation and also wants to buy a car for his parents. Chhote Ustaad is a stepping stone to this dream of his.

SHAHID ALI : This Karachi boy has been through some tough times but has emerged stronger each time. Shahid lost his father at a very young age and he has never been able to deal with this loss. However, the fact that all his mother's dreams are pegged on his small shoulders is what has given him the strength to move on with his life.

This dedicated son dreams of taking his mother to Haj someday. His ambition is to become a singer but his aspiration in life is to be a good human being above everything else.

Shahid plays snooker in his free time. He also loves to eat the Achari Gosht cooked by his mother. His entry into Chhote Ustaad is a ray of hope in Shahid and his mother's life.

ROSE : Rose's ambition is to be "sabse badi superstar". This 10 years old doll wants to own a big house and have many huge and posh cars. Rose loves fashion and is fascinated with beautiful clothes and high-heels.

Rose avoids playing games which involve running as she hates losing. She loves to play "kitchen-kitchen".

Unlike other kids, Rose's favourite vegetable is karela! Rose has a keen interest in history and reads a lot on this subject. She enjoys going on long drives and likes to spend her time by the sea.

Rose is very serious about her music and refuses to talk too much to preserve her voice. This determination will come in handy during the course of Chhote Ustaad.

MOON : This chhota packet from Faisalabad, Moon, has music running in his blood. His grandfather was an eminent Qawwali singer and his father is also a musician. Infact, his father considers Moon as his lucky charm as he got to travel to England for a performance after Moon's birth. Moon's brother on the other hand plays the synthesizer. Since his entire family is immersed in music, it is obvious that Moon too is passionate about music.

Moon wants to make his mark in the world through his singing. Chhote Ustaad is a platform for him to prove himself and make his family proud

FAISAL : Faisal is his Mama's boy. He loves his mother the most in the whole world. He has come to India with his brother and misses his mother a lot.

He dreams of taking his mother to Haj and also strives to make his mother happy.

Faisal loves to play cricket. Shahid Afridi is his favourite cricketer. He also enjoys watching Hindi films; especially films of Salman Khan. He admires Salman Khan for his tough muscles.

He is also hoping that Chhote Ustaad would help him meet his favourite star.

for the details the credit goes to malaysiangirl
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